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Are curved monitors better for your eyes

Are curved monitors better for your eyes

Are curved monitors better for your eyes? Let’s find out…

Are curved monitors better for your eyes?

Curved monitors might seem a little uncomfortable to your eyes at first, but with time, you will definitely feel much better. Research shows that the curved screen of these monitors is designed to provide an immersive experience to the viewer, but for those who have never interacted with curved monitors before, this can take a little time to get used to.

The reason why it takes time for your brain to adjust to a curved screen of the monitor is that, unlike flat-screen monitors, these screens require more effort from the eyes. When using flat-screen monitors, we move our eyes back and forth to watch the entire screen causing our eyes to struggle with refocusing and eventually leading to eye strain. 

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However, in Curved screen monitors, the focal distance between our eyes and the curved screen is uniform on the entire area of the screen, which reduces the need to refocus at the center of the screen. This is the reason why curved monitors are relatively better for the eyes, as they tend to eliminate eye strain and comfort the eyes. 

Which technology is used for eye protection? 

The curved monitor itself is the ultimate technology that protects your eyes against refocusing and eye strains. The reason why curved monitors have the power to do so is that their curved screens allow our eyes to watch without ever having to refocus on different angles of the monitors. This practice causes our eyes to catch strain from too much refocusing back and forth. 

Apart from that, there are various technologies used in curved monitors to protect your eyes further. Some of these technologies include:

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1. Low Blue Light

This technology is new and being used by every manufacturer because of its outstanding results. The purpose of blue light technology is to reduce the amount of blue light emitting from the monitor screens to help users have a comfortable experience. Research shows that Blue light directly affects the melatonin hormone of our body, which is responsible for sleep, harming our sleep schedule and health. 

2. Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design helps the user to adjust the viewing angle of the monitor according to themselves. It eliminates the chances of back pain, eye strain, and stiff necks.

3. IPS Panels

The IPS panels are made up of liquid crystals which move inside the display. The purpose of horizontal shifting patterns is to provide a better viewing angle to the user in addition to improved color accuracy as well as image resolution. 

4. MVA panels

MVA panels are made up of liquid crystals as well; the only difference is that these crystal cells align between the panes of glass, preferably two, to create the most natural display screen. These panels provide a high contrast ratio as well as color reproduction. 

What are the pros and cons of a curved monitor?

Before making a heavy purchase for the curved monitor for your home or workplace, let us take a look at the pros and cons that we have put together for you:


  • Reflections are minimized due to less glare
  • The gaming experience is excellent and very immersive
  • Provides 3D experience without causing eye strain or headaches 
  • The wide viewing angles provide a wholesome experience
  • Realistic experience and less refocusing


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Might be unsuitable for the workplace because of its large size
  • The screen might get distorted
  • Only looks good while sitting on a desk because it does not suit walls as much
  • Not portable because the minimum size you can purchase is around 30 inches
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Is a curved monitor bad for eyes?

The look of curved monitors might cause us to think that such screens will not be good for eyes, but the truth says otherwise. Unlike flat monitors, curved monitors are designed in such a way that they are capable of eliminating eye strains, back pain, and all the health problems that flat monitors have so far caused us. Therefore, curved monitors are not bad for the eyes, it might take us a little while to get used to curved screens, but besides that, the monitor has no negative effect on our eyes.

Are curved screens better for your eyes?

Curved screens are particularly famous for reducing eye strain because of their special eye protection features. 

For instance, its curved screen triggers our peripheral vision causing us to have an immersive experience. While usually, we have to move our eyes back and forth to take in the entire view, curved monitors make things relatively easier for us. The focal distance between our eyes and the screen is uniform which ultimately makes our experience better. 

Explain how curved monitors are immersive? 

The reason why curved monitors can exhibit a 3D effect is because of the ocular perception. 

This perception uses all three dimensions, i.e., length, height, and width, making it completely different from the flat reality. Because of this technology, the user experiences an immersive effect because his peripheral vision is expanded, and he perceives everything close to reality. In contrast, the counter monitors only use two-dimension display.

Explain how curved monitors eliminate distortion? 

The curved monitor uses its shape to display things to the viewer directly and not past their sides. 

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Similarly, when it comes to distortion, unlike flat monitors, curved monitors project everything at the user because of their unique shape where everything is drawn inwards, and upon display, everything is projected directly onto the viewer. Flat monitors, however, project everything in a straight-line, causing distortion. 

How curved monitors are more comfortable for eyes?

Curved monitors are designed specifically to help people get rid of eye strains through natural 3D displays and adjustable viewing angles. 

Ever since technology has entered our daily lives, the necessity of computers has terribly increased. Therefore, to provide a more comfortable experience to the users, curved monitors with better viewing angles and eye protection technologies are being launched in the market.

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