Airpods Flashing White

Airpods are perfect audio headphones equipped with ton of amazing features and one of these features is the amazing LED indicator that blinks or flashes in different colors to give different signals.

This article talks about Airpods flashing white and as we have already discussed the solutions of airpods flashing red and airpods flashing green, we are now going to discuss why airpods keep flashing white and how to stop it.

A quick note for you is that if you are unable to fix the problem and if the airpods are still under a warranty period, then immediately get a replacement for free because, after the guaranteed time, you may have to spend additional bucks to get a replacement.

So, Airpod flashes white when the device is in pairing mode and airpods are ready to connect. Sometimes, people face this problem where case keeps flashing white but airpods won’t pair or connect with the device.

This is a common connectivity problem that occurs with airpods and sometimes you can easily get rid of airpods flashing white by disconnecting with the device and resetting Airpods. Other than that, you can clean airpods, charge them up, or reset network settings of Airpods or update the firmware to remove any glitches causing airpods to flash white constantly.

Airpods Flashing White

Airpods Flashing White

So, let’s look at a handful of these methods in detail and how you can get your Airpods working normally.

Among these few simple methods, you will be able to figure out is there anything wrong with the Airpods like any physical issues or any manufacturing issues as well.

Remove Airpods Out of the case and put them back in

This simple and obvious task can sometimes do wonders and can be extremely helpful to eliminate white flashes of Airpods. Just remove the Airpods from the case, close down the lid, open the lid again, and insert the both left and right earbuds back into the case.

Turn on/off Bluetooth

Another simplest hack that works most of the time is simply to turn the Bluetooth off from the settings > Bluetooth > Toggle Bluetooth on/off and Android users can also do this same process so that you can pair airpods with your devices.

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You can also try this method with Macbook, PC, Tablet, and other devices that support Bluetooth.


Reset Airpods

Well, this seems obvious, but sometimes, all you need to do is reset the pods, and you will be good to go.

To do that, unpair the Airpods from your Macbook or Apple iPhone, put the earbuds inside the case, close the lid, and press the button on the back side of the Airpods.

Now keep the button pressed for a while, like for 10-20 seconds, and you have to release the button when you see the orange light and then the white light. Remember that you have to wait for the white light to flash or pop because that will indicate that Airpods have been reset.

Because many people have faced this problem where the amber light or the orange light never flashes, you have to do an additional step that requires you to reset the network settings of Airpods.

To do that, open up your device like iPhone and 

Go to

Settings > General > Reset

Before attempting this, you must ensure the Airpods are connected to the device, and the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Plus, do not forget to completely clean the charging points of Airpods because sometimes such little things are causing the whole machine to mess up.


Although these troubleshooting tips are familiar, I am pretty sure one of these tips will help fix the white light flashing issue permanently. 

The following strategy I would recommend is to update the software of Airpods.

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Update Airpods Firmware

If you hear this for the first time, relax, as it’s not a big deal. All you have to do is make sure that if your Airpods have an updated or old version of the software/firmware because not updating the firmware can also malfunction Airpods, and to fix that; you should only update the Airpods firmware with Apple released a software update.

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Let’s discuss how to check the current firmware version of your Airpods and update the firmware if your airpods need one.

To check the current status of the Airpods firmware, connect your Airpods with your Apple device.

Go to

Settings > General > Airpods Firmware

This is where you will see the firmware version of your Airpods, and besides that, you will see the newest version available if airpods are not updated to the latest firmware.

To update the firmware of the Airpods, you cannot do anything yourself; this is an automatic process.

You have to initiate the process, and then it will take an hour or so, and your Airpods will be like a brand new piece of headphones, free from any errors or problems like a white blinking light issue. Remember that you can update the firmware by Macbook and by your iPhone.

To update through MacBook, go to the system preferences and select software update for your Airpods.

To update through iPhone, go to settings, then general, and then about section and hit the update button, and your Airpods will be up and ready in 60 minutes with the latest firmware.

During this activity, keep the devices close to each other to make sure the process doesn’t get interrupted. Also, do not try to remove Airpods until the update process has been completed.

Cleaning Airpods

Cleaning airpods seems so apparent or tedious sometimes because some people are just reluctant to get close to the nastiness inside the airpods, like the ear wax that has been accumulated for ages or the dirt or debris stuck inside the casing or earbuds.

The cleaning process of Airpods is a sensitive process that requires a lint-free cloth, a brush with soft bristles, and some liquid like Isopropyl alcohol. You can also use cotton swabs to clean inside the metallic charging points of the Airpods so that the earbuds are charged efficiently without any issues. 

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Be gentle while cleaning earbuds, especially the speaker and mic, because these are the most sensitive parts of the earbuds, do not let the liquid go inside, or you will ruin the airpods.

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Once you have completed cleaning the case and earbuds, now try to reset Airpods and see if the problem goes away or not.

Airpods Replacement

If the problem persists after doing everything possible, that is the time to get a replacement for your Airpods and visit any official Apple store, and if it’s been less than 12 months old, you will get the replacement for free. If the guaranteed time is over, you may have to pay a little extra fee, but you will get a brand new replacement of Airpods.


So that was all about airpods flashing white and how to fix that. I hope all the above methods will help you figure out what’s wrong with the Airpods and why they flash white frequently and strangely. If you get a solution from this article, do not forget to share it with others.

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