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Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88

Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88

Are you looking for the best cams for a stock Twin Cam 88? Cheers! You are in the right place. Here we have the best twin cam 88 for Harley-Davidson Engine.

Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88

Undoubtedly, the development of Harley-Davidson as a brand is one of the most significant progress in the motorcycle market from the last few years. It’s a tremendous technical step from the previous generation of Harley-Davidson engines, which have received a lot of appreciation.

If you’re in the market for a new cam for your stock twin cam 88, you’ve come to the right place. The TC88’s engine is recently improved by Harley-Davidson, which has a record of looking for ways to enhance its products. The appropriate Cam will enhance your bike and enrich your road trip.

Harley Davidson’s dual cam 88 engines are among the best in the industry. Two camshafts control intake and exhaust valves, allowing these engines to produce more power while consuming less fuel than ever before. Since it is difficult to track down the best Cam for a stock twin cam 88, you might end up buying the wrong one.

If you want to get more power out of this engine, you’ll need a high-quality cam that won’t make any noise, has no tension issues, and reduces friction inside the engine. In any case, that’s the point of this article! Today, we will show you all the best-selling items on the market! We may now start.

So let’s get started!

Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88

You can also quickly compare our selected Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88 by unfolding our comparison table.

1Harley Davidson TC 88 96 103 110 Twin Cam ● Type: Twin cam
● Warranty: No
● Design: window
Check Price
2Harley Davidson TC88 Cam ● Kit size: Lightweight and convenient
● Durability: Extra durable
● Installation: Very Easy
Check Price
3XKMT-Compatible With HARLEY DAVIDSON ALL TWIN CAM● Durability: Extra Durable
● Case Design: Comfortable
Check Price
4Dasen Inner Cam 1999-2017● Kit size: Lightweight and convenient
● Durability: Extra durable
● Installation: Very Easy
Check Price

Choosing the best stock Twin Cam 88 cam for your needs can be complicated. It’s easy to get high-end things, but it isn’t easy to find something more affordable! So, without further ado, here are some reviews of the best cams for your Twin Cam 88 engine. You won’t have any difficulty finding another one once you’ve finished this one!

1.) Harley Davidson TC 88 96 103 110 Twin Cam Harley Davidson TC 88 96 103 110 Twin Cam 

This Cam is the best Harley Touring Cam TC88, and it is compatible with both old and new models. This high-performance computer-designed cam is coated with a uniform layer of black oxide for improved durability and strength. They also have a sleek look. The high-quality construction and use of current design technologies make this product more effective and relatively inexpensive than some of its competitors.


  • This package includes the MBS Mfg window adjustment to the installation plate. It is perfect for bikers who meticulously maintain and upgrade their bike engines. Because of this, you can read through all of the instructions as the software is being installed. All tc88, 103, 96, and 110 models that use b168 or b148 bearings are compatible with this product.
  • Interior cam bearings are installed by this pair on both current and prior Dyna and twin cam models. This high-quality build material product offers cutting-edge design technologies to increase performance. At the same time, the engine runs at maximum horsepower and torque for drag or track racing.
  • This kit has a new collet design. It has excellent midrange and low-power features to enhance your bike’s effectiveness. The Twin Cam 88, 96, 103, and 110 engines are well-suited to this installation and puller. Bearings of the b148 and b156 kinds can be used with them.
  • This package comes with a set of detailed instructions, and installation is pretty very straightforward! This set includes a “T” pin, which is excellent for decreasing internal friction on your bike’s parts. The product is entirely manufactured in the United States.

  • The directions are simple to follow.
  • It’ll work on both newer and older Twin cams.
  • To get it into the bearings, you’ll have to be patient.


Installer and Puller Kit 110s, 103, 96, and TC88 models with b168 and b148 bearings are the most significant components of this set. Modern technology and hardware are seamlessly integrated into the design, making it easy to use.

2.) Harley Davidson TC88 Cam Harley Davidson TC88 Cam 

If you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars but still need something long-lasting and beneficial for your Harley tc88 motorbike, we’ve got it covered in this article! At the very least, this Inner Cam Bearing Installation Tool has been developed to meet your needs. It’s fully compatible to use it from 1999-2006 with confidence.


  • High-end torque is supported with the Cam tools, which is ideal for Harleys. The black oxide coating makes them long-lasting, and the instructions written on them make it easy to follow the installation process. To comprehend all of the ideas, you may need to spend some time there. It is a comfort that handing the bearings with the tools is easy.
  • The blackened oxide coating with the included setup makes them easy to use to ensure their durability. Take your time and make sure you understand everything. You will be delighted to see that the bearings are coming out so quickly! These cam tools improve the flow efficacy of the exhaust and intake ports
  • it is compatible with TC’s from 1999-2006. However, the 2006 Dyna won’t be able to use it. Within minutes, this set can repair or replace any bearing issue. For your convenience, the kit comes with step-by-step installation instructions.

  • It includes a high-quality puller.
  • A high-quality tool with an excellent protective coating.
  • Thumbscrews that are long and slender.


This kit is 100% manufactured in the United States and adheres to all of the industry standards for the most OK Cam for your TC88 touring. Installation plate modification by MBS Mfg results in a patent-pending window design. Fortunately, all of the instructions are written so that you can follow them while installing rapidly.


There is no need to worry about the stress in the primary chain if you use these tools. The primary chain’s tension can be automatically manipulated and adjusted using these gadgets. Additionally, it reduces engine noise and improves ride comfort.


  • The installer and pillars are made of heavy-duty and black powder-coated finish. Screws are stainless steel, nuts and washers are yellow zinc, and thumbscrews are stainless steel. They feature sturdy construction and are well-coated to withstand the test of time. A lengthy, smooth gear shift is achieved by a steady, even tension on your engine.
  • Bearing friction noise is significantly decreased, which means you won’t have to replace your bearings for a long time. New and old Twin Cam 88 engines can benefit significantly since they make them more efficient.
  • Motorcycles made between 1999 and the present are a good match. Your bike’s bearings will function for a long time, thanks to a reduction in the sound made by bearing friction. You may expect a higher ride quality because of the use of XKMT, which is one of those double cams that reduces shifting noise.

  • The tools make handling the bearings simple.
  • Don’t make a distracting and loud shifting noise.
  • There are no instructions for installation.


These items are suitable for both new and old Twin Cam 88 engines, and they do a fantastic job of boosting performance. The puller is having a difficult time fitting into the bearing. In addition, when you enter the shaft into the pulling tool, be careful of any damage.

4.) Dasen Inner Cam 1999-2017Dasen Inner Cam 1999-2017

Dasen inner cam is the best Cam for your Harley Davidson motorcycle, while bearing installer and puller tools are made of heavy-duty and black powder-coated finish. You can enjoy a smoother ride all through your journey with a high compression ratio.


  • This most OK Cam for the twin cam 88 Harley Davidson, and its bolts used for thumbscrews are stainless steel, with yellow zinc washers and nuts. This kit also includes splined chain drive camshafts that make biking more fun-filled.
  • It is also one of the easy to mount options out there, and you can install them with stock tubes or flexible pushrods. There is a novel removal hole design to see clearly what you are doing while using the kit during the bolt-in Cam with high torque and horsepower for travel over a long distance.
  • The inner cam bearings of the Twin Cam 88 are easily removed and replaced with this pair. Generally speaking, this Cam is fully compliant with the engine’s parts, air-cooled engine design, which operates smoothly and effectively. Customer feedback and satisfaction are firmly in favor of this product line.
  • Inner bearings and precisely put the new ones in their appropriate place. This Cam also provides straightforward directions and enough pictures to help you rapidly grasp the information to solve issues.

  • Working with them is a breeze.
  • This is an excellent tool that is composed of high-quality materials.
  • Puller is ineffective


A pair of cam inner needle-bearing tools is included in the box. The puller isn’t handy, and the press may have difficulty lining up correctly when you push the bearings in.

Buying Guide for the Best Cam For TC88 Harley Touring

There are a few things to consider before investing in a cam for your TC88 twin-cam. These will extend the life of your vehicles and keep you from having to make costly repairs in the future.

Compatibility of the Components:

Make sure your Cam is entirely compatible with the engine’s parts to obtain the best performance out of it. It must, among other things, be compatible with the engine’s head design, valve size, compression ratio, stroke, diameter, and flow characteristics.

When choosing your Cam’s engine part, compatibility is crucial. Replace any damaged component with a compatible one if you don’t want an issue to emerge in the future due to engine part incompatibility.


Application and Usage:

Think about how and why you’ll be riding the motorcycle. Is your main concentration circuit-riding? Do you want to take it for a spin down the road?

The correct answers are critical since they define the type of Cam, you’ll need for your Harley-Davidson. You may choose a camera based on how much power you need for your work. If you only want to buy a cam to ride around the neighborhood, look for cams that meet that description; there are cams made to fit any mode of operation.


A high-end torque is ideal for Harley-Davidsons because it is a big bike. Regardless of the Cam you choose, this procedure should be simplified. If you’re going to be driving for a long time, you’ll want a cam that has plenty of torque and horsepower.

Duration of Cam:

Harley-Davidsons, as previously indicated, require low-end torque. A cam with a cam duration of 220-235 degrees is recommended for this horsepower. It all depends on the qualities you desire, and you can always do your homework before buying anything.

Service Manual:

Maintenance instructions for Harley Davidson Cams will serve as brief guides to aid you in understanding. After you’ve purchased the best Cam for your TC88 touring, you’ll need to learn about the mechanics, installation, and maintenance of Harley Davidson Cams.

They give clear instructions and visuals to help you quickly comprehend the subject. They provide advice on how to resolve problems, as well as easy recommendations, alternatives, and specific safeguards to keep you and your bike safe.

Take a Test Drive:

It’s time to take a break and consider having a test ride after evaluating the bike’s engine. However, some motorcycle dealers may refuse to allow you to take a test ride.

Please don’t draw any judgments based on what you’ve heard.

There is nothing to be concerned about, and you should not allow it to affect your decision to purchase a motorcycle. Take advantage of the opportunity if luck is on your side and the owner agrees to a road test.

You’ll want to check if it’s a motorcycle you’ll enjoy riding and can easily handle throughout the road test. A journey will allow you to detect all of the bike’s performance issues fast. It also helps you to get a feel for how it works.

Be sure to ask the seller if something doesn’t seem right at any point while you’re on the road! If they are reluctant to speak, they may be hiding something from you. Their motorcycles should be well-maintained and ready for any troubles that may arise.

Conduct a Post-Ride Evaluation:

The oil should be visually inspected after a road test while the motorcycle’s engine is still hot. Having a low oil level indicates that the rider isn’t keeping an eye on it often. If it looks too dark, it indicates that the cyclist has not replaced it as frequently as required.

If there’s moisture in the oil, it’s an engine emulsion, and this is a major red flag indicating the engine’s performance has been damaged! In addition, it’s a good idea to check the gasoline tank. There is a weird varnish odor coming from the gasoline tank when you open it. This indicates that the fuel within is quite old. This sign clearly shows an extended period of inactivity.

Assess the Mileage:

Forget what you’ve heard about excellent and terrible odometer mileage estimations. Different HD motorbikes have different characteristics and were developed for various reasons. This is why this is the case.

If you can check the bike’s mileage and compare it to its external condition/appearance, that’s the best way to go. If these two elements don’t appear to agree, you should look for a new motorcycle.

Inexperienced riders even claim that the odometer may be easily manipulated. When it comes to making a purchase, the odometer reading on a bike may signify nothing.

Even though Harley-Davidson continues to refine the same 45-degree V-twin air-cooled engine architecture, when it comes to motorcycle engines, they are undoubtedly developing a new kind of timepiece.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is It Required To Replace The Cam Bearings Along With The Cam?

No, you don’t have to replace it unless the original cam bearings are damaged. The cam bearing is unaffected. Therefore you are free to leave it alone.

What Triggers Cam-Bearing Failure On Harley-Davidson Motorcycles?

You consider excessive friction, misalignment, abrasive wear, and poor soil quality as possible causes. If you want to avoid bearing failure, make sure to pay attention to all of these factors.

How Long Does A Twin Cam 88 Last?

The twin-cam 88 has an average lifespan of about 40,000 kilometers. Take good care of it, and it will last longer if you maintain it often and replace worn-out parts.

How do you choose the right Cam for your Harley-Davidson?

Consider the area you’ll be riding in, whether it’s off-road or on the street, how steep the climbs or descents will be, the bike’s size and weight, and the bike/engine combination you’ll be using. Consider the quality of the engine while selecting a decent cam.

How Do Cams Affect A Bike’s Efficiency?

A cam or camshaft opens up valves by pushing against them. The valve springs close and returns to their original position when in use. This process, if done correctly, may have a significant impact on a bike’s efficiency at varying speeds.

Is It True That A Cam Boosts A Bike’s Horsepower?

Your vehicle’s camshaft alters the precise intervals it emits fumes and lets in air or fuel. A motorcycle’s highest horsepower can be dramatically increased by altering this interval.


To summarise the Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88, we conclude that most Harley Davidson motorcycle owners and riders are perplexed as to why they should replace their damaged or defective Cam with better cams available on the market.

There are a variety of cams to choose from, but you must choose the finest and most fitting kit for your motorbike. You don’t have much longer to wait to start utilizing the best Cam for your motorcycle to extend its life and boost its performance. Take advantage of the tips we’ve provided in this article if you’re looking for the most high-end horsepower.

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