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Are There Headrests In Model S?

The headrest indicates safety and comfort – are There headrests in Model S? Are you wondering? Here we have boarded the answer. Please read the article to crack it!

Headrests make driving easier and prevent the drivers from neck pulling and pain, but every Tesla brand doesn’t have headrests. 

Therefore, Tesla enthusiasts wonder: are there headrests in Model S; are you also in the same boat? 

Let me tell you – Tesla’s famous Model S includes a headrest that offers protection to the neck and makes it easy for the rider to nap when he is on a long journey, but the Model S’s headrest is quite uncomfortable. Are you wondering how?

Jump into this article to decipher more about the headrest of Model S; moreover, you can also decode why these headrests are uncomfortable.

Are There Headrests In Model S

Are There Headrests In Model S?

The headrest allows users to give rest to the head and neck while maintaining the ideal posture during driving. Many vehicles can adjust the headrest and set it on the seats for a comfortable sitting experience.

And luckily, Tesla’s Model S also includes a headrest. However, many drivers are annoyed because they cannot adjust the headrest, which creates distress and discomfort.

Is The Model S Headrest Adjustable?

The Tesla Model S has a headrest, but they are not adjustable. Unfortunately, they are fixed. But you can adjust them in Model X to get the best body posture. Here is how you can do this! 

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There is a button on the lower outside of the seat; press it. 

After pressing the button, the center screen will show you an option from where you can select the headrest. Use the up or down button of the seat to adjust them. 

Don’t try to adjust them from the center screen. 

Model S won’t allow car owners to adjust the headrest because they are fixed with seats, and you have to drive with them. Moreover, many users complain that these many adjustments do not provide extreme comfort. You can try using a headrest pillow if the car’s headrest is still uncomfortable. 

Why Headrest Occupies Massive Importance In Model S? 

Adding a headrest in Model S and other vehicles support the head and neck and keeps the driver comfortable. Driving during long journeys may make you stressed; that is why cars mostly add headrests with the seats so the drivers’ neck, back, and head will not get tired and feel at ease. 

An accurately placed headrest will lessen the chance of neck injury to at least 43%; this fact proves how important headrests are for you.

How To Get the Perfect Driving Position In Tesla Cars?

In almost all world vehicles, seat belts, airbags, seats, headrests, and other parts collectively ensure that the driver remains safe. But they will only provide safety when used correctly. 

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Fortunately, all cars offer seat adjustments to get the perfect position per your height and weight; for safe driving, it is better to adjust the seat position and keep yourself some feet away from the airbag. 

  • Always sit straight and adjust the seat to 30 degrees.
  • Bent the arms a bit while holding the steering wheel and reached the pedal comfortably. 
  • The airbag cover must be 25cm away from the driver’s chest. 
  • Now it’s the seat belt’s turn; place its shoulder section in the middle of the neck and shoulder. Try to keep the lap part away from the stomach.  

Are The Tesla Headrests Removable?

Unfortunately, it is not possible in all models of Tesla. Only model 3 allows users to take off the headrest, but for other models such as S, X, and Y, the headrests are fixed with the seat. 

Some Tesla car owners remove the headrests on other models, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Doing this will damage the seats, so if you invest in models Y, S, or X, it is better to explore alternative ways to improve the comfort of the neck and head. 

The Key Takeaway

Purchasing a car with a headset is recommended as it provides comfort to users and makes the journey a breeze. However, it also ensures that the headrest is adjustable so the rider can set it according to the comfort zone.

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This blog post is about the headrest of Model S that is not adjustable, so every user cannot get a long-lasting comfort but only the one that finds it at the level of their height and need (angle).

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