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Best Dual Screen Laptop

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Dual-screen laptop devices or simply a PC with two screens built into a single chassis have gained incredible popularity in recent years. Laptops with a secondary display are a great choice for creative professionals such as filmmakers, editors, multimedia-based endeavors, architects, and artists. A lot of people believe that an additional screen causes distraction but it totally depends on the type of work you are doing. For example, if you are working on some creative projects or want to navigate through meetings at work, you won’t be distracted with your two-screen laptop or desktop computer at all.

Since the main target for laptops with the second screen is the creative professionals, if you are a regular laptop user, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of additional display as efficiently as the creative professionals would.

There is a vast variety of dual-screen laptops with an impressive primary display along with numerous technical specifications in the market that can confuse your mind for the final purchase. In order to get your hands on the best product, you must know the technical specifications a laptop exhibits so that it gets easier to understand which laptop fulfills your requirements and which doesn’t. You can view our buying guide at the end of this article that will enlighten you in detail about the important factors to consider while buying a dual-screen laptop. 

In today’s review article, we have reviewed the top four dual-screen laptops that are stacked up with amazing features. However, if you want to jump on the top pick, we have the ASUS ZenBook Duo UX482 as our best pick. The features that make this incredible dual-screen laptop stand out from the others is its extraordinary performance due to the latest 11th Generation processor and Full HD display. You can find more about this laptop below. 

Best Dual Screen Laptop

In order to provide you with an overview of the key specifications and price so that you can differentiate and choose your perfect match from this article, we have compiled this comparison chart, please have a look. 

RankImageMain FeaturesOur ScorePrice
#1ASUS ZenBook Duo UX482ASUS ZenBook Duo UX482
  • Screen Size: 14 Inches
  • CPU Speed: 4.7 GHz
  • Weight: 3.46 Pounds
#2ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581
  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
  • CPU Speed: 5.3 GHz
  • Weight: 5.5 Pounds
#3ASUS ROG Zephyrus DuoASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo
  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
  • CPU Speed: 5.3 GHz
  • Weight: 5.51 Pounds
#4OMEN X 2S by HPOMEN X 2S by HP
  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
  • CPU Speed: 4.5 GHz
  • Weight: 5.25 Pounds


1. ASUS ZenBook Duo UX482 

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace when it comes to electronic devices. The newly launched dual-screen laptop of ASUS ZenBook 14 UX482 has changed the old traditions of a sophisticated laptop. A desktop with multiple screen arrangements is in huge demand these days and could be the next big thing in terms of laptops. 

Without any further ado, let us take a look at some of its features and specs that makes it unique and impeccable.

Design and aesthetics

With an impressive 93 percent screen-to-body ratio along with thin bezels and seamless NanoEdge display, the UX482 provides an aesthetic visual experience. The thing that makes the ZenBook UX482 stand out is its divided display with an amazing secondary touchscreen. The dual-screen device has a main screen of 14 inches and a 4K secondary touchscreen, which is straight underneath the main display covering a dimension of 12.6 inches. 

The overall design of the UX382 has been made 16.9mm thin with a featherweight of 1.6 kilograms. With its slim and portable design, you can prevent cluttered workspace and also boost productivity as the multiple displays give you an optimized interaction.


The ZenBook Duo UX482 delivers robust performance with high-class quality. A strong FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080p coupled with 400nits of brightness and 100 percent sRGB gives you vibrant colors and a crystal clear display. Integrated with the core-i7 11th generation processor and 8GB of RAM, the laptop works smoothly and swiftly, especially for basic web browsing. Say goodbye to the long-lasting boot time as the laptop features an SSD of 512GB. 

Furthermore, the integrated intel Iris Xe graphics with NVIDIA GeForce MX450 will render your images and videos at an instant rate and make your gaming experience immersive. The laptop covers all the astonishing features and specs that can work for a wide audience such as professionals, gamers, businesspersons and photographers, etc.

Dual-Screen features

Powered with the software of ScreenXpert 2, the secondary screen pad offers a variety of features that helps in multi-tasking and saving time. If you want to change the display of an app from your main screen to the screen pad, simply drag the icon and you will get the option to view on the preferred display. Viewing timelines and context menus becomes handy as the secondary touchpad also features a control panel. With the MX450, you can display a total number of 5 applications at the same with 3 on your secondary screen pad and 2 on the main display. 

Moreover, you can use a three-finger tap and convert your secondary touchscreen to a TouchPad. Although the keyboard can be tilted to a 4-degree angle, the dual-screen limits portability and the small keyboard does give a cramped typing experience, which is the only drawback we believe.

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A vast number of ports in the MX450 allows easy connections overall. The input ports include a 40Gbps Thunderbolt 4, USB Type-C, USB 3.2 Type-A, HDMI, Micro SD card reader, and an audio jack. The ZenBook also features amazing sound quality along with an infrared camera that gives you the option for hands-free login. The laptop also uses double fans and multiple heat pipes to spread the airflow and cooling.

2. ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

With this stylish split-screen laptop, you can enjoy a dual-screen workstation-like experience while playing games, watching movies, and whatnot. Since the added screen gives you plenty of screen real estate resulting in multi-tasking and hosting multiple windows at the same time, you can easily get your work done in less time under better quality. 

Design and aesthetics

Manufactured by ASUS, the laptop is designed with special material to ensure the necessary protection against floor impact or any other incidents. With its strong display made of OLED Touch display and 4K matt touchscreen of size 14 inch, the photographers can enjoy a whopping primary FHD display results while working on their media projects or photographs. Not only photographers, but this laptop also facilitates video editors as well as music artists with the help of its special integrated tools. With the 15.6-inches screen size and 4K NanoEdge glossy display, modern-day professionals can avail enough room for creating various forms of arts. 

Similarly, this laptop has a built-in IR camera that is based on facial recognition and starts working with a simple sign-in. For improved typing posture, a special design called Ergo Lift is used to provide the users with easy keyboard sequences when in a rush. Another important feature of optimized cooling is also present in the system unlike most monitors to protect the laptop from excessive heat and further damage. 


When talking about its internal details, this laptop is installed with the finest and most advanced OS features so you don’t have to worry about downloading any new software or updating the existing ones to catch up. The user can enjoy working on the latest 10th generation Intel Core i9-10980HK which uses a high-performance Octa Core Processor. The details of this processor include 16M for Cache Memory which is undoubtedly perfect for boosting the system performance as it runs at a whopping rate of 5.3 GHz. Similarly, if the existing memory space seems less for your coverage, you can always opt for an SSD memory option. For this particular model of ASUS, you can enjoy an SSD memory of 1TB PCle NVMe M.2 where the RAM consists of 32GB which is a pretty impressive package. However, this might cause a higher amount of heat production with an unstable cooling mechanism.

Since it is a piece of common knowledge that input lag and latency are very real issues that players usually face during real-time gameplays, ASUS has come up with the best solution to overcome this problem. With the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, the players can enjoy high-quality lag-free gaming. Similarly, the different features of laptops allow the user to have an enjoyable and fast experience. The two screens laptop has a smaller keyboard giving a cramped typing experience to many users. 

Dual-screen features

With ScreenPad Plus App Switcher, Task Group, Organizer, and App Navigator, the multitasking experience becomes better, and with Stylus Ready the handwriting becomes easy as it allows you to use the special ASUS pen and note down important details of the day. Similarly, for better zooming, you can simply use the ViewMax option present on the laptop. 


The connectivity options of the laptop include Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, USB 3.1 Gen 2, a DC-in port, HDMI, USB 3.1 Gen2, and an audio jack.

All in all, this is our favorite dual-screen laptop. In fact, it’s a decent dual-screen laptop.

3. ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 

With top-end gaming devices in high demand, ASUS has also entered the gaming market with the first dual-screen gaming laptop known as the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15. Arguably, it has one of the most solid specs that can deliver an ultimate long-lasting gaming experience. That being said, let us jump straight into the features the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 offers

Design and aesthetics

The ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 is a sleek-looking laptop that covers a dimension of 14.2 x 10.6 x 0.82 inches with a weight of only 2.5 kg. A glossy diagonal line on the back with an amazing black texture on the outer lid gives an aesthetic look to the laptop. Made from magnesium alloy, the laptop has ultra-slim bezels that are 20.9mm in thickness. The keyboard features RGB lighting all across the key, which gives a pleasant look to the eye. Moving onto the display, the ROG Zephyrus features a 15.6-inches main screen and a secondary touchscreen of 14.1 inches.


For gamers, performance matters the most and with the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15, you will get optimum level specs and features that are ideal for playing AAA games. Get a high-quality bigger display with the 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160p. Furthermore, the IPS panel of ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 also gives a 100 percent Adobe RGB color gamut. Equipped with the latest 10th generation i9 Intel core processor, 32Gb DDR4, and 2TB SSD, the laptop runs smooth as a butter whether you are browsing or streaming 4K videos. For gaming, this laptop has heavenly features that include a response time of 3ms, GDDR6 of 8GB, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 GPU. 

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The ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 is also G-sync compatible meaning it synchronizes the frame rate of the GPU with the refresh rate of the display to give the user an immersive gaming experience. 

Dual-Screen features

Get the most of the dual-screen features as the secondary touchpad is integrated with armory crate software that permits you to control the system features and performance. Transform your notes into diagrams by using the screen pad or drag your applications into your preferred display using the dual-screen features. Multi-tasking couldn’t get any easier with the dual-screen feature as you can open up to 3 separate tabs on your secondary screen pad. Moreover, the screen pad can also be used for animation, streaming, and design to make things easy and resourceful. All in all, dual-screen laptops are perfect for gamers and business people.


For connectivity, the Zephyrus Duo 15 features numerous ports that include Audio in, Audio out, USB Type-A, USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, and a LAN port. For airflow and cooling, the elevated screen pad is designed with an Active AeroDynamic System that prevents the laptop from heating. There are also several heat sinks present to draw in the airflow. The only downside about the Zephyrus Duo 15 is the lacking of a webcam otherwise it’s a complete portable gaming package.

4. OMEN X 2S by HP 

Apart from a dual-screen, this laptop has all the right features to make your work ten times easier and completed in less time especially in intensive tasks like coding and content editing. The user can also enjoy tons of different features installed on the laptop to obtain an immaculate experience. 

This machine is the best choice for a travel-intensive lifestyle because you don’t have to install anything separately as it comes with everything. So, take a chance at buying a dual-screen laptop with optimized screen estate right now and improve your teamwork during meetings. 

Design and aesthetics

The screen size of the Omen dual-screen laptop is 15.6 inches wide offering a wide viewing angle to the users while working on different windows, multitasking, or playing real-time games. The 5.98-inch diagonal FHD panel technology of IPS with the anti-glare technology helps protect the eyes from strain and unnecessary blue rays. 

The WLED-backlit display with the incredible resolution of 1920 x 1080p not only improves the image and display quality but also makes the experience more enjoyable by delivering sharper details. Similarly, the touchscreen display of the laptop is edge-to-edge which adds the stylish finishing touch to the appearance of the laptop with a WLED backlit feature and an even better glossy look. However, the second screen limits portability.


In terms of OS details, the user can enjoy the latest installed OS on the machine i.e., Windows 10 along with the high power processor with the details: Hexa-Core 9th Generation Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-97050H. This processor delivers high productivity by eliminating latency and boosting the quality of performance threefold. Apart from that, the thermal cooling feature allows the laptop to suffer less heat damage with the help of three outlet vents. The heat dissipation is controlled by a 3-phase motor which is made with fluid dynamic bearing. 

The storage memory available in this laptop is 512 GB PCle(R) NVMe(TM) M.2 Solid State Drive with 16GB of SDRAM which could be upgraded with the help of 2 slots of accessible memory. Despite being prone to damage by shocks or drops, it provides you with a secure user experience, but it also introduces a comfier typing keyboard with a stylish outlook. 

The reason why this laptop is considered a favorite dual-screen laptop among players is because of the superb Graphics card installed in this laptop. The GPU Graphics card installed in this laptop is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with 8GB GDDR6 VM/VR Ready. This GPU Graphics card also comes with a Max-Q design to achieve improved efficiency and even better gameplay experiences. 

You can also achieve a dual-monitor setup by connecting this laptop to different apps including Discord, Twitch, Spotify, etc. The Graphics card together with the 144Hz refresh rate of the laptop delivers a fast and unforgettable experience to the gamer with an anti-glare high-resolution display. 

Dual-Screen features

You can utilize the screen-mirroring feature via the Omen Command Center application. Through the screen-mirroring, you will be able to snip a part from the Omen Command Center application and display it on the secondary screen in a mirrored view. This feature is the most beneficial for gamers as they can snip the map or chat box into the second display screen. 


The connectivity options offered by this dual-screen laptop include 3 USB version 3.1 Type-A, one port for HDMI, one USB port version 3.1 Gen 2and Type-C(TM). These options ensure fast data transfer or display across different devices and platforms. For external audio connection, you can also use the ports for Headphone/Microphone Combo.

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Buying Guide

A dual-screen laptop could be an expensive as well as an affordable investment but what matters the most is that you pay for the right product. Imagine paying for something that fails to fulfil your requirements. Therefore, to get the most suitable laptop for yourself, you must do some research and know what you need in a laptop.

In this buying guide, we have highlighted the most important factors/features that must not be overlooked while making a purchase. Let’s find out. 

1. Display size

Display size plays a vital role in providing you with what you were looking for in a laptop because different types of work have different standards for display screens. we suggest you choose the size depending on the nature of your work.

You can find laptops with the following screen sizes:

  • 11-12 inches: These are the thinnest and lightest systems with high portability as they weigh between 2.5 to 3.5 pounds only.
  • 13-14 inches: Not extremely thin but provides the best portability because of super lightweight.
  • 15-16 inches: These weigh around 4-5.5 pounds and are most commonly used. A great option if you require a larger display screen. Also, the 16-inches display screen is not easily found in laptops except for the MacBook Pro.
  • 17-18 inches: This could be the best option if you are not planning to carry your laptop around and also need a bigger screen. In addition, these laptops have powerful processors as compared to others.

2. Operating System

Now, this is something you must be very careful about since all three operating systems including, Windows, Chrome OS and Mac OS.

  • Windows: The majority of the laptops have Windows as its default operating system because of the flexibility and easy-to-use features.
  • Chrome OS: This operating system is usually installed in reasonable Chromebooks. The Chrome OS is easy to use and secure as well but has limited features than the Mac OS and Windows. 
  • Mac OS: Only MacBook have Mac operating system which is relatively complex to use and is majorly opted for by Apple users.

3. Processor

If you are a professional that requires a high-end laptop that has the capability to perform heavy tasks, you must look for a laptop with a powerful processor. Depending on the type of work you do, we recommend you search for the processor.

  • Intel: You must have heard about this processor a lot because it is the most widely used processor in laptops and computers. Though there are several versions of the Intel processor and the newer the Intel Core version, the more powerful a system is. Usually, the Intel Core i5 processor is used for general household use whereas, the latest versions such as Intel Core i7 and Core i9 are opted to handle heavier tasks.
  • AMD: It is a pretty strong competitor to Intel and due to the extraordinary capabilities that are not available in Intel processors, AMD is now being considered by numerous consumers. 

4. Display quality

There is a variety of options available that provide different quality of images such as:

  • High Definition (HD): It displays visuals in 1280 x 720p resolution but is not crystal clear and sharp. 
  • Full High Definition (FHD): It offers better visuals than the HD display screen as it shows images at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. 
  • Ultra High Definition (UHD): If you are looking for a laptop with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, UHD should be the one. 
  • 4K: A lot of people confuse between 4K and UHD. 4K has the ability to produce 4000 pixels horizontally on the screen but the name does not indicate this feature. In fact, 4K means that the display is able to produce visuals with pixels four times more than that by 1920 x 1080p resolution.
  • Retina: This term is specific to Apple products and offers a minimum of 2304 x 1440p resolution. 

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