Best Bezel Less Monitors (Frameless or Borderless) 2022

Best Bezel Less Monitors

The best bezel-less monitor makes your display beautiful and more engaging. On top of that, you can use a frameless monitor or borderless monitor when you are preparing for a multi-monitor setup. The smooth continuity between multiple displays is the true advantage of a thin bezel monitor that allows you to create not only a dual but triple monitor setup.

To learn about specifications like panel types and refresh rates, we have also prepared detailed guides.

On the contrary, the large bezel can be distracting and hideous to hamper your multitasking productivity.

To help you choose the best frameless monitor, we have crafted this list of top borderless monitors 2021 to help you pick the ideal one for your needs.

Edgeless monitors are stylish and appealing and help concentrate on tasks rather than diverting your attention around, giving you the full view of the screen with a modern look. The bezel-free monitor can be used as a second monitor, and the best part is that you won’t be distracted by two large frames between the middle of two monitors.

Although you can use an average display with larger bezels for web browsing or reading documents, you won’t be able to enjoy the excellent bezel-less looks of the monitor. Generally, bezel-less doesn’t mean a monitor with a 0mm frame around the border, bezel-less is usually a monitor with a 3mm or less border size up to 1mm bezel, but there is such thing as zero bezels.

The total lack of bezel sometimes can be a problem because it can affect the structural integrity of the unit; other than that, having a thin bezel can house buttons, a camera, or sometimes integrated speakers.

Best Bezel-Less Monitors 2022

These are the best Bezel-Less Monitors on our list.

1.) MSI Optix AG32C – Best Thin Bezel Gaming Monitor 

  • MSI Optix AG32C165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time
  • R1800 curve panel making it an ultrawide display
  • NTSC85% and SRGB 110%

If you ask me about the top display with the best design, performance, and price tag, I would say MSI Optix is among the other options in this article that can help you enjoy the ultra-narrow bezel viewing experience with the fastest performance and clearest pixels.

The MSI Optix is an FHD monitor with a 32-inch IPS panel with WQHD resolution and 165Hz refresh rate and is less taxing on your hardware.

Gamers are always after the highest possible refresh rate monitor at a reasonable price tag, and MSI Optix is just the perfect option that offers you want you to demand.

The R1800 curved screen combined with the narrowest bezels gives you an infinity display.

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The monitor supports a 1ms response time and AMD freesync to work in sync with your hardware to give you the best possible gameplay experience that you expect.

It is a highly capable gaming monitor that offers 110% sRGB coverage, which is impossible by any other monitor in this price range, and 85% NTCS allows all types of content creators to utilize this monitor for their needs.

Overall, this is the best monitor for graphic artists and professional gamers; that comes with a comprehensive set of features and doesn’t require deep pockets for you to purchase it.

2.) AOC C24G1 – Best Thin Bezel 144Hz Monitor

  • AOC C24G124-inch curved monitor with 1000R radius
  • Rapid 1ms response time with 144Hz refresh rate
  • The 3-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow bezels

This is the top bezel-less monitor for our list with a budget price tag.

The AOC C24G1 is a great monitor with VA (Vertical Alignment) panel and has a 1ms fastest response time and a 144Hz refresh rate to deliver the smoothest possible experience to gamers and professional content creators.

The best part is the curved screen with ultra-narrow bezels, giving you the best possible viewing experience.

The monitor also features an ergonomic stand that looks futuristic and can tilt, swivel, rotates, and has height adjustment.

The WQHD resolution is more than enough for streamers, gamers, and editors to do any work on this monitor, making this monitor a versatile display.

3.) AOC U2790VQ – Thin Bezel 4K Monitor

Quick Features:

  • AOC U2790VQ27-inch 4K UHD LED Monitor
  • IPS panel with 5ms fastest response time
  • 3-Sided Frameless Design for seamless computing

The AOC U2790VQ is a 4k monitor that comes for less than $300 and is the cheapest 4k monitor that offers a bezel-less seamless viewing experience and features a gorgeous IPS panel with a 10-bit color depth and can represent 1 billion colors.

It isn’t an average monitor for web browsing, social networking, or watching movies. This is a professional monitor that content creators use like graphic designers or video editors to enjoy the best borders experience without spending a dime.

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The AOC U2790VQ covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut and 99% of the NTSC space that digital content creators love.

The monitor features a plain circular stand and is compatible with the VESA mount, but the stand has only tilt adjustment. 

It is the best affordable thin bezel 4k monitor that can give you a wonderful widescreen display with no bezels.

4.) HP VH240a Budget Bezel-Less Monitor 24-inch

  • HP VH240a23.8-inch FHD Resolution IPS panel
  • Fastest réponse time with overdrive
  • Built-in speakers
  • Thin bezel-less frame

This is a budget bezel-less monitor and a highly reviewed Amazon monitor with an adjustable stand supporting swivel, tilt, and rotation movement. 

The beautiful IPS FHD panel delivers stunning image quality with wider viewing angles. 

The monitor is ideal for a must-monitor setup and is much more affordable than many WQHD monitors.

You can easily place this monitor on a dedicated arm of the monitor or any multi-monitor arm, thanks to the VESA mount compatibility.

Overall, this monitor is a reasonably priced bezel-less display that supports a VESA mount but has the slowest response time of 7ms and can take up a lot of space on your desk.

5.) AOC 27V2H – Affordable Bezel-Less Monitor 

  • AOC 27V2HLED Monitor with 1080p Resolution
  • Frameless Hidden Edge IPS panel
  • 5ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate

The AOC 27V2H frameless monitor comes with a 27-inch IPS panel and provides FHD 4k resolution that is great for nonprofessionals not having a top-notch gaming rig.

The monitor comes with an attractive design and an exceptionally designed stand that can attract your eyesight whenever you are close to the monitor.

It isn’t ideal for professionals because of the 75Hz limited refresh rate that can cause slight ghosting for fast-moving scenes in games. But, this stunning display delivers. A smoother video-watching experience is good for your eyes compared to conventional monitors.

The best part of this monitor is the AMD FreeSync technology to merge the GPU frame rate with the monitor’s refresh rate to provide smoother gameplay with a variable refresh rate to eliminate the stuttering or tearing.

There is no VESA mount capability, and it is the biggest problem for those wanting to create a multiple monitor setup through dedicated monitor arms. It is the best bezel-free monitor with proper gaming-centric features but has not been ported and has limited adjustability.

6.) Samsung Space 32-Inch SR74 4K Computer Monitor

  • Samsung Space 32-Inch SR74 4K Computer Monitor32-inch 4K computer monitor
  • 3-sided frameless bezel
  • Clamp type stand

It is one of the cleanest monitors with a handful of perks in an extremely reasonable price tag, and the best part is that it’s the tidiest display.

The best part of this monitor is the clam mounting arm design stand which you can easily attach to the back of your desk, resulting in efficient cable management and making your workspace tidy.

It is a 4k monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate. It has a 10-bit VA panel with 100% sRGB coverage making it a professional monitor for business people but not good for hardcore gamers because of the limited refresh rate that can cause great latency during gameplay.

The monitor supports PIP/PBP modes for different devices you connect with this monitor.

It lacks a VESA mount, but the replacement of VESA is also amazing. So, this is the best bezel-less display that professionals can use without breaking the bank. The smaller footprint and efficient cable management make it worth the price.

Samsung Space doesn’t go unnoticed; a giant size, stunning design, the sight of a computer screen defies gravity and bot statement in your office. It has a clamp-style stand, a highly adjustable stand, an amount edge of your desk, freeing up massive space, screen placement adjustment, and delivers razor-sharp images; rapid response time reduces the instance of input lags.

The larger screen gives an enhanced viewing experience, with a stear resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, sharper images, picture-by-picture technology, and simultaneously displaying two sources of content. The Main cable is hidden and connects the screen with the computer’s detachable panel. Limited connection options require dongles and a USB hub to connect several devices and peripherals.

7.) LG 27UD68-W IPS Monitor ViewSonic VX2478-SMHD Frameless Monitor

If you are a hardcore gamer or a graphic designer, this Frameless edge-to-edge glass display combines stylish design and a super slim bezel underneath the glass. More versatile connection options, excellent frameless monitor,  24-inch screen with SuperClear IPS panel enhance color accuracy and high-graphic details, Flicker-free and blue light filter to protect eyes from blue light.

They have optimized view settings for different screen applications. WQHD resolution is the clearest and sharpest of pixels compared with traditional 720p or 1080p rivals, without distortion or stretching of images while giving a proportional representation of 16:9. ViewMode technology automatically takes care of color accuracy, temperature, contrast, and brightness intensity to deliver superior screen performance. The monitor allows you to de settings for Game, Movie, Text, Web, and Mono.

8.) LG 27UD68-W IPS Monitor

LG 27UD68-W IPS MonitorThe LG 27UD68-W IPS Monitor is a  4K UHD resolution that comes in a bezel-less casing, a smooth curve visible on the base provides stability. Delivers Premium picture quality, realistic graphics, brightness intensity.

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It uses a liquid crystal display to enhance color accuracy and has FreeSync support to manage the GPU frame rate with the monitor’s refresh rate for the fluid gameplay experience. A superb choice for light gaming applications.

Handy windows for controlling volume, picture mode, and other on-screen control settings make the interface intuitive. Screen split 2.0 technology gives a seamless gaming experience. Lacks built-in speakers.

9.) Dell UltraSharp U2718Q 4K IPS Monitor

Dell UltraSharp U2718Q 4KThe Dell UltraSharp U2718Q is an Ultra-thin bezel design with the slightest to a minimum thickness of the display, making it a virtually frameless display that you can use for multi-monitor setups.

The 4k resolution allows you to enjoy highly-detailed images and the IPS panels are ideal for watching cinematic films with family and friends. Regarding ergonomics, the monitor has tilt, swivel, height, and pivot adjustments giving you clockwise, anticlockwise, all rotational adjustments, including upward, forward, and backward movement for ideal sitting pictures and neck relaxation.

The fast-charging mechanism to connect smartphone or tablet. Regarding connectivity, the monitor comes with HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and a USB hub. Gamers, movie-watcher, and content creators will love this monitor; the high-dynamic-range (HDR) technology plays an important role in giving you brighter whites and deeper blacks to give you a lifelike viewing experience with rich and clear color reproduction.

Furthermore, the monitor Supports Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 and has a Multi-functional USB hub.

10.) HP VH240a 23.8-inch Full HD IPS Monitor

HP VH240a 23.8-inchThe HP VH240a comes with an Ultra-slim profile with a rectangular-shaped stand for better stability. Displays content in portent mode and landscape mode as well. Web developers and programmers ideally use it to write codes easily on vertically-inclined screens, and it has 4-way ergonomic viewing.

Decent FHD resolution to view Crystal-clear HD images with crispness and vibrant color reproduction. Features small-sized two-watt audio Dual-integrated speakers. The most affordable bezel-less monitor comes with a 1/8-inch auxiliary cord to connect audio sources with monitor speakers.

11.) AOC 27V2H Full HD Frameless Ultra-Slim Monitor 

AOC 27V2H Full HD Frameless Ultra-Slim MonitorThe AOC 27V2H Full HD Frameless Ultra-Slim Monitor is a top-notch bezel-less monitor. It is ideal for Casual gaming, office applications, and frameless bezel design that does not cost you a fortune.

Flicker-free technology ensures no ghosting or stuttering, and the blue light filter ensures no eye-straining to avoid eye fatigue. The hidden “edge” bezel-less design makes this monitor frameless in three sizes and a super-slim bezel from the fourth side.

The monitor supports AMD FreeSync and is ideal for light-duty gaming and gives no input lag or tearing, and results in seamless gaming sessions for a prolonged time.

12.) Acer R240HY bidx HDMI Monitor

Acer R240HY bidxThis workstation workspace monitor is lightweight and gives you the freedom to set up your system anywhere you desire. It has a 60Hz refresh rate which is not good for hardcore gaming enthusiasts or professional gamers, but it has a 4ms response time to prevent ghosting or smearing of fast-moving objects in fast-paced games. Furthermore, the monitor has an anti-glare coating on display to prevent reflections and has a removable stand to increase the portability of the monitor.

The best part is the gray-color performance, and this monitor is energy efficient and has less flicker technology. Furthermore, it has no DisplayPort input.

Overall, the monitor features a minimalist design, has ports on the rear for power supply and other connectivity, and comes with a zero-frame or very thin bezel design. The only 1/16-inch thickness of bezels makes it unique and doesn’t have VESA mount holes. But, it delivers decent picture quality and has eye-protective features to avoid blue light exposure.

13.) BenQ 24-inch Ultra-Slim Bezel IPS Monitor

BenQ 24-inch Ultra-Slim Bezel IPS MonitorIt comes with neat-cable management to save a lot of space on your desk. The IPS widescreen panel provides plenty of screen real estate for multitasking.

The monitor supports a ZeroFlicker backlight and a built-in filter to protect you from damaging blue lights, and you can customize the settings for web, multimedia, office, and reading. The monitor has an ingeniously hidden stand that makes your workspace organized, and regarding connectivity, the monitor comes with HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort inputs.

Other than that, the monitor delivers sharpening visuals without any artifacts that make this monitor the top bezel-less monitor for 2021. Among all the great bezel-less monitors listed above, this is the review that helps you purchase the best one.

Many factors are involved when selecting a bezel-less monitor, like display size, HD quality, panel type, refresh rate, and many other options. A sharp visuals monitor with less distortion or lags is required for gaming. For office work, the favorite bezel-less monitor is Samsung Space SR75 has a pretty large surface area work.


What are bezel-less Monitors?

Thin bezel monitors are the displays with the slimmest frames, but they use bezel-less Technology to reduce the width of the frame.


These displays give you a beautiful display, and you can use them for a multi-monitor setup rather than getting a super ultrawide monitor that can be costly.

The Bezel Monitors For Multi-Monitor Setup

The thinner the bezel, the better the continuity of two screen hatch professionals loves because thick bezels make the screen look uglier and distract, damaging your productivity. So, for more than one monitor, go with the bezel-less approach.

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Every monitor comes with a dedicated stand and should be adjustable, not static. Many professionals invest in monitor arms to upload dual or triple monitors on the arm. Therefore, the monitor should support a VESA mount arm so that the monitors can be used for a multi-monitor setup.

VESA holes are an important element, and they are measured usually in 75mmx75mm

Every VESA compatible monitor comes with the settings mentioned above or configurations, but thin bezel monitors are not always equipped with these holes. Hence, you have to use them as standalone.

Thin Bezel Monitor Used by Gaming Enthusiasts

Those have powerful rigs for dual or triple displays.

Usually, gamers don’t need thinner displays because the continuity of the dual or triple displays is awesome. Still, the advancement of panel design is aimed at professionals, and to be honest, monitors are never entirely frameless. So, if you’re using multiple monitors, then slimmer bezels will be the ideal option to go.

Understanding panels about Bezels

There are three types of panels TN(Twisted Nematic), IPS(In-Plane switching), and VA(Vertical Alignment).

TN type displays are affordable, but they are not the fastest, and one drawback is the thickest bezels. IPS-type displays are not cheaper but have high refresh rates and slimmer bezels. VA panels are also faster and have the slimmest bezels, which are curved displays. IPS panels lack color fidelity but are still better than traditional TN panels.

How thin can a bezel be?

Bezels can be pretty slim, but a monitor can never be entirely frameless. The slimmest bezel of a monitor for fast is 0.8 millimeters which is the thinnest bezel on earth.

Are thin bezels more expensive?

Generally, thin bezels don’t affect the price; the monitor’s price depends on the specifications. So, the essential ingredient for multiple monitors is the least amount of disruption between two screens.

The frame found around the computed display isn’t a bezel-less monitor. The larger screen of the bezel-less monitor is enjoyable without increasing the size of the gadget. It improves your viewing and gaming, but it is a good way to get rid of distractions and gives you the best viewing experience as a 4K monitor with better color handling.

There are 0.000001mm displays with no edges because bezels make it seem extremely large. Still, you get the clarity for the imagination of an immense amount of colors, making it a quintessential gaming monitor.

It gives you the best of both worlds for playing game titles and genres,edge-to-edge with brilliant viewing pleasure to optimize the video and image quality with sound optimization technology by Bang & Olufsen. The immersive audio from the stereo speaker is amazing.

Furthermore, it has a crosshair, FPS counter, Type-C port and gives vertical resolution the horizontal resolution with side-by-side bezels.

The cult-streaming transport ports for multiple screen resolutions for all viewing positions are good for borderless appearance for playing games, editing images, and color combinations, making it the classiest monitor with an extra narrow bezel without any borders.

For a gaming PC and gaming console, the interior decor requires a budget-friendly, wallet-friendly and cost-effective, and reasonable monitor with a seamless transition for gaming PC and console. It has 178 degrees wide viewing angles and a 240Hz refresh rate.

Other refresh rates are 144Hz, 120Hz, curved ultrawide screen, and attractive, neat display without borders. The widescreen viewing area and best bezel-less monitor give you ugly frames and surround the lower bezel with the full display device.

The true borderless display with a wider view gives you a multi-panel experience without the top-notch that is incredibly thin and has an ultra-slender side profile.

The minimal bezel with the impressive monitor has a harmful blue light for protecting eyes from wider viewing, making it gaming heaven for serious gamers. Slimness, lightness, elegance, and sophistication from smaller dimensions result from the reduction and attention diversion.

I hope you will be able to choose the best bezel-less monitor for 2022.

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