Airplay Not Working

Apple created AirPlay to let all its users listen to the latest music by streaming it on a powerful sound surrounding system or to enjoy movies and videos from the small screen of iOS and OS devices onto a rather HD and big TV screen. Typically, there will be no problem with AirPlay, but unfortunately, there will be certain instances where AirPlay will not work on the TV screen when you attempt to stream.

Through AirPlay, you can stream content directly from a Mac, iPad, and iPhone to any speaker or TV that depicts compatibility with AirPlay. Still, issues like AirPlay not working must be rectified for all the users to have a splendid experience utilizing the feature. 

AirPlay Not Working

You will intuitively know AirPlay is not working when there are problems with the content you transmit to Apple TV. Any audio, video, or photo you intend to AirPlay would start to freeze, lag, or send out messages of error related to unsupported and unformatted files. 

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However, following in the section are some measures you can take to seek a way out of the situation where AirPlay is not working and is keeping you away from a more immersive and entertaining experience. AirPlay Not Working

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AirPlay Support: 

The first thing to do when trying to resolve AirPlay not working is to get compatibility for AirPlay out of your way. Check both of your devices: the one meant to play the media and the one from which the media is being sent to see whether they offer AirPlay support. 

Since Apple’s website has a list of all the devices that support AirPlay, you can check your TV and its model against the list to verify AirPlay support, and after you are certain of compatibility, move on to doing other things that you can do for AirPlay not working. 

Checking Devices:

It is crucial to check and thoroughly examine the devices through which you are using AirPlay and transmitting content. Ensure the devices remain powered on, awake, and close to each other while establishing an AirPlay connection is important. Otherwise, and when devices are not placed in close proximity, AirPlay will not work. 

Do not let your iPad or iPhone go to sleep mode, and for backup, have them plugged into a charger and to a source sending power. There must always be only a single device that is streaming through AirPlay at a time. 

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Even after checking devices, AirPlay not working stands its ground; you must go ahead with restarting your devices and the Wi-Fi, and if there is a pending update, then it is mandatory to update because often a glitch that is yet to be removed may be holding on to your AirPlay connection. 

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Disable Airplane Mode:

Establishing a successful and seamless connection through AirPlay requires Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For instance, if airplane mode has been enabled on your iPad or in your iOS device, it will turn off all wireless radios except Bluetooth, meaning that Wi-Fi on your device will not be accessed. 

Therefore, quit and turn off airplane mode on your iPad and iPhone and then try to share content through AirPlay. 

Same Wi-Fi:

A vital and much-emphasized step that must be taken when using the AirPlay feature to transfer content to Apple or another AirPlay-compatible TV is to ensure both devices get internet connectivity from the same router. 

Devices, when not on the same Wi-Fi network, may hinder the working of AirPlay, especially in situations where peer-to-peer discovery is unavailable. You can simply check your current Wi-Fi network on an iOS device by going to the settings and then selecting Wi-Fi, which will show the modem’s name.

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On macOS, the Wi-Fi network can be seen by clicking in the menu bar to access the icon for Wi-Fi, which will then display the router you are connected to. 

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For AirPlay not working, and to rectify the issue, there are two key takeaways from this article and the two necessary points you must remember. First is to connect to a TV with AirPlay support, and second is to connect your devices to a mutual Wi-Fi network. In most situations, these two are likely reasons constituting AirPlay not working.

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