Best Airplay Speakers

The choices we present today for 2023’s top-rated and best AirPlay speakers have been rounded up after an unbiased and sincere consideration to bring our readers the best of the best.

It does not matter whether you are streaming TV shows and movies or playing music and podcasts. The variety of the best AirPlay speakers we have for you are of top quality and deliver sound to boot, which remains unmatched by other options you may find in the market. 

Additionally, the suggestions for AirPlay speakers have been narrowed down to suit all your needs and wants within a budgeted range at different price points. Every speaker has varying advantages, and the sound quality differs per the size and the model you choose, so be more open to exploring new options and not residing to your typical preference. 

Best AirPlay SpeakersBest AirPlay Speakers

Apple HomePod Mini:

The HomePod mini is a great option for anyone with a subscription to Apple Music or looking to be a part of the Apple Smart ecosystem. To describe this product concisely is to say it is the right mix of sound quality and price being offered at a budget-friendly price. 

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Though some might not expect it to be cheap, the price of this elegantly designed, small speaker packing mighty sounds within it is actually under $100. The audio performance of the Apple HomePod mini is excellent and, therefore, the key reason to invest in it’s purchase. 

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Bass is not too heavy, yet strong, whereas every vocal always stands out of the mix through clarity, and in the case where you have two such speakers paired together, the stereo experience is likely to get the whole room lively. 

When searching for the best AirPlay speaker, the Apple HomePod mini is ideal because of its size and price. Other better-sounding speakers are not only more expensive but also larger in size. 

Sonos Era 100:

Sonos era 100 is not an Apple speaker, but it is an option that will suit most of our readers. This is because it seamlessly supports AirPlay and is the best AirPlay speaker for those with Apple devices. 

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You can send sound to this product through AirPlay and even through Bluetooth or Sono’s own multi-room system. From streaming Apple music to playing a video on YouTube, Sonos era 100 will not disappoint you and instead delight you with its exceptional sound quality, clarity, and detail. 

The treble and voices are full of realism and vitality. The speaker is an expressive soundstage offering premium AirPlay connectivity and commendable features in a small, reasonable package. 

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This might just be the speaker your room needs, so before you skip out on the option, we recommend you give Sonos Era 100 a detailed thought. 

Apple HomePod 2:

If you are searching for a great-sounding smart speaker that would fill the room with audio and are also an Apple product lover, we bring you the HomePod 2, the best AirPlay speaker option. 

This item is a larger option for the Apple HomePod mini in terms of its size and weight and has been rated at five stars, asserting the title for one of Apple’s finest manufacturers in their audio range. The speaker cannot only optimize settings for audio but also scan the room to position itself, which has been reported to work superbly. 

For instance, if you pick the HomePod 2 from a free space and move it closer to a wall, the speaker will automatically change and adjust its settings in real-time to reduce the impact of unnecessary and unwanted bass. 

Additionally, the built-in smart features and the mic work perfectly with Siri hearing and enacting voice commands universally. Even when the music plays through AirPlay, you can talk to your HomePod 2 from anywhere across the room and control it to switch settings or lower sound. 

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All three options we have put forward for our readers are the 2023’s top-rated and the best AirPlay speakers. Now, the onus of choosing one of the three is your work, and whatever AirPlay speaker you decide to proceed with must be the “best” for you and it should cater well to your demands.

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