Best 5 Cu Ft Chest Freezer

Are you looking for a refrigerator that can fit your nuclear family? Then 5 Cu Ft Chest Freezer is a superb option – review our suggested ten options and grab yours!

We all want refrigerators for our homes, offices, and bedrooms, but every fridge doesn’t fit our needs because some are small enough to store your food items, while others are massive ones with ample room beyond your needs. 

So what to do? How to find the right option that is small yet spacious? Hold on! Cu Ft Chest Freezer is for you – this freezer is compact yet spacious. No worries, whether you are independent and living alone or a family of two or three people, these 5 Cu Ft freezers can hold you back. Their removable basket, adjustable thermostat, built-in hinge lid, water drain, and various other features make them an incredible option for you.

So are you ready to explore more about them so you can seize one? So dig out our filtered ten options that are enlisted after through research. 

However, if you are not willing to crack ten by ten products – here is our top-pick Midea MRC050S0AWW. You can confidently buy this 2022’s unbeatable freezer because its distinctive features, spectacular look, and heart-winning specifications make it exclusive. Its portability, easy-to-clean facility, and hanging basket make it marvelous.

Best Cu Ft Chest Freezer For 2022

Since a fridge is needed in every home and cannot be bought again and again; thus, getting the best one can save your investment and make your life easy. Maintenance effort and cost can push you into endless trouble. 

So, let’s jump into our following product reviews and explore our comparison table that will help you quickly compare the chosen freezer’s specifications.

5 Cu Ft Chest FreezerKey FeaturesCheck Price
Midea MRC050S0AWWWarranty: 2-Years
Door Opening Angle: 45 to 75 Degree Angles
Check Price
Danby Diplomat DCF050B1WMCapacity: 142 Litres

Temperatures Adjustment: From 0F to 110F (-17C to 43C)

Check Price
Danby 5.5 Cubic Feet Capacity: ‎5.5 Cubic Feet
Weight: 87.3 pounds
Check Price
RCA RFRF450-AMZVoltage: ‎115 Volts

Item Weight: ‎60 pounds

Check Price
Midea WHS-185C1Voltage: ‎120 Volts

Doors Opening Angles: 45 to 75 Degree 

External Dimensions: 33.46″ L x 28.46″ W x 20.59″ H

Check Price
Galanz GLF50CWED01Capacity: ‎5 Cubic Feet

Annual Energy Consumption: 215 K/H/P/Y

Freezer Capacity: ‎10 Cubic Feet

Check Price
Igloo ICFMD50WHCapacity: 5 Cubic Feet

Doors Opening Angles: 45 to 90 Degrees 

Check Price
Koolatron Compact Chest FreezerVoltage: 115 Volts

Wattage: 150 watts

Ice storage: ‎5 Cubic Feet

Check Price
SMETA Chest Freezer 5 cu ftWattage: 120 watts

Temp Range: 10.4 °F to – 4 °F.

Noise: 42 dB

Check Price
Chest Freezer 5 CU. FTVoltage: ‎115 Volts

Shelf: 1
Door Auto Hold Angle: Between 45° and 90°

Check Price


Here we are going to take a long ride on our chosen chest freezers!

Midea MRC050S0AWW

If you love to store food for days, try the Midea MRC050S0AWW chest freezer and keep it fresh and healthy. A freezer that belongs to a trusted brand is especially ideal for small apartments having less space, so if you need a reliable product, don’t miss it. 

Key Features:

It is made of aluminum, iron, steel, and durable plastic, due to which it is a lasting chest freezer. This five cubic feet freezer is enough to store a large quantity of food such as milk, cream, frozen items, fruits, raw vegetables, drinks, and leftover meals. A perfect option for large families! 

The interior of this appliance has one hanging wire storage basket so you can store small and most used items such as bread, honey, cream, and others. The basket is easy to remove; furthermore, you can also clean the other parts using a soft piece of cloth.

The defrost drain makes it comfortable for water to go out and not put the extra weight of ice inside. Midea MRC050S0AWW can store frozen items for many days because it has mechanical control with an adjustable thermostat at the bottom front by which you can set the temperature from -12 to -28 Degrees. 

The cooling efficiency is above your expectations due to its Midea D+ system, which keeps the pipes and inner surface cool as per your needs. The built-in lid hinge allows the door to stay in its place when opened, and you can take food out with both hands. 


  • Modern hinge design
  • Removable basket
  • Great for small houses
  • Easy to clean 
  • Small size and large capacity


  • No power and inside light 

Our Verdict:

It is a fast-growing world, and no one has enough time to cook daily. So grab our first pick Midea MRC050S0AWW, store food for days and enjoy later on. The large storage capacity, ease of cleaning, and excellent hinge design collectively make it a beast. 

Danby Diplomat DCF050B1WM

No worries if your home is small and has less space, the Danby Diplomat  DCF050B1WM can be placed everywhere. The compact size yet great storage capacity makes it one of the best chest freezers. So cook food, store it and stay relaxed for days. 

Key Features:

It is a premium freezer that gives users multiple settings for temperature because it has a front-mounted thermostat. You can change the temperature from -12.9°C to 23°C and get the ideal cooling for storing ice cream and frozen items. 

A perfect freezer for offices, apartments, and small homes provides five cubic feet of storage space, enough to store extra food items. Furthermore, the one removable wire storage basket is ready to keep things such as honey, drinks, water bottles, and breakfast items. 

Danby Diplomat DCF050B1WM is an excellent garage-ready chest freezer because it works amazingly well in temperatures of -17 to 43 degrees C. Superb product for colder and hotter places of the world for sure! 

The maintenance and functioning of this freezer are as simple as you want due to the manual defrosting system and defrost drain. Moreover, users can clean the inside of this freezer comfortably by removing the basket and food. 

The freezer cabinet and rounded lid are energy efficient and foam insulated, making it durable and happily keeping the electricity bill in your range. It weighs 58.9 pounds and uses 115 volts and 130 watts to operate. 


  • Energy efficient option
  • Runs quietly
  • Has front mounted defrost drain
  • An excellent option for offices and tiny homes 
  • Comfortably works in different temperatures 


  • The user said it is not garaged ready

Final Verdict:

Danby Diplomat DCF050B1WM is a garage-ready freezer that is very user-friendly. The removal basket and 21.65 inches depth allows one to store food and take it out comfortably. Having this chest freezer is a brilliant idea indeed.

Danby 5.5 Cubic Feet 

If you have a lot of food and need to store it properly to keep it fresh for days, then stay relaxed and store it all in the Danby Chest Freezer. A single-door five cubic feet freezer is a popular choice among people having tight living spaces. 

Key Features:

Easy to clean and easy to use, neither too small nor too big, this Denby Chest Freezer is best for use in homes, offices, cottages, and apartments. The 5.5 cubic feet storage capacity allows one to store many food items, vegetables, fruits, drinks, and water bottles. 

The foam insulated cabinet and durable lid use less electricity and control the bill. The foam will help to keep the cooling inside and heat out so food will get frozen quickly and stay fresh for days. 

Now separate the most used food items from less used items and store them in its vinyl-coated basket. It is at the top, so people of small height can easily access the food. 

The Danby chest freezer has a stylish design with a front-mounted mechanical thermostat through which you can change the temperature to make it more or less relaxed. The front defrosted drain helps drain excess water and maintain it from time to time. 


  • Offer 5-year warranty
  • Easily accessible thermostat 
  • Front defrost drain 
  • Foam insulated lid 
  • Stylish and versatile


  • No con 

Our verdict:

All those searching for a lightweight, compact yet large capacity chest freezer, hold on; you are at the right place. The Danby chest freezer is all set to fulfill your food storage needs. It is a versatile and energy-efficient option, so order it now and enjoy the delicious leftover food later! 


Getting an RCA RFRF450-AMZ chest freezer is like a dream come true; a large capacity offers you to store at least 175 lbs of food. A freezer belongs to the brand RCA famous for manufacturing energy-efficient and world-class products. Trust us; you will not regret the purchase decision. 

Key Features:

It is a 60-pound chest freezer that can easily slide around even by one person. Along with this, the smooth lid opens comfortably. The enormous power cord allows you to plug in the wall socket. 

For all families searching for a large chest freezer, RCA RFRF450-AMZ is the perfect choice because its 5.1 cubic feet capacity allows users to store meat, juices, leftover meals, water, and vegetables with ease. 

Now one can adjust the small and most used food item on its top basket. It takes 115 volts, which controls the electricity bill, making it energy efficient. 

The stylish and compact freezer does not have much space and stands best for medium size apartments, offices and cottages. The front panel power switch allows you to power off the freezer when you need to clean or want less cooling. 

For your convenience, its defrost drain removes the water and makes its cleaning a breeze. The thermostat is also mounted at the front, so you can change the temperature and get enough cooling. 


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Made of durable plastic 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has front panel switch
  • Has large storage capacity


  • The user has a problem with the relay switch 

Our Verdict:

Because of the excellent storage space, the RCA RFRF450-AMZ is undoubtedly the best among others. Even if the temperature outside reaches a maximum and there is no electricity, this freezer still keeps the food in a frozen state for hours. Spend your precious bucks and keep food fresh for later use. 

Midea WHS-185C1

Another top-class freezer to keep your leftover food, drinks, and vegetables fresh and healthy for days is Midea WHS-185C1. It is a single-door, durable, compact freezer whose performance is beyond your imagination. 

Key Features:

It is a great chest freezer with 28.74*20.59*33.46 inch dimensions making it perfect for placing in European-style kitchens, apartments, and homes. It looks like a compact but spacious space for storing many food items in an organized manner.  

It is a favorite freezer for all peace lovers because it is made of whisper-quiet technology. The durable inner basket can be easily removable so users can adjust the food and clean it whenever possible.  

Its bottom drain makes defrosting a breeze and helps to keep it maintained. The hinge-style lid remains open from 45 to 75 degrees and allows you to adjust the food because it will stay in its place. 

The 63.93 lbs weight of this chest freezer allows one to transport it comfortably. The combination of steel and plastic increases its lifespan and makes it a healthy investment.  

Why call it a perfect freezer for storing frozen food and ice cream for days? Because it has an adjustable mechanical control thermostat through which one can change the temperature from -12 to 28 Degrees. So have it and enjoy your favorite ice cream while watching the soccer match. 


  • Has hinge style lid
  • Worth the money 
  • Compact and durable 
  • Runs quietly 
  • Offer a two-year compressor warranty 


  • Lousy customer service of brand 
  • Some users complain about the quality 

Final Verdict:

Midea WHS-185C1 is wide enough to store many food items. The top-rated brand offers a one-year freezer warranty and a two-year compressor warranty. We think this is enough to make your buying decision a lot easier. 

Galanz GLF50CWED01

If you are still confused about which chest freezer will fit you, worry no more because we have Galanz GLF50CWED01, which is five cu ft but has a larger capacity. This Galanz freezer is designed based on space-saving technology; thus, you don’t need ample space at your home to keep it with you. 

Key Features:

Galanz GLF50CWED01 is a chest freezer with an adjustable thermostat that you can set according to your need and keep your frozen items safe. This perfectly-built chest freezer offers ample space for fruits, fresh food, beverages, and other food items.

It also includes three indicator lights that update you about the freezer’s cooling status; you don’t need to open the freezer lid to determine its condition.

The free storage basket of this chest freezer helps you keep the small items organized, arranged, and readily available. The Storage basket is easy to slide and makes food access easier. The water drainage makes the draining smooth and prevents the fridge from accumulating excessive ice in the unit.

This five cu ft chest freezer works on the R600a technology, making it a low-energy compressor and high in efficiency. Eventually, the freezer quickly cools up the food, reducing the vibration and noise. 

This five cu ft freezer dimensions are 29.69″ W * 33.27″ D * 22.20″ H, making it easy to store anywhere. The package includes a chest fridge, power cord, and wire basket.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Company yet the vast capacity
  • Mechanical temperature control


  • The basket is pretty small

Our Verdict:

If you are willing to buy a small refrigerator yet offer you outstanding speed in cooling and freezing your food items, Galanz GLF50CWED01 is the right choice for you. It is energy-efficient, so there is no need to be fed up with hefty billing costs.


Here is another great five cu ft chest freezer that has become a leading serving item in multiple kitchens due to its whisper quiet technologies and additional space. Despite being compact in style, it is spacious and cost-effective.

Key Features:

Since it is a silent refrigerator, it’s on and off cycle doesn’t disturb the chef and other people working in the kitchen. Igloo’s great designed freezer is lovely to have for a small family or one person.

This compact freezer is as incredible as an overflow freezer – consumers can easily use it to store excess food for a whole week. Its compactness makes the food movement and rotation convenient; meanwhile, its spaciousness helps you keep whatever is required.

 The freezer includes a bottom drain that protects from excessive ice build-up and simplifies the frosting and defrosting process,

The streamlined design complements any room style and makes it accurate for European kitchens that have less space. The advanced engineered coil technology reliably keeps ice and food frozen like a rock solid.

As the freezer has a D type of refrigeration tube, a large area for heat dissipation allows the inner surface to cool quickly. Moreover, the cooling cannot get wasted due to the aluminum-lined interior and gasket with a tight seal. 

The removable inner basket helps you take it out when you don’t have any small items to store in it, and if you need to arrange some small edible, you can put this basket back. 

Users can adjust the thermostat of this freezer from -10 to 10 °F Degrees; it is fantastic for storing ice creams, frozen food, and other items. It has a hinge-style door that can open from 45 to 75 Degrees.


  • Easy to transport
  • Spacious and compact
  • Environment-friendly
  • Has rolling casters 


  • Packaging is not safe

Our Verdict:

Thanks to Igloo ICFMD50WH for making this super-duper chest freezer ideal for condos, tiny houses, apartments, and small spaces. In addition, this freezer is made with rolling casters, which makes it easy to move from one room to another. So get it for yourself or gift a dear one!

Koolatron Compact Chest Freezer

Here comes another worthy chest freezer that is also awe-inspiring due to its outstanding features. The energy-efficient technology is most inspiring and adoring among its parts as it saves the environment and reduces your monthly bills.

Key Features:

This 5.0 cu ft freezer is made up of flat-back technology that narrows down the footprint and offers a larger capacity to help you store plenty of food to protect the food from getting wasted; eventually, your money will be saved.

Its manual defrost freezers also reduce its 40 percent energy usage and retain the food freshness for longer. When you want to defrost your fridge to get it cleaned, manual defrosting makes the process simple.

Like other fridges, it also includes a removable basket that makes you organize the food content even in this small freezer. Its hanging wire basket is built up of vinyl-coated wire that is corrosion-resisting. The corrosion-resistant feature of the basket increases the fridge life and durability.

Unlike other freezers that have an unfriendly door – users apply a lot of force to open it – it can be easily opened with one hand. This ease doesn’t mean that it is not a tight seal door; when you close the fridge door, it tightly closes up and prevents the gas and cooling from coming out. In addition, the rear-mounted hinge doesn’t let the fridge hit the wall when opened.

Thanks to the compressor’s reliability and efficiency, it quickly chills out the food items and conserves them for longer. The solid magnetic lid seal and external thermostat control dial maintain the freezer temperature between 32 and -11.2F. 

Instead of opening the freezer lid, you can maintain the temperature without opening the fridge lid; hence, the external room temperature doesn’t imbalance the fridge temperature.


  • Reliable and durable cooling
  • Corrosion-resisting 
  • Energy-Efficient Manual Defrost


  • Start relay creates trouble

Our Verdict:

Koolatron Compact Chest Freezer would undoubtedly be an excellent addition for your bedroom, office, or apartment’s little kitchen. However, it will occupy a short space of your kitchen but offer a great space inside where you can keep your daily use of food, fruits, vegetables, juices, etc. So, beat the heat of summer by purchasing this compact calm Chester!

SMETA Chest Freezer 5 cu ft

Here you gain knowledge about the essential home appliance, i.e., the freezer. If you are searching for the best quality chest freezer, whether for domestic or industrial use, then a chest freezer is the best choice. Below are the descriptions of SMETA chest freezers. 

Key Features: 

The size of this mini chest freezer is five cubic feet, which is sufficient to store roughly 5 pounds of food. The door is hinged in design; the door opened upward. 

Its auto-hold hinged door avoids hitting the door back to the wall, and consumers can easily access products with their free hand, allowing less cold air and ultimately less electricity to be used. The dimensions of this mini chest freezer are 26.2 W*22.8 H*35D. 

It has an adaptable thermostat, typically ranging from 10.4 °F to – 4 °F. Before putting it into its work, be sure to adjust the temperature according to to need. 

The SMETA chest freezer is suitable for storing meat, milk, and cold drinks. In addition, it has small item-holding baskets that are removable and supply easy access to small products. They are usually ideal for storing ice cream, frozen foods, and much more. 

If energy saving is your priority, look for this model with a warranty of 1 year. It also has moveable feet to adjust the chest freezer on uneven surfaces. Plus, it has a draining system through which draining water from your chest freezer becomes easy and essential to maintain and secure your food.


  • Easy to open door
  • Items are readily available
  • Easy to clean 
  • Work well at 30°temperature 


  • Often crates noise

Our Verdict:

SMETA Chest Freezer 5 cu ft is in one chest freezer that offers a bunch of features for users. Beyond this, it is comfortable to use, access, and clean. Don’t worry if you have a busy routine; I don’t demand any maintenance or extra care from you. Happy? Of course, its features would make you satisfied!

Chest Freezer 5 CU. FT

Techomey Freezer Chest that is only 5 Cu. Ft but its ergonomic build and compactness make it spacious enough to hold your weekly-based food. You can store ice cream, meat, chicken, beverages, and every possible food item.

Key Features:

If you have a small space in your department – don’t worry – Technomey’s chest freezer is here to serve you as it can be stored in every little place. If you have more food to store, again, you don’t need to be worried because the interior of this fridge is nicely designed to allow you to keep whatever you want.

The modern technology of this Technomey freezer makes it quiet, which shows that you can entirely focus on your cooking. In addition to quietness, it is also an energy saving because its high-quality and faster cooling system makes it quickly cool, which saves power and makes it an eco-friendly option. 

This freezer’s sliding and hanging wire basket helps you store food in an organized way. Though in this small freezer, the basket’s presence seems impractical, its unique build makes it compact. 

The door of this chest freezer includes hinges that help it open between 45° and 90° angles so you can access your freezer hands-free. Now comes the recessed handle that adds more comfort and enables you to close it quickly – no force is required. 

The front drain is another remarkable feature that makes fridge cleaning more accessible as you can quickly defrost it through its front drain. If you want to adjust the chest freezer’s temperature repeatedly, its thermostat allows you to adjust the remote from -4℉ to 6.8 °F.

How can we skip the run light and power-on light that indicates that the fridge is appropriately  Power-on light (red) & Run light (green) indicate the proper functioning of the freezer?

Despite offering a durable and long-lasting fridge, Techomey offers you a one-year warranty and a 100% solution to every problem. So isn’t it appreciating? 


  • Less maintenance
  • Dependable and spacious
  • Offer more than the price
  • Easy-access defrosts drain


  • Adjustable feet are worn out earlier

Our Verdict:

Suppose you want a silent and attractive fridge, Chest Freezer 5 CU. This great freestanding freezer fits into a little space – student dorm, home kitchen, apartment, office, RV, garage, etc. So, isn’t it what you were looking into your fridge? So, go ahead and seize it to add ease to your life! FT is ready to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a 5 cubic foot chest freezer hold?

Generally, a 5 cubic fridge is best for one person if kept at home and for two to three persons if it is in the office. 

Tip: You need to remember that a 1 cubic ft. freezer holds around 35 pounds of food, and a 5 cubic foot freezer can store roughly 175 pounds of food.

Will a quarter cow fit in a 5 cubic foot freezer?

If you have a 5 cubic freezer, a quarter of beef can easily be kept inside, which is pretty relief. Similarly, you can also estimate other food items; if you are alone, you will conclude that it is not a bad option to go with 5 cubic capacity.

How long does a 5 cubic foot freezer take to freeze?

5 cubic freezers take 4 to 12 hours to freeze the food and reach its appropriate temperature. However, users can use a thermometer to determine the freezer temperature and identify the time of their fridge.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing 5 Cu Ft Chest Freezer – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Purchasing a profound chest freezer is a significant choice, and there are a few variables to remember before buying.

Consider Size

How much food do you reasonably need and need to store? Our setup incorporates choices ranging from 3.5 to 20.4 cubic square feet of capacity.

Wellbeing Lock

If your chest freezer has a wellbeing lock, you’re ready to get what you’re putting away inside. This component is incredibly convenient if you anticipate leaving your freezer in a carport or habitually engaging. You can lock the machine and feel happy with realizing that there will be no undesirable section. Typically, the wellbeing lock is matched with an actual key or key dandy, which you should store in a protected, open spot.

Carport Ready Design

Any family that needs additional capacity yet doesn’t want to set up a cumbersome machine in their kitchen ought to search for a chest freezer with a carport-prepared plan. 

This plan guarantees the freezer will run appropriately, whether the outside temperature is exceptionally hot or freezing. Your food items won’t turn sour and will stay stable at the fridge’s inner temperature. Not all freezers are carport prepared, so it means a lot to search for this element.

Outside Power Light

It tends to be challenging to discern whether your chest freezer is on and running. Regardless of whether it’s connected, with no marker, you might stress that the machine isn’t as expected when putting away your food.

An outside power light makes a little sparkle on the ground close to the freezer, so you know it’s working appropriately. It’s entirely reasonable for families that don’t rush to trust their apparatuses and want to keep their chest freezer on consistently.

Spacious Capacity

Not like upstanding freezers, chest freezers don’t, as a rule, have racking that helps keep your frozen products coordinated. All things being equal, chest freezers have dividers and containers, which you can use to isolate meals from meats, natural products, or heated merchandise. 

The typical chest freezer has a few stockpiling bins, while more extensive and good-quality models might have up to five. Some of these baskets can be sliding, and others will be removable, which is excellent for a physically thawing out model.


The more significant part of our choices are for general use and are great for the cellar or carport. We additionally included freezers that would function admirably in quarters, ones more qualified to use by culinary specialists and other food industry experts, and ones that can be utilized in movement settings, similar to RVs.

It’s likewise crucial that the freezers recorded underneath are all energy-effective and ought to be connected to a typical family outlet, except if noted.

Manual Versus Programmed Defrosting

Assuming your chest freezer physically thaws out, you should keep up with it when ice and ice develop on the inside. When the development turns a quarter-inch thick, you’ll have to turn off your model, remove everything from it, and work on the ice and ice. After the ice has been softened and eliminated, you can drain the unit and attach it back in.

If your chest freezer thaws out or you perform self-thawing, interior spirals will often warm up and keep ice under control. This choice is more costly to work and buy forthright; however, it is simpler to utilize.

The Bottom Line

5 Cu Ft Chest Freezer delivers consumers more than their expectations, and if the selection is made carefully and wisely, there is no chance to miss any beat. So, we have given a favor to our readers; our researchers and editors have done a thorough research and enlisted only great products with remarkable features. So buying any of them is a reliable choice. 

All you need to do is read the chest freezer review one by one and hunt for the one – by clicking the link –  that is suitable to your needs. If still anything muddled, buy out top-pick without bringing second thought in your mind. 

So, make your life smooth and seamless by grabbing any feature-filled freezers to make life simple.

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