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Are Oura Ring True to Size?

Oura Ring is a stylish and trendy fitness tracking gadget that comes in the shape of a wedding ring and is smart and intelligent enough to track your body vitals while you are busy in your day-to-day activities.

Make sure to choose the right Oura ring size because if the size isn’t correct, the ring will either keep slipping off the ringer or won’t show correct data due to gaps in skin and sensors. Wearing too tight a ring will cause swelling on your finger and will also be uncomfortable all the time.

Solution? Choose the right size Oura Ring as they are true to size. Don’t get frustrated to spend a few bucks on the sizing kit that Oura sends to determine your ring size. Your entire fitness tracking journey depends on the correct sizing of the ring.

Let me explain in more detail…

Are Oura Rings True to Size?

Yes, Oura Ring is true to size, it has a thickness of 2.55mm which means it’s slightly thicker than a regular ring which makes sense because Oura is equipped with LEDs, sensors, and a battery as well. So don’t choose the Oura ring based on your regular ring size, Oura ring’s sizing is different.

If you are a total beginner and have no clue about how to pick the right size of Oura ring then keep reading.

When you order your Oura ring, you will receive a sizing kit first from the company but it will also cost you some extra money. The sizing kit has plastic rings in it with sizes ranging from 6-13.  Don’t even think of sizing without a sizing kit unless you can make your 3D sizing rings ( Discussed below ). With the help of the sizing kit, you will be able to determine the right size do keep in mind that Oura will send a slightly bigger size than the sizing ring to ensure the ring has the highest data accuracy while being comfortable.

Follow the tips given below to find the right size for your Oura ring.

When you receive the sizing kit, remove all the plastic rings from the package and you will notice that all the rings are similar in shape and size but all of them have the same width and circumference. Although these are plastic-made low-quality rings and will be uncomfortable as well as an actual ring.

But, you need to try each ring one by one on any finger ( index, middle, ring, pinky, or thumb ) and this way you will end up with one or two rings you will feel comfortable wearing for a longer duration. Make sure to avoid wearing the ring on your finger with larger knuckles. A finger with improper orientation won’t let the sensor bump track the data properly as there will be space in between the skin and the ring. Mostly this is the case with the thumb as many people try to wear it on the thumb.

Wear the right ring size on the right finger for at least 24 hours to get enough data about the comfort or discomfort of the ring to end up with a correct measurement of the ring size.

Successfully finding the right ring size is extremely important for the investment you are going to make. You don’t wanna end up choosing a ring that is too tight or too relaxing. The too-relaxing ring will have gaps in between the skin and the sensors which mean incorrect health tracking and fear of slipping off. Similarly, too tight a ring will be uncomfortable to wear the ring for longer durations and you may end up with swelling on the finger after you wake up.

Which Finger to Wear Oura Ring on?

Oura Ring has no restrictions regarding finger selection. So as long as the ring fits snugly on any finger whether it’s a thumb, index, middle, ring, or pinky finger, you can wear the Oura ring on any finger.

But, wearing the Oura ring on your thumb has a bigger advantage asana artery lies beneath your thumb which will help the sensor to accurately track important metrics of your body. So just make sure Ring sits comfortably on your thumb and doesn’t slide off due to sweat or gaps then you are sorted.

But do keep in mind that the thumb is also the most usable finger on our hand and helps us make grips or carry stuff but having a ring on will cause scratches or pressing which can damage the ring as well. 

Similarly, if you are wearing the Oura ring on any other ring, make sure to not wear the Oura ring next to another ring finger to protect it from friction leading to scratches or damage.

Tips for Sizing Right With Oura Ring?

Let me share with your some tips regarding how to wear the Oura ring to ensure its longevity of the ring.

If you have mistakenly chosen a too-tight ring, then you may have to remove it more often to protect your fingers from swelling. Or if you have chosen a ring too flexible then you will face inaccurate readings or improper working of the Oura ring.

You can wear the Oura ring while jogging, running, going to the Sauna, or gym, swimming, or doing household chores. Just avoid taking it for scuba diving as it’s only waterproof for 330 feet and keeping it submerged under water for more than 12 hours will break the seals of the ring and water will damage the internal components like sensors and battery and then you may have to get a replacement.

Can I Print Oura Ring Sizers?

Yes, you can print Oura ring sizes at home if you have a 3D printer and appropriate materials with you. Does Oura follow the same sizing process as Pandora ring sizes?

Oura and Pandora, both have different sizing processes, and both ensure a comfortable match for your fingers.

Do I need to take the Oura ring off when I shower?

Oura ring is waterproof for only 100 meters and it won’t damage during swimming, taking shower, or using soap or shampoo. But extremely hot temperatures in the Sauna or cold temperatures in an ice bath can cause damage to the ring.


All in all, Oura ring is true to size and offers a sizing kit to help you choose the right size ring to ensure accurate readings. Overall, investment in this health tech is a worthwhile investment.

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