Airpods Water Damage Indicator

Airpods Water Damage Indicator

Do you want to know about the AirPods water damage indicator, and does it work? Glad to help, read down this article till the end for the comprehensive answer. 

Did you accidentally drop your Airpods in water? Do you want to know how to get out the water from the AirPods? Are your Airpods getting water damage, and you don’t know what to do?

Airpods are usually not water-resistant, so it is advised not to wear the Airpods while showering, in the pool, or the rain. Airpods usually come up with a year limited warranty, but as the AirPods are not waterproof, the user must avoid such situations to prevent any water damage. 

For a waterproof device, the water will get in the device and damage it; on the other side, the water-resistant AirPods get water damaged, which will ruin the device. 

The ordinary Airpods are not waterproof, but the Airpods Pro can endure the water splash. But, with time, the waterproof seal gets weakened, and the Airpods become less resistant to water. As the older the Airpods are, you have to be cautious about it, so if the Airpods get water damaged, read this article to know what you should do. 

Airpods Water Damage Indicator

Here we are mentioning the list of dos and don’t if your Airpods gets water damaged so; 

To-do list

If your Airpods get water damaged, then the first thing you must do is take the Airpods away from the place where it gets damaged and then. 

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Not to-do list 

Here are a few don’ts list that you must follow 

  • Don’t ever use a hairdryer as its hot hair will heat the fragile bud of the Airpods. 
  • Don’t put the AirPods in a plastic bag, or don’t try to put the Airpods in the sack of rice so that the rice will absorb the water, and it will cause more damage to the device. 
  • Don’t try to charge the water-damaged Airpods as it will make things worse and let your Airpods dry for many hours. After the Airpods are dry, try to test the device to see if they are working correctly; if not, return them for maintenance. 

How can we prevent Airpods from water damage?

You can prevent your Airpods from water damage just by following some below precautionary measures. 

  • Don’t take your Airpods with you in the shower or pool as there is more chance of getting water damage. 
  • Don’t try to clean your Airpods with a washing machine, and don’t try to clean them with a wet cloth. 
  • Try to protect your Airpods from any dirt and moisture and keep them in a safe case. 
  • Don’t wear the Airpods in the gym as sweating might damage the device, so to prevent any damage, don’t put on Airpods while exercising. 

These are a few precautionary measures that you must follow to avoid any mishap. 

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Frequently asked question 

  • Can you tell if Airpods have water damage? 
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Apart from iPhones, Airpods usually get water damage as they don’t have any water damage indicator, so if the Airpods are not working correctly, it might be possible due to the water splash that makes the Airpods water damage. 

  • Can water damage Airpods be fixed?

Water damage Airpods is not possible to get fixed as it will damage the Airpods deeply; if the water deepens into the Airpods, it is hard to fix them. But, if just a splash of water, then you can dry them for hours and clean them properly and then see if they are working correctly or not. 

  • Are Airpods ruined if they get wet? 

Basic Airpods are usually not water-resistant, so it is hard to fix them if they get water damaged. In contrast, Airpods Pro are usually water-resistant and can prevent any water damage, but with time the water-resistant seal weakens that making the Airpods Pro less water-resistant. 

  • What does water damage do to Airpods?

Water damage will break off the water assistant seal that makes the Airpods more deteriorating, and gradually the functioning of the Airpods Pro will be affected by the water damage. However, ordinary Airpods can’t withstand any water damage. 

  • What should I do if I drop my Airpods in water? 

Please take out your Airpods from water and clean them off with a soft cloth provided with the Airpods cleaning kit. Don’t use the dry rice method, and don’t let your Airpods dry with the help of the hairdryer as it will damage the Airpods. It is better to let the Airpods dry for hours and don’t charge them while drying. 

  • How do you get water out of Airpods?
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You can take out the water from the Airpods by cleaning it with the soft linen cloth, and better to try to dry the holes with the cotton swab. Let the Airpods dry for almost three to four hours, and don’t try to charge as it will damage the Airpods. 


Airpods usually don’t come off with water damage indicators, so it’s better to try to keep the AirPods away from the water. Keep the Airpods away from the water and if they get damaged, then try to dry them for hours and check if they are working correctly or not. 

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