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Best Budget Camera For Filmmaking

Best Budget Camera For Filmmaking

Videography and Filmmaking require a capable camera to produce stunning short movies or full-fledged movies.

Filmmaking cameras are expensive, and there is a myth that buying the most expensive camera is the key to making a successful documentary or a web series; that is Not True.

Making a successful movie requires top skills because an extremely skilled person can also utilize a cheaper camera for filmmaking.

In this article, we will discuss the top inexpensive cameras for filmmaking for you.

We spent a decade learning and earning from filmmaking. This article will share golden nuggets about choosing the best budget camera for filmmaking, along with some out-of-the-world filmmaking tips.

Ready for the ride? Let’s hop on…

Best Budget Camera For Filmmaking

Two decades ago, only the fortunate could make a film, but today, everyone has access to produce films and movies without spending top dollar. Let’s discuss the cheapest filmmaking cameras available in the market.

Panasonic GH5s – Best Budget Filmmaking Camera

Easily, the Panasonic GH5s is the most powerful and professional digital camera regarding the budget price tag.

In my words, the Panasonic GH5s is the cheapest 4K camera for filmmaking to shoot 4K in 60fps.

The camera features a 10.4MP large sensor to serve you best in videography and filmmaking.

The GH5s record a 14-bit RAW video, making the post-production work smooth and effortless.

The best part?

It has a high ISO range of 6400 through 12800 to capture breathtaking videos even in low light without compromising the sharpness and clarity.

All in all, the Panasonic GH5s is a fully-equipped camera that comes with outstanding features like 4K resolution, Image stabilization, ultrawide dynamic range, weather-sealed construction, Telephoto lens, and a plethora of connectivity options making GH5s the winning filmmaking camera for creative filmmaking like a documentary, wedding shoot, live music shoot, and much more.


  • Ultra slow motion with 1080p at 240fps
  • 4K anamorphic professional video production
  • Freezeproof and water-proof design


  • No cons



Sony Alpha A6600 – Best Budget Mirrorless Camera for Filmmaking

The Sony Alpha A6600 is a top filmmaking camera with the latest and greatest camera technology packed with video features and specifications, making it a suitable pick for extraordinary filmmaking that the theater can appreciate.

Among all the options on our list, the Sony Alpha A6600 is the only Netflix-approved camera, which means you can use this camera for making Netflix movies. Depending on your photography skills and the topic of the documentary, the chances are that your project might get accepted on Netflix.

If you have found your voice as a filmmaker, this budget mirrorless filmmaking camera is the only tool to take your videography skills to the next level.

The Sony Alpha A6600 comes with incredible autofocus that can lock the object or subject in 0.2 seconds which is exceptional such fast autofocus is enough to capture the emotions through actions neatly. If your story is based on movements, then the Sony Alpha A6600 is the only camera with fantastic tracking to accurately track the subject, even if the movements are sharp.

The improved eye detection and face detection systems in Sony Alpha A6600 are what creative shooters look for in a fuss-free filmmaking experience.

The Sony Alpha A6600 comes with a 24MP APS-C sensor to record high-quality footage and capture stunning photos, helping you expand your photography and videography passion without spending thousands of dollars on high-end cameras.

The camera offers a 5-step shutter speed and 11 fps continuous shooting speed, which helps in photography or filmmaking for action sports, weddings, or wildlife.

The outstanding in-body stabilization feature makes handheld shooting extraordinary; the 5-axis image stabilization technology ensures you capture cinematic images and videos with continuous autofocus. The camera can tackle shakes and free-flowing movement while recording films.

Overall, the Sony Alpha A6600 is the best bang-for-the-buck camera for making memorable films with great slow-motion options, and some of the top features of this camera are real-time autofocus, phase detection, contrast detection, and so on. The Sony Alpha A6600 is a worthwhile budget cinematic camera for shooting out-of-the-world videos that don’t cost you a dime.

Fujifilm X-T4 – Best cheapest filmmaking camera

Suppose you are a filmmaker and videographer looking for a good budget cinema camera for making documentaries or other video projects. In that case, the Fujifilm X-T4 is the best option for low-budget filmmaking.

The Fujifilm X-T4 is the perfect cheap option to showcase your filming and photography skills without breaking the bank.

This camera’s best and most important element is the longest battery life, which is filmmakers’ers’ desire because no one likes to replace batteries or charge batteries again and again while shooting a fashion documentary or any other filmmaking project that will be recorded outdoors.

The Fujifilm X-T4 is designed for beginners and professionals, thanks to the user-friendly interface, plethora of specifications, and inexpensive price tag.

Regarding image and video quality, the Fujifilm X-T4 features a 26.1 MP X-Processor for processing images to record perfect videos even in low light conditions, thanks to the ISO range of 160 to 12800.

The ISO range of this camera makes it a perfect gadget for night fashion videography in ultra-low light, so there is no hassle of arranging lights anymore.

Regarding slow-motion, the camera can record 4K with 60 frames, so the slow-motwon’ton’t be the smoothest like the above-discussed camera, but you will get good results.

The Fujifilm X-T4 comes with amazing autofocus and subject tracking system to capture the sharpest and clearest clips. The best part is real-time autofocus tracking in video mode. According to our research, only premium or high-end cameras have real-time autofocus tracking, referred to as top-of-the-line autofocus.

The Fujifilm X-T4 offers in-body image stabilization that allows you to shoot without the gimbal, but it will look like the video is shot on a gimble due to the smoothness this feature offers. This feature helps correct image shakiness quickly, allowing you to do nice and smooth handheld shooting.

The Fujifilm X-T4 is the latest and greatest camera available at the lowest price tag, allowing you to shoot high-quality 4K videos and stills. Some top features are articulating LCD, Improved battery life, and dynamic ISO range. All the above specifications make this camera a perfect option for a beginner and a professional filmmaker and photographer.

Fujifilm X-T3 – Best Budget Video Camera for Filmmaking

The Fujifilm X-T3 is our next budget mirrorless camera for beginner filmmaking, packed with amazing video features and specifications, making it an effective video camera for filmmaking on a budget.

The Fujifilm X-T3 can shoot dreamy footage like shooting the fireplace or staring at the night sky.

If you have a perfect storyline waiting for the right camera to capture it, the Fujifilm X-T3 is your buddy.

Starting with the resolution, the Fujifilm X-T3 has a 26MP cropped sensor that lets you record 4K videos with hyper-realistic image quality. The downside is that with 4K at 30 fps, won’ton’t be able to get perfect slow motion with this camera, and if your projdoesn’tsn’t revolve around slow motiodon’ton’t ignore this camera.

The Fujifilm X-T3 offers an exceptional ISO range to do nighttime photography in low-light situations like the above examples of shooting a fireplace, walking on a beach, or shooting distant stars.

Furthermore, the Fujifilm X-T3 offers a manual focus system that allows you to set the focus, which can sometimes be inaccurate manually, so switching to the autofocus can be helpful for quick shooting if you are running out of time.

The amazing feature of the Fujifilm X-T3 is the perfect tracking system, and the unique feature is that the autofocus covers 100% of the sensor. Hence, as a videographer, you need the sharpness and accuracy this feature can offer you.

SupposeSuppose you were filming your project outdoors and worried about the harsh weather conditions. In that case, hat case Fujifilm X-T3 is for you because it comes with a weather-sealed body that enables it to shoot in extreme conditions. The water-resistant and splash-resistant exterior makes it a water-friendly camera.

Finally, the camera comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, and a touch LCD screen.

Overall, the Fujifilm X-T3 is a powerful camera for filmmaking with a budget price tag that is a versatile and durable option to expand your creativity. The camera is weather-proof and offers the highest resolution without emptying your bank.

Canon XF400 UHD – Top Budget camera for self-filming hunts

The next best budget camera for filmmaking on our list is the Canon XF400, a masterpiece with superb video quality and a handful of other features proving to be a great camera for creating an award-winning short film.

You can also use this camera for shooting hunting videos as it is specially designed for filming hunts, and you will be happy with the engaging videos you create with this camcorder.

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Starting with the resolution, the Canon XF400 comes with 1.0-inch 4K Ultra HD CMOS image sensor to shoot top-notch videos and images of wildlife in the forest.

Furthermore, the camera also features a DIGIC DV 6 image processor, a good option for vloggers and journalists to create ultra-realistic videos without shelling top dollar.

The best part of the Canon XF400 is that it allows you to record HD video with 140fps, which men the smoothest and clearest slow motion for hunting videos. Image uploading a slow-mo of a cheetah chasing the deer can be a breathtaking moment for the audience watching your videos.

Furthermore, the camera comes with a durable build and can easily withstand the wear and tear of wildlife places. On top of that, the lightweight construction makes it portable and easy to use anywhere.

Next, the camera offers an image stabilization feature that means you can take shots while running. The camera will ensure smooth video captures footage with the image stabilization technology to remove blurry or shakiness from the video.

Like other camcorders, this camera also comes with an external audio system, so you can record natural sounds of wildlife that can make the videos more engaging.

Finally, the Canon XF400 is a perfect machine for self-filming hunts with sharp autofocus, a touch-enabled LCD panel, dual SD card slots, and a 15x optical zoom lens for shooting live hunts from a distance through magnifying.

Nikon D500 – Best Cheapest 4K camera for filmmaking

Next is the Nikon D500, the cheapest 4K camera for filmmaking. That is a good budget cinema camera that offers amazing flexibility in filmmaking if you have a great passion for videography and filmmaking.

The Nikon D500 can be used to merge real shots with animated shots like CGI movies. If you are also working on one of these types of projecdon’to, n’t hesitate to buy the Nikon D500 becait’sit’s the cheapest 4K camera for filmmaking you could buy.

Moving on, the Nikon D500 has an easy-to-use layout and a lightweight design so that you can carry the camera easily in your hands to operate it professionally for as long as you desire.

The tilting LCD lets you view all the details about the footage you are recording and shows what you are filming in real-time.

The Nikon D500 also has two memory card slots, one for the SD card and one for the XQD card.

Furthermore, the Nikon D500 offers solid resolution, thanks to the 20.9 high-quality CMOS sensor and the powerful image processor that ensures you get the clearest and sharpest pixels for the images and videos you take.

The Nikon D500 is an all-around filmmaking camera that you will probably see in the hands of a notable indie filmmaker or auteur director filming in the wildest of situations.

Moving on, the Nikon D500 is a perfectly good device for realistic-animated short films.

Besides that, the camera is equipped with Exemplary autofocus because a camera with inaccurate focus will cause blunders in your videography.

So, the autofocus works perfectly well with the eye-tracking system to track the subject in real-time to deliver mesmerizing shots.

Overall, the Nikon D500 is a highly recommended, cheapest, and best 4k camera that tight-budget filmmakers can purchase to make their films and short series.

Canon EOS 90D – Best Canon Camera For Budget Filmmaking

The Canon EOS 90D is the next professional-looking camera thrifty filmmakers and videographers use for travel photography and music videos.

Besides that, the Canon EOS 90D can also be used to shoot video footage of online uploads and social media platforms. If you are looking for a camera that produces small file sizes with short upload times and stunning playback quality, consider the Canon EOS 90D.

The Canon EOS 90D can make you a famous internet personality for your professional recorded song with high-resolution, thanks to the 32.5 MP cropped sensor and the powerful DIGIC 8 image processor that does the job of processing ultra-clear pictures so that you can experience good clarity with crystal clear pixels.

On top of that, the Canon EOS 90D comes with 220,000-Pixel AE metering sensor shooting that is rare and available only in top-end filmmaking cameras, making this camera an exception.

Suppose you are a TikTok, vlogger, or Pinterest celebrity looking to make IGTV videos in slow-motion. In that case, you will be disappointed as the camera can only record 4K in 30 frames per second. Furthermore, the Canon EOS 90D is not that great for slow-mos.

The best part of Canon EOS 90D is the Movie Servo AF mode that allows you to capture incredibly natural-looking clicks with great focus when there are multiple subjects, thanks to the subject tracking technology that can detect faces and eyes for several subjects.

The Canon EOS 90D is the best budget filmmaking camera for shooting cinematic music videos. With this budget camera, you can test your creativity, allowing beginners to record amazing clips with easy-to-use controls and 10fps continuous shooting mode.

Finally, the camera comes with an optical viewfinder that shows you the area captured in your shot and can also be seen on the large LCD screen that you can flip up.

Overall, the Canon EOS 90D is the best budget camera for freelance filmmakers and music videographers. That has the highest possible resolution at the lowest budget price, and camera’sra’s overall performance makes it the best affordable camera for filmmaking.

Sony Alpha a6400

We only handpicked the versatile, reliable, and durable cameras from the huge selection of great budget cameras, and the Sony Alpha a6400 is one of them.

The best part of the Sony Alpha a6400 is that it has all the abilities to help you make the best and most convincing story without spending a dime on heavier or bigger equipment.

Regarding speed, the Sony Alpha a6400 is one of the fastest; stellar autofocus, Eye tracking, face tracking with precision, and Image stabilization. All combined help you shoot documentaries, sports events, school events, interviews, or news reporting.

Moving on, the Sony Alpha a6400 comes with a 24.2 Mega Pixels Exmor CMOS sensor that does a great job of processing images with crystal clear details making the camera suitable for casual and street photography.

It works with great speed, thanks to the 11fps continuous shooting mode that makes it reliable for shooting moving objects without motion blur or pixelating.

Plus, you can shoot in 4K movie2 w/ 2.4x oversampling4, full pixel readout, without any problem like pixel binning.

Finally, the LCD with this camera is touchscreen and can rotate up for making video or photo selfie-style shooting super easy.

Overall, the Sony Alpha A6400 is a well-equipped filmmaking camera suitable for beginner content creators and good for professional and amateur content creators for making creative documentaries, events coverage, and podcasts. This is the best value for the money compact cinema camera that is perfect for making all levels of movies.


Nikon Z6 – Best Nikon Budget Camera For Filmmaking

The next best camera for making films on our list is Nikon Z6, a budget-friendly camera that costs little more than $1000 but has everything you need for your filmmaking gig. Although this is the same price as an iPhone, a dedicated camera can offer much more than an iPhone.

The camera allows you to shoot bright daytime scenes. It allows you to capture videos throughout the day, thanks to the massive creative controls of this camera, giving you perfect white balance for extreme accuracy so that you won’t have to manipulate lighting and temperature manually.

The best part of this camera is the higher ISO of 100-6400; that will help when there is too much grain in your video footage, and you will get the sharpest and cleanest footage.

The Nikon Z6 has a 24MP full-frame sensor regarding the resolution and picture quality. It utilizes ISO to capture great shots with terrific clarity while spending little cash on the entire setup.

The camera has an electronic viewfinder that is not equal to the optical viewfinder and supports in-body stabilization from 5 axes.

The Nikon Z6 offers usable autofocus with speed and accuracy; this latest autofocus technology has 425 phase detection and 425 contrast-detection points with subject tracking.

Finally, the camera has a highly responsive touchscreen LCD to interact with the camera settings.

Overall, the Nikon Z6 is the ultimate budget filmmaking camera for the money commonly used by amateurs and professionals to capture cinematic footage for your films. Among the few downsides, the bad one is that this camera lacks a PC sync socket and the lens control ring function is super-sensitive.

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Canon 80D

The Canon 80D is the next best budget camera for filmmaking for filming stunts and thrilling action shots, and you can also use it for making a major motion picture. This is the cheapest filmmaking camera, and if you are unable to afford this camera, then you can shoot movies with your iPhone as well, but for quality, you have to spend money.

Moving on, this is the camera used in Christopher Nolan’s movies like the Dark Knight trilogy, and you can also use this average-sized camera for making top-quality videos.

This camera is a hybrid shooter than is better than a prosumer camcorder and allows you to swap lenses to get the best results.

Among the inexpensive video cameras for filmmaking, this is the only budget-friendly option that comes under one grand and may not be the 10% of your total budget for the movie you are filming. Still, the entire movie budget will depend on this camera.

Moving on, the Canon 80D is the best-selling device with an optical viewfinder that is better than an electric viewfinder, and the best part is that the weather-sealed body allows you to shoot outdoors.

Regarding the resolution, the Canon 80D comes with a 24.2-MP CMOS sensor, the DIGIC 6 image processor, and the 18-135mm kit lens to get a satisfying resolution from the camera for your upcoming projects. The sensor gives you more depth of field with a bigger sensor and better performance in low light for shooting weddings or live music.

The camera features a 45-point cross-type autofocus system, and the precise autofocus in live view mode is great for video shooters. Big movie producers are always hunting for cameras with lightning-fast autofocus, real-time Eye-AF, and real-time object tracking features. This camera with all these features gives you ultra-fast autofocus for making a hit movie.

Finally, the Canon 80D is a great camera with a low aperture lens. It is a great cinematic feature and comes with 11 different classic film simulation modes like Hollywood or Bollywood movies.

This is the best camera if you are on a tight budget and need a perfect camera that can take amazing slow-motion shots with a high frame rate. This little fellow can record FHD 1080p videos at 60fps, which is the minimum slow-motion rate but still worth it looking at the price bracket.


Panasonic GH5

We have reviewed cameras in this list in the $200 to $2000 budget range. Still, this one is the only digital camera above the two thousand dollar price tag which can get slightly expensive for many people but before you get scared with the price tag, take a look at what this bad boy offers.

The Panasonic GH5 is the best budget camera for outstanding photography that allows you to grow your photography passion. Whether you are new to photography or an expert with years of experience, this camera will take your expertise to the next level.

The Panasonic GH5 can shoot at 12fps in continuous mode. The cherry on the top is the inbuilt image stabilization to eliminate the shakiness caused by your hands to deliver ultra-smooth and clearest photos making the camera a perfect pick for news coverage, sports events, or vlogging in which you are continuously walking, running, or diving in the water, yes the camera features water-sealed body.

The next best part of this camera is that it can shoot in 4096 x 2160 resolution with 60fps max and 6k at 30 fps making Panasonic GH5 the only camera with 6K resolution and the only one that can capture superior slow-motion shots with no variable frame rates. 

To edit videos recorded with the Panasonic GH5, you must use advanced video editors like Filmic Pro, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Rush because Adobe Premiere Pro won’t support such the highest resolution.

Moving on, the Panasonic GH5 comes with an ISO range of 200 to 25600, making it the ultimate camera for low-light because sometimes, there is no arrangement of light, and sometimes, you deliberately want to shoot in low-light like Auroras in Alaska or other beautiful places where shooting at night is much better than day time.

This camera allows you to color grade your footage, thanks to the HDR and HLG profiles. Still, it lacks advanced color profiles like S-Log2 and S-Log3 that can make coloring your video harder in post-production, but you can play with tone and color to make perfect color corrections according to your project type.

The best part is that the camera comes with a 3MP micro four-thirds sensor responsible for strong image quality.


Canon EOS M50

Finally, the last pick for this list is Canon EOS M50, a marvelous invention and nicely priced model with a distinctive slow-motion feature, great battery life, and a wireless microphone transmitter.

The Canon EOS M50 is a great mirrorless camera equipped with a 24MP APS-C sensor and a powerful image processor to shoot in 4K resolution at 60FPS to give you a nice slow-motion experience without shelling a lot of money.

The Canon EOS M50 looks heavier or bulkier from the looks. Still, it’s wisely designed to be a lightweight gadget that filmmakers can easily use anywhere and tuck in any bag they want, thanks to the compact construction.

Besides that, the Canon EOS M50 features a built-in flash and a 3-inch full articulating and forward tilting LCD screen that can also flip out.

The camera features great autofocus to give you the best possible filming experience. After shooting, it gives you RAW uncompressed footage that you can easily color grade and change white balance and ISO while editing. In a nutshell, the Canon EOS M50 allows you to transform your footage in editing to look like an 8K full-realistic photo or video.

Overall, the Canon EOS M50 is a great doc camera for middle to high school-aged kids filmmaking that comes with a rechargeable battery, AC adapter, backlight correction, red-eye reduction, and wireless shutter release mode. The hand grip strap makes it easy to hang the camera on the wall. It doesn’t come with a tripod but brings a monopod. 


Buying Guide

Beginners inspired by those who make money from their recordings can read this guide to learn everything about buying the best filmmaking camera at a budget price so they can decide to buy a pro-level device that can offer fantastic image quality without spending a lot of money.

Let’s quickly discuss some important elements then we will go in-depth about some topics that you should be aware of before investing cash in a filmmaking camera.

Video performance

The best camera for cinematography is much more versatile, powerful, and well-equipped compared to the traditional or regular cameras used for taking pictures and making short videos. The most important part of a filming camera is the video performance, which is a large topic; we will break it down so that you can len detail.


Resolution is defined as the number of pixels in an inch and the more pixels. There are in an inch, the more sharp picture quality you will experience. So, when buying a camera for filmmaking, people tend to go after 4K resolution, which means 3840 x 2160 pixels, and some people go with 6K resolution, which means 6144 x 3456 pixels.

Getting the highest resolution camera is also not good because that will result in a larger video size, which means more storage space will be required. On top of that, editing such videos will require a massively powerful system, so be careful about the resolution while choosing the camera.

It boils down to what type of videos you are planning to produce. For making Youtube videos, then going after a 6K camera is a big mistake because most Youtube users are watching your videos on smartphones and do not need to go towards the highest possible resolution route because 4K will be more than enough for the users. Similarly, for making Netflix documentaries, you should go with a 6K camera rather than a 4K because you need to show the charismatic quality of your movies to get approved.

Beginners can go with even a 720p or HD camera as well as a 1080p or FHD camera and intermediate filmmakers can go with 2K or WQHD cameras, but professionals should go with 4K or UHD cameras.


The next most important element in video performance is the bitrate, which refers to the amount of compression applied to a video when you save the video on your storage drive, USB, or memory card. The higher bitrate means the video is less compressed, which means a bigger video size, which means you can easily edit that video. Still, sometimes the memory card isn’t fast, so you must get a faster memory card with at least the capacity of 30-70 Mbps writing speed for a 4K video.

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Bit Depth

The bit depth refers to the amount of color in the video or movie you have recorded; every video has a bit depth depending on the camera you use. The higher the bit rate, the more decent colors there are in the film. Low bit depth means color banding, and no subtle color gradations, which is usually the case with cheaper cameras. So, the common bit depths are 8-bit and 10-bit, and each level records a different range of red, green, and blue colors to decide the color visuals of your videos.

Color Subsampling

The recording of colors from the pixels in your camera’s sensor is called color subsampling. So, when the camera is recording the video, each pixel’s color information is also recorded, which is good for cheap filmmaking cameras.

Frame Rate

Video recording is based on the frame rates, and the frame rate that has been commonly used in the filming industry is 24 fps by some big hit movies that have also been recording 60, 120, or even 240 fps for filming cinematic slow-motion shots.

Sensor Size

The most important part of a filming camera is the sensor size. The larger the sensor size, the more pixels there will be in the video to achieve a higher level of clarity—the smaller the sensor size, the lower the number of pixels on the video. There are full-frame sensors and crop sensors commonly used in filming cameras.

A crop sensor gives you a shallower depth of field. Still, the frame lens gives full body coverage because the aperture is wider, and this is commonly used for making top-quality professional videos.

Pixel Density and ISO Performance

Pixel density is something else and is not the image’s resolution; in fact, pixel density is when there are highly dense pixels on a picture, and the lower or higher number of pixel density determines the photo quality.

Pixel density also depends on the Pixel Pitch, which is the distance between two pixels. So, advanced cameras come with tightly packaged pixels so that videographers can experience top-notch video quality.

ISO is a different thing; it represents how grainy a photo is in a low-light environment. Higher pixel density means smaller pixels and low light collection by each pixel that can cause noise, which is why the dynamic range is reduced.

Is the Camera easy to use?

Beginners should opt for the best starter video camera with easier controls, an LCD with a touchscreen, and long battery life to make great YouTube videos without wasting time.

You can go after complex cameras to make movies or web series for professional video production.

Screen Resolution and Articulation

Getting a camera with a touchscreen LCD and high resolution will allow you to review your videos and get a larger view of the area you will capture.

The cherry on the top can be that you can get a camera with an articulating screen today for making self-videos and adjust the screen to get more interesting shots.

A camera with a flip screen allows you to pull out the screen and face forward to make videos of yourself and adjust the framing according to it.

Battery Life

An important factor to consider when getting a camera is the battery life which will determine how long you can shoot and what type of videography that camera will suit. 

How annoying and disappointing it will be that you are shooting a short film, and the battery runs out in the middle of the shoot.

A common problem with cameras that you use for recording high-resolution videos will generate a lot of heat, which will disturb the videos like there will be lines in videos or overheating can cause to melt internal components, so few cameras are coming with the advanced internal heat sink.

Internal Stabilization

The most important feature a camera can offer is stabilization, a technology used in cameras to remove shakes caused while shooting an action shot to make the video smooth.

Almost every camera features Internal stabilization that allows you to make handheld videos without a gimbal and makes the camera suitable for weddings, sports, and action shots of a movie.

Log Picture Profiles

A video recorded in log modes looks gray and terrible on camera, but the best part is that you can use this footage for color grading. What happens is that the log files compress the dynamic range of the video to maintain the black and white without missing the details. The final grading process recovers the truly bright and dark values.

A professional camera must be equipped to record videos with log picture profiles. The common log files are C-Log, and S-Log, depending on the camera and manufacturer.

RAW Shooting

RAW video shooting is similar to Log picture profiles that are also responsible for capturing the film’s dynamic range so that you can later use it for color grading. So, to record pro-level video, go after a camera that offers a RAW file and Log Picture Profile. Depending on the camera, you will get both the Log picture file and RAW video file.


The ability to track subjects during the shoot is called Autofocus. This is important when you are shooting an action scene, and the camera should be able to track the subject during the shot because losing the focus will result in a blurred or unfocused shot that will destroy the whole recording. So, you must get a camera that is accurate, faster and has quieter autofocus.

Many professional video cameras offer manual focus, allowing you to lock the desired subject during a wedding or music video shoot to keep the subject focused while everything else is unfocused.

Frame Rates

The frame rate determines how many frames are captured in a second. The higher frame rate means higher smoothness, and the video can also be shown in slow-motion because there are a higher number of frames taken in a large interval of time. So, if your movie project requires slow-motion shots, then go with the highest frame rate camera.

Touchscreen LCD

The LCD with touchscreen allows you to play with the settings like focal length, exposure, aperture, ISO, and other camera settings to get the desired shots.

Memory Card

The need for a memory card depends on the type of video and size you are going to shoot. For longer videos of weddings or events, you need a memory card with higher memory and higher bitrate to store the footage quickly.


Having a built-in microphone allows you to capture the recording in case you don’t have any other option to record the audio. But going with an external microphone will offer you clearly defined sound without background noise. So, to get smooth and noiseless audio from your videos, must use a dedicated microphone.

Flash Light

Many cameras offer a built-in flashlight but many don’t, and that is why you should consider buying a flashlight to prevent filming a grainy video without an external lighting kit.

Value For Money

The value of money is an important perspective to look at a camera because when you spend money on a professional camera, you must be able to make professional films that can make you good money. A restricted budget will get you a camera with restricted features or an entry-level camera, but the budget will define what type of digital camcorder you get.

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