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Asus motherboard RGB not working

Asus motherboard RGB not working

Is the Asus motherboard RGB not working and have no idea how to fix this? No worries, here’s the solution to your concern. 

Asus motherboard RGB not working

Is your Asus motherboard not lighting up and do you want to know a quick and easy method to fix this issue? Or are you facing the issue of motherboard RGB not turning on? Glad to help, read thoroughly to get a comprehensive answer. 

Asus is software that helps to deal with RGB lighting that is on the motherboards, displays, and also on the other ports.  A user can use this software according to their preferences and it seems like it enables the user for a far better experience. 

Furthermore, mostly all of the RGB lighting is mainly controlled by the Asus software, as the RGB lighting finely enhances the ambiance of the computer while watching videos, gaming, or many other tasks.  

Therefore, if you are using Asus and facing a lot of problems like the Asus motherboard not lighting up or if the motherboard RGB not turning on then this article is for you. So, first, we need to dig out what’s the actual reason for the Asus motherboard RGB not working then find a better method to fix the issues.

But, before jumping to the solution, take a quick look at what Asus is.

What is ASUS?

ASUS is a software program that was designed and created by ASUS that lets the users quickly personalize and combine the lighting of all the existing RGB systems according to their preferences. It offers you to handle RGB-enabled devices also including RGB fans, RGB keyboards, RGB RAM, RGB Mice, RGB Motherboards, and many other RGB-enabled peripherals.

What are the common reasons for the Asus motherboard not working? 

Here we are mentioning the major issues that usually are the reason why the Asus motherboard is not working. 

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But before going to the major issues just restart your device as it will remove any corrupt data that might be the reason for any issue. 

  • Asus app not working 

If the Asus app is not working then it might be possible that there’s an issue with the user interface controls that’s why the app just stops functioning. As any virus containing or antivirus program is the reason behind why the Asus failed to run, so just remove the antivirus program or it will assist in the normal functioning of Asus. 

Furthermore, there is a multitude of possible causes that would be the reason for the failure of Asus, but the most frequent is caused by incorrect or faulty folders. Sometimes, overclocking the motherboard might be the cause that internal commands just neglect the Asus and lead the software to a halt in some cases.

  • Asus motherboard RGB not working

Another possible reason why the Asus motherboard RGB is not working is that the software is not detecting the motherboard or any related components. Faulty wiring and connection might be the root cause of this problem. 

  • Incompatible software 

For better access to the full spectrum of light colors and effects, the system sometimes needs more than one software that might cause any fault. As the majority of removable RGB lighting attachments work with Asus, the third-party items require their individual software.


What are the possible solutions for the Asus motherboard RGB not working? 

Now we have segregated all the possible solutions that assist to fix the issue of the Asus motherboard not lighting up, but before this confirm whether the issue is caused by software or hardware. Now, let’s take a look at how to fix the problems regarding motherboard RGB not turning up. 

  • Headers reconnection 

If the hardware is interoperable with the app, the application will work efficiently. You just have to doubly check that the hardware is connected to the right headers and fix it accordingly.

  • Rebooting the program

After checking the headers connection just try to change the screen settings of the Asus and if no changes occur then it is better to restart the app. After restarting if nothing happens then restart your PC and then try this repeatedly until restoring the RGB elements are fully functional again. 

  • Install the latest version   

 An expired or old version can also be the root cause of the Asus motherboard RGB not working properly. So, for the proper functioning of the Asus, it is better to install the latest version of this software. 

  • Uninstall or reinstall RGB apps

Uninstall all the RGB installed software that might be interfering in Asus functioning so simply remove any RGB apps that are affecting the work capability of the Asus. 

  • Disable quick boot

Fast start-up is a feature of Windows PC that mainly decreases the launching time of any app, so try to disable the quick boot. As it usually doesn’t affect the functioning of Asus but can delay the launching process. 

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This is how to fix any issue of Asus motherboard RGB if it’s not working. 

Frequently Asked Question

How do I get RGB on my ASUS motherboard? 

The only thing you have to do for getting RGB on your ASUS motherboard is to use iCUE for controlling the RGB lighting. You have to attach a 12V RGB motherboard header so that you will get RGB on your ASUS motherboard. 

Can you control ASUS motherboard RGB?

Yes, you can control ASUS motherboard RGB as you have to open iCUE and from the device, section chooses the ASUS motherboard. Now, if the motherboard doesn’t appear in the device, then it is not suitable with iCUE otherwise make any changes you want accordingly. 

Why is the Asus aura not working? 

ASUS aura might not be working due to many reasons that it might be due to defective installation, or maybe your system isn’t compatible with the ASUS aura.

Why are my motherboard LEDs not working?

If the motherboard LEDs are not working then the cable connection, the power source, or motherboard have failed. For its working try to restart the computer by pressing the on button one more.

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We have mentioned all the reasons that are a hurdle in the ASUS motherboard’s proper functioning and also segregated the possible solution to fix the issue of the ASUS motherboard not turning on. 

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