Best IPS Monitor Under $200

Best IPS Monitor Under $200

IPS or In-Plane Switching is a monitor panel technology that is one of three total types of display panels.

There are three types of monitors (VA, TN, and IPS) and IPS are the only one that provides superior color consistency and accuracy. Additionally, there are super ultrawide viewing angles allowing you to enjoy content from different sides without skewing and finally, the fastest response time allows you to use them for hardcore gaming. All of these characteristics made an IPS monitor a worthy monitor but finding an affordable IPS monitor is the real work.

Worry not, as we have already done the hard work for you to craft this list of best IPS monitors under $200 to help you pick the ideal IPS to monitor in the two hundred dollar price range. Either you are a graphic designer, professional photographer, videographer, or competitive gaming enthusiast, an IPS monitor is the right fit for you. 

But, which one, let’s find out.

If you’re in a hurry and want to save your time along with saving some bucks, then we recommend this …. As the top IPS monitor under the $200 price bracket. It comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from a great monitor. 

Ready to find the affordable and budget IPS monitor without breaking your bank? Let’s get started…

You must be wondering how come an IPS monitor be available for so low a price while having such premium features. Few manufacturers are understanding the needs of beginner professionals having little money in their wallets but looking for suitable displays. You should consider quality checks before making the decision that will help you buy the best IPS monitor for under $200 without any problem.

Buying an IPS monitor when you have a bigger budget is easier, but buying when low on a budget is a tough job. This simple buying guide with important elements allows you to purchase the right IPS monitor leaving the guesswork out.

Best IPS Monitor Under $200

What Makes an IPS monitor under $200 best?

I believe you know that IPS technology offers maximum perks than any other panel technology or you can say the industry is revolutionized with IPS technology. Having this technology on the monitor, people can enjoy true colors, accuracy, great viewing angles, and a handful of other benefits.

Dell S2419H

The Dell S2419H is a decent model from Dell that you can use for casual work for home or office. Although it offers the perks of premium monitors making it a superb IPS monitor well under the $200 range.

What could be better than having a budget IPS monitor with a built-in speaker that’s much better than a basic sound system and loud enough that you can use it for videoconferencing and other entertainment purposes like watching movies or streaming Netflix.

Digital content creators having a tight budget can get the most out of this cheaper monitor. What makes it suitable for creative designers and casual editors is the 99% of sRGB space allowing digital artists to create desired content.

The 24-inch display screen with 1080 resolution gives a decent experience for most users. Plus, smaller-sized monitors with 1080p resolutions and are suitable for occasional use and casual gaming.

Moving on, this IPS monitor comes with 2 HDMI inputs allowing you to connect multiple devices like PC and gaming console at the same time.

The overall design of the monitor is small and doesn’t take much space on your office desk.

What makes it not good for hardcore gamers is the 6ms response time, giving significant ghosting effects for fast-moving objects. But, for casual gaming, this is a famous IPS monitor under $200.

The lack of VESA mount holes is another drawback but justified by this price tag, though you won’t be able to mount the monitor on a dedicated monitor arm.

Overall, this is the best 24-inch IPS monitor under 200 and a decent monitor for watching movies, streaming music, listening to podcasts. It offers a sharp display and great viewing angles giving you the ultimate viewing experience.


  • Best-looking monitor with appealing design
  • Thinner bezels ensure no backlight bleeding
  • Affordable price tag


  • No cons

Acer Nitro VG240Y Bmiix

This is the best IPS monitor under the 200 USD range that comes with a 75Hz refresh rate that makes it suitable for somewhat demanding games but not for AAA titles because for that highest possible refresh rate is required and a lower refresh rate can cause smearing and tearing. Thankfully, the monitor comes with a 1ms response time so there will be no ghosting for games with fast-moving objects.

This is a well-suited monitor for a variety of uses as it comes with a 24” FHD display IPS panel making it ideal for Remote Schooling and working from home. The 1080p resolution makes it a pure content-creating monitor with visual quality development. If you need this monitor for entertainment purposes due to IPS panels’ highest color accuracy, this can give you a comfortable multimedia experience.

Buying a budget monitor is tough these days, due to the rising prices of everything and it has become even harder to select a monitor for a budget between $200-$300. This is a 1080p variant that comes for less than $200, but if you need an improved variant with a 144Hz refresh rate and 2k or 4k resolution then you may have to spend a little over $200 but it will be worth spending few extra dollars.

Moving on, the monitor comes with a 1ms response time as mentioned earlier and features Visual Response Boost (VRB) Technology that helps the monitor to operate at 1ms giving you super-fast results for fast-moving objects.

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The frameless design of the monitor with sharp and detailed graphics keeps you stuck with the monitor. The LED backlighting helps you enjoy theatre mode and you can get an uninterrupted experience by connecting your smartphone or laptop.

As it’s an IPS monitor so it has solid viewing angles and such a feature combined with a super compact design allows you to enjoy your favorite movies or shows in your lounge or room with limited space from certain angles without compromising the viewing.

The monitor offers higher contrast ratio that means it can give you the deepest black and brightest whites for your desired media.

This isn’t some average office monitor but it can give a decent experience for most users. In fact, this is the best IPS monitor under $200 available with great features.

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Moving on, the monitor supports AMD FreeSync to prevent tearing. And, the 1ms response time ensures 

Overall, this monitor with thinner bezels gives you an increased field of work and all the technical specs of this monitor make it the best IPS monitor under 200 USD.

ViewSonic VP2458

This particular monitor comes with a handful of great specs like frameless design, 60Hz refresh rate, IPS screen, Advanced ergonomics, and Plenty of ports making it the best professional monitor under 200 USD.

This isn’t an average office monitor the 1080p resolution, IPS panel, and superior color accuracy make it a  good fps monitor under 200. 

The Elegant, slim, and beautiful design of the monitor makes it look beautiful in your home office. If you spend price above the threshold, then it also comes with a 4k resolution but after spending a few hundred extra United States Dollars.

It is available in 2k resolution as well which is slightly higher than $200. Although IPS gives you the highest refresh rates which are useful in FPS, racing, and fighting, and motion-sensitive games, this unit comes with a lower refresh rate that means for faster games you will face a lot of input lag.

Similarly, IPS monitor is more valuable than general-purpose use, the off-angle viewing and extreme color accuracy are much more helpful for viewing content from different angles as well as for pure content creation.

 fastest IPS monitor, higher contrast ratio for better gaming,  IPS monitors have a longer life span and there won’t be any pixel distortion or burn-in,

Overall, this is a great example of such an IPS monitor with a borderless design, low contrast ratio for deeper blacks, and higher color accuracy for producing crisp and clearer images.

27-inch Variants

27-inch screens are bigger and give you a better viewing experience for a range of content. And, you can also view from a distance as well as from close. But, a downside is that 27-inch IPS monitor under $200 would be compromised on some serious features like it can be the resolution or any other important feature which is totally justified by the price tag.

AOC 27V2H – Slim Bezel and Features Rich

The very first affordable IPS monitor under $200 is AOC 27V2H.

The best part of this monitor is the small footprint that means it won’t take much space in your office or home but it’s just one point of consideration.

The major element for the consideration is that AOC commits to provide a gorgeous screen at a very reasonable price point.

Moving on, the AOC 27V2H comes with a 27-inch Full-High Definition screen and thinner bezels almost give you a frameless viewing experience which means plenty of screen real estate.

Furthermore, the monitor offers a 75Hz refresh rate that is suitable for casual gaming and other professional activities like digital content creation but not suitable for AAA demanding games. The AMD FreeSync helps match the frame rates of GPU with the monitor to ensure there is no screen tearing.

A downside is as mentioned above about bigger IPS monitor under $200 will be something obvious and this monitor suffers from a lack of connectivity options, has only one VGA and one HDMI input. At least there should be dual HDMI.

All in all, this monitor comes with a fairly great refresh rate making itself suitable for videographers and graphic designers, and medium-level gamers so you can guess it’s more like a monitor for productivity.

BenQ GW2780 

The BenQ GW2780 is the only 27-inch IPS monitor under $200 that comes with premium features like Super-slim bezels, Eye-care tech, built-in speakers, and FHD resolution making it the top IPS monitor under two hundred dollars price bracket.

Well, this version is only for 200 USD, but there are other variants of this monitor available with higher resolution, more features, and specifications, but with bigger price ranges as well.

The monitor is built to tidy up your workspace and the $200 price range for this 27-inch IPS panel is something you will enjoy.

As usual, the monitor offers you ultra-slim bezels which you can enjoy for watching movies and playing games. The beautiful design of the monitor will make it look good when placed in your office or home. And, the best part is the etching resistant scratch-free material making it ideal for net people.

This is the only monitor that offers a cable management system that means the clutter of wires would no longer bother you without spending an extra dime from your wallet.

Moving on, the low blue light filter is extremely helpful for those with sensitive eyes and ensures you get no eye strain or fatigue even for longer durations of viewing or working on the monitor. Flicker-free technology is further important to take care of eyes. Finally, there is Brightness Intelligence Technology which is literally helpful for eye care and it automatically adjusts the brightness according to the lighting conditions around you.

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The best part is the built-in speaker allowing you to enjoy music while working. 

One last thing this amazing IPS monitor under $200 offers is VESA mounting holes to set up a multiple monitor setup.

32-Inch Variants

You must be thinking that an IPS monitor in the $150 range and close to $200 won’t get your solid monitors but guess what, you can get a 32-inch IPS to monitor under the $200 price tag but keep in mind that there will be a compromise as well.

One common issue which 32-inch monitors can suffer with is the pixel density caused by FHD resolution on a bigger 32-inch panel. 

Other than that, this size of the monitor can be good for typing work, research work, and casual entertainment.


If you can spend a little over $200 bucks then you would be able to get your hands on one of the finest ISP monitors loaded with a handful of premium features making it suitable for a handful of activities.

First of all, the monitor comes with a 75Hz refresh rate that makes it ideal for casual gaming but what’s more promising is the DCI-P3 95% color gamut that means graphic designers and videographers are going to love this budget monitor as it can offer extreme color accuracy for producing digital content.

Regarding display, the monitor comes with a 32-inch IPS panel which is unexpected at this price point. Such the largest display in this lower price category can be super intimidating. Plus, this is the only best IPS monitor under 200 dollars that’s worth the investment and less expensive.

Other than that, the slight downside is the pixel density due to FHD resolution because the minimum resolution for a 32-inch should be 2k resolution or 2,000 pixels spreading on a bigger screen. Other than that, a larger screen makes it easier to switch between portrait and landscape mode.

Moving on, the monitor supports image-enhancing features including HDR10 and DCI-P3 color space making it a great option for gamers and professional photographers. 

What’s more interesting is the screen split feature of this monitor allowing you to work on multiple projects at the same time by splitting the screen making it ideal for multitasking.

Finally, this is a worthy monitor that comes with few advanced features making it suitable for slower-paced games but not for fast-moving games. Other than that, it comes with a wide color gamut display and won’t require extra money from your pockets.

IPS Monitor Buying Guide

For beginners buying an IPS monitor becomes easier when information is arranged in such a way to make a better decision.

 How to determine the best IPS Monitor under $200

Everyone loves the perks of an IPS monitor which are brighter displays, more accurate coloring, and super-wide viewing angles, making it easier for your eyes to enjoy the screens all day.

If you work in an office where you need to sit in front of the monitor for long hours or you want something super powerful to support your creative content need, then IPS monitors are going to help you in the long run than VA or TN monitors.

Let’s take a look at the reasons to buy an IPS monitor over any other option.

 More Vivid/Accurate colors, Screen Consistency

If you need superior color performance then IPS are the only option for you because it leverages liquid crystals to produce richer colors and what makes viewing angles wider is the horizontal shift of colors which is something TN panels don’t offer. The maximum viewing angles of IPS monitors are 178 degrees which touch the 180 degrees mark. Colors are consistent across the entire screen and not in just sub-sections.

IPS Monitors Are Much Easier on Your Eyes

What’s more promising is the built-in eye care technology in IPS monitors that in combination with the flicker-free technology ensures you won’t get eyes fatigue or headaches caused by excessive viewing of the screen.

Other advantages of IPS monitors are that gamers who usually spend hours and hours in front of the computer can comfortably sit and on the other hand professionals like CAD engineers, graphics designers, video editors, and service agents who are spending most of their time on the computer desk require such a powerful display that makes them productive as well as doesn’t harms their eyes.

That makes sitting in front of IPS monitors important and it not only makes you highly productive but gives eye-relief versus your old computer.

Faster Response Time

First-generation IPS monitors suffered a lot with motion blur because of the inadequate response times. But, with time, improvements have made the IPS monitors achieve the fastest response time to prevent motion blur.

One thing you should notice is that first of all you are not paying too much to have the perks of premium monitors like LG, BenQ, Samsung monitors offer. Some of the premium features that you will miss are motion-blur handling, virtual crosshair, and much more. 

A monitor which is for sale under $200 or comes in the $150 mark which is a small fortune to spend, won’t be able to help you with dealing with latency, demanding games, playing co-op games. 

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If you have deep pockets then there is a range of IPS monitors for diverse use and there are a handful of perks like dual-display workspace, encompassing cinema sound, or handling different lighting scenarios.

A monitor with a short price tang will give you hardly audiophile quality, a tilt or swivel option to raise lower and higher, and maybe a VGA connector.

Spending higher bucks and enjoy other perks of connecting your monitor with MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and much more.

There are also curved IPS monitors but not in this price range and spending few extra dollars can get you a monitor for producing clear images with responsiveness. Plus, there will be reflection handling features as well allowing you to either sit in well-lit rooms without any reflections or sit in the dark environment to use the backlit keyboard.

But for 200 dollars you are going to get flat-screen monitors.


IPS Panels

IPS stands for In-plane switching and it is one of the three-panel types and this is the one that comes with several specializations demanding specialized specs.

Let’s take a quick look at other panel types.

TN – Twisted Nematic

The first type of panels that were used in monitors was TN and kept getting better. In fact, TN was the most common panel type and almost any old monitor or any CRT monitor would be equipped with a TN display.

There are few downsides of TN panels like narrower viewing angles that means you won’t get a proper viewing from sides of the display and the common example of such displays is now visible in ATMs to maintain the privacy of the display from others.

Other than that, TN panels have a faster response time that makes them good for demanding, competitive, and AAA fast-moving games. On the other hand, TN panels are cheaper compared with other panel types.

IPS – In-Plane Switching

Compared with other panels, the IPS panel offers more brightness, color accuracy, and wider viewing angles. The best part is that IPS panels are designed in such a way that even the cheapest IPS panel would give you a higher color fidelity than any other cheaper TN panel monitor.

The only thing that makes designers and editors fall in love with the IPS panel monitors is higher color accuracy that allows them to produce great results without any compromise. Other than that, IPS panels usually have a thin bezel that offers a bigger screen real-estate. Plus, if you require a multi-monitor setup, the ideal monitor would be IPS.

One thing is that there won’t be any best 144Hz IPS monitor under $200, that’s because of the lower price tag. Following along, there won’t be a higher response time than 4ms which will result in ghosting for fast-paced games.

VA – Vertical Alignment

The third display type is the VA panel type that you will most likely see in special ultrawide monitors. Some of the perks of this panel type are extra-wide viewing angles, great colors, and the fastest response time that makes this display suitable for competitive gaming enthusiasts but on the other hand, these are expensive.

VA panels are also great for color enthusiasts. Furthermore, it has three times higher static contrast ratio than both other panels.

Screen Size vs Resolution

The larger screen and a larger resolution both are different things and it is very important to understand the difference between both to make the right decision with the selection of monitor for IPS. 

In the budget range of $200, every monitor will be equipped with FHD resolution which is 1920 x 1080 but with QHD resolution which is 2560 x 1440 pixels, the price tag will increase dramatically.

  • FHD for a 24-inch screen gives better pixels resolution and no pixel density.
  • QHD for 27-inch monitors is the perfect resolution
  • 4K/UHD for 32-inch is ideal for such monitors
  • These combos are not hard and fast but you can decide on your own as well.


With that said, the list of best IPS monitors under 200 comes to an end and I hope you would be able to make the right decision. To be honest, $200 is a fairly decent price tag for such monitors and it definitely suits your needs.

IPS monitors are much better than legacy panels because higher color fidelity, smoother viewing experience, and wider viewing angles make them comfortable for your eyes. After all, almost every busy person is looking at the screen for more than 8 hours.

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