AirPods Beeping – Reasons and Easy Fixes

Annoyed by the unpleasant beeping of Airpods?

Discover the unexpected reasons behind the beeping and how to fix it.

In 2016, we saw the birth of a new technological marvel – the AirPods. Suddenly, we could all walk around with these sleek,

futuristic earbuds, perfectly synced to our iPhones or android devices.

It was like living in a sci-fi movie! But as we all know, with great innovation comes… the occasional hiccup.

Enter the AirPods beeping issue – that dreaded sound that interrupts our favorite tunes or important calls.

But fear not, we’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you silence those pesky beeps and get back to enjoying your AirPods in all their futuristic glory!”

I know you must be tired of hearing those annoying beeping sounds that seem to come out of nowhere.

You’re not alone.

It can be downright maddening when you can’t figure out where those pesky beeps are coming from or why they won’t go away.

But fear not, because help is here! Our handy guide is packed with informative content that will not only explain what’s causing those irritating noises, but also give you easy solutions to make them disappear for good.

So don’t suffer in silence – dive into our guide today and reclaim your peace and quiet!”

Airpods Beeping

AirPods Beeping

Airpods beeping can be for many reasons; some might not be faulty beeping, but indications to make you aware of the AirPods situation, including low battery, unsuccessful connection, successful connection, and signal switching from noise muffling to a transparent one.

But besides these, if you still find beeping even when the battery is 100% charged, then there might be an issue with battery drainage because of worn-out batteries, moisture entrapped, or damaged air pods, indicating that the system is not working correctly.

What is Beeping?

Airpods are sophisticatedly designed Bluetooth-connected wireless hearing devices, an innovative invention with better audible functionalities. Still, it may have some issues over time, as one of them can be a high-pitched noise that sounds like a beep. 

The problem is usually faced when you upgrade your original AirPods to AirPods 3.

Beeping sounds are not too loud, but their intensity and pitch are irritating, and the users won’t like to abide by them.

If your music is on pause, but you still hear it, these beeping sounds are abnormal and need an easy fix to get rid of as they irritate the ears. 

Why Do Airpods Beep- Reasons 

Low Battery 

The beep is an alarm for letting the AirPods get some rest to charge fully. It starts when the charge reaches 05 -10%, and once it comes to 01%, the power off chime makes them off and will get activated once you charge them. A low battery can indicate the beep sound that informs the users about the low battery and lets it get set for further usage. 

Beeping in case of low battery for AirPods seems normal, and there is no need for any intervention except that you put them in the possibility of getting charged. But if the battery is 100% charged or only one pod beeping persists, the chance of some issues continues, and let’s find the reason!

Fast Battery Drainage 

There might be a case of battery drainage in one of the pods that will start beeping, and the other will work fine. One pod is prone to fast battery drainage because of any issue and will begin to beep. Check for the battery life or any possible issues from the above scenarios. 

Switching Signal 

Having an Airpods pro, the beeping sound is of a single long nature, indicating a switch between two modes from noise muffling to a transparent one. It seems that the pro version may not exist in standard AirPods. 

Successfully Connected 

When you try to connect your AirPods with a device, a beep sound indicates a successful connection but that of a single nature and not continuous beeping. All these scenarios refer to familiar beeps that AirPods usually do in specific conditions, and you need to be aware of them. 

Unsuccessful Connection 

More than a single beep may also indicate the unsuccessful pairing of the air pods with the device you are trying to connect. Pairing issues can lead to beeping sounds. 

Damaged Airpods 

If you accidentally drop or by any means get your AirPods damaged, then, in that case, there are high chances of beeping when you place them in your ears. The problem depends upon which pod gets damaged; either can beep. Damage to the device initiates a beeping that would beep despite the charge being full, and the device is successfully connected. 

Two beep sets indicate charge issues, but more often, beeping means your AirPods may retire soon from work. They are worn out! Need a replacement if the problem still exists after applying the solution. 

Trapped Moisture 

Airpods are sensitive to heat and moisture, so if your AirPods get wet accidentally, a beeping sound might indicate damage or a worn-out system. Keep the pods away from water, or else you might damage them. 

How to Fix the Airpods Beeping- 5 Easy Fixes 

Let Them Dry 

If you found your AirPods causing beep and the reason is trapped moisture, or you accidentally wet them, then in that case, you need to dry them out properly. Once the AirPods are dried, check them for the beeping sounds. If the trapped moisture hasn’t affected the system and is successfully removed, the AirPods will return to a working state without any beeping sounds. Still, if the beeping sounds persist, the AirPods are damaged by moisture and need replacement. To dry your AirPods, what should be an easy fix? Any idea? 

Airpods are sensitive to heat, so direct heat or blow dry may damage the system ending up with damaged Airpods. You can go for rice or any airy space to let the moisture absorbed by the absorbent and make them fully dry. Keep them for a whole day, and then check for beeping. 

Fully Charge the Airpods 

With two beeps during usage, the charge is about to end, so the easy fix is to place the pods in the case and let them rest and charge till 100%. Don’t make them thoroughly drained, as it may affect the battery, and the battery itself may cause beeping issues. 

Get an Exchange In Terms Of Warranty 

If you find beeping issues and don’t get any solution or an easy fix, check the warranty for the AirPods; if the product exists in security, contact customer support for an exchange of the AirPods. Make sure that the problem concerns the warranty guidelines and rules. If the beeping comes by default, it would be easy to get an exchange. 

Check for Settings 

In some instances, the device would be fully charged and connected, and still beeping sound will be heard because you are having issues in your settings. To fix the problems, go to ground and check for the following;

  • To try and fix the issue, you need to opt for your mobile phone. 
  • Open your settings and go to the Bluetooth option. 
  • Find your connecting device, and once you find that make, it forgets from your phone’s Bluetooth site.  
  • After that, take the AirPods and put them back in your case; wait for 20 to 25 seconds. 
  • Once the time has passed, opt for a reset button and observe an Amber flash and a flash of white light that would indicate the proper setup. 
  • Now that your AirPods have been set up, try to connect them again, and hopefully, it will stop beeping if successfully associated with the device. 
  • If the problem persists, go two or three times, and if still beeping occurs, the issue is not with the settings and with the AirPods system. 

Reconnect It Back 

Trying to connect a device but isn’t successful? In that scenario, you might experience beeping, so to fix the issue, keep the AirPods in the case and get them out and again try connecting with a functional Bluetooth device. Once the device connects, the beeping is fixed. 

Go For Accessibility Settings 

In case the battery is fully charged but the beeping persists, go for the following;

  • Go to the main settings, click on accessibility, and then on the physical and motor option.
  • Go for the AirPods option; after that, you will come across an opportunity for accessibility.
  • Going towards background sounds, you need to switch the background sounds off; once off, the last step is to turn the volume slider to make it to the left to make it zero. 
  • Check the AirPods; hopefully, the beeping sound no more exists.

Go for a new one

I tried each fix but didn’t find a perfect solution; it’s too late for the spot; your device is worn out completing, and the beeping indicates the last stage before it finally works. Usually, when a battery is damaged, the only solution is to go for a brand new one to keep using it. Or till that, you can opt for regular wired earphones. 


Airpods beeping can be a troublesome issue or just a typical indication for various functionalities like connecting the low battery to worn-out or water-damaged AirPods. First, you must find the cause and then go for easy solutions; this informative guide will work out. Carefully go through it, find the answer to your query and let it get solved quickly, saving your time and energy. We hope you found it helpful and the beeping issue has been solved. If the problem persists, that indicates a sign for replacing your worn-out Airpods.

While AirPods beeping can be a common issue for many users, ensuring that your devices have the right software can also enhance your overall tech experience. For those looking to upgrade or find the latest PC software, check out Get Into Pc for a comprehensive collection.

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