AirPods Not Working With Zoom

AirPods Not Working With Zoom

What could be more embarrassing than finding AirPods Not Working With Zoom? Agree? Well, no more irritation here; we have some proven strategies for you. Extract them!

Wearing AirPods in zoom meetings makes it more professional and hassle-free as – being basic – AirPods reduces the surrounding noise, comfortably sit in your ears, and enhance the sound quality. Besides this, there are various other perks that you can enjoy by using these tiny valuable AirPods.

However, sometimes—at the beginning or mid-way of the meeting—users experience audio issues and find problems catching up with someone on Zoom. Various reasons drag to the position when AirPods do not access anything when somebody tries to speak or listen. Eventually, an annoying situation occurs, disrupting the whole meeting due to one person.

Well, don’t panic about Why Airpods do not work with zoom? Instead, walk through this article and reveal the steps you can follow when your AirPods are not working with zoom Windows 10.

Ready to uncover those straightforward methods? 

Here you go!

How To Connect AirPods To Zoom – Some Valuable Tips

AirPod is a valuable device with multiple perks that helps users enjoy its countless features: spatial audio, active noise cancellation, automatic switching, instant pairing, always-on Siri, and more. But sometimes, this heavy-invested device creates numerous errors and disturbs the user while pairing. 

Most often, the issues can be resolved quickly; below is all you need to understand.

Method 1: Unpair Your AirPods From Other Devices

AirPods create functional errors when they are connected with various operating devices simultaneously. So what you can do for your AirPods is eliminate their potential connection confusion by unpairing them from unnecessary devices.

The quick way to ensure the AirPods are not connected to irrelevant devices is to turn off the Bluetooth of every device except where the Zoom application is running.

For instance, if the Zoom call is on the computer, turn off the Bluetooth of the tablets and smartphones.

Seems easy? Yes, it is! If this pesky issue persists, you can jump to the following method.

Method 2: Ensure Your AirPods Are Paired To Your Device

On a similar note, the error of AirPods not working with zoom on PC hits when AirPods is not connected with the device you want to contact them with. 

To ensure your AirPods are available for pairing, take out the case and shove the button on the back. When you find your AirPods case’ white light flashing, your AirPods are ready to get paired.

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Here we have many helpful ideas on how to pair your AirPods settings when Zoom AirPods is not working on Mac and other devices, such as iPad, iPhones, etc.

How To Connect Airpods To Zoom On Mac?

  • Find the Apple logo in your screen’s top left corner and tap it.
  • Later, click System Preferences and Bluetooth.
  • Below the Devices heading, you will find your AirPooptionton. 
  • AirPods are already connected to your Mac if the connected label is checked; however, if they are unconnected, double-tap on them and get their pairing with the computer.

How To Pair AirPods To An iPhone?

  • Tap the Bluetooth option by visiting the device setting.
  • If the AirPods are already connected with the iPhone, you will find the option under the My Devices list. 
  • If the AirPods are not connected with the iPhone, you can tap on the AirPods option in the My Devices list. This way, your AirPod will connect with the iPhone, so you can enjoy your music, watch movies, make calls, attend meetings, and do any other activity comfortably.

No worries if your AirPods are not working with Zoom 11; you are also covered here!

How To Fix Airpods Not Working With Zoom Windows 11?

To get the AirPod connection with Windows, you can follow the given route:

  • Click the start option.
  • Go to computer settings.
  • Tap the setting to reach the Bluetooth controls option. 
  • If the AirPod is already connected with Windows, the user will find it in the list of Other Devices. Otherwise, by checking the box of AirPods, the user can link the AirPod with Windows.

The user can follow the same method while wondering how to connect AirPods to Zoom on iPad!

How To Pair AirPods To An Android?

AirPods can connect significantly to Android phones featuring Bluetooth – it is the same as Windows. If a user is looking forward to connecting AirPods with their Android, the following steps can hold them back.

  • Open the setting option of the Android Phone.
  • Find the connected devices; here, you will get the list of paired devices.
  • Here you will find AirPods; click on them to pair them with your smartphone.

What To Do If Your AirPods Won’t Connect?

Sometimes, the user can not connect Bluetooth with other devices by following the proper track steps. Other times, AirPods do not link to your devices even when they are ready to get paired.

 If any situations hit users, they can put AirPods back in their case for 10 seconds and then retry the connection. Hopefully, it will work in your favor.

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Another tip you can try is restarting your device Bluetooth, which can quickly reset the association of mobile and AirPods – a reliable way to resolve minor and significant connectivity issues.

Select Your AirPods In Zoom

Sometimes AirPods easily connect to users’ devices, but they also demand the users choose the audio option of the Zoom app manually. The speaker and Micropjeons are two different setting options on this app as the microphone transmits the voice to the other users on the call or in the meeting. On the other hand, the speaker recreates the call’s audio back to the user.

Users Can Follow The Given Steps:

  • Open the settings in the Zoom app
  • Click Preferences and review the audio option. 
  • Inspect which instrument is available beside the Speaker and Microphone headings.
  • Choose AirPods in the audio settings of zoom.

If the AirPods are displayed on the side of both labels, it shows that your Zoom audio settings are directed to them. Explore the dropdown menu of the Zoom setting and choose the AirPods if a different device is available as the Speaker and Microphone.

How To Test The AirPods Before Making A Zoom Call?

Instead of making a direct call on Zoom and facing several errors on the go, it is better to test AirPods before making the call which can save you from disconnection errors.

Thanks to Zoom, which offers a testing option to callers so they can verify their audio quality before joining the call. Eventually, the meetings can run smoothly without any interruption.

Zoom Airpods Microphone Not Working – Figure Out The Solution

When the user opens the Zoom app, a pop-up appears on the screen labeled join with Computer Audio. The user can tap the green-colored test speaker and microphone under the option of the trial of your AirPods with Zoom.

The Zoom will create a ringtone to verify the speaker’s quality to ensure the user if there is a need for any fixing. If the user hears the ringtone, the AirPod is working accurately. If the ringtone is not audible, you can click No; Zoom will make offer other trials. Keep hitting no until you hear a ringtone from the AirPods. If it takes ample time, open the dropdown menu to tap on the AirPods and make it easy.

Once the user tests the speaker, Zoom will inquire whether the user wants to speak into the microphone or not. If users desire to check the microphone quality, they can pause for a moment and then listen to the reply to what they have communicated. If users don’t find any replay, they can tap on the No option until they listen to the voice.

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So similar to the speaker test, the user can also evaluate the microphone quality. Following this cycle can expect a great and smooth meeting on every end.

Once you have affirmed the speaker and microphone of AirPods, pick Join with Computer Audio and join the call.

So, now the problem is fixed, your AirPods will start working on Zoom. The video and audio calls can run smoothly, and the communication gap can be nicely reduced. 

Our Takeaway

Zoom is a great platform that allows attending the meetings at a professional level, and if the user uses AirPods while attending the conference, things become super convenient. However, users often complain about AirPods Not Working With Zoom – usually, it disconnects and sometimes does not pair.

It might be possible that the issue is with Zoom, but often Airpods can create errors and require you to check the setting and troubleshoot the problems. However, Zoom’s microphone and speaker testing options help fix the issue before it arises. 

This article has shed light on the troubleshooting methods of AirPods while using the Zoom application. Hence, if a user’s iPhone, Mac, Windows, or Android is not connecting with the AirPods, they can get it into this article and find the solutions.

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