Best Affordable Home Projector

best affordable home projector

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second is Guti also fifty dollars four hundred and sixty two people have reviewed it and given it 3.9 stars and last up is a clean de also for fifty dollars twenty eight people have reviewed it and given it 3.5 stars now these are all quite small projectors the biggest one is the eggs in de and what’s interesting with that brand is the pictures and the stats on Amazon do not match what they actually send.

Best Affordable Home Projector

When I open up the box I found this which is quite a bit different than what I was expecting okay gonna get right to it with a night test the first one up is the whole Jia now this one has a native resolution of 320 by 240 and a screen size of 24 up to 60 right now have a set at the smallest size so let’s have a look [Music] now it does come with remotes I’m gonna take it up to full volume and see how loud we can get to measuring with my little sound meter here [Applause] [Music] okay so 94.3 is what I saw that was the .

highest it registered for the ho Jia now this is an LED projector it has a bulb life of thirty thousand hours they claim that anyways now I couldn’t find anywhere where they had the lux listed so I have a lux meter here and I’m just gonna hold it up right here at the screen and see how bright the projector is the highest number I saw for the bright test was sixteen point five six for the last test I’m gonna move the projector back until it reaches its biggest frame size which with the hoja it’s sixty inches and then I’ll also measure .

again the lux [Music] 1.54 on the hoiy you have a port for an SD card micro USB cable av audio port HDMI and USB port next is the GU T projector the native resolution on this is also 320 by 240 and it has the same screen size as the previous brand 24 inches up to 60 inches the Guti also comes with a remote it’s the exact same as the previous brand can it Craig it up to full blast as well and see how loud it gets the highest I saw was about ninety six point two now the Guti is also a LED projector with a 30,000 hour .

bulb life I’ve got my Lux meter gonna see again what level we get with the projector closest to the screen the GU debride test was much higher than the previous brand it hit around 27 the first brand was sixteen point five six now I’ll move it back until it fills up the screen and do another Lux test [Music] 3.59 the Guti has ATF ports microUSB cable av audio ports HDMI and USB so the exact same ports as the previous brand now beauty is the only one where you can turn up the volume on the projector okay last up is the .

eggs anda this one has a bigger resolution at 800 by 480 and it has a bigger screen size at thirty to a hundred inches this too comes with the remote it’s a little bit more involved than the other two brands gonna crank up the volume the full blast and see how the speakers are the xzen de registered 89 on my device which is the lowest of the three and kind of a fun fact there’s no way to decrease or increase the volume on the remote or on the projector so they don’t give you that option this one is also led with a .

20,000 hour bulb life which is ten thousand less than the other two brands I’m gonna hold my device up again and see what we get my Lux meter measured 104 I can tell it’s much brighter than the other two but I didn’t think it was gonna be that much brighter I’ll now move it back until it fills the screen and do another Lux test 7.47 the exam that has a TF card port HDMI USB av audio and it’s the only one that has a VGA port on the side so in recap the loudest of the three is the GU T they hit 96.3 on my meter the .

brightest up close was the exam which hit 104 and from far back it was also the brightest which hit at seven point four seven but again you don’t know if you’re gonna get the white one that I saw online or this one so it’s kind of a gamble if it didn’t have that problem with it and that would be my choice a sense it does I would have to go with the Kuti it was the second brightest and the loudest of the three so that’s the one that I would go with now if you do want to pick these up I will have the links in the description thanks a lot for Apple on here and checking out the.


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