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Why Does My Computer Screen Go Black Randomly? (Quick Fixes)

The monitor screen turning black at random times is a common issue, and almost every person who uses a monitor has experienced this at some point. The display going black at random moments when you are gaming or working can be extremely frustrating and cause you to lose a lot of progress and time. Why does my computer screen go black randomly?

There are several potential explanations for this, but your screen, the cable connecting the monitor to the computer, or the drivers for your video card are most likely to blame. Usually, the monitor itself or the driver software is the main issue. It can be tough to judge whether your monitor is malfunctioning or not unless you have a spare, working monitor to compare it to.

Why Does My Computer Screen Go Black Randomly?

There can be a few problems with your monitor or the display drivers installed on your computer. It can be annoying to attempt a fix when the monitor screen keeps going black randomly. For starters, Verify that the cable connections are secure and that the cable is in good condition. The next step is identifying whether it is a software or a hardware issue. Try connecting your monitor to another system to check for driver-related issues. To check if your monitor isn’t malfunctioning, connect a spare monitor with your system and see if the spare monitor also goes black randomly. As a last resort, purchase or borrow a different video card to ensure the issue is not due to a card failure or arbitrary incompatibility.

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Check The Cables

Common reasons your monitor keeps going black are loose cables or cables that have deteriorated over time. Examine your cables to make sure they are in good condition, and make sure they are fastened securely. A bent pin at the end of the cable can also cause an unstable connection causing your monitor’s screen to go black at random times.

Two ports are found on some monitors. One is for HDMI, and the other one is for VGA. If the problem persists after changing the cables, try using another port. Sometimes the monitor’s power cable can also cause the screen to go black randomly if it is loosely connected or has worn out. The monitor will lose connection momentarily, causing a black screen.

Faulty Power Supply

A faulty power supply unit can also cause your monitor to display a black screen randomly. A power supply unit is responsible for supplying the main power to the motherboard. When the motherboard doesn’t receive adequate voltage, your monitor is working fine, and the only thing you can do in this case is to replace the power supply unit.


Heat is produced by every computer system. This heat must be eliminated to ensure the system’s functioning because high temperatures can damage and lock up components. Why does my computer screen go black randomly if the system is overheating? This is because computers are made to shut down before any permanent damage can occur due to overheating.

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The most common component that can cause overheating is the GPU or processor. If your monitor works properly when connected to another system, the GPU is most likely why your screen turns black. An overheating GPU will cause the computer to shut down before any damage occurs.

To resolve the overheating issue, use an air blower to clean out dust inside your computer’s casing. It is also recommended to take out your GPU and clean it separately. Don’t forget to check your GPU’s fan- dried thermal paste can cause serious overheating issues.


Why does my computer screen go black randomly? There are a few obvious reasons, such as loose cables and an overheating system. The solutions given in this article should be enough to help you resolve the issue. If the problem persists, try updating your display drivers or getting your monitor checked by a professional.

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