Assetto Corsa Quest 2

Originally introduced as a desktop computer game, can you launch the Assetto Corsa Quest 2? The confident answer to your valid concern is -YES; you can launch one of the best VR driving simulator games on your VR headset. 

Your standalone VR headset – Quest 2- is perfectly capable of connecting and providing virtual reality support to play Assetto Corsa or, for that sake, any other VR- ready, PCVR content. 

This means that now without worrying about anything, you can comfortably play the ideal choice of game, Assetto Corsa, and gain an insight into the world of VR racing. 

In our article, we will be detailing the most practical and effective way via a step-to-step guide to launching Assetto Corsa Quest 2 so that you can enjoy indefinite hours of witnessing intense action while racing. 

Assetto Corsa Quest 2

Although we have established that the Assetto Corsa is fully compatible with Quest 2, the game can be conveniently played on the headset. However, there are a few particulars that you have to remember before progressing to play. 

Since the Assetto Corsa was initially designed as a PC-friendly game, the quality of the game on Quest 2 will not be as smooth as you may have anticipated, nor will the quality that you have on the PC be delivered to the headset. This happens due to the low processing power of Quest 2. Assetto Corsa Quest 2

Likewise, the demonstrated visuals will not be as sharp as witnessed on the console or the PC because of the lower resolution display of Quest 2. Nevertheless, if you want to have a great experience playing the Assetto Corsa, then Quest 2 must be your go-to! 

Step-to-Step Guide On Playing Assetto Corsa: 

Step1: PC Settings

Before even getting started with connecting VR and PC to play the Asetto Corsa Quest 2, it is important to note and to make sure whether your computer is eligible to run the game or not. 

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This is because the game requires the computer to be powerful, and there is yet to be a version released of Assetto Corsa that works directly on the VR headset. 

Following are the recommended and standard system requirements for your PC to run Assetto Corsa:

  • CPU: AMD FX 8350 or Intel Core i5-4590 can be better or equivalent 
  • RAM: 8GB 
  • GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, better or equivalent 
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit (with the latest updates)
  • DirectX version 11 compatible graphic card with 4GB of video memory 
  • HDD space: 30GB

Though the mentioned requirements for the PC are mandatory to be present, we recommend for the graphic card be precisely strong for it to function smoothly and portray a reasonable quality of visuals.

Step2: Downloads

After ensuring that the PC is set for running Assetto Corsa, you must start with downloading the essential applications that would assist in developing the connection between the computer and Quest 2. 

Begin with downloading the Oculus app on the computer, followed by an installation of Steam alongside making sure to have purchased and then downloaded Assetto Corsa. 

Right before connecting the PC to VR, you can perform an optional test on the controls you want to use while playing the game to determine if they are downloaded and working properly. If necessary, the suitable way to check controls is in the desktop mode of the game. 

Step3: Connecting VR to PC

There are two ways to establish a successful VR-PC connection, and that is either through using a compatible cable or through Air Link (wireless connection). 

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When going ahead with the wired method, turn on the VR and the PC, and using the link cable plug the compatible USB-C wire or the Oculus link wire into the VR headset’s USB-C port. 

Instantly, a pop-up window will be shown on the screen of Quest 2, asking for your permission to access data. The PC-VR mode will be enabled as soon as you allow the permissions. 

From here, go to the quick settings on Quest 2, choose the Quest link, and upon seeing your PC in the list, click it to Launch a VR-PC connection. 

Alternatively, to have a wireless VR-PC connection, switch Quest 2 and your computer onto the same network-providing router and position it in direct sight of the VR so that the Air Link can easily connect. 

On your Quest 2, toggle on the “use Air link” option, then in the menu for quick settings on the VR, choose Quest link to connect VR to PC. 

Step4: Running Assetto Corsa On Quest 2 

Once the computer and the VR are connected, a menu on the Oculus will show in front of you, and in case it does not, press the Oculus button on the right controller to make it appear. 

From the menu, find and tap the desktop icon to access your computer’s desktop on your Quest 2 headset. Thoroughly navigate the entire desktop and select the folder where the file for the game is to start playing it on Quest 2. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is Assetto Corsa VR-Ready?

Assetto Corsa is not directly VR-ready but can be played on VR through a connection with a PC. 

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Why is Assetto Corsa not playing in VR?

The game is not playing because the computer requirements are not fulfilled, such as incompatible or outdated graphic cards.  

What is the Quest 2 refresh rate, Assetto Corsa?

Quest 2 refresh rate to play the game Assetto Corsa is 120hz. 

Can you play on Quest 2 when in the car?

Yes, you can, but do not drive while playing on the VR headset because it can result in disastrous accidents. 


Now that you have all the steps to launching Assetto Corsa Quest 2, playing the game on your headset should not be problematic. However, just to remind you to check your computer’s specs before connecting it with Quest 2 and follow the steps religiously, ensuring you do not miss out on any of them!

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