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AirPods Pro Volume Control Without Siri

Do you find it difficult to manage AirPods pro volume control without Siri in a silent place? If yes, then this article is a must-read for you. 

AirPods are an invention for mostly new generations to enjoy their experience of using the iPhone and iPad. Conventionally, handsfree was used in connected devices for listening to any sort of audio, while, for now, AirPods are ruling the market with their breathtaking features. There are two main streams that could be referred to for handling the volume increase and decrease of airPod. Generally, Siri helps the users a lot as it increases or decreases the volume in just one order. In another way, iPhone’s volume slide button helps to adjust the volume for AirPods as well. However, AirPods pro volume control without Siri is also possible as there are several other ways as well which assist in controlling AirPods volume levels.

Airpods pro volume can be controlled through the side volume buttons of iPhone and iPad, volume sliders can also assist in adjusting the volume up and down by dragging it from the screen to either the lock screen or unlocked home screen. Moreover, while attending lectures, and meetings, listening to music and many other tasks which are carried on Macbook, audio volume is required to be there as well, AirPods pro volume can be adjusted to lower or higher sounds through Mac. Last but not the least, the Apple watch, when connected to the iPhone which is paired with the airpod pro, can also adjust the volume levels of the AirPods pro. Stay tuned to this article for a detailed step-by-step evaluation of all these ways of adjusting volume.

AirPods Pro Volume Control Without Siri

AirPods Pro Volume Control Without Siri

Airpods pro volume control without Siri seems to be one difficult task for the user who is so addicted to ordering Siri for large to small tasks while using their iPhone or Ipad specifically. Thus, it is not possible to use Siri everywhere as in some places importance is given to maintaining the momentum of the environment by not getting too loud or hard while speaking. In such circumstances, other options need to be considered for adjusting the volume levels of airpod pro to a higher or lower pace. 

The device’s volume button assists perfectly in adjusting volume levels while volume sliders are also of help which pop up on the screen and just by dragging up and down airpod pros volume can be adjusted to the level of the user’s choice. Moreover, Apple Macbook and Apple Watch also assist with volume controls as both the gadgets need to be paired with airpod pro to listen to lectures, music videos or audios, and for many other tasks. 

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AirPods Pro Volume Control Without Siri In The First Generation And Second Generation

Generally, using Siri for volume adjustment of Airpods is the most convenient way so far, however, situations occur when you cannot use Siri due to the nature of the environment in your surroundings. For example, while in a library or near a patient, one cannot just loudly give orders to Siri as silence means a lot in such circumstances. So for such situations, it is advisable to use a volume slider for making AirPods volume adjustments, device volume buttons can also be helpful as they can also adjust the audio sounds. 

Whether you are having a first-generation AirPods or second-generation AirPods, in both cases volume slider and device volume buttons will help you out for sound adjustments while Siri can not be used due to any reason. Moreover, in first and second-generation AirPods, the lock and home screen of the device both work properly for making changes to audio sounds of AirPods pro volume control without Siri.

Control AirPods Pro Volume With iPhone Volume Slider 

The volume slider is used for adjusting the volume of the gadget that has been connected to the respective device, and the volume slider shows the adjustment for the sound on the screen either at home or locked. 

In the case of the home screen, the volume slider can be approached from the control centre of the iPhone or iPad which prompts to the top right corner of new and updated iPhones while for the old version iPhones such as iPhone 8 or versions older than that gets the control centre option at the bottom down the screen. After approaching the control centre, the volume slider can be adjusted for audio, by causing it to up for louder volume and down in case of lower volume.

Additionally, when your device is in lock screen mode and you need to raise or slow down the volume using AirPods pro, a volume slider must be used by moving it to the left and right for setting the perfect volume pace of your choice.

Control AirPods Pro Volume With iPhone Volume Bar Buttons 

Siri is undoubted of great help for users as it makes many tasks much easier, however, situations occur when you are not able to use Siri in a louder voice because of the surroundings which could be either you are standing in a huge crowd of people or you are in the most silent place with people minding their businesses. 

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In such circumstances, conventional ways of adjusting volumes need to be used where you can make up and down adjustments to the audio of AirPods pro with the volume buttons of your respected device. This is the easiest and most convenient way to be used in such situations.

Perhaps, the iPhone or iPad is locked or unlocked, does not matter in this situation because volume buttons work irrespective of locked or unlocked mobile features. While making sound adjustments with buttons, a volume bar prompts on the screen indicating whether the volume is too low, too high or neutral. Airpods pro volume control without Siri is possible and a good adjustment according to requirement can be made through the volume bar buttons of iPhone or Ipad too.

Control AirPods Pro Volume With Apple MacBook 

Apple Macbook is a technical laptop which needs understanding on how to use it properly, AirPods can be connected to the Apple mac for multiple purposes. Zoom meetings, attending lectures, listening to songs, watching videos, listening to audio and many other functions can be done using AirPods in connection to the Apple mac. However, Siri is also available in Macbook which can work the way it works on iPhone or iPad but again while sitting in a meeting or attending a class it gets difficult to make an order to Siri in a louder voice. At that time, another option should be there to consider.

AirPods volume can be adjusted from Apple Macbook in two ways. At first, the keyboard should be used for enabling volume up and down through a volume key on it. Afterwards, from the Menu Bar, an icon showing a volume sign must be clicked for adjustments. However, if the volume control icon from the menu bar is not showing on the screen straight away then it should be open in the following way;

  1. Open the Mac book’s menu bar by clicking on the Apple, followed by a click on System Preferences 
  2. Afterwards, open sound output and a list will appear from which you should choose AirPods for connecting
  3. Lastly, clicking on the option of the box comes after Show Volume at the bottom of the window, this will lead to the visibility of the volume icon on the menu bar.
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Control AirPods Pro Volume With Apple Watch 

Airpods volume can be controlled through the Ape watch while attending a call or listening to any sort of audio. AirPods are connected to the iPhone which automatically gets paired to an Apple watch when the watch and iPhone are working simultaneously.

There is a brief and simple process to follow for making AirPods pro volume control without Siri adjusting it through the Apple watch. The following process should be considered for controlling AirPods pro volume.

  1. Open up the Now Playing Screen by tapping into the Now Playing icon from the Home Screen
  2. After opening the Now Playing Screen, an icon for volume will prompt up which will then be used to make volume adjustments

However, Apple Watch, when paired with the iPhone, can have an approach to features of the iPhone. For attending calls or listening to the audio, the use of AirPods is the best option and the volume of airpods pro can be controlled through Apple Watch as well without using Siri.


From the detailed discussion illustrated above, a conclusion can be drawn that AirPods pro volume control without Siri is possible in numerous ways. Briefly, iPhone or iPad volume buttons, volume slider, Apple Mac and Apple Watch. All can make adjustments to the volume of AirPods for the increase and decrease. Siri cannot be used always due to the nature of the surroundings which may make it awkward for the one using Siri to speak louder in a crowded or silent public area, in a silent library or anywhere where it is difficult to speak loudly. In such situations, options other than commanding Siri must be used for making adjustments to airPod pros volume levels.


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