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ASUS Laptop Keyboard Light Not Working

ASUS Laptop Keyboard Light Not Working

This article is designed to help you with the problem of how to fix the ASUS laptop keyboard light not working.

ASUS is a well-known name for producing high-end motherboards, monitors, laptops, digital devices, and graphics cards. They are super popular in the computing business, and all of their designed products are of high quality. If by chance any product creates a problem, you can claim the warranty or get the complete replacement as well.

Similarly, this article shows you how to fix an ASUS laptop keyboard light out of order. First, determine whether the light is blinking or is completely turned off. Keyboard lights can usually get out of order when the keyboard is used a lot. 

If you cannot figure out why the keyboard has failed to display the backlight, then worry not; this article will help you with that. When the backlight is uncontrollable, you cannot perform any operations like simple tying, increasing or decreasing brightness, volume, and so on.

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ASUS Laptop Keyboard Light Not Working

Let’s see what to do when ASUS Laptop Keyboard Light is Not Working.

This is a fairly common problem, but it has a simple solution, so just calm down and follow these steps. Also, keep in mind that you can only use these settings when the keyboard backlight does not turn on, and the other reason can be when the display is not working correctly.

  1. Reset to factory settings
  2. Restore BIOS configuration
  3. Reinstall the control surface driver for the ASUS system
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Reset to factory settings (EC reset )

This is the relatively simple method in which you need to reset the factory settings of the laptop, and it hardly takes a minute to do so.

  • Step 1: Remove all the external devices like peripherals, CD/DVD, memory card, etc.
  • Step 2: Shut down the system.
  • Step 3: Take out the power supply.
  • Step 4: Remove the battery as well.
  • Step 5: Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds to perform a hard reset.
  • Step 6: Replace the AC adapter and battery and then turn on the system to see if the keyboard light is repaired. If not, then perform the second step.

Restore BIOS configuration

Reset BIOS to default configuration by the following method.

  1. Restart the computer
  2. Press F9 key
  3. Confirm to load the BIOS defaults
  4. Press F10 and Exit

Reinstall the control interface driver for the ASUS system

  1. Go to Windows settings
  2. Search for device manager
  3. Remove the ASUS system control interface driver from your computer. Uninstall and delete the driver.
  4. Download new device driver from ASUS 
  5. If the problem is still there, start the troubleshooting process after installing the driver.
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Reset the PC

If everything is done and the keyboard backlight is still not functional, then hard reset the entire system. Make sure to have a backup of your important data before doing this.

I hope one of these methods will work for you, and you will be able to figure out how to turn on the ASUS keyboard light. You can also consult the ASUS authorized repair shop to get it repaired by official support.

What causes the laptop keyboard light to prevent from turning on?

Sometimes the keyboard light is turned off from the BIOS settings. You can turn that on by selecting keyboard illumination from the drop-down menu. If the option is not there, that means your laptop doesn’t support the backlight.

How to reset the keyboard light?

Keep the ESC button pressed until the keyboard is switched off. Turn the keyboard on while holding the ESC button and release it after 5 seconds. I am 100% sure the reset will work, and you will see keyboard illumination flash as well.

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