Are AirPods Safe For Kids: Facts You Must Need To Know

Are AirPods Safe For KidsKids love to imitate their parents, and due to the kids nagging for wireless earbuds, the use of AirPods is becoming a nightmare. Kids using earbuds create a fear of choking, damaging their sensitive ears, and losing expensive AirPods.

Are AirPods Safe For Kids: Facts You Must Need To Know

Younger kids using AirPods can misplace them anywhere, and it can create a lot of trouble for parents. Moreover, the radiations emitting from Bluetooth devices can negatively affect the sensitive ears of kids and can even lose their sense of hearing. But the effect is not the same for all ages!

If you really want your kids to use AirPods, you need to keep a check on the duration of usage, volume, comfort, and fit—follow the recommended instructions.

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Are AirPods Safe For Kids?

Are AirPods Safe For Kids? This is a common question many parents ask. Remember, this is a modern world, and people use AirPods not just for their ease but it is becoming a status symbol nowadays. Kids now love to use smart gadgets and devices with each passing day. Apple always cares for its users’ safety, and it is not bad for your kids to use AirPods. 

But keep in mind, it is not recommended for kids less than seven years old. The reasons are many, as AirPods are small earbuds that may be swallowed by the kids, which is even harmful to their lives. So as a parent, you have to keep an eye on kids, and it is better to keep them away from little ones. 

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Do Apple AirPods Cause Headache:

At the start of using AirPods, many users come with an issue of headache. After listening to music on AirPods for half an hour, they report that they feel headaches and frustration. This news comes from adult users, so think about kids. What will happen to them? 

That is why we have come up with some necessary precautions that will help to make AirPods safe for kids. But always make sure not to give them to kids less than seven years old because kids are naughty and might take them as a toy.

How to Make AirPods Safe For Kids:

AirPods are not so damaging for your kids’ health; now, parents allow kids to use them, especially during online classes in this wave of pandemics. But still, there are certain things that you need to make sure of before handing over the AirPods to kids. 

  • Educate Your Kids About the AirPods Usage:

A news story was circulating in the media about a seven-year-old kid who swallowed an AirPod accidentally. He remained in the hospital for a few days, then discharged after recovery. This is something very scary for parents of kids. So parents must educate their kids about AirPods and tell them that this is not a toy or a candy. It is better to keep them away from the reach of kids less than seven years old. 

  • Choose The Best Fit:

Kids have small ears, and improperly fit AirPods keep falling and leave their ears in pain. To avoid this situation, Apple comes up with a solution to offer different ear tips. They will provide you with maximum comfort. So please choose the best fit for your kids’ ears and make them happy. It is recommended to avoid giving AirPods to children who are ear sensitive. Instead, buy anything else for them. 

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  • Check For Volume:

Always check for volume before handing over AirPods to kids. Keep in mind that listening at a higher volume will cause hearing impairment and other related ear-related issues. Listening at a volume of 80% or more is damaging for your kid’s ear. So, if you want AirPods safer for kids, set the volume to a low level. 

  • Try To Follow Rule 60:60:

You might be curious to know about the rule 60:60. No worries, we are here to tell you. It means always setting the volume to 60% and restricting the time limit to just 60 minutes for your kids. Otherwise, they get addicted, and the situation will become worse for you. As a parent, there are some responsibilities that you have to fulfill. One of which is keeping an eye on kids about what they are doing, watching, and listening. 

  • Check Volume Restrictions:

While using Apple devices, you will get numerous benefits. The same is true with AirPods; yes, Apple allows you to set the volume restriction using the Restriction feature. All you have to do is open the settings of the Apple device and set restrictions using your set password. A great alternative to limiting the volume is by using music settings, and here you don’t need any password. Similarly, using AirPods with Android devices can set the volume using volume setting apps. Go to google play store, search for Volume setting apps for kids, and here you go. 

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These are some of the steps you can follow to make AirPods a safer device for kids. Always follow these steps as mentioned above; otherwise, the kids may suffer ear diseases, and this is not great news.  

Final Verdict:

There is a long debate on whether AirPods are safer for kids or not but many researchers say that Bluetooth devices emit radiation that is not kids’ health-friendly, so it is better to avoid giving AirPods to your kids. Otherwise, do not miss keeping a close eye on their usage; for more comprehensive information, you can thoroughly read the article from top to bottom.

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