Airpods Flashing White But not Connecting

Airpods Flashing White But not ConnectingThe white light in AirPods is the sign that you can pair the AirPods with your mobile phone. But, there are some scenarios where AirPods flash white but do not connect with your smartphone.

Many people tried forgetting the AirPods and tried re-connecting, and it worked. So, the first approach can be to go to your Bluetooth settings and forget the AirPods, and when you see Airpods LED flashes white, it’s time to connect it with your device.

Airpods flashing white but not connecting

unable to pair it; it still isn’t connecting, troubleshooting

Fix of AirPods flashing white but not connecting

Forget your AirPods

As stated earlier, the easiest solution to the problem is to forget your Airpods, not from your smartphone but all your previously connected devices, because when the same AirPods are used on multiple devices and when you try to stable a connection with your AirPods, you won’t be able to do that. You will be unable to pair it, and that’s why forgetting and re-connecting seem a better option.

Once you have removed the AirPods from the list, open the case lid again, keep the button pressed for some seconds, and when you see the white light start flashing, that will put the AirPods in the pairing mode again.

Now open Bluetooth from your smartphone and click on other iPhone and Available devices for android users. Now, select your AirPods, and hopefully, you will be able to connect them.

If you were unable to pair your AirPods after trying this, we have another method for you.

Empty the case and put AirPods back again

Another simplest solution to this problem is that you can pick both AirPods out from the case, close the lid for a second, and then place both pods back in the case, and hopefully, this will solve the connecting issue. Now, again press the button until the white LED light flashes, and then choose your AirPods from the Bluetooth devices and try to connect your AirPods.

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Still Not Connecting?

Turn Bluetooth on/off

Another solution people found helpful was to toggle Bluetooth off and back on again. To do that, unlock your iPhone and follow these commands.

Settings > Bluetooth > Toggle off

If Airpods white light is flashing but not connecting, try another useful method.

Turn Off and On the Device

If you are trying to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone with AirPods, then try to turn it off and back on again; this technique will reboot the operating system, and hopefully, the fresh start can help prevent this glitch in AirPods.

As soon as you turn your iPhone or tablet on, put the AirPods in the pairing mode again and try to connect with your device, which should work now.

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Update Device’s Software:

Sometimes, the operating system isn’t responding or cooperating for activities like connecting your AirPods with your device. So, you can update the entire OS of the device that will update everything in your device, including the Bluetooth part of the device.

For iPhone: Settings > General > Software update

For Android users > Settings > Software update > Check for updates

As soon as the device is updated, you can try connecting AirPods with your device.

Reset Network Settings

Another useful approach for troubleshooting is to reset your network settings, which will remove all the saved Bluetooth devices on your device, which won’t only remove Bluetooth devices. Still, your device will also forget the wifi passwords saved for different connections. But, that is not a big problem as you can re-enter the password once the network resetting is done.

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Change your AirPods:

At this point, there is not an issue with your device but with your AirPods. So, rather than hitting your head in a wall, try changing the AirPods just to see if there is an issue with your existing AirPods or not. Sometimes, AirPods experiencing batteries issue can face the problem of establishing and holding a connection that is not good. That’s why you should fully charge your AirPods before trying to connect them with your device.

Cleaning AirPods:

The final remedy for this problem is cleaning the AirPods to remove the dirt and ear wax accumulated over time. This can also create connection issues and pairing issues. Let’s see how you can clean your AirPods and your case.

Get a soft cloth and try wiping the pods gently and the case to remove the debris and ear wax from tight areas. Using an anti-static brush will also be helpful.

How do I Factory Reset my AirPods?

Resetting your AirPods can potentially solve the connection issue, and to factory reset your AirPods, follow these steps.

Forger AirPods from your device

Put both AirPods inside the casing shut down the lid

Wait for at least 40 seconds, and now open the lid

Now keep the button pressed for a few seconds

Release the button when you see the white light flashing/blinking

Now your AirPods are reset, and you can pair them again

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Defective AirPods Case

There are different light indications on the AirPods that tell you different things. For example, green light shows that the AirPods are fully charged, amber light shows that the charging is not full, orange light shows that the battery is half, and red light shows that the battery is about to end. Sometimes, the defective AirPods case can be why AirPods do not connect with your device.

Your device can also display the AirPods battery level to help you understand the right percentage of the battery available.

Only One AirPods Charging:

The most obvious reason for this is that a grime or dirt build-up in the charging case connectors that is causing the pod not to charge. A thorough cleaning session can solve this problem for you.

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