Best Budget 240Hz Monitors for 2021 | Affordable Yet First-Grade

Best Budget 240Hz Monitors


SAMSUNG Odyssey G7

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7

Under $700

  • 32-Inch WQHD (2560×1440)
  • 240Hz Refresh rate
  • Curved display
  • 1ms response time
  • G-Sync & FreeSync

Lenovo Legion Y25

Lenovo Legion Y25

Under $300

  • 24.5-inch FHD Display
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • Flat Panel
  • AMD FreeSync Premium

Acer Predator XB272

Acer Predator XB272

Under $500

  • 27″ Full HD (1920×1080)
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • 0.5 ms response time
  • Ultrawide screen
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC TN Monitor


Are you striving for the Best Budget 240Hz Monitors? If yes, then strike this article; we have monitors containing insanely high refresh rates and wide displays.

Winning and losing highly depend on the refresh rate of the monitor. If you’re into competitive gaming then a 240Hz monitor is extremely important for you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. The major problem is that 240hz monitors are hefty and can drain your wallet quickly. But, we fount some amazing budget 240Hz monitors for this list to help you enjoy immersive gaming without emptying your bank.

Along with the fastest possible refresh rate, make sure to get a monitor with having a bigger size, higher pixels, and superior ergonomics.

If any of the features are missing, you won’t be able to get a crisp, clear, and color-enriched image, and eventually, your enemy will become champion by killing you. 

Thus, we suggest you get into a monitor that owns a faster response time and a higher refresh rate to stand out from the competition.

A higher refresh rate (240 Hz) is a token of success, as it makes the motion of images smooth, and you get an unmatched immersion. One more bonus of this higher refresh rate is revealing every minor detail so you can enjoy every little thing.

To win the toughest and critical gaming situations, you need to match your monitor’s speed and refresh rate with your thoughts and actions.

Does it sound interesting?

So, by considering the worth of refresh rate, we have filtered the budget-friendly top-grade 240 Hz monitors of the market and reviewed them in detail so that you can convert your screen-time into creativity, productivity, and victories.

We have shared nuggets of information on the best budget 240Hz monitors for you. But, instead of directly jumping on them, let’s get the answer to a few crucial queries!

What if the monitor holds a 60 Hz refresh rate?

Most often, users pick the monitors with 60Hz panels, which 60 times refreshes the screen in one second, but this refresh rate fails to support heavy games, graphic works, and video editing.

Then monitors with a 240 Hz refresh rate launched in the market, which was crazily awesome compared to old monitors; that’s why billions of users became their fans.

Unfortunately, 60 Hz monitors are jittery and slow; thus, the refresh rate is an integral feature of a monitor that every computer user needs to understand.

What special 240Hz monitors contain?

A monitor with 240Hz is the ideal monitor for every profession, but the gamers’ advantage from this refresh rate is unmatched. 

Are you pondering why it is so? Let me elaborate on it: the monitor that features a 240Hz refresh rate makes more data reach your eyes at a faster rate; eventually, it also impacts your reaction time. 

In other ways round, a monitor that attributes 240 Hz refresh rate refreshes four times four times faster data than a monitor with a 60 Hz screen. The monitor’s frame time is indirectly linked with a win or lose in the fast-paced game; thus, the 240Hz refresh rate also reduces your average wait (four times) for a frame.

Hence, it is clear that investing in a 240Hz refresh rate monitor is a wise decision, as it helps to boost up your creativity and productivity manifolds.

When do High Refresh Monitors make sense?

As it is obvious that a higher refresh rate (240 Hz) uplifts your professional experience hundredfold; but you might be thinking about when and where this higher refresh rate makes sense particularly.

Let’s crack it, too!

  • When you are looking for a competitive edge in your games, a higher refresh rate is integral.
  • If you are longing for a combination of display quality, vibrancy, and color accuracy, then a higher refresh rate makes great sense as it helps to deliver you high performance.
  • This higher refresh rate supports the computer’s GPU and, in return, it helps you to run the games at 100 FPS or above.

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Best Budget 240Hz Monitors for 2021

It’s time to glance through the comparison table as it sheds light on the vital features of our selected products.

Sr.Best Budget 240Hz MonitorsFeaturesCheck Price
1Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5″ Full HD
  • Eye-catching images
  • No flickering
Check Price
2SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7
  • Ultra-wide screen
  • Broad viewing angle
Check Price
3Lenovo Legion Y25-25 24.5-inch FHD
  • No egregious price tag
  • Faster response rate
Check Price
4Acer Predator XB272 bmiprz 27″ Full HD
  • Great cable management
  • Almost edgeless display
Check Price
5ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q 23.8”
  • Ergonomic design
  • Superb connectivity
Check Price
6Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor – AW2518Hf
  • Great for smaller spaces
  • Built-in speakers
Check Price
7BenQ Zowie XL2540K 24.5 inch 240Hz
  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • 280Hz overclocking
Check Price
8Omen X 27” 240 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor
  • Thinner bezels
  • Larger 240hz monitor
Check Price
9MSI Non-Glare with Narrow Bezel 240Hz
  • Offers extended viewing periods
  • Excellent refresh rate
Check Price
10SAMSUNG 27-Inch CRG5 240Hz 
  • Eliminates ghosting
  • Blazing-fast response time
Check Price
11Pixio PX5 Hayabusa 2 25 inch 240Hz
  • Cheapest 240hz monitors
  • 600-nit peak brightness
Check Price


Every gamer can relate that a higher refresh rate impacts the viewing angle and becomes a chance of crisp images; moreover, a standard gaming monitor soils the fun and interest of rising eSports gamers.

Thus, the need arises to get into the best budget 240Hz monitor to keep the gaming fun intact.

Here in this article, all the products are perfect for high-paced tasks! 


Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5″ Full HD– A Budget-Friendly Choice

When it comes to ultrawide screens and big displays, we cannot forget the Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5″ Full HD because this high-end monitor comes with a faster refresh rate that increases the screen clarity for the gamers. 

So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to explore the jaw-dropping feature of this crown-winning monitor.

Key Features:

Acer XF250Q is a new 240Hz monitor that is the best option for gamers, as it refreshes the screen speedier than any other monitor containing less refresh rate; in this way, gamers enjoy every bit of the gaming rig. 

The large screen size (24.5″ Full HD) of Acer kicks off the fear of poor viewing angles and offers you an incredibly high-quality view, which is perfect for heavy games, such as, Rules of Survival, Bullet Force, Modern Combat Versus, etc.

Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5″ Full HD is the best value option for gamers that offers FHD 1920 x 1080p Resolution for eye-catching and vivid view.

The IPS Panel of this high-value monitor delivers a wide viewing angle and excellent color accuracy to show you a realistic screen for making gaming, video editing, and other graphic work easier.

Similarly, 400-nit peak brightness makes the monitor screen exclusively bright and clear; eventually, you get an immersive gaming experience.

Along with a faster refresh rate, Acer XF250Q also offers an outstanding response time, 1 second, which helps to reduce the input lagging, and in this way, you can feed faster instructions into your computer.

This ergonomic monitor is also great in connectivity as it comes with multiple ports to make the connections prompt and powerful; the ports this monitor owns are 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI 1.4, and  1 x HDMI 2.0l.

Moreover, it has great compatibility with the PC platform and console that makes your gaming access easier and comfortable.

The most appreciating thing is you get all these valuable features: screen clarity, buttery-smooth gaming experience, spectacular visuals, and superior image output at an affordable price.

Specifications of Acer XF250Q
Response Time1ms GtG
VESA Compatible100 × 100mm
Display24.5 inches Full HD with 1920 x 1080
Adaptive SyncNvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync,


  • Saves money
  • Lightning-fast screen,
  • Buttery-smooth gameplay
  • Decently sharp visuals
  • Smooth visual experience


  • Sometimes it becomes fuzzy

Our Verdict:

Now, getting smooth gameplay is no more difficult because Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx contains a new 240Hz monitor, which is far better than a casual PC gamer. The most adorable thing is it’s affordable price and larger viewing angles!


SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7– Exceptionally Smooth Display

Getting crisp and clear images is the dream of every gamer, but it is only possible if you have a monitor with a high-speed refresh rate. That is why SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7 integrates a 240Hz panel, making it the leading choice of gamers and professionals.

Let’s dig out more features of this reasonably priced monitor; 

Key Features:

If you are a fan of Esport gaming and wondering how to play such a heavier game that demands evolved display technology and crazy refresh. In that case, our suggestion is to get into SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7

Odyssey G7 is an extraordinary monitor that also offers enhanced immersion to its users, which also helps to increase its compatibility with Esports Game.

Esports Gaming Monitor’s competitive edge helps to play the trickiest and riskiest game smoothly.

Samsung is a G-Sync compatible monitor that ensures there are no torn frames, tearing, or ghosting because these are the biggest hurdles in your productivity.

SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7 makes you a pro gamer because it demolishes image tear and shuttering, so you may be able to relish smoother games while hitting 240fps. In addition, this monitor is reasonably priced at $300.

This curved gaming monitor is equipped with a deeply rounded 1500  curved screen that protects your eyes from strain and lets you see everything on the screen at once.  

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The ergonomic design of the monitor offers you comfort in all ways, so it can be tilted, rotated, swiveled to adjust the height for optimal comfort.

The contrast ratio of this monitor is 3000:1 assists you see the enemies, equipment, and all other things of games with greater clarity and vision- you can also see darker areas clearly!

Though it is a cheaper monitor; still, it lets you develop next-level smoothness for your graphic designing, video editing, and many other heavy tasks. Furthermore, you get a significant competitive edge over your opponents via this gaming smoothness.

Samsung 32 is a monitor that contains a low contrast ratio that offers darkroom performance as it makes blacks look gray, which means the use of this monitor facilitates you in every step. Moreover, it leaves no stone unturned to facilitate the gamers.


Specifications of Samsung 
Screen display32 inches
Response Time1ms
VESA CompatibleYes
Adaptive SyncNvidia G-Sync Compatible



  • Stunning visuals
  • Sharper picture
  • No distracting bezels
  • Serious competitive gamer
  • Exceptional response times


  • Not compatible with PS5

Our Verdict:

If you want a monitor with a big screen, fantastic curve, and zero dead pixels, catch Samsung 32-inches. How can a monitor have a 32 inches broad display? Indeed, this monitor is simply wow!


Lenovo Legion Y25-25 24.5-inch FHD– Smaller Base, Bigger Playing Space

Getting a monitor that contains a fluid gaming experience with breathtaking speed is a dream of every gamer, but getting these features without breaking the bank reduces a lot of burden from the shoulder. Luckily, Lenovo Legion Y25 is a monitor that stands out in the world of competitive gaming and makes you get a responsive gaming experience with crisper visuals.

Let’s undergo the features of this affordable 240Hz monitor!

Key Features:

Lenovo Legion is the best 240hz curved gaming monitor manufactured for high-paced tasks and makes you cheer your competitive eSports gaming with an esports-ready display.

The eSport is one of the favorite games that need a well-features monitor because a slight delay for eSport games can kill you, and you can lose the game. Also, it makes it easier to see the whole screen for better environmental awareness.

When you have Lenovo Legion, the image clarity is not a big deal for you because its black equalizer is used for enhanced visual clarity, and ultimately you get a stutter-free experience.

The peak luminance of 450 nits of this Lenovo Legion is bright enough to deliver you a theater view,build quality and ultimately, you can enjoy your movies and games with immense fun. 

Lenovo Legion features an anti-glare coating that protects you from harmful blue light; in this way, you can safely use your monitor without getting worried about eye strain or other eye-sight issues.

Luckily, Lenovo Legion is a faster monitor with better power that delivers you a larger screen, clearer objects, crisper images, and makes you get smooth animation, edit photos/videos, and perform other graphic designing.

Lenovo Legion attributes a larger screen that offers better immersion and virtually borderless edges, which ultimately let you enjoy comfortable and highly competitive gaming.

The QLED panel of the monitor is well-suited for gaming in the dark; moreover, its big-screen delivers a wider color gamut, which provides punchy and accurate colors for photographers to edit the picture and videos.

This monitor’s ergonomic design helps you adjust the monitor according to your comet; you can adjust the monitor in multiple positions: pivot, tilt, lift, or swivel the screen. In addition, it also offers a VESA mountable that lets you fix the monitor in the wall. 

One more favorable feature of the best fast and affordable is its hook that comes for headphone connection. Moreover, its backlight bleed helps to perform the work efficiently even in darkness.

This gaming monitor is also TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort-certified which shows that its longer screen use does not harm your eyes, protects you from distress, eye pain, and strain. 


Specifications of Lenovo Legion Y-25
Display24.5″ Full HD (1920 x 1080), 400 nits, IPS Panel
VESA Compatible100 x 100mm
Response Time1ms GtG
Adaptive SyncAMD FreeSync, Nvidia G-Sync Compatible



  • Superlative Clarity
  • Practical Connectivity
  • Exceptionally smooth gameplay


  • A rare flickering issue

Our Verdict:

Legion Y25 is an outstanding monitor that shows wonders in its performance. Legion Y25 is a monitor that makes its user win every critical and most challenging game because victory is inevitable for winners; it is not an option!


Acer Predator XB272 bmiprz 27″ Full HD– Unmatched Immersion

Don’t we know, playing games at 60Hz or 144Hz requires upgrading; of course, being a gamer, we know it well. Luckily, Acer Predator XB272 features a remarkably high refresh rate dedicated to delivering smooth and fluid gameplay.

Let’s have a look, what more features this Acer Predator carries:

Key Features:

We all have witnessed that game-winning and losing depends upon its response rate; if your monitor responds faster than your enemy, your chance of winning the games is more. 

Similarly, Acer Predator is packed with a response rate of 1ms and motion blur reduction; both can be used to eliminate ghosting. Overall, it assists in making eSports clearer and brighter for Battle Royale.

Acer’s 27-inch screen produces super sharp pixels and clear images for an incredibly immersive gaming experience. 

This monitor features an aggressive curve that gives an entire field of view resulting in an incredibly immersive gaming experience; a detailed view is essential for a gamer, and this aggressive curve makes this detailed view possible.

This deserves to win the crown due to its GamePlus function; this GamePlus function creates a better gaming environment for the gamers and provides them with every feature they demand in their gaming rig. 

The fun fact of this GamePlus is making the gamer download and play all types of games that he/she ever wished for. 

Why miss the importance of the IPS panel? This IPS panel has wider viewing angles and is dedicated to giving accurate images from the side, sharing content, and playing co-op games. Every aspect of this 1440p (Quad HD) and 4K ( Ultra HD) monitor is worth appreciating!

Here comes another award-winning feature instilled in this monitor: crosshair overlays of four types to choose the desired type of games and then play it with super-comfort and fun.


Specifications of Acer Predator XB272
Display27-inches Full HD, 400 nits
VESA Compatible100 x 100mm
Response Time1ms GTG
Adaptive SyncNvidia G-Sync




    • Solid build quality
    • Sharp display
    • Snappy response time
  • Vibrant colors and great accuracy


  • It can’t display a wide color gamut

Our Verdict:
Acer Predator XB272 is a more innovative option for every enthusiastic user because it provides highly competitive specs. Indeed, it is a cheaper 240Hz for competitive gaming that you can confidently buy to fulfill your gaming craze. A worth has monitor!


ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q 23.8” – Superlative Clarity

If you want a cheap 24-inch 1080p gaming monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate, ASUS Rog Strix is the best bet for you; are you wondering how? The reason is its 240Hz refresh rate, which is more than enough to track opponents’ movements.

Key Features:

You won’t disagree if I say winning and losing the game most significantly depends on its refresh rate, and 60hz feels slow and jittery; therefore, we have the best 240hz gaming monitor with 1080p resolution for you. Now, you can confidently beat your enemies in your game.

If we compare the resolution and size, we all know, higher resolution is more important than size; therefore, ASUS Strix XG248Q comes with a larger resolution, so you get computing power to run games at 1440p.

This adorable monitor is worth buying as it pays off every bang; if you simply shed light on its stellar picture quality, you will find it suitable for both casual and competitive players. In addition, its thin bezels are also associated with the smooth visual transition for your computing, gaming, and graphic work.

It’s our consensus that 1080p is suitable for fast-paced games as they are less taxing, right? Luckily, this hardcore competitive gamer is also dedicated to producing 1080p for clearly spotting enemies before they can see you, and you can taste these all spacs for under $400.

Its adaptive sync ensures a clear picture and makes you able to gain every advantage possible over your competitors.

One more fabulous factor of ASUS ROG is this gaming monitor jumps right past that 240Hz threshold with a 50% increase to 360Hz, which you rarely find in any other monitor; we can certainly say that this competitive gaming monitor has no comparison.

Additionally, its blue light filter protects eyes from strain and eye fatigue; means you can enjoy long gaming hours without compromising your health.  

ASUS Strix XG248Q holds wild speeds at 240fps; all in all, it won’t be wrong if I say its features make it the best option for 60fps console gaming.

The 1000R curvature of this ASUS helps you to have a complete view of the screen by sitting in one place; you do not need to change your position, your chair, or monitor; you can see everything clearly.

Don’t miss ASUS Strix if you want to turbocharge your gaming experience!


Specifications of ASUS ROG Strix SG248Q
Display23.8” Full HD, TN Panel
VESA Compatible100 x 100mm
Response Time1ms
Adaptive SyncNvidia G-Sync Compatible



  • Built-in eye protection
  • Smooth gaming action
  • Amazing performance
  • World-class sound speakers


  • Often, the screen looks awful


Our Verdict:

If you want the cheapest curved 240Hz monitor at an affordable price tag, you won’t get a better option than ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q 23.8. This feature-rich monitor can give you all the fun that you need to cheer your games. Bringing this monitor is a wise choice!

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Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor – AW2518Hf– A Futuristic Approach

If you are eager to vanish the enemies of your game and want to win the championship, keep in mind, you need a faster refresh rate of your gaming monitor. 

Key Features:

Alienware 25 gaming monitor is an edge-lit local dimming monitor that has LED at its back for its use even in darkness. 

Furthermore, this monitor offers a more prominent display for a better view of every corner, equipment, enemies, and other gaming objects. Cutting the story short, its smoother gameplay is a fair advantage over lesser-equipped opponents.

If you are looking for a monitor that can run at a constant frame rate, Alienware is the best fit for you because its frame rate doesn’t change when you play the video. Adding on, this monitor helps in wrapping the picture around your field of vision that increases the visibility of your screen.

If you want streamers or programmers running on two computers, pick Alienware because its PIP/PBP lets you display two input signals at once.

This higher refresh, along with AMD FreeSync, speeds up your computer and makes you perform every work speedily like a super-man.

This ergonomic monitor’s most appealing feature is its height adjustment for a comfortable viewing experience; you can pivot, swivel, and tilt the monitor to have a comfortable view. 

A monitor, which is missing the height adjustment feature can cause discomfort; therefore, Alienware is a pleasing choice for gamers who need to adjust the monitor height several times a day.

Despite being a cheaper monitor, it doesn’t miss any of the latest features; it protects the users from the flickering screen, external reflections, and glare, meaning your eyes are safe.

Alienware is a monitor that comes with a widescreen and results in vibrant colors and bright highlights, which assist in improving your gaming environment. 

One more thing, you do not need to get stressed about the amount to spend because despite being a high-paced curved monitor, it doesn’t come with a high price tag. 

The last but not least, this high-ended monitor is also packed with rotation to portrait mode that helps you use your monitor even in portrait form; what a charming and tempting feature! 


Specifications of Alienware 25 
Display24.5” Full HD, 400 nits
VESA Compatible100 x 100mm
Response Time1ms GtG
Adaptive SyncNVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync 



  • Anti-glare and flicker-free
  • Ergonomic stand for adjustment
  • G-sync or adaptive sync compatible


  • No con

Our Verdict:

Alienware has won many fans’ hearts, and the most tempting feature of this gaming monitor is its display screen that offers brilliant colors contrast to soothe the eyes. If you want to feel a peaceful and serene gaming experience, rush for Alienware.



BenQ Zowie XL2540K 24.5 inch 240Hz– Customized Features

We all have a better idea 240Hz is fast enough to destroy your competition, but many buyers face the issue of high-budget; fortunately, you can buy this high-performing monitor for just under $380. Yes, getting a dream performance is not always difficult.

Key Features:

BenQ Zowie features decent reflection handling that gets bright enough to fight glare but unfortunately, it is not much suitable for dark rooms as it suffers from a low contrast ratio. 

This monitor attributes variable refresh rate technology that helps in syncing GPU’s frame rate with a monitor’s refresh rate; it proves that regardless of what consequences you face, you get an absolute chance to relish your favorite game with all the comfort and smoothness. 

Its VA panel offers a strong contrast ratio that displays high-quality images in front of you. 

This contrast ratio presents eye-catching colors that help you in every way out photography, video creation, and video editing; in fact, you can download heavy software, which creates issues before.

This monitor’s native 240hz refresh rate makes the screen refresh multiple times in a second; moreover, it diminishes the screen tearing and input lagging. This monitor is dedicated to providing the ultimate gaming environment to the users.

We know the curved screen with ultra-thin bezels gives extreme media immersion, and delightfully BenQ Zowie consists of curved screens that make you get exciting fun throughout, from unpacking to its long life.

BenQ Zowie consists of removable shields to eliminate distractions and help you keep your focus on your game; in this way, you get a fully focused environment, no distraction, and no interruption!

The 240Hz refresh rate of this monitor is suitable for motion handling, gives a short blur trail behind fast-moving objects, and saves the screen from glitches and shuttering.

Specifications of BenQ Zowie
Display24.5″ Full HD, TN Panel, 400 nits, 
Response Time1ms GTG
VESA Compatible100 x 100mm
Adaptive SyncNvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Compatible



  • Easy visual adjustments
  • For sale under $400
  • Supports heavy task
  • Distraction-free performance
  • G-Sync eliminates flickering


  • Flimsy 

Our Verdict:

BenQ provides customized access to its users and lets them do the FPS setting independently, and they can also adjust the visibility according to their comfort. Wow, what an incredible feature. Just look at its booking; it’s perfect for Valorant!


Omen X 27” 240 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor– Great for Bucks

Its IPS has not the fastest response time but gives crisper visuals and responsive gameplay with ultra-wide viewing angles, so the silver lining of OmenX is that you can entertain vivid and eye-catching images, despite the lowest IPS.

Key Features:

The fun fact of this Omen monitor is you can overclock it to 280Hz to enjoy the smoother motion and better responsiveness for every performing task. 

The black Frame insertion in combination with VRR to improve motion clarity helps you ease in all the critical tasks that involve screen motion: video editing, heavy gaming, logo designing, and other medical purposes.

Though this Omen X 27 inches fall in the list of the most expensive monitor its features are genuinely jaw-dropping; from response rate to individual frames and from 

This FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility is remarkable to reduce screen tearing, ghosting, and shuttering; thus, this FreeSync monitor makes you have greater compatibility with heavy and more protocol games.

The enormous relief of this monitor is that you can get these all features at a lower price, which means right in your price bracket. If GPU output is not synced with the display refresh rate, the screen will become choppy and messy; thus, sync is essential for happy gaming.

The 240fps is a lofty target for photoshop, illustrator, and much other heavy software that lets you edit images and play the videos; Omen 27 delivers 240fps, which is why you locate it in gigantic video editing warehouses. 

The hues and shades with a 10-bit color depth of this monitor give a color-enriched screen that looks a good fit for every purpose. Its fastest panel in the roundup is also games-oriented because it is an indication of a higher refresh rate and faster response time.

Pixel per inch helps in higher resolution, and pixel density of a monitor and screen means everything will become super-clear and striking for the users.

Along with other features, the FPS rate of this monitor is also higher; a higher FPS rate leads to smooth gaming. The FPS counter also helps to maintain the in-game visuals and frame rates, which are essential for fun-filled gaming.

Specifications of Omen X 27”
Display27-inches, 400 nits, TN Panel, QHD (2560×1440)
VESA CompatibleYes
Response Time1ms (with OD) GtG
Adaptive SyncAMD FreeSync Premium Pro


  • Higher resolution
  • Superb connectivity
  • Higher color combination
  • Shining bright light make it awesome


  • Low-power speakers

Our Verdict:

If you want to have rich colors on your monitor screen, don’t think more; just seize OmenX 27. It is a multifeatured monitor that equips S-Switch, which allows you to access OSD quickly. Additionally, it stands out from all other monitors due to its heart-melting features; so, you can also grab it to feel the real essence of your favorite games.


MSI Non-Glare with Narrow Bezel 240Hz– Built for Gaming

We all want to upgrade your gaming rig because it is necessary to play worry-free games. So, getting an esports display is not challenging for you because its larger screen offers better immersion for your gaming.

Key Features:

The 1440p at 240Hz is a lofty goal for most gaming rigs; this beast monitor also delivers 1440p at 240Hz to monitor, so the user can proudly and satisfactorily enjoy every bit of its investment.

Its powerful and affordable GPUs like Nvidia RTX 3070 make you play an esports battle station (high-ended game); thus, if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned cash, pick MSI Non-Glare as your gaming buddy!

FreeSync ensures tear-free and stutter-free gaming; your monitors do not stuck or hang during your gaming challenge, and you can continuously, smoothly, and uninterruptedly enjoy your gaming mania.

MSI non-glare monitors have higher pixel density to make text sharper for keen and creative tasks; for instance, this sharper text helps content creators, medical students, graphic designers, and pro gamers.

Its Blue light filter reduces the blue light and protects your eyes from strain, fatigue, and weakness; thus, playing games for long hours is not harmful.

Furthermore, this monitor reduces overheating problems, which is caused due to high temperatures; it stays cool and keeps the system cool too. Through this efficient monitor, you can enjoy multiple tasks with ease, efficiency, and higher productivity.

How can I forget to mention the response time of this pre-eminent monitor; the 1ms response time of this monitor is dedicated to increased clarity on competitive FPS games and esports. Yes, MSI Anti-glare with a 240Hz monitor lets you play heavy games smoothly and with premium quality. 

Along with other features, this monitor is also awesome in connectivity; the higher connectivity options offer ultimate connection options: USB Gen1 Type-A ports for peripherals; these all connection ways make your work superbly easy.

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Its 1ms eliminates ghosting for FPS games, and in this way, you can enjoy the real essence and fun of the game. Furthermore, this ergonomic monitor is installed with the entire sRGB and Adobe RGB coverage to boost the gaming fun with its dazzling colors.

The bonus is getting these all features under $475; yes, this high-grade monitor, along with other significant features, also favors your affordability.

The crosshairs of this monitor helps to improve accuracy when shooting and FPS/RTS game modes; in this way, you can enjoy your favorite game with a bang!

Every feature of this monitor is reliable and durable; yet, this monitor offers a 4-year advanced replacement warranty, leaving no room to facilitate the buyer.

Specifications of MSI Non-Glare
Display27-inches (1920 x 1080) FullHD
Response time1ms MRPT
VESA CompatibleYes (100 x 100mm)
Adaptive SyncAMD FreeSync



  • Handy peripheral
  • Higher FPS and smooth gaming
  • 4-year dead pixel warranty


  • Edge-lit local dimming is terrible

Our Verdict:

If being a gamer, you were facing a poor color combination, get happy because MSI non-glare monitor presents an awesome color combination to the gamers. It is a true gift for every gamer because getting such fun at a low price is impossible. 


SAMSUNG 27-Inch CRG5 240Hz– Big Screen, Huge Fun

Samsung CRG5 is a true gaming-centric product that offers you comprehensive features: precise color adjustments, hip-fire accuracy, and black frame insertion feature. It means this spectacular monitor lets you adjust the dark boost levels according to your comfort and need.

Let’s figure out what more wonders this big-screened monitor brings along; scroll down!

Key Features:

This cheapest FreeSync 240Hz display monitor consists of High-quality tools and materials that fulfill the higher graphical power requirements of newer games.

Its TN Panel has the fastest response time that makes it suitable for FPS and eSports games; it means you get a big relief for your heavy, high-featured, and latest game.

One more thing, this gaming monitor also contains swift response time, but its viewing angle and color reproduction are the worst. Luckily, these issues do not affect the quality of display because this monitor is also packed with Black eQualizer that improves visibility on dark preset color profiles.

The 1ms response time of this Best Budget 240Hz Monitors casts wonders in professional and gamer’s life because this faster response time also accompanies a faster refresh rate, and altogether it becomes a fantastic monitor.

The connectivity of this monitor is also worth appreciating because you ultimately get wired and wireless connectivity options.

It consists of USB 3.2 ports, DisplayPort 1.2 for video input, and headphones jack; these connectivity options make this monitor safe to use for home and office use. In addition, the USB hub casts magic for connectivity!

Let me introduce one more fantastic feature of this high-grade monitor: its GameVisual function allows you to select game modes like racing mode, scenery mode, cinema mode; wow, what a charming feature!

Getting such a fabulous monitor under $340 is a blessing!

Specifications of Samsung CRG5
Response Time4ms GtG
VESA Compatible75 x 75mm
Display 27-inches, 300 nits
Adaptive SyncNvidia G-Sync Compatible


  • VA panel offers a strong contrast ratio
  • 1-year accidental damage warranty
  • budget-focused gaming monitor


  • The quality could be improved

Our Verdict:

1440p 144Hz gaming monitor is the biggest dream of every gamer, and Samsung 27 is a monitor that makes every gaming mode easier for gamers. So, if you need a higher pixel and fantastic refresh rate, we will say a big yes for Samsung 27. Indeed, it is the best bang for the buck!

Pixio PX5 Hayabusa 2 25 inch 240Hz– Dive into the Curve

Perhaps, before the Pixio PX5, you used to dream of saving money, but this high-valued monitor lets you practically save money; despite the low price, you get all the vital gaming features. 

Key Features:

Our old monitors that contain less refresh rate do not let us play the most lovable games because their input lag makes us lose the game, and in the end, we become annoyed, irritated, and enraged. 

Therefore, the wise decision is to buy a monitor that contains a higher refresh rate, response rate, and contrast ratio; pleasingly, Pixio PX5 is a fun-packed monitor because it contains all the demanding features in its box.

The VA panel of this monitor offers a balance between responsiveness and great visuals; you do not need to exert extra effort in adjustment or to create balance. 

In short, Pixio PX5 is a cheaper alternative to massive gaming monitors because it offers a higher gaming experience at a low price. Its additional features happily support competitive AAA demanding games- it is a monitor with a complete package!

The higher contrast ratio of this monitor doubles the charm of gaming and professional work because you are able to see the most refreshing, colorful, and clear screen.

If you don’t like wearing headphones, no worries, its speaker is louder enough to produce an audible sound; so you can hear a clear gaming sound.

Many pro gaming features like shadow boost that make every tiny item clear enough, so you get ease in video editing and gaming as everything becomes popping and clear.  

This monitor also offers an option of crosshairs, which eSport players basically use to get the greatest advantage of the game. 

In many cases, you can also add a virtual crosshair or frame rate indicator on the screen to boost the monitor’s performance; as we know, crosshair and frame rate are keys for high-end gaming performance.

In a nutshell, if you have a decent budget for upgrading monitors, seize Pixio PX5 Hayabusa.

Specifications of Pixio PX5 Hayabusa
Display24.5″ Full HD, 400 nits
VESA Compatible100 x 100mm
Response Time1ms GtG
Adaptive SyncHDR 10 Ready and AMD FreeSync





  • Larger 240Hz monitor
  • Compatible 240Hz monitor
  • True cinematic HDR experience


  • A bit blur in fast-paced games

Our Verdict:

Pixio PX5 is a smooth and fast monitor that makes it easy to conquer enemies, regardless of how quick and intense the scenes are. The quick movements of this monitor let you banish opponents in seconds, so why to hesitate to grab this blazing speed monitor!

Overall, this monitor comes with great features but lacks black frame insertion feature which can cause fair amount of overshoot causing motion artifacts. But, this is a decent display that supports Display Stream Compression to give you the best possible gaming experience for demanding games with extreme visuals.


How to Find the Best Budget 240Hz Monitors- An Ultimate Buying Guide

Whenever you want to buy a monitor, do not pick it randomly. You need to look at every specification to make your selection long-lasting and relevant. 

Though our above-reviewed monitors are perfect in their features still, we are mentioning some integral factors that you shouldn’t miss when you are in the market.

Curved or Flat:

Usually, monitors come in two forms: flat and curved. If you are a gamer, you need to buy a curved monitor because it gives you a clear and crisp screen display. Its wide-angle lets you see everything by sitting on your seat.

A flat monitor causes issues for gamers because it is hard to get a clear picture when you are playing games on it.


The 240 Hz monitors come in different sizes, but they have a 1080p resolution. You can change any of the screens according to the image quality you want. In the market, you will find a monitor of 24”, 27”, and even 32”; you can get a screen size according to your comfort and need.

Response Time:

If your monitor has a slow response time, your enemies will kill you and face defeat. Response time plays a vital role in winning the game; thus, don’t miss this factor.

1ms is a good response rate; you can go with it!


As a gamer, you need complete comfort; your monitor should be at an appropriate height, and you must be sitting at a convenient place. 

Only specific monitors provide you with features to adjust the height according to your comfort; you need to grab such easy-going monitors.

The above factors will save you from the tough time that beginners encounter in the market. You only need to keep these critical factors in your mind and ensure whether your chosen owns them or not. Don’t show negligence, as it is a matter of your game and bucks.

Our Summary

An enthusiastic gamer cannot avoid monitors with a 240 Hz refresh rate because these dazzling monitors come with a big bang!

Without any exaggeration, it is literally hard to count the features that 240 Hz monitors bring along; still, we have given a shot in the above review!

Keep in mind- all the discussed monitors are champs in eliminating the input lag, providing an immersive display, and assisting you in beating the enemies with the lightning quickness they own; meanwhile, they are also versatile due to their unique features!

Yet, it’s up to you which one you try to soothe your gaming craze and to defeat your enemies!

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