Are Airpods Pro Assembled In Vietnam?

Are Airpods Pro Assembled In VietnamIn several AirPods Pro cases, the words “Assembled in Vietnam” appear, which indicates that Apple has moved some of its manufacturing from China to Vietnam. Among the many steps the business has taken in recent years to expand its supply chain geographically is the relocation of certain AirPods production to Vietnam.

According to reports, Apple began testing regular AirPods manufacturing in Vietnam almost three years ago, and in December 2019 it revealed that Apple’s AirPods suppliers were searching for financial support to expand their production. The production of regular AirPods in Vietnam had begun in March 2020.

Are Airpods Pro Assembled In Vietnam?

According to a source familiar with the situation, “mass manufacture of AirPods in Vietnam began as early as March 2020.” Vietnamese officials even gave a key Apple AirPods assembler special permissions to help the company bring in engineers to the country for efficient manufacturing during lockdowns. In late April 2020, Vietnam began to lift some of its restrictions.

Even though previous models like the wired Earbuds were made in the country, Vietnam has long been a hub for Apple’s audio accessory manufacture and shows no sign of stopping down. Apple’s over-ear headphones began manufactured in Vietnam in June or July 2020. 

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As of this writing, numerous AirPods Pro versions have already included the following statement: “Designed by Apple in California” Assembly took place in Vietnam. For a long time, Apple has been working to move some production out of China to other nations, and one of those countries is Vietnam. 

Last Words

Do not be worried if you receive an AirPods Pro that has been assembled in Vietnam. Even though Chinese companies may have greater experience. The products from Vietnam and Apple are the same in terms of assembly method and components. The only difference is the location where they are placed but the processes are the same.

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