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Airpods Charging Case Vs Wireless Charging Case

Airpods Charging Case Vs Wireless Charging Case

Apple AirPods continue to dominate the market with their comfortable and easy-to-use design, making life easier with wireless audio. As Apple continues to bring even better products into the market, it can be overwhelming to choose from. 

Is AirPods Worth It?

Although AirPods are either in everybody’s hands already or their wishlists- you can still be a bit hesitant from buying them. You could be thinking, are AirPods worth it? 

Why Should You Get Airpods?

The way to see it is to understand that these little pieces of advanced technology have become a staple in most people’s lives. It is convenient, comfortable, and portable. You can keep these tiny Airpods anywhere in your bag or stick them in your pocket. No more worrying about getting your wires tangled or having to be careful that you do not break any of the wires. The AirPods not only rid you of these worries but also provide excellent sound quality.

With  Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your Airpods with your phone as quickly as putting them in. It also has the incredible charging time of up to 30 hours and makes it very convenient for you to work; which Its connectivity range makes it silly to talk to anyone on your Airpods even if you are walking around. You can take your calls by just putting them in, which is excellent for attending your conferences on the go. They are also water and sweat-resistant. 

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Are There Any Cons To It?

As with anything, there are some drawbacks that you might want to consider. Besides the obvious, that is losing one of them somehow- there are also the health risks that have been studied, such as the risks of EMF radiation. With that being said, there is not any concrete evidence of Airpods being the causing factor in any illnesses or health defects. So, besides the frustration of losing one of them, there is not much to worry about. 

All in all, buying Airpods is just a good investment as you will probably use them for years to come. They are easy to use and certainly help in day to day life to increase efficiency. 

Airpods Charging Case Vs Wireless Charging Case: Which one to Buy?

If you have convinced yourself to buy yourself AirPods, you might still be confused about which ones to buy. As newer versions of Airpods are released, several features are added to the latest Airpods that the older ones might not have. 

The newer Airpods have better sound quality as well as more excellent talk time. While you would need to tap the older Airpods to connect to Siri, the newer ones only require you to say ‘Hey Siri’ and voila! You are connected. For some- these improvements might not count as much but if you want to go all out once, then get the more excellent gen of the Airpods and treat yourself. 

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However, the standard Apple Airpods come in two variations: The charging case which will only charge from the Lightning Cable or the wireless charging case that gives you two charging options: Charging mats or Lightning cable. 

Do You Need To Spend Just A Little More Money For The Wireless Case?

While there is not much to it- the wireless charging feature does give you more options in charging your Airpods. Put your Airpods case on a charging mat and have it charge in no time. Or if you are on the go, you still have the option of charging with the Lightning cable. However, considering everything- there is not much to be excited about. Especially, when there are third party options available that cost way less. 

What About Buying Just The Wireless Charging Case?

Since the wireless charging case is compatible with both Airpods 1 and 2- you might be tempted to buy just the case. Even then there is the matter of: Do you really need it? AirPods charging cases do not need to be charged too much, once a week maybe, or maybe twice a week rarely. Unless you want to keep updated with all the new and fancy additions to your Airpods, the wireless charging case is not worth it. 

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