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ASUS Laptop Keyboard Light Not Working–Get the Answer Here!

ASUS is a renowned brand, popular for producing monitors, motherboards, laptops, graphic cards and digital products. Being one of the top names in the computing industry, ASUS laptops are preferred by many, but one complaint that many ASUS users have is that of ASUS laptop keyboard light not working. 

Although a complete replacement and warranty is available for any damaged or faulty ASUS product, people still complain of ASUS laptop keyboard light not working. It is important to remember that keyboard lights usually get damaged when a keyboard is used a lot. To fix the problem of ASUS laptop keyboard light not working, let us first look into the reasons why laptop lights go out of order. 

ASUS Laptop Keyboard Light not Working–Possible Reasons

There are some reasons why ASUS laptop keyboard backlight does not work:

  • ATK drivers may be missing: the ATK utility key is responsible for changing the screen brightness, switching on wireless networking and turning on keyboard lights. A lack of ATK drivers causes problems with keyboard backlight
  • There might be some hardware issues like non-synchronization of hardware with the laptop’s operating system
  • The laptop may have gone through a major Windows installation or update
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ASUS Laptop Keyboard Light Not Working–How to Fix it

To fix the problem of ASUS laptop keyboard light not working, try out the following solutions.

Solution 1: Restore to Factory Settings

  • Remove all external devices such as memory cards, CD/DVD, and adapters
  • Hold Power Button for 30 seconds for hard reset
  • Replace the charging adapter and battery and turn the laptop on to see if the problem is fixed

Solution 2: Reinstall ASUS Control Interface Driver 

  • Open Device Manager
  • Remove ASUS Control System Interface drivers and uninstall it
  • Download and install the ASUS System Control Interface Driver from ASUS support website

Solution 3: Restore BIOS Settings

  • Reset BIOS to default configuration

Solution 4: Reset your Laptop

If all of the above solutions fail to turn the ASUS laptop keyboard light, reset your laptop. 


ASUS laptops are among the most popular laptops on the market, but sometimes, a problem of technical nature  can cause users to complain about ASUS laptop keyboard light not working. Thankfully, there are some solutions to fix this issue and to get rid of any keyboard light errors. 


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