Airpods Engraving Ideas

Airpods – the elegant and stylish wireless earbuds by Apple have become a style statement as well as leisure for global users. They are equally efficient for on-the-go listening to music and yet are a fun way to socialize. As more and more people are loving Apple AirPods nowadays, they are customizing them to flaunt a personal image.

Airpods Engraving Ideas

Airpods Engraving Ideas

But how could one make his /her AirPods unique? and the answer is  By getting them engraved.

So this article will provide you with details related to engraving. 

Where to get the AirPods engraved?   

You can get your air pods engraved easily by visiting  App for the free option on the form available at Apple’s Official Website. But you need to do this  before you place your order for a new pair of air pods because apple neither offers this facility after purchase or in stores. Many other companies offer engraving ideas but it would cost you a huge amount.le  Official website .you just need to click at the option of Engraving ideas 

What is engraved, earbuds, or the case?

You must know that it is the case of Airpods on which the engraving is done not the earbuds. So it removes the danger even of the least damage to the mechanism of Airpods. So you can rest assured that your Airpods are on the safe side / This means the process of engraving won’t harm your AirPods at all. 

Does the engraving cause any damage to the AirPods case?

Apple is a reliable company that would not risk any damage to its product and therefore, you can expect safety. Apple ensures safe engraving by using harmless laser technology instead of heavy mechanical tools. As result, the engraved text, emoji, or any sign is appealing, neat, well-crafted, and long-lasting without any damage to the case. You can flaunt your personalized earbuds even for years!  

Why should I get my Airpods engraved? 

In the current era of digitizing and social appearances, personalized items are a way of branding. Many businesses use their logos or slogans on different products for their branding and also, and influencers use their names the same way, too. You can use AirPods engraving to smartly print your specific name, social media handle, logo, ideology, interest, or an emoji.  Engraving is the finest way of making your airpods personalized or conveying your feelings to your loved ones in an unusual and more sophisticated way.

What Are The Limitations of Engraving?

The only limitation is, that whatever you choose for engraving should not exceed 22 characters in capital letters.

What are some Unique Engraving Ideas?  

There are numerous engraving ideas such as phone numbers, names, emojis, quotes, or a wish. It also depends on the purpose of buying the airpods.  

If a person buys the AirPods for personal use, can get his/her name or number engraved, but if a person buys them to present to a dear one as a birthday gift, then one might select the zodiac sign, funny emoji, or a wish depending upon the relationship

 Ideas for Parents

Engraving is the best way to show your love and admiration to your parents by using words, phrases, or quotes like

 Ideas for Spouse:

You can also show your deep love to your better half 


Inconvenience caused due to engraving:  .

Although getting engraved airpods is always fun and worth-waiting, sometimes, waiting for too long can irritate the user. You might have to wait for the engraved ones longer than non-engraved. 

  • Reduces the resale value of the airpods due to your name engraved on it.Once the name is imprinted on the Airpods case, it could not be altered or removed.The only solution to this problem is to luckily find a customer with the same interests.
  •   Benefits of engraving names:  

The most common advantage of AirPods engraving is, it won’t mix up with the pair of other family memebers or loved ones. prevents mixing or exchange of Airpods as everyone in the family has a pair of Airpods.  Secondly there are more chances to get your airpods back if you lose them    at a workplace or institute.  

  Harms of engraving:

 x Many people possess the same name which allows the exchange.  

➢ x Moreover it is almost impossible to find a person only by his name. 

Benefits of Engraving Contact Number :

As everyone has a different contact  number so it will be easier to find the person who lost his/her Airpods.

Harms of Engraving Contact Number;

The most drastic harm of engraving number is that it could be misused.


How to Make Airpods Louder:

Sometime you want to enjoy louder music or unable to hear a call due to noise around you but you feel helpless because your Airpods are already at MAX volume.What to do then?

The most competent way to make your Airpods louder is to use VOICE Command of your iPhone by following these steps:

  • Tap to setting on your iPhone
  • Scroll to Siri and Search
  • Switch to the Listen for “  Hey Siri” ,turn the volume 40% higher or 20% lower

Another way of the increasing volume of your Airpods is

First of all, place your Airpods in your ears then

  •  Turn on the music and slide the volume bar to the lowest. you would not be able to hear any sound
  •  Tap Bluetooth to disable Bluetooth.
  • Start playing the music again, through your iPhone’s speaker.
  • Using your iPhone’s button turns the volume bar all the way down.
  • Now connect your airpods and tap the Bluetooth  again to turn it on
  • Finally, play the music on your iPhone and adjust the volume as required.

How To Clean Engraved Airpod’s Case?

As people carry their Aipods everywhere so black marks or spots start appearing on the Airpod’s case. It indicates that your Airpod case needs to be cleaned.

For this purpose apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a dry cloth and gently swipe the Airpods case then dry it by using a cotton swab.

How to clean Airpod’s Mesh?

After a long time of use, you notice the gradual decrease in loudness of your Airpods which could be due to the wax bits on the mesh of your airpods. It can be removed by cleaning the Airpods meshes. According to Apple’s cleaning Airpods instructions; remove the ear tips, rinse them with plain water .use a dry cotton swab and a soft-bristles brush to wipe the nasty bits of wax.

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