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Are lcd screens bad for your eyes

Are lcd screens bad for your eyesAre lcd screens bad for your eyes?

Are lcd screens bad for your eyes?

Continuous usage of LCD screens can impact your eyes in few bad ways, that’s why LCD screens are bad for your eyes. For instance, long hours of usage of these screens can cause digital eye strains or the blink rate of your eyes to drop a little. Your eyes can start feeling tired and some sort of blurry vision. 

Although, these problems are temporary often, and only get worse in few cases (who doesn’t care for their eyes while using an LCD screen). If you keep blinking the eyes during LCD screen usage, it’ll surely help in keeping them relaxed.  

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Are our LCD screens better for your eyes?

LCD screens (mostly) contains florescent cathode (cold) backlight display, other screen type LED however uses the emitting diodes that are light and are safer over the eyes. Plus, the cathode rays of LCD can be harder on your eyes. So, it is not that safe for the eyes as the other type is. 

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Do screens damage your eyes?

Experts say that screens like a computer, phone, tablet screens are not that much harmful over the eyes as we think. They can cause temporary damage like blurred vision (for a short time), tiring eyes, redness, etc. that can be resolved with time. But in only a few cases it gets worse but still can be treated.

Which screen is better for eyes LCD or OLED?

Although both screen types have their significant pros and cons. But in the case of the eye’s OLED screen is considered a better option. Because they provide better viewing angles, resolution powers, better contrasts, etc. in comparison to the LCD screens. 

Are our LCD screens harmful?

Discoveries by scientists suggest that LCD screens leak few chemicals almost in every surrounding (environment). And these particles (chemicals) get toxic with time. Also, the breakdown of these chemicals is not easy and takes time, this increase causes a high mobility rate in the environment. 

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