AirPods Pro Screeching Noise ( 4 Easy Fixes )

AirPods Pro Screeching Noise


We shall be talking about the AirPods Pro and how their screeching noise comes about. We shall be discussing ways to fix this issue.

The AirPods Pro is an excellent accessory for your iPhone, and they are one of the best things that you can buy for yourself if you want to elevate your game in the sound department. Since our focus will be on the AirPods Pro and not the normal AirPods, we will talk about the Pro version today. 

The AirPods Pro is built to be an incredible booster of the user’s personal sound experience because they offer more than just loud sound. The AirPods Pro offers fantastic noise cancellation, a great design that seamlessly fits into your ear, and a glorious case for them to settle in and get charged

The significant change from the AirPods to the AirPods Pro is seen in its design, but that isn’t the topic of concern today. Today, we shall be talking more about the AirPods Pro performance-wise. 

Several users have complained about the AirPods Pro having a screeching noise that causes high inconvenience to users while listening to music or using the headphones for several hours. There is nothing good about this screeching noise which is why AirPod Pro users are so fed up with this issue.

The good thing is that this isn’t one of those hopeless cases and there are actual ways by which you can troubleshoot this problem. Several steps can solve this problem, but first, we shall look at why this problem surfaces. The AirPods Pro screeching noise isn’t normal in any way so why are they making such a noise after all? Let us look into it.

AirPods Pro Screeching Noise

Common reasons or issues for AirPods Pro Screeching Noise are

Pairing Issue

The first reason this issue might be caused is due to a pairing issue between your AirPods Pro and your iPhone. The pairing issue is quite common between the two devices because since they use a Bluetooth connection, a Bluetooth connection tends to malfunction while working perfectly at times.

If your AirPods Pro isn’t connected correctly to your phone, this could give out a screeching noise that isn’t excellent for your ears. One fix you can carry out here is to remove the pairing on your phone and AirPods and then reset your AirPods. Once they’ve reset, then you should connect them to your phone.

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Old AirPods

If you are using old AirPods Pro, then there is a chance that your AirPods might be severely damaged. It often happens that old AirPods aren’t that useful, and their functionality isn’t that good compared to when they were released. 

The most you can do here is check your AirPods Pro for any cracks throughout their surface. If you think there might be some internal issues, then you can go ahead and clean your AirPods with a cloth, and for the internal part, you can use cotton swabs to clean the smaller pores.

Sometimes dust particles might be stuck inside your AirPods Pro, which might cause the screeching noise to occur frequently in your AirPods. Cleaning your AirPods might help, but if the screeching occurs persistently, then you will need to take it to an Apple customer care center to get them serviced or replaced if needed.

AirPods Pro Screeching Noise Fix

Now that we’ve discussed the problems that the screeching might be caused, we shall look at the solutions for this AirPods Pro screeching noise problem. 

Solution 1 – Updated Phone and AirPods

Make sure the device to which you connect your AirPods is updated to its most recent software. The iOS version of your iPhone or IPad should be the most recent one because if it isn’t updated, your AirPods Pro might not connect to the device. Updating your software can help solve this problem in several instances if you didn’t know. 

Apart from your playback device, make sure to have your AirPods Pro updated as well. The screeching noise is a very likely possibility if your AirPods aren’t updated. Your AirPods are usually updated from your Apple device to which they are connected. It only takes a few minutes to do so where the update notification pops up, and all you have to do is accept it. 

Even after you’ve updated your device and your AirPods, but the problem persists, then you will need to head over to an Apple center so that you may be guided better on what precisely the problem is, or else the screeching noise is going to make life a living hell for you!

Solution 2 – Bluetooth Connection Check

To make this solution work, you will need to check whether the Bluetooth connection between your device and your AirPods Pro is working or not. Make sure your phone is close to your AirPods. If your device is sitting far away from your AirPods Pro, then that could be one of the issues why you might be hearing a static sound on your AirPods

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Solution 3 – Getting Rid of Other Devices

The screeching noise also has another way by which it could originate, and that is where you are in a room with several other digital devices in it, which is interfering with your AirPods Pro. This could be anything from receivers to transmitters to even a buggy WiFi router in the room that could be the reason for this issue.

Gladly this problem has a straightforward fix because all you need to do is step out of the room into a place where no such devices are present, and you’re good to go. When you step out of the room and the screeching noise gets fixed, then you’ll know that the devices are what caused this issue.

These devices interfering with your music listening sessions should be the least of your concerns. Don’t let them stop you from having a good time.

Solution 4 – Change App

Sometimes this screeching issue might be due to a problem in the application that you’re using. The best streaming apps on your phone are probably one out of the two from Apple Music or Spotify. Usually, these two apps don’t show errors, but that doesn’t mean they won’t show one ever. 

This issue might be due to these applications not being updated or any other issue in your phone. This issue is then passed on to your AirPods Pro with the screeching noise that disrupts your entire music session. Other than music, even streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime shows up with these issues. 

The solution here is to change the app you’re listening to music on or watching your favorite show. If you’re watching a show on a particular streaming website, then you can access a website to watch that show. If the show works perfectly on the website, then this will indicate that something was wrong with the app you were using. 

Now that we’ve discussed the AirPods Pro screeching noise solutions, we shall be looking at some critical FAQs regarding the AirPods Pro asked by users.


  1. Q) Do AirPods Pro contain an active noise-canceling feature?

Answer: The AirPods Pro has the noise-canceling feature as one of its best. This is because the internal design of the AirPods Pro makes it susceptible to sound in your outer environment. You have a microphone that is faced outward which detects external sounds.

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The resulting sound, when detected, has an equivalent anti-noise wave which is calculated, and then it goes into the ear of the user. Finally, there is an internal microphone as well that cancels out the remaining noise that it detects.

  1. Q) Are they better than AirPods?

Answer: In terms of sound quality, the AirPods Pro is undoubtedly better than your regular AirPods. They deliver an incredible quality of sound, and as mentioned earlier that their sound-cancellation feature is outstanding. So much better performing than the regular AirPods.

The most impressive upgrade in the AirPods Pro is the Adaptive EQ feature, an automatic tuner of low and mid-frequency according to the listener’s ear. This allows the AirPods Pro to deliver crystal clear and incredibly pure sound that will be majestic for your ears.


The AirPods Pro is one of the best upgrades you can make right now in the sound department if you’re an Apple user. The way Apple has raised its game in terms of sound is commendable. Okay, the AirPods Pro might be a bit more expensive, but they also give you quality for that kind of money. 

Once you get clear of this screeching noise problem, that is when you can truly enjoy what you’re listening to. This screeching problem is an issue that can leave you annoyed, but it doesn’t come without the solutions which we mentioned above. Do go through all of them, and you’ll get rid of the screeching issue in no time at all.

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