Airplay To Westinghouse TV

If you have a Westinghouse TV and an Apple device, you may be wondering how to connect AirPlay to Westinghouse TV so you can enjoy your favorite content on the big screen of your TV.

Westinghouse TVs are renowned for being one of the most affordable and, so far, the best smart TVs to be manufactured with notably advanced features. Fortunately, most of the models running Roku OS 9.4 or later come native with an AirPlay feature and its support. Thus, worrying about AirPlay on a Westinghouse TV should not be among your concerns. 

While there are several ways to stream your preferred audio or video content to a TV from an iOS device or Mac, we recommend you use AirPlay to transfer media to an AirPlay-compatible Westinghouse TV. 

AirPlay To Westinghouse TV

To simplify our readers’ lives, we will list the steps of a single procedure that can be implemented on any Apple device to AirPlay to Westinghouse TV. Whether you are watching a video on a Mac or your iPad or iPhone, with slight modifications to the steps, you can AirPlay to Westinghouse TV. AirPlay To Westinghouse TV

Step 1: Connecting Wi-Fi: 

With no regard to whatever Apple device you are using to share your content, simply ensure that that particular device and your Westinghouse TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In this step, there is no room for discrepancies; therefore, double-check for wi-fi-related confirmation if the need arises. 

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Step 2: Accessing AirPlay:

Next, open the control center on your Apple device to access AirPlay. Control centers on both iPads and iPhones can be typically revealed by swiping on the screen (up or down) depending on the model of the device that you have. In the control center menu, find the icon for AirPlay and click it. 

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Whereas, for your Mac computers, you will have to visit the system preferences and go to the settings for display from where at the screen’s bottom and drop-down menu, you can select “AirPlay display.”

Step 3: Choosing Westinghouse TV:

After the AirPlay icon has been activated on your Apple devices, you will be immediately presented with a list displaying the options for all the available devices to which you can AirPlay your content. 

However, you must choose Westinghouse TV, and as soon as the option is clicked on, you will see the screen of your Mac or iOS device transferred to the TV in a few seconds. 

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Is Westinghouse TV AirPlay Compatible?

Ensuring AirPlay compatibility with a Westinghouse TV is crucial. Even if you already have a Roku Westinghouse smart TV, it does not necessarily mean it will also have AirPlay support. Hence, you must check the television’s compatibility with AirPlay from its settings.

Turn on your Westinghouse TV and navigate to its home screen. In the side menu, select settings, and once the screen is opened, on the side, look for the system setting’s option for “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.”

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If you see the available settings on your Westinghouse TV, it confirms that your model is AirPlay compatible. But if this certain setting is not listed, then that means that your TV is not equipped with AirPlay and is incompatible. 

Fixing Westinghouse TV’s AirPlay:

Facing difficulties with AirPlay to Westinghouse TV? Perform these simple yet effective troubleshooting techniques below to resolve any trouble you may encounter in connecting Westinghouse TV to AirPlay.

  • Examine both devices to see whether the mirroring device and Westinghouse TV are connected to a single Wi-Fi-providing router. 
  • Restart your Apple device and the Westinghouse TV to eliminate bugs and glitches and rectify a possible connectivity issue holding AirPlay back from establishing with the TV. 
  • See if you have turned on AirPlay on your Westinghouse TV. 
  • On your iOS device, make sure to have the airplane mode disabled, as it sometimes proves to be a reason for AirPlay not connecting to other devices. 
  • Update your Apple device and the Westinghouse TV to the latest software and to the advanced firmware.


AirPlay to Westinghouse TV using your iPad, iPhone, and Mac is no big deal. All that the process requires is some vigilance and caution by your side to succeed at smoothly streaming content through AirPlay on a Westinghouse TV.

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