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Best shoes for foot drop

Are you struggling in walking on the ground due to the toe scrape? If yes, it might be because of foot drop issues. So to overcome this problem, Choose the best shoes for foot drop that help you to sort out the pain caused by a scraped toe. 

Top shoes for foot drop 2023 

Foot drop is an inability to raise the front part of the foot and the ankles. People faced difficulty in moving, lifting, or turning their feet. This inability hurts them while  walking, which upsets the balance of the body. Consequently, they tried to drag your feet and missed the step, thus fall down. This condition is temporary or permanent and affects the person badly. It may also enhance foot pain and deteriorate the quality of living.

If you are the person who is suffering from this unfortunate foot drop, then your doctor might have recommended you  wear ( AFO) which strengthens your feet. You may be wearing it, but are you aware that wearing the best foot-drop shoes also helps manage foot pain? 

These foot-drop shoes help in making  your walk unchallenging and provide flexible support to minimize the pain. But as a result of being over busy with work, you cannot spare a minute to explore this footwear. 

Therefore, making it easy for you, Brook addiction walkers are considered one of the most iconic and ideal shoes for the drop foot as they provide proper grip to the feet while walking. They offer a secure fit with slip-resistant properties.Moreover, its innovative outsole helps the feet  to be in the proper shape, ensuring outstanding balance and a stable positioning system. 

After knowing about these shoes, you may feel curious and start hunting for foot-drop shoes. So, pursue to  scroll down in order to glance at the best foot drop shoes that are beneficial for walking, support, and overcoming affliction.

 Top foot drop shoes 

Product Features Price 
Avia Avi Verge sneakers
  • 100% synthetic leather
  • Rubber sole 
  • Removable memory foam 
  • Lightweight and durable 
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Brooks addiction Walker 2 
  • Man made sole 
  • Slip resistant 
  • Durable 
  • Soft cushioning 
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New balance 813 V1
  • Rubber sole
    • Medicare 
  • Leather upper 
  • Rollbar stability 
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Ortho-feets Mary Jane’s
    • Excellent stability 
    • 100% Leather 
    • Light weight 
  • Flexible upper with extra padded foam 
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Nike Flex run 8 
  • Highly durable 
  • Quite flexible 
  • Cushioning support 
  • Proper fit 
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Avia Avi Verge sneakers

These shoes are appraised as the best for daily wear because of their manufacturing; which involves the use of 100% synthetic materials. The upper of these shoes is designed by adding holes to the side as well as the upper part of the shoe which   ensures proper airflow in the foot. This airflow helps to provide enough ventilation to feet and doesn’t let the person feel stuffing around the feet. 

Moreover, Its lightweight rubber sole ensures longevity and overcomes the person’s fear of wear and tear on the shoes, as its rubber is tremendously durable. Not only this, but The use of memory foam in its manufacturer also ensures high durability of sock lining, which seems ideal for absorbing the pressure of the foot and ankle due to the sudden shock. 

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Apart from insoles, its midsole soles possess great accomplishment toward the softness as they are made up of EVA form, which provides a soft feeling to the foot, absorbing the pain and, thus, making a pleasant environment  for the feet. These shoes range from size 7 to 13 in three colors.

Nevertheless, these shoes do not provide sufficient arch support; consequently, the wearer faces little difficulty during a walk.


These shoes are recommended as the finest shoes to wear in case of drop feet problems. Because of it, EVA Foam and rubber soles, ensure outstanding durability and splendid Support. 


  • Incredible heel height, best to support all body weight
  • Cost friendly 
  • Durable doubles stitch design 
  • Breathable 


  • Lack of providing proper arch support 


Brooks addiction Walker 2

The use of 100% leather and a rubber sole in its manufacturing , makes them ideal for everyday wear. Its unique design helps you to have a proper grip on the feet, making a walking slip free. 

Moreover, a diagonal roll bar ensures splendid arch reinforcement, allowing your body to walk naturally. These shoes come in MC pod constructs that ensure proper slip resistance to the forefoot. Besides this, its stable positioning system and innovative outsole set a seal on providing balance by ensuring adequate foot shape. 

Most interestingly, soft cushioning and BioMoGo DNA ensure excellent safety during an intense walking session. These shoes make you so comfortable that you are walking on bubbles. 

Unfortunately, these shoes might produce a bit of a squeaky sound while walking. 


These shoes are highly recommended because of the assurance  of providing a proper balance to your feet, enabling you to walk naturally. Moreover, it is made with 100% synthetic material making your shoes serve you for a longer time. It is worth it ,if you spend a small amount on it and enjoy the magic they do to overcome the pain while walking. 


  • Highly durable.
  • Enough room for a toe box.
  • Friendly tie-up design .
  • Shock absorbing sole 


  • a little squeaky sound. 

New Balance 813 V1

High-quality rubber soles are used in manufacturing these shoes which makes  them durable and setting a seal against breakage, even if you are walking on rough Roads.T

The grip that is by the strong rubber makes it ideal for walking on uneven, slippery surfaces. Moreover, Its leather upper doesn’t let water enter the shoe, making it water-resistant. 

Mash plus leather makes the shoes even wider; therefore, you don’t need to worry about sweating or stinking of these shoes. They are ranked as highest footwears  because of their roll bar stability which makes you forget your trembling feet. 

Beside this, the combination of a roll bar with a soft cushion helps to move evenly and naturally, even with this physical inability. Despite their long-lasting comfort , these shoes set a strong seal on the sturdiness and durability factor. 

Regrettably, these shoes might run small after a few wears, so getting one size bigger than your original size is better. 


These shoes are extremely beneficial for the drop foot person because they ensure all the properties of the best supporting shoes which include stability, comfort, durability, support etc. 


  • Soft and snug collar
  • Stands against daily wear and tear
  • Perfect for a natural walk
  • Lightweight and inexpensive
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  • Run small after time.

 Ortho-feets Mary Jane’s 

These shoes are amazing for women with low feet as they help to overcome the pain from the foot and heel. The upper of these shoes is in a quite simple yet stylish way that matches your style and reduces the pain.These shoes are designed  in a way that makes them quite breathable while ensuring the protection of feet in bad weather conditions. 

Other than this, These shoes ranked as the most notable orthopedic in anticipating proper fit. Perfect Support and fit of Ortho-feets Mary Janes  ranges from size of  5 to 12 within additional wide coverage.

Moreover, the sole of these shoes is made with extra layers of cushion, which is ideal for foot pain and makes you feel like walking on clouds. They are incredibly lightweight, which helps to have a proper balance stepping. 

Unfortunately, these shoes lack shock-absorbing properties. Which makes one person walk carefully on the ground. 


These shoes are proven to be quite beneficial for those who have a foot drop issue. They ensure great fit and cushion that is worthwhile for the foot support, leaving it pain-free. 


  • Ideal for arthritis and flat feet issues.
  • Provide stability while walking.
  • Absorb the pressure of the foot, ankles, and heel
  • .Extra soft cushioning for a pain-free walk.


  • Do not have enough shock absorbing ability

Nike Flex run 8 

If you are looking for shoes that are light in weight and overcome the pain of drop feet, then Nike flex runs eight sneakers prove to be superficial as they provide enough comfort for your feet. They are designed in quite sophisticated ways, which always gain public attention. 

The upper of these shoes are designed using knit material which can be molded as per the size of your foot. Moreover, the insoles of these shoes are formed by the soft fabric, which provides proper fit to your feet, plus the outsoles having flex groove lining ensure the natural movement of the feet. 

Additionally,. This design of the outsole indicates that a secure grip, along with excellence in traction, has been achieved. 

Despite these properties, these shoes lack resistance against slip. 


These shoes are specifically designed for those who look for stylish yet comfortable shoes. Therefore, making a choice of picking them is beneficial as they ensure great comfort not only at the toe area but also to the heel and this comfort will become more valuable when its style matches as per your desire.  


  • medium toe box. 
  • Removable midsole. 
  • Light in weight. 
  • Flexible and comfortable. 


  • Lack of slip resistance 

Buying guide

After looking for these shoes, you are confused about what to buy or wear. Well, the solution to your problem is provided  by highlighting the quality you must look for, before buying any drop-foot shoes.

Sufficient space

When you face the foot drop issue, the first thing that comes is your physician’s recommendation regarding wearing of  Ankle foot orthosis, an elevated brace significant for the foot drop. So, keeping this thing in mind, you must ensure that your shoes provide extra space for your feet. Let it be comfortable but not tight. 

Generally, the ideal shoes for the foot drop provide enough room and extra Support to the toe and the foot. Moreover, the insole shoes should be removable to avoid further foot complications.

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Support and cushioning 

Support is a significant factor when discussing the foot drop. The shoes should have enough arch support for the Fascia ligaments, the pain area. Once they provide Support to these ligaments, you will be quite pain-free. Therefore, you must prefer shoes with enough cushioning and proper alignment when touching the ground. 

Comfort and breathing ability of the shoes

Whether you suffer from foot drop or not , you must always choose shoes that assure great comfort. The upper of the shoes should be breathable to provide enough ventilation to the feet, making them sweat-free. Moreover, always look for shoes that have the least break-in time. And proves to be wide enough, which assures great fit even if you are walking. Go for those shoes, whenever you wear them you feel relaxed. 


Stability is the utmost requirement of every drop foot. So, choose shoes that offer better soles stability and splendid shock absorption. The shoes must ensure stability at all points, including the foot, heel, ankle, or even the leg. The shoes design with the motion-controlled texture is significant for daily wear. As it provides sufficient grip to the heel in a better way during a walk or runs. 


Make sure to examine the sole of the shoes  before buying. Because they act as a barrier against the slip and protect against any of the harmful items that come your way. The more protective or strong the sole will be, the more you will walk naturally with great comfort and protection. 


As foot drop issues are quite challenging, the best way to overcome this problem is to find shoes that provide comfort and Support and ensure ample room for the toes and forefoot. Therefore, all the best options in the market for the foot drop have been shortlisted above. This helps you choose the proper footwear, keeping an eye on its balance, stability, and extra space that helps  to accommodate AFO. 

Frequently asked questions 

Question 1 ) Can the foot drop feet treat? 

The treatment of foot drops depends upon their specificity. But the most common way to treat it is to use leg braces and shoe inserts named “ankle foot orthotics.” Exercising to strengthen the muscles and joints also helps overcome foot drop. 

Question 2 ) Is foot drop permanent or temporary? 

Foot drop is often temporary. Many people recover in a month if they take proper care of it. But it can sometimes lead to permanent foot drop if a severe nerve stroke causes it.

Question 3 ) How to treat foot drop naturally? 

The best way to treat foot drops naturally is to do daily exercise. This foot movement helps reconnect with the brain, Even if you can move your leg at all. Then a slight passive movement causes the spark in the brain. Giving it an indication of drop foot movement.


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