Best 1080p 144Hz Monitor to Buy in 2021

Best 1080p 144Hz MonitorAlthough 4k gaming monitors are getting popular, Full HD is still a decent level of clarity that you can get with a 1080p 144Hz monitor because the graphics card can easily push high Frame rates at the resolution. This way, budget gaming PCs can take full advantage of the monitor.

The smoothness you experience with the best 1080 144Hz monitor is something that 4k gamers won’t be able to affordable experience anytime soon. Plus, the price tags are extremely lower compared to any 4k gaming monitor. Other than that, PCs are cost-effective, graphics cards will be cheaper like the GTX 1660 would be more than enough for running a game at 1080p and high frame rates.

If you are looking for a buttery experience with PC games then this list of monitors is ready to give you a great experience without breaking the bank.

To learn about specifications like panel types and refresh rates, we have prepared detailed guides as well.

Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

RankImageMain FeaturesOur ScorePrice
#1ASUS TUF Gaming VG259Q ASUS TUF Gaming VG259Q
  • Screen Size: 24.5 Inches
  • Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#2Pixio PX248 Prime Pixio PX248 Prime
  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Weight: 9.28 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#3ViewSonic Elite XG270 ViewSonic Elite XG270
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Weight: 16.1 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#4MSI Optic G27C4 MSI Optic G27C4
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Weight: 11.9 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#5ViewSonic Elite XG240R ViewSonic Elite XG240R
  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Weight: 14.8 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Weight: 13.01 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Weight: 12.3 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#8ViewSonic XG2402 ViewSonic XG2402
  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Weight: 14.8 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#9AOC Curved C24G1 AOC Curved C24G1
  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Weight: 9.82 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#10Samsung 24-inch CRG5 Samsung 24-inch CRG5
  • Screen Size: 23.5 Inches
  • Weight: 7.2 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#11AUS VG259Q AUS VG259Q
  • Screen Size: 24.5 Inches
  • Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
#12AOC G2590PX AOC G2590PX
  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • Weight: 14.4 Pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels


1.) ASUS TUF Gaming VG259Q – Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

  • ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QScreen Size: 24.5”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Panel Type: IPS FreeSync
  • Brightness 400cd/m2
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Response Time: 1ms

The ASUS TUF Gaming VG259Q is a great 1080p 144Hz monitor that offers a solid competitive edge in gaming. Keep in mind that an over-the-top display can not only put a dent on your wallet but can hurt your in-game opponents as well.

Moving on, the ASUS TUF Gaming VG259Q might not be the bank-breaker but an excellent monitor that delivers 1080p at 144Hz without sacrificing quality.

The best part is that ASUS TUF comes with an IPS panel where other budget monitors only come with TN panels, so you can experience true vibrant colors and wide viewing angles.

Regarding ergonomics, the monitor has tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment options. On top of that, it works with FreeSync and G-Sync resulting in clean fast frames without and ghosting or tearing.

The fast 1ms response time ensures there is no motion blur with fast-paced games which is a huge deal for budget-gamers.

Additionally, the monitor comes with two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, so it can be connected with two consoles and a gaming PC making your whole setup an outstanding gaming battle station.

2.) Pixio PX248 Prime – Best Budget 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

  • Pixio PX248 PrimeScreen Size: 24”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: IPS FreeSync
  • Refresh Rate: 144hz
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1

You can get a decent gaming monitor under $200, but a good gaming monitor for $200 would be exceptional.

The Pixio PX248 Prime is a great 24-inch 1080p monitor that is ideal for competitive gaming and offers solid visuals with a speedy 144Hz refresh rate.

The best part is the IPS-based panel that has 400-nits peak brightness which is something that you see in premium monitors twice its price. Additionally, the monitor supports FreeSync and G-Sync to deliver a quality experience to Competitive esports gamers.

The monitor comes with a pretty basic stand but has VESA mounting points making it compatible with a wide variety of stands.

Overall, the Pixio PX248 is an amazing 1080p 144Hz monitor that allows you to play PC games smoothly without spending a dime.

3.) ViewSonic Elite XG270 – Best 144Hz Gaming Monitor With G-Sync

  • ViewSonic Elite XG270Screen Size: 27”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: IPS FreeSync and G-Sync
  • Brightness 400cd/m2
  • Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1

The ViewSonic Elite XG270 is a Full HD display with a 144Hz refresh rate, but the best part is that it can go as high as 240Hz which is something only possible by an expensive monitor but you can enjoy ultra-smooth graphics with this monitor only if your computer is capable to handle it.

Other than that, the monitor hit 400 nits brightness which is near to HDR territory. It also has FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility, so you can expect clean visuals for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Overall, this is the monitor that you would want to get clearest and sharpest in-game visuals without facing any latency, stuttering, or ghosting.

4.) MSI Optic G27C4 – Best Curved 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

  • MSI Optic G27C4Screen Size: 27”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: FHD
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Refresh Rate: 165hz

If you want the curved field of view in the budget range, then MSI Optic G27C4 is the ideal 1080p/144Hz monitor that allows you to get the true gaming experience by taking advantage of the curvature. Although the brightness is only 250-nits, the strong contrast ratio of this VA panel can still give you compelling visuals.

As mentioned above, it has a 165Hz refresh rate over DisplayPort and has 144Hz over HDMI. The FreeSync support gives you a tear-free experience with charm smoothness increase the immersion for competitive gameplay tournaments.

5.) ViewSonic Elite XG240R – Best FreeSync 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic Elite XG240RThe ViewSonic Elite XG240R is a great 24-inch TN panel monitor that delivers excellent value for the money but the TN panel doesn’t give you the best viewing angles but has a highly flexible stand. You can also enjoy the stylish bias lighting at the back which can be comfortable for your eyes.

6.) BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411PThe BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P is a high-end monitor that offers clear details and crisp visuals but has Narrower viewing angles. Unlike premium monitors, it doesn’t require high-quality computer specifications but still gives you an optimized gaming experience. It gives exceptional gaming performance for fast-moving objects.

It has multiple connectivity options and has a black equalizer that takes care of deep blacks for increasing visibility in darker areas. It also has a tracking enhancement feature for distant targets and the optimal gaming adventure is the dupe-fast response time. It outputs excellent gaming visuals and has 1920 x 1080 resolutions where 1920 is displayed horizontally and 1080 pixels are displayed vertically.

It shows realistic and accurate colors making it well-suited for gaming. The simplistic design makes it look great on your desk and this cost-effective monitor shows no visual lag and compared to different types of monitors, it is the best.

Regarding connectivity, it has multiple connectivity options like dual-link DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI, headphone/microphone jack input. The smooth and control precision make sit good for first-person shooters gamers. What most gamers will love in this monitor is the features Black Equalizer that increases visibility in darker scenes and doesn’t overexpose brighter areas that make tracking enhancement features with color vibrance.

Other than that you can add a preferred saturation level to easily reach smaller targets at a distance so it makes tracking easier and these features enhance visual clarity and customized color settings giving players an advantage in gaming.

The best part is that you can adjust the stand according to your comfort level. It also has swivel adjustment to maximize comfort during gameplay. The flicker-free technology enables you to do longer gaming sessions without getting eye strain or eye fatigue. The best part is that you can configure the monitor for three different settings like RTS, FPS, RPG, and more.

7.) ASUS VG279Q

ASUS VG279QThe ASUS VG279Q is another decent 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor that has fast input technology and is good for any gaming marathon and comes with eye care technology. It offers multiple adjustments and has a shadow boost feature for enhancing darker areas to clear image details by brightening scenes.

Furthermore, the low motion blur makes objects looks sharper in games that make gameplay more fluid, and the ergonomic stand, tilt, swivel, and pivot to accommodate all desk space. Other features include game plus and visual functions for enhancing color performance and control.

The 1ms response time makes it good for fast-paced and intense gaming. It gives you superior images with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and has wide viewing angles ensure minimal distortion with color shift and better viewing in curious positions.

8.) ViewSonic XG2402

ViewSonic XG2402Next up is ViewSonic XG2402, an excellent addition to any gaming setup. It has a 144Hz refresh rate and a super-fast 1ms reopens time makes gaming smooth in all gaming quests. It delivers smoother frame rates and provides 22 customization levels of black stabilization controls to enhance visibility. The built-in process reducer reacts in real-time which is the best part of this monitor and a unique feature.

The smoother gaming experience makes it good and AMD FreeSync aids you in games with X light and ergonomic stand provides utmost comfort with pre-customized visual modes prepare you for FPS, RTS, MOBA games.

Regarding connectivity, the unit allows you to connect it with a PC, Laptop, and Mac, HDMI, USB, DisplayPort inputs. Has 3-years warranty and US-based customer service team.

It is an LCD monitor and has a limited power cable, display port cable, USB 3.0 cable, the ViewSonic Black Stabilisation technology with 22 levels helps you heighten visibility and details of darker scenes. Furthermore, this monitor uses a built-in process reducer that ensures your commands from keyboard and mouse are processed instantly without any delay giving you real-time interaction with your enemies.

Fine monitor, widely used resolution among gamers and this combination of 1080p and 144Hz is best for many hardcore gamers and they make graphics cards capable of running games affordable graphics cards capable of running games at 144Hz at 1080p resolutions.

9.) AOC Curved C24G1

AOC Curved C24G1The AOC Curved C24G1 is a 1080p full high definition resolution Curved monitor that gives the next level of immersion and has a 1ms response time and 144MHz refresh rate ensures the smoothest possible competitive gameplay.

Furthermore, it has three-sided frameless design ultra-narrow borders to make an ultimate multi-monitor setup, uses AMD FreeSync technology to eliminate screen tear and ghosting.

Comes with a 3-year warranty and 1-year accidental damage cover. Has Direct backlighting to reduce screen flickering and eye strain makes gaming comfortable and the ability to expand multiple setups. And, the frameless design offers minimal bezel distraction.

10.) Samsung 24-inch CRG5

Samsung 24-inch CRG5The Samsung 24-inch CRG5 is a great curved 1080p 144Hz monitor and has Industry-leading 1800R curvature. The 144Hz refresh rate helps you go beyond the next level of gaming for most demanding games and AMD FreeSync to eliminate tearing in fast-action games.

The 3000:1 contrast ratio makes enemies visible in darker scenes in advanced VA panels making accuracy superior and the Eye saver mode reduces blue light emissions and protects your eyes from fatigue. The unit Optimally adjusts black gamma levels, contrast, and viewing with sharpness. It gives Low input lag and has a Virtual aim point for more precise accuracy.

11.) AUS VG259Q

AUS VG259QThe AUS VG259Q is the brightest IPS display that has slight backlight bleeding, super-fast performance, and imperceptible input lag. It is the fastest IPS monitor that gives you an extra edge while gaming and has amazing color reproduction features. The life-like images and the decent pixel density results in sharp-looking images.

The minimal IPS glow and anti-glare coating on the screen is amazing. Furthermore, the extreme low motion blue (ELMB) feature to get 1ms MPRT ( Moving Picture Response Time) further reduces the motion blur and ghosting.

Viewing angles minimize the distortion and color shift while shadow boost clarifies darker areas for better viewing. The best part is the GamePlus and GameVisual technologies which are exclusive only to ASUS monitor to provides customs like crosshairs, timers, FPS counters, etc. It has Blue Light filter technology to control the settings of Blue Light.

It is a highly Highly sought out among gamers but not hard on the wallet it performs exceptionally and gives you superb picture quality. The decent build quality with matte black plastic and red highlights looks great with thinner bezels not thicker and the inbuilt speakers are also amazing.

12.) AOC G2590PX

AOC G2590PXThe AOC G2590PX offers enough size for most gamers and renders images in sharp and smooth successions. It gives no ghosting for fast-moving transitions resulting in the best quality visuals and the best part is the circular stand keeps the monitor stable and it pivots at 90 degrees. It is good for casual and serious gamers because it provides extremely accurate responsiveness in games which is good to display sharp images with crisp details.

This is a Better-valued monitor with an over-the-top 1080p gaming experience. It is good for fast-paced competitive games and the smooth buttery gaming experience is worth the money you spend on this monitor. The 1ms makes motion look more fluid it is a wall-mountable monitor which is good for casual gaming or hardcore gamers.

This Fantastic screen gives continuous gaming without any interruption and eliminates the issues like ghosting during gameplay. As it is compatible with NVIDIA cards using a GeForce driver you can get the smoothest gameplay. The screen gives no reflections that make playing different types of games easier. The advanced dynamic contrast ratio is the best part of this monitor. The unique thing about this monitor is the Non-reflective screen with good pixel density which differentiates it from generic monitors. It is cheaper and the audience will not be able to feel the real-world scenarios.

A great monitor design for gaming that gives clearer and smoother motion is good because the most popular refresh rate is 144hz, and the best part is that the 144Hz refresh rate can be overclocked to 165hz. So, high resolution make sure it is not taxing your graphics card too much and the slower response time along with decent reflection handling makes it the best 144Hz monitor with a 1440p resolution.

Cheaper model but has a quicker response time and it is a good choice for well-lit rooms making it the Best G-Sync 144Hz monitor with Integrated speakers and the fastest réponse time. The Black Frame insertion feature is great and no glares and reflections make it ideal for darker room gaming sessions.

The Best 4K 144Hz monitor can be expensive but you can also enjoy High-end graphics. It has VESA Display Stream compression and edge-lit local dimming feature with excellent gray uniformity.

The best 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor that is a great choice for gamers and can improve motion clarity like no curved screen and crispy smooth motion makes it ideal for hardcore gamers. Wen, you can enjoy silky-smooth gameplay that means you can perform other creative tasks like browsing, designing, photo editing, video editing, and other entertainment purposes.

Esports gaming enthusiasts are involved in the toughest games and the aesthetics of the monitor should be powerful to hold the intense gaming stress. To get the smoothest gameplay you might need WQHD resolution with subtle design and solid cable management but the hole and rotational adjustment are important for your neck. The visual artifacts and color recreation is important with massively reduces eye strain and headaches with extended gaming sessions. Making it a luxury-grade monitor with color vibrancy settings.

You might have heard of different types of displays like  OLED ( Organic light-emitting diode ), LCD( liquid-crystal display), LED ( Light-emitting diode), TN ( Twisted Nematic ), IPS ( in-plane switching), VA ( vertical alignment), MicroLED ( Micro/mini light-emitting diode), QD-LED ( quantum-dot light-emitting diode). To get the true cinematic experience for watching movies, Netflix, and streaming compared to your home-theatre television you might need something more powerful than an entry-level monitor.

For a bang of the buck, a multi-monitor setup can be the best option. And, the best g-sync 1080p is a gaming monitor with premier display and increased real estate, substantial desktop experience, and VoIP program. Allowing you to use it for video/music and favorite games. It can be used with the dual-monitor setup as it is the best free sync 1080p IPS gaming monitor or call it a well-rounded IPS gaming monitor.

This best ultrawide 1080p IPS gaming monitor is a massive single-monitor setup that can give you real-world performance with spacious workflows in editing and rendering software. The higher fidelity picture quality with low pixel response won’t be emptying savings account and will give you an insane amount of chores with the best and cheapest 1080p 144Hz display for under 200, under 300, multiple screens.

Many vendors in the market are picking up on screen-smoothing technologies giving you visually stunning refresh rates with mind-blowing 360Hz pixels addicts. As there are IPS, TN, VA, OLED panel types but sometimes bank account affects your worth as well.

Why you should consider a 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

One thing is sure that a 1080p monitor won’t be as crisp as 1440p, but to enjoy a 4K display, your gaming PC must be equipped with a powerful graphics card to get enjoyable or even playable frame rates at higher resolutions. Thus, with FHD resolution, you have few other options to enable graphical effects like tessellation and ambient occlusion.

A 60Hz monitor is capable to show the image 60 times a second, and a 144Hz monitor does so 144 times a second. The faster a monitor can display a new image, the clearest images you can see without any ghosting, trailing, or stuttering. Similarly, variable refresh rate decides how many frame rates you can consume while synching your GPU’s output to your monitor’s refresh rate through FreeSync or G-Sync to prevent tearing.

If you are indulged in Esports competitions or fast-twitch shooter games, then you should pay close attention to the refresh rate compared to the pixel count. If you are a serious gamer, you should go with a 144Hz refresh rate compared to 60Hz or 120Hz. Because higher than that requires super high-end GPU to push frame rates to their limits.

Why Not 240Hz Instead?

Now, the other end of the story says that ultra-fast 240Hz monitors are growing popularly which are ultimately faster than any monitors. Avoid 240Hz with TN panel because this panel type has poor color depth and low levels of contrast ratio for 144Hz displays.

Compared to a 144Hz display, the 240Hz display offers more frame rates, so you’re getting a constant stream of crisp images, but the blur is not an option anymore with such displays. These monitors deliver ultra-fast performance consuming the graphics card at the full potential it can render.

Variable Refresh Rate and You

You can also not reply only on a fast refresh rate for smooth gaming. If the GPU isn’t synched with the screen, you can see ugly screen tearing with partially-drawn frames before the previous frame is gone. This was common on older consoles. But turning V-Sync on could eliminate the problem but it could put extra strain on your hardware as well. So, the variable refresh rate eliminates the strain on hardware and delivers only completed frames on your display.

G-Sync is a proprietary solution and works with NVIDIA graphics cards but unlike G-Sync, there is no need for built-in hardware into the monitor. So, NVIDIA is bringing G-Sync on FreeSync monitors but compatibility is a bit muddies because some monitors are not officially recognized as G-Sync Compatible. So, the best possible experience with 144Hz is possible with a certified G-Sync compatible monitor.

Is a 1080p monitor worth it in 2020?

Yes, it is worth it for a delightfully amazing experience.

Is 144Hz 1080p good?

Yes, 144Hz 1080p is perfect for budget-conscious gamers.

Can a 4K monitor run 1080p 144Hz?

No, you cannot run 4K on a 1080p monitor.

Does the monitor support 144Hz?

Yes, the monitor supports 144Hz refresh rate technology.

Can HDMI run 144Hz?

Yes, there are many monitors with HDMI input technology.

Can GTX 1060 run 144Hz?

Yes, GTX 1060 is more powerful for 144hz.