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AirPods Pro Touch Controls Not Working

Are you an airpod user-facing bugs due to which AirPods pro touch controls not working well? No need to worry now; this article will identify all the glitches with their respective solutions. 

Airpods are expensive gadgets, and once you buy them, and they are not fulfilling their actual purpose, it’s a massive disappointment for a while. But don’t worry now; if your AirPods pro touch controls not working well or not working in the way they are supposed to, then this article is a must-read for you as there is going to be a detailed illustration of all the possible issues with their solutions that may happen to your airpod. There must be some bugs that need fixing if, when connecting AirPods, your iPhone prompts up with the red exclamation mark, which is an alert mark meaning glitches are there and need to be fixed.

Nowadays, AirPods are also in huge demand, so their working condition should be good enough for people to consider buying them. People are replacing conventionally used handsfree with newly invented AirPods everywhere, whether it’s their important online meeting on zoom or any other handle or their use of social media. Listening to songs, other videos, and audio is all done quickly by using AirPods, as there is no need to deal with wires. Moreover, status-conscious and technology lovers prefer to use iPhone or iPad, which means they must be ready to invest in a gadget like the airpod, too; for this purpose, it is essential to identify all the possible bugs that need fixing, so readers can decide quickly on whether to buy AirPods or not.

AirPods Pro Touch Controls Not Working 

AirPods Pro Touch Controls Not Working 

Airpods are one of the expensive gadgets users need to buy for the best experience of using an iPhone. But what if the AirPods pro touch controls not working well? This gives rise to stress, anxiety, and tension as an amount spent on the gadget. Without wasting time getting panicked, check the software of the device you are trying AirPods to connect with, either the iPhone or apple tab. Software must be upgraded to IOS 13.2 for the connection and pairing of AirPods. Moreover, audio management can also cause problems if sensors do not work as they should. Airpods pro software must also be updated to the recent software for the correct working of AirPods as older software may not work correctly with new software iPhones or pads.

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Issues AirPods Touch Control Causing 

Airpods can cause multiple issues while connecting, which need to be addressed for experiencing audio connection through AirPods. Airpods are the latest invention and are substitutes for conventional hands-free. However, every innovation, especially the internet and software, contains some bugs and glitches in its starting years, which get fixed over time.

AirPods may not get connected to iPhone or apple tab if the software of either AirPods or iPhone is not upgraded to IOS 13.2. This issue needs to be considered in detail so that both things are updated for connecting. Moreover, at times AirPods sensors can cause problems and stop working when pressed or even hold for a while; squeezing may be one solution in such situations. 

Volume up or down can be done in two ways when the iPhone or iPad is connected to the airpod pro. Firstly, the user can order Siri to fix the volume. Secondly, the user can adjust the choice volume by touching the AirPods. However, if the airpod pro does not respond to the touch, it means the AirPods pro touch controls are not working well. This can be fixed by restarting the iPhone or, in another case resetting the AirPods. These issues are discussed in detail with their respective solutions in the article ahead. Stay tuned to the article for more understanding regarding situations when AirPods pro touch controls not working well.

How To Deal With Non-Working AirPods Touch Controls 

  • Reset Airpods  

Generally, a simple solution to most technical devices gets solved if the device gets reset; the same can happen with the AirPods in case AirPods touch controls not working the way they should. Additionally, when AirPods get reset, they get unpaired with all the devices previously paired to them; this helps to improve the working of AirPods as any error that came from pairing will be deleted on its own. Airpods should be reset by following this easy process; 

  1. Firstly, put both of the AirPods in the box case together
  2. Make sure that the AirPods are charged as they need to operate for reset purposes
  3. Press and hold the button from the back of the charging box case and do this for 15 sec, at least
  4. After this simple process, the light on the front of the charging box case will start to blink white 
  5. A few seconds later, a white light will change into amber light, which indicates the AirPods have been reset successfully. 
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Afterward, connect your AirPods with the device you want to pair it with and see the results; often, touch starts to work again once the error is eliminated through the reset.

  • Update Airpod’s Software 

Airpods work with software upgradation; the older the software gets, the slower the working of AirPods. However, it is essential to keep AirPods updated and connect them with the device that is also updated to the same software for better results. Now the question is how to update airpod pro’s software. While the answer to this tricky question is in the following detailed process;

  1. At first, for the shortest way out, connect your AirPods with an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the settings option, and check in to the about bar for current software information on the AirPods.
  3. If you see AirPods are not updated to current software, follow the following simple steps and upgrade your AirPods.
  4.  Connect your AirPods with an iPhone, play some random music, and listen to it for a while,
  5. Then put your AirPods for charging in the same connected condition for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Afterward, go into the settings and check About to know about the software details of the AirPods. 
  • Upgrade the Device’s Software Trying To Connect With 

Airpods are connectable with iPhones, either old or new. Usually, the connection process is easy by just pairing iPhones with AirPods and starting to use them. However, there may be trouble with AirPods for getting connected to the iPhone. The causes are many, but one primary cause could be the outdated software of the iPhone. Perhaps, if the iPhone mobile needs software upgradation, it may cause problems connecting to the AirPods, which at first raises questions about the working of AirPods, but when looking in-depth, the reason could be from the iPhone side as well.

To deal with the issue, the iPhone must be upgraded first, for which the user needs to open up the settings in the iPhone; for software versions and updates, select general, followed by about. Once the phone’s software gets upgraded, the chances of an AirPods connection will increase.

  • Make Changes To Force Sensor Options 
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Airpods are upgrading to the latest technologies with every new model; airpod pro includes one new feature named Active Noise Cancellation, which enables the user to hear external noises from the surroundings as well. To use active noise cancellation, previous settings were changed from the iPhone, and with the help of Bluetooth, this feature was used, but now, with more latest tactics, it will be used. Instead of pressing or holding, sensors on the airpod should be squeezed to enable the feature of active noise cancellation.

The force sensor sometimes does not respond with press and hold; in such situations, the button must be squeezed down to fix it. There are different levels of squeezing set for various functions; for example, one squeeze is enough for attending a call, pausing, or playing music. While two squeezes are required for skipping out a soundtrack, three times a squeeze leads to getting back on track. Moreover, the squeeze button must be pressed and held for seconds for swapping between active noise cancellation and transparency mode.


In light of the above illustration regarding AirPods pro touch controls not working well, a conclusion can be drawn that AirPods pro should be updated to recent software versions for the best performance. However, the iPhone or iPad must also be upgraded to IOS 13.2 for the better and smooth working of the AirPods pro. The notion of the airport’s invention is new, so bugs and glitches can stay with the AirPods as every newly invented product faces such problems in its early years. Many bugs discussed above have found their respective solutions because, till now, many customer experiences have been gathered. Apple has also made efforts to resolve the glitches in new software updates.

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