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Best Curved Monitor For Macbook Pro

Best Curved Monitor For Macbook Pro

When buying a curved monitor for Macbook Pr, do your diligence to prevent common issues like flickering, color loss, or connectivity problems. Many customers face these issues after buying the curved monitor for MacBook Pro because they avoid researching and get unreliable displays.

We have handpicked every single monitor compatible with MacBook Pro to help you purchase the right monitor that will easily handle the high resolution of the MacBook.

Best Curved Monitor For MacBook Pro

We have reviewed all these monitors with pros, cons, and features to make the selection quick and effortless for you.

Dell Ultrasharp 4919DW Editor’s Choice

Easily, the Dell Ultrasharp 4919DW is our favorite curved monitor for MacBook Pro, thanks to the colossal 49-inch curved IPS panel with QHD resolution and a plethora of connectivity ports, including USB 3.0 and USB Type-C, making it compatible with MacBook Pro.

This monitor is a powerhouse for productivity, thanks to the 1800R curvature screen that gives a uniform view from both sides.

The panel has a native resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels, but the refresh rate is only 60Hz, making it ideal for professional work but not suitable for hardcore gaming.

The support of PIP/PBP and KVM ( Keyboard, Video, and Mouse ) allows you to use two inputs from different computers in one display.

Moving on, this is an incredibly sharp display with a 32:9 aspect ratio and also has ergonomic adjustment options like tilt, adjust, swivel, and rotate. Furthermore, the monitor has Delta-E<2 and a flicker-free screen that is helpful for Macbook users.

Finally, the Dell Ultrasharp is specifically designed for Macbook users to quadruple the Macbook display with extreme color accuracy and crispy visuals.

LG LED 34-Inch Curved Monitor – Runner Up.

The next best option for MacBook Pro is an LG 34-inch WQHD curved monitor with an IPS panel, Macbook connectivity ports, and a 3-side virtually borderless design.

Again, a 60Hz panel is not suitable for AAA or demanding games with fast-moving objects like racing or shooting games, but you can play casual games at 60Hz though.

The 3440x1440p resolution with IPS panel results in superior color accuracy and wider viewing angles that make the monitor great for shared working space. Plus, the anti-glare coating does the best reflection handling to help you work in brighter environments.

Regarding connectivity, 2 USB-C ports allow you to connect to MacBook Pro effortlessly. The KVM switch helps you connect two computers with the display as well.

Furthermore, the 3-side virtually borderless design gives you the next lever immersion while working on your video editing project or photo editing.

Dell UltraSharp U4021QW

Easily, the Dell UltraSharp U4021QW is our favorite curved monitor for MacBook Pro, thanks to the 4k panel with 300 nits brightness and Thunderbolt 3 PD 90W port for connectivity of MacBook Pro.

It starts with the 40-inch IPS panel with 4k resolution that provides enough real-estate to open multiple windows side-by-side, making it an ideal curved monitor multitasking.

The panel comes with 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709, and 98% DCI-P3 color coverage, making it a prominent display for digital content creation like photo editing, cinematic color grading, and video editing. 

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The massive screen size allows you to work on multiple spreadsheets or apps simultaneously.

The best part? The PIP/PBP and KVM switch feature allow you to merge two laptops or computers on a single display without switching peripherals. 

Finally, the 9W speaker delivers crisp audio, making it a great deal for entertainment.

All in all, the Dell Ultrasharp is a wide format monitor for MacBook Pro that offers incredibly stunning visual quality with accurate and outstanding colors.

LG 38UC99

The LG38UC99 is the best ultra-wide curved display that comes with a fantastic 3840×1600 pixels resolution, and this incredibly high resolution with extreme color accuracy makes it a deciding monitor for designers, photographers, and creative professionals.

This monitor offers amazing brightness and wider viewing angles, thanks to the IPS panel that can handle the exceptional image quality, making it a display that professionals will look for.

The higher refresh rate is responsible for fluid movement between high resolutions. The 1ms response time eliminates motion blur that is caused due to fast-paced games and also ensures precision and accuracy for gamers in critical situations.

The Type-C connectivity allows you to connect Macbook and charge it through a single cable. 

The best part is the 10Wx2 built-in speakers responsible for rich bass and vivid sound quality covering under 85Hz for intense bass depth.

Furthermore, the panel has 99% RGB coverage, making the monitor ideal for color-critical workflow.

Finally, the monitor supports OSD for quick and easy access; screen split 2.0 for multitasking and four different PIP choices.

Overall, the LG 38UC99 is a good curved monitor for Macbook Air that can support creative work, thanks to the brilliant color support and massive curvy design.

BenQ EX3501R

The BenQ EX3501R is a great curved monitor for MacBook Pro that gives you the most exquisite tailored experience for professional and entertainment needs. The monitor delivers hyper-realistic video quality and HDR support to take gaming to the next level.

The monumental screen size with awe-inspiring curvature gives you optimal viewing performance. It is further enhanced by ultra-high-definition resolution and a 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio.

The clarity and brightness combined with HDR and B.I.+ mode give you the most comfortable viewing experience, even for dark environments.

With this ultra-slim bezel-less monitor, you can experience boundless vision, and when paired with another monitor, you will never experience the true dual-monitor setup.

There are plenty of ports like HDMI, DP, USB 3.1 for universal multi-platform connectivity.

Most importantly, this is an IPS display with a 100Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, 100R curvature, 3440x1440p resolution, and blue-light filter to protect eyes from harmful blue light.

Finally, the monitor features AMD FreeSync to prevent screen tearing in the case of fast-paced games and ensures you get smooth gameplay without broken frames or tearing.

All in all, this is an impressive curved monitor that is ideal for gaming and professional work. It checks all the boxes that a gamer or a professional would demand from a curved display.

MSI Optix

The next cheapest curved monitor for MacBook Pro on our list is MSI Optix MPG27CQ, a WQHD ( 2560 x 1440 ) curved monitor with a great multi-monitor option, thanks to the super-narrow bezels.

Plus, the VA panel gives you wider viewing angles for viewing content from any angle you desire and sharing it with others so all can get a uniform view. Plus, it features anti-flicker technology that makes it compatible with Macbook users.

Other than that, the monitor comes with blue light reduction technology to prevent eye strain or eye fatigue caused by the harmful blue light coming out of the displays.

Furthermore, the MSI Optix features a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time to deliver the smoothest possible gameplay to professional gamers.

Overall, the MSI Optix is an incredibly sharp curved monitor for the MacBook Pro that meets all the needs of a MacBook owner and is ideally a suitable pick for the MacBook Pro.

Samsung CJ890 Series 49-Inch Ultrawide

The next best-curved monitor for MacBook Pro on our list is Samsung CJ890, a lengthy panel monitor that allows you to manage and view several full-size windows simultaneously. This is a decent ultra-quick curved panel that you can use for your business’s design and digital content creation.

This is a massive 49-inch ultra-wide business desktop with an aspect ratio of 32:9 that makes it ideal for productivity and gaming needs. You can also use this monitor for general purpose home and business needs. 

The monitor delivers an immersive experience with a giant curved panel, and the appeal goes beyond appearance. The dimensionality draws attention compared with a flat panel monitor.

Suppose you are also one of those who use a sharply curved monitor with a wider field of view with a minimum of distortion at the edges. In that case, it is time for you to upgrade from an old VGA monitor to a new generation monitor whose ends seem to flex towards the viewer in a gentle concave arc.

The monitor has all the ergonomic options that you can expect from a decent MacBook Pro monitor, making it ideal for entertainment and professional needs. 

This is a tightly curved monitor with 1800R curvature, a handful of these monitors can form a circle with a radius of 180mm, which is 1.8 meters, or 5.9 feet. The best part of this monitor is that it provides a consistent viewing experience when positioned far from the screen, and the center, right edge, and left edge all seem equidistant from the eyes. This is why ultrawide monitors are used to watching movies in a group.

Moving on, the monitor comes with an astonishing 144Hz refresh rate panel that also makes the monitor suitable for fast and console-based games. The 49-inch panel with a higher refresh rate will surely make the work or gaming immersive. 

The fast refresh rate ensures smooth movement for fast-paced games, immensely decreases tearing of the screen, and efficiently prevents ghosting, blurring, and juddering. Combining the fastest refresh rate with top-notch response time eliminates the blurriness. Also, it delivers a big boost in sharpness that ultimately enhances your work productivity or gaming capabilities.

Other than that, the monitor has 2 USB-C ports allowing you to connect MacBook Pro for a double screen workspace. Type-C makes the perfect pairing of monitors with your MacBook Pro, resulting in an optimal experience for MacBooks.

All in all, the Samsung CJ890 is a multi-purpose curved monitor for MacBook Pro that is compatible with both macOS and Windows operating systems and comes with all the bells and whistles that make it the greatest curved monitor for MacBook Pro.

BenQ EX3501R

The BenQ EX3501R is our best super ultra-wide curved gaming monitor that allows you to take multitasking to another level by adding an identical monitor to form a dual-monitor setup. The monitor has the slimmest bezels except for the bottom one that is pretty thick, in fact, thicker than the rest of the f 3.

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The degree of curvature with slimmer bezels increases the overall appeal of the monitor as it looks amazing on a big wide desk with adequate front-to-back clearance for the natural curve to align across the panels. The sharp curvature at 1800R radius with slim bezels is out of the box design of this monitor.

The monitor supports 3440×1440 pixels resolution with patented eye-care technology to protect your eyes from straining or fatigue. This fantastic color display gives the best color accuracy for your M1 MacBook Pro. The monitor delivers crisp, rich, and natural colors. The overall color accuracy and reproduction are marvelous, allowing you to perform excellent color gradations.

Whether you plan to use the monitor for creative work or gaming, the exceptional color accuracy will make you feel like you made the right investment. For gaming, it is excellent, but for video editing or graphic design, it is fairly good, so you can expect seriously impressive results with this monitor.

Thus curved ultra-wide monitor ensures fantastic image quality; the IPS panel is responsible for pristine image quality with natural images. On top of that, slim bezels take this to the next level, making the overall image experience stunning to see the image amazingly. You can enjoy lifelike images with class-leading image quality with highest color accuracy.

Regarding connectivity, the monitor is equipped with vital connectivity ports. The barrage of connectivity ports includes USB 3.1, USB-C one-cable, HDMI for connecting gaming consoles like PS4 or PS5, High-quality DisplayPort, and a headphone jack. All of these are important ports for Macbook connectivity. 

This machine is designed to serve both home and office needs, and we think it is the most simple and compact solution for a home office to business premises. If you are a video editor, digital artist, financial trader, professional writer, programmer, coder, designer, web developer, or data analyst, this is the most-suited display for your professional work. If you are a serious or professional gamer, this monitor can also fulfill your demands. Plus, it can be used for entertainment or other everyday use.

ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor

You should know that Apple is producing XDR displays, and that’s an expensive route for many people. Instead, getting a cheaper best USB-C/Thunderbolt Display like ASUS TUF will be a great decision.

Samsung is producing iMac-like design next-gen displays with Thunderbolt 3 ports, but they are also out of the budget range for some people.

The only affordable option for many people is ASUS TUF, which is 85W power delivery for Macbook, hotkey puck, solid metal stand, I/O ports, and is a much better option than an Apple endorsed display.

The magic of the USB-C port is that you can connect your MacBook Pro with an external display and charge it through the same cable while working on your projects. The USB-C delivers fast transfer speeds and can transfer video, data, and power nicely and effortlessly. 

This is the only best large format monitor for MacBook Pro that you can use as a second monitor for multi-monitor arrays regarding price and performance.

The monitor offers tremendous accuracy to the eyes and supports color settings for virtually any game genre. This is the monitor that can handle HDR video from compatible sources.

Moving on, the ASUS TUF is designed elegantly with great ergonomics. The ultra-frameless design or edgeless design offers you captivating action, and this is the unparalleled build quality for which you pay a handsome amount of money. 

The monitor has a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness for an optimal display environment. The blue light filter reduces the flicking for smooth viewing possibilities. The low blue mode is ideal for effortless reading capability. With this monitor, you will read and edit the text easily.

The AMD FreeSync ensures the images are stress-free, and there is no difference between the frame rate of the GPU and the monitor. Furthermore, the extreme low motion blur (ELMB) sync system ensures that the images are stress-free.

This super ultrawide curved gaming monitor is a pretty good option for playing modern console games. The monitor delivers good performance with ultrawide angles. The stretched sideways are super sharp because the monitor has enough pixels for professionals. This crisp display doesn’t distort when you stretch the window across the screen.

The monitor is ideal for all your tasks as it will immensely enhance your work, like graphic designing. ASUS TUF produces brilliant visuals with unparalleled realism and uses the brightness intelligence plus sensor to maintain brightness for detailed image work. It supports a perfectly good resolution, and the panoramic view offers a supremely convenient experience for professional developers and videographers. 

USB-C is vital for connecting the display with Macbook, and you should carefully think about this before purchasing the curved monitor for MacBook Pro. 

MacBook owners know that MacBook is a terrific device. Many people think that Macbook displays are not user-friendly, so they prefer using double-screen for Macbook for the most comfortable working experience.

A large curved screen can make the viewing experience immersive and incredible. The bigger the screen size is, the excellent quality you will experience. But, you can expect immense and demanding performance because your productivity will be intensely enhanced, and your workflow will be improved. 

Each monitor on our list comes with a barrage of multitasking features like Split screen, Easy-arrange windows management, PowerSensor Motion Sensor for immediate result seeing that decreases the time wasted on different searching tabs. It also reduces the time wasted on scrolling or switching to different windows. Plus, it delivers room for all your palettes and tools to see everything despite, enough for most laptops.

ViewSonic VX2718-PC-MHD Curved

The next curved option on our list is the ViewSonic VX2718, a monstrous 38-inch IPS curved monitor with USB-C connectivity and a perfect blend of the sure-wide curved display.

This is an exceptionally good display that you can be great in most situations like gaming, coding, streaming, or watching movies. The best part is that you have complete control over the monitor’s orientation.

We have reviewed high-quality budget displays for pro-level screens, but this is the only one with a built-in Retina display, flicker-free screen, and ComfortView feature to protect your eyes. It also has a wide color gamut, and you can utilize the subject-specific guides to display and easily merge it into a double-width screen. 

This frameless edge-to-edge display is a serious well-specced screen that has increased screen space for working on multiple projects simultaneously. The spectacular resolution and viewing capability take this to the next level.

The 1ms response time, when merged with a 165Hz refresh rate, gives you intensely smooth gameplay and an optimized gaming experience. With these specifications, you can get video smoothness through fast-paced games. You can say this is a high-end curved monitor for the MacBook Pro that is a true example of smoothness.

The monitor also comes with adaptive sync technology to synchronize frame rates of GPU with the frame rates of the monitor.

Moving on, this the cheapest curved monitor for MacBook Pro under $300 is the best bang for the buck, and an affordable curved Monitor for MacBook Pro that you should invest your money in. 

The monitor supports USB-C connectivity that can handle 4K display, data transfer, and charging simultaneously. Using this same port, you can connect your external monitor to your laptop along with multiple other devices.

Sceptre 35-inch Curved Monitor

The Sceptre 35-inch is an extra-wide display for multitasking that gives you big room to comfortably scroll through the lengthy spreadsheets and documents to do your work effortlessly and efficiently.

With this monitor, you can make your desired adjustment to achieve the most comfortable angle for your tasks. Plus, it delivers great motion clarity to make details more visible in fast-paced games. So, in a nutshell, you get plenty of space and details for work. Sceptre has considered image quality for this monitor, and that’s why everything you view on this monitor looks beautifully sharp and clear.

Thanks to the 21:9 aspect ratio, LED panel, 35-inch IPS screen with slimmest bezels, and the 3440x1440p resolution, the monitor excels in practical details and visual details.

This is the type of monitor you should use to simultaneously open multiple programs or browser windows. With this monitor, you can go gaming, streaming, coding; you name it.

Moving on, the monitor gives you breathtaking visuals and instant response time that helps with fast-paced games and videographers dealing with animated videos to run rapid animations on the monitor.

The focal length ensures that your eyes absorb the desired amount of light. The monitor also comes with a blue light filter and flicker-free technology to relax your eyes and prevent the screen from causing stress on the muscles of your eyes. The blue light filter decreases the dangerous emissions from the unit and prevents harmful effects from preventing irritation or eye stress so that you can sit in front of the monitor for prolonged hours.

All in all, this is a decently amazing curved monitor that allows you to sit in front of the monitor for as long as you want without any hassle to do your late-night projects. It reduces blue light emissions for optimal eye comfort so that you can enjoy working for extended hours.

It is super lightweight and compact, making it a great portable curved monitor for MacBook Pro. With this monitor, you can experience the most comfortable working experience.

Out-of-the-box color accuracy, bigger curvy design, and 2k resolution make the viewing experience matchless. 

Furthermore, the monitor offers you the best image quality on your Macbook’s ultrawide monitor for every task. This strong and unparalleled image quality gives you the feeling of a super-shark 4k image. But, with this monitor, the realistic dynamic image is ideal for creative activities. 

This monitor supports a mega infinity dynamic contrast ratio that provides exceptionally bright colors and realistic visuals with impressive color depth. The monitor delivers impressive color fidelity and a detailed visual experience while giving deeper blacks and brighter brights. The right kind of color gamut tells us the ability of a monitor to display desired colors. This display can handle top-tier HDR performance, and you can also use it in MacBook-specific color mode. 

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The color gamut that this monitor uses delivers exceptional picture quality that helps you tackle your professional tasks in a hassle-free way. This helps you with your digitally creative needs, like editing 4k videos or doing other color-critical work. Just keep in mind that with this monitor, you can experience the contrast and color intensity of your images to a brilliant extent and take your editing skills to a whole new level with a natural and immersive viewing experience.

If you don’t intend to use the monitor on the desk, you can utilize this monitor’s mounting capabilities. It supports a VESA mount that is easy to install, and you can mount the monitor for presentations or conferences. Plus, it allows you to hook up your MacBook Pro as well. Monitor also supports great ergonomic adjustments for working comfortably, giving you every kind of adjustment you could want from a monitor like height, tilt, swivel, and rotate. It can also be used for split-monitor set up but requires a third-party arm. Don’t try to use it for triple-monitor setup, though; the screen is too curvy, and the display will get stretchy and large from both sides.

Alienware AW3418DW

Alienware AW3418DW is our nest best ultra-wide bezel-less monitor for MacBook Pro that comes pre-calibrated and supports G-Sync, which means you can use any GPU in your system as the G-Sync will match the refresh rate of your GPU with the refresh rate of the monitor to deliver smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

The monitor comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio on this IPS panel to dive 178/178 degrees viewing angles allowing you to view the screen from different horizons with uniformity.

The 4ms response time with a 120Hz refresh rate makes it perfect for AAA and other demanding racing or shooting games with fast-moving objects and prevents ghosting and stutter.

Furthermore, the on-screen menu helps you adjust the display settings like brightness, volume, and six gaming modes. 

Finally, plenty of quick-access ports allows you to connect external peripherals, including MacBook Pro.

All in all, the Alienware is a perfect display that custom lighting effects and delivers a lag-free gaming experience with crazy pixels and color accuracy that makes it the best investment for MacBook Pro.

Acer Predator X34

The Acer Predator X34 is the best-curved monitor for MacBook Pro that comes with 2k resolution and 34-inch screen real-estate to work on multiple windows side by side.

This is by fast the sharpest curved MacBook Pro monitor with a ZeroFrame design that eliminates bezels and obstructions on the side. Facebook users use this type of monitor to do their creative work on an extended screen with 100% immersion.

This monitor supports a 21:9 aspect ratio that is great for cinematic viewing and followed by powerful 7W speakers giving you mesmerizing audio experience to use the additional screen for MacBook Pro to entertain yourself and work on your projects.

The screen has a 4ms response time and 120Hz refresh rate to handle the motion blur caused by games with fast-moving objects.

Furthermore, the monitor is a treat for your eyes, thanks to the VisionCare safety with Flickerless technology. Plus, there is a BlueLightShield, low dimming, and comfy view for relaxing your eyes to prevent strains.

The next best thing about this monitor is the dark boost, ECO mode, and ambient lighting mode to help you get a decent color profile.

In a nutshell, the Acer Predator X34 is an impressive curved monitor for MacBook Pro that delivers outstanding visual quality and comes with reliable speakers making it a highly-priced yet effective curved monitor for MacBook Pro.

Samsung CHG70

The next best monitor for Macbook on our list is Samsung CHG70, a decent monitor that has billions of color shades, and the VA panel with the lowest response time not only eliminates the motion blur problem but delivers a high-end gaming experience. 

The monitor gives a 1800R curvature to deliver the amazing IMA experience with excellent details and contrast. 

This amazing gamer-friendly monitor comes with an elegant design and the eye-saver mode for eliminating blue light emissions.

There are also a handful of ports, and the dual-hinge stand and the monitor also have all the settings for games. 

This monitor has a 144Hz screen refresh rate that helps you play fast-paced games. 

All in all, this is an impressive curved monitor for MacBook Pro that has a decent contrast ratio, 1440 resolution, and amazing quality speakers for watching Netflix, YouTube, or streaming on Twitch.

ASUS Rog Strix XG27VQ

This monitor is the super-curved monitor for MacBook Pro that blends great graphics with super low motion blue and adaptive sync technologies to give you an incredibly outstanding gaming experience for your money.

This monitor delivers a comfortable viewing experience, thanks to the gentle curvature of the monitor. You can amuse yourself with the Aura RGB lights on the back.

Other than that, the monitor has a bezel-less design, and all features are gamer-centric, making it a nice curved monitor for MacBook Pro.

The 1ms response time takes out the motion blur problem, and the 144Hz refresh rate allows you to play superior games on this incredible display without any glitch or lag in performance.

The monitor comes with many connectivity ports to host a range of devices, including the Macbook M1 or Mac mini.

All in all, this is a great bigger curved monitor for MacBook Pro that has flicker-free technology and a great 27-inch razor-sharp display to support the clearest and sharpest pixels for games and your work.

Samsung Odyssey G7 – Best Curved Monitor For Macbook under 600

The next suitable curved monitor for MacBook Pro on our list is Samsung LC32G75TQNSXZA, a decent gaming performance with a 240Hz refresh rate and an incredible response time to handle motion blur effortlessly.

The G-Sync compatible variable refresh rate allows you to get smooth gameplay by matching the refresh rate of the GPU with the display’s refresh rate to prevent tearing.

However, get ready to experience flickering while using the monitor at a 60Hz refresh rate. But that’s for fast-moving objects, not for casual usage of MacBook Pro.

This monitor comes in various sizes and resolutions, but this version has 2k resolution and superior color accuracy with an amazing SDR color gamut. The curvature is slightly less at 1000R than above monitors with a 1800R radius, but also smaller.

This monitor has narrow viewing angles, and the credit goes to the VA panel responsible for this issue. Furthermore, there is no HDR, and the edge-lit local dimming is also of no use. So, the monitor has great peak brightness, and the anti-glare coating prevents reflections.

LG 34GP83A-B – Best Curved Monitor For Macbook Under 800

The next best option for Macbook users is LG 34GP83A, a highly curved monitor with a 1900R curvature that comes with a 34-inch IPS panel to give you out-of-the-box color accuracy and decent motion handling with a 144Hz refresh rate that can be overclocked to 160Hz.

Other than that, the G-Sync option helps you get a tear-free gaming experience when using the MacBook for games.

This is a decent monitor with a strong stand, and the panel comes with an anti-glare coating to handle the glares in a brighter environment. 

The best part about this monitor is the wider viewing angles that make the monitor for co-op working space where you share your screen with others and great for those looking for decent color accuracy. 

There is a USB 3.0 port to connect the Macbook.

To handle the clarity of the Macbook, the monitor features DCI P3 color space, and local dimming is also exceptional. The monitor allows you to add virtual crosshairs on the screen.

Samsung CF791

The next best-curved monitor for MacBook Pro on our list is Samsung CF791, a decent full curved wide-angle monitor with a 1500R gentle curvature to support your gaming and professional needs. The display has deeper curves and cinematic beauty to support incredible image clarity with higher pixel density.

This is an unmatched monitor with a bezel-less design and features an anti-glare coating to prevent reflections and a tilt-height adjustable screen. The beautiful base supports the entire frame, and the molding takes care of the cables.

The monitor supports a 21:9 aspect ratio that simultaneously makes two input sources.

The 3440×1440 resolution with VA panel gives you a leakage-free viewing experience with superior clarity and extreme color accuracy, thanks to the Quantum dot technology with 125% sRGB color space.

Furthermore, the monitor offers a 100Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time that can give you little to no ghosting and stuttering for fast-paced games. AMD FreeSync eliminates tearing as well.

Finally, this is a perfect curved monitor for MacBook Pro and can be ideally used for editing photos and videos.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

Easily, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is our favorite curved monitor for MacBook Pro.

This high-end monitor with an aggressive 1999R curve makes you immersive while working or playing games on this monitor.

The 5120×1440 screen and 32:9 aspect ratio are equivalent to placing two 27 inches 1440p monitors next to each other, giving you plenty of space for multitasking as well as playing atmospheric games.

The monitor G-Sync compatibility gives you a tear-free gaming experience. The USB 3.0 port allows you to connect MacBook Pro without any interruption.

Furthermore, the monitor has low input lag and max refresh rate, which means you will enjoy amazing response time on this monitor. The monitor also has a Mini LED backlighting that allows you to enjoy a full array of local dimming with maximum brightness.

The monitor can automatically receive firmware updates; this is an impressive feature. Plus, the dimming deepens the blacks and brightens the whites to give you the true viewing experience with superior clarity.

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The ASUS TUF is the best-curved monitor for office use, thanks to the large panel and WQHD resolution to show supremely shark text and clear images. The monitor has an ultrawide aspect ratio that helps multitaskers, and the aggressive 1500R curvature promises supreme immersion for professional work.

This monitor has an amazing SDR color gamut, 100% sRGB color space, and decent Adobe RGB color space as well, all combined to give you out-of-the-world color accuracy to work on your graphics-intensive projects.

This monitor has limited ergonomics and narrow viewing angles that might stop you from sharing it with others sitting on the angles of the monitor. Still, overall, this is a nice sharp monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate that will run everything like a breeze.


This is a budget-friendly curved monitor for MacBook Pro with an aggressive 1800R curvature and supports 1440p resolution on a 32-inch panel that is super-helpful in multitasking.

The monitor delivers an outstanding gaming experience without warping and offers outstanding peak brightness and excellent reflection handling, making it a unique display with unique features.

This monitor has many great connectivity features and connects external peripheral without any glitch.

Philips 328E1CA

The next monitor on our list can show several illustrations or photos side-by-side and offers natural viewing t Han a flat monitor. You can play caging games, flight simulation games, non-shooting games, AAA games, and do your professional work on this monitor with practical advantages at a small size of 32-inches. You will surely see stretched images, but gamers’ three-dimensional view will be a treat.

Although this is not smaller than 30 inches, it still offers a panoramic view with less distortion making it a boon for gamers graphics artists. This is a perfect display for a multi-monitor setup.

This monitor has a decent wireless charging area for charging mobile devices and tablets. Furthermore, the monitor has a built-in docking station to connect many external devices like a mouse, keyboard, and Internet. There is also a wireless charging pad for fast-charging compatible devices. Compared with all the above-discussed monitors, this unit has the nicest connectivity hub that you can interchangeably.

The monitor offers Bluetooth music streaming and built-in speakers for conference calls and internet workshops. 

The display stretches out further at the sides to deliver the mesmerizing wider display.

The monitor offers a vibrant image with a good sense of depth and prevents fuzzier images. It also supports detailed and sharp images to deliver the best picture quality with accurate colors. When you are investing so much, you can expect sterling image quality. It duplicates the phenomenal picture quality of the Macbook.

You can use this monitor for video editing or photo editing and online meetings on Slack/Teams/Zoom/email. It is designed for charts and worksheets and satisfies your entertainment needs.

All in all, this is the best USB-C ultrawide curved monitor for content creation.

Curved Monitors Buying Guide

A curved monitor is a decent replacement for a split-monitor setup. Many people prefer using a stretched display to save some space on the desk and save their time because otherwise, you can end up wasting more time on a multi-unit setup that is not immersive.

A decent curved monitor for Macbook is the one that has USB-C connectivity allowing you to connect data & power using a single cable. Other than that, there are a plethora of features that we have discussed for each monitor we have reviewed. Let’s look at the features you should look for in a curved monitor.

Size and Resolution

The smaller curved monitor you can get is 27-inch, and the largest curved screen measured diagonally are 30-inch, 34-inch, 35-inch, and 49-inch curved monitors.

Aspect Ratio

Ultrawide monitors have either a 21:9 or 32:9 aspect ratio. The 32:9 aspect ratio monitors are bigger, and users used monitors with 5,120 by 1440 pixels or 3840 by 1080 pixels.


It would be best to get a curved monitor to adjust height, tilt, swivel, and pivot. Few monitors offer rotational movement to convert the monitor into landscape or portrait mode, but you may not see vertical orientation in curved monitors because they are large and heavy.


A curved monitor must have USB-3.0 with Thunderbolt to support Macbook display output. Additional ports like HDMI, an audio-out jack for connecting headset, or external speakers.

Other options

A genera-purpose curved monitor or a large-screen curved monitor can help you open several documents at once, and you would be able to open full-size windows at once. Plus, you would be able to see them with a minimum of eye strain.




A curved monitor is a multitasker’s dream panel because it takes your content creation to the next level without breaking the bank. You can experience real visual experience with a big screen to work on your professional needs for 3D modeling, photo editing, or video editing.

You will like a monitor whose curve is sexy, delicious, and inviting. And, there is no doubt that your eye will immediately spot your curvy visual mistress from a distance. Similarly, you can surprise your homies when they see your work or gaming area with a sophisticated curved monitor.

A monitor with wider dimensions or larger curves is super helpful and most advantageous for gamers, graphic artists, video content creators, and professional writers because the entirety of the display faces the user, creating spectacular immersion.

Whether you get a smaller-sized curved monitor or a larger one, you will have plenty of screen real-estate to do your work on multiple windows and apps side-by-side that is super helpful for gamers, graphics artists, and video content creators to take advantage of aggressive curves, which have grown in size.

For flat monitors, it is hard to maintain an accurate image across the entire screen. Still, with curved monitors, the gentle curve brings the edges of the screen into your field of view while the image remains uniform and accurate while sitting close to a large screen, which means less distortion and better viewing.

No one is buying outdated flat panel displays because there are many advantages to buying curved monitors. The curvatures lessen the risk of eye strain. A wider field of view gives incredible immersion that helps you do your work passionately or play favorite games without any interruption. So, you can see the tangible benefits of curved monitors over classic flat monitors.

When you are using a compelling curved monitor for gaming and productivity, the curved monitor wraps around your field of view, reduces eye strain, and provides you distortion-free viewing experience as well as exceptional immersion. The curved display is paired with brightness and vivid colors; it has a striking design and sharp angles. 

When you are planning on buying an extra-wide screen, make sure to get a high-end curved monitor for gaming with a 1ms response time for buttery-smooth gameplay. Similarly, when using MacBook Pro, get one with the best color accuracy and wider viewing angles to open many windows and references easily.

For many people, the extra-large curved screen is perfect for a wide field of view experience to take task management to the next level because the curved display is a right angle for serious immersion. There is plenty of display space for managing multiple applications. You have to freedom to choose the resolution as there is Quad-high definition ( QHD ), Wide quad high-definition ( WQHD ), ultra-high-definition ( UHD ) suitable resolutions for curved monitors with decent pixel density.

If you are also one of those who like new generation displays that have a slight bend from the sides because the curve shape creates more depth, and that’s why they are immersive, then this is the right place for you.

A curved monitor can be a decent option if you plan a dual-monitor setup. Because 2-3 monitor setup is not only expensive, but hard to manage, and requires more desk space as well. Instead, you can invest in the largest screen that has the right angle for deep immersion and plenty of display space to work on smaller tabs without switching tabs. So, you will be able to meet all your computing needs in one monitor that makes a curved monitor a multi-purpose monitor.

If you don’t have deep pockets, you can get an affordable curved monitor; a budget alternative is discussed on our list. You will be able to choose the useful midrange curved monitor with a reasonable price tag to handle your intense image picture quality.

The downside of flat monitors is that they increase blurriness four times than curved monitors, and on top of that, the light projection in flat monitors reduces eye comfort, leading to eye strain. That is why a flat screen with a natural field of view causes 60% more eye strain than curved displays. So, invest in a decent curved monitor to experience true visual clarity with reduced distortion and bright colors.

All our selected curved screens are dazzling and refreshing, thanks to the awe-inspiring curvature that helps you experience hyper-realistic video quality. Get yourself a full curved wide-angle monitor rather than a dual-screen configuration and view multiple apps on your single screen rather than getting a second monitor.

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