Best laptop for zoom conferencing 

Best laptop for zoom conferencing 

When it comes to online meetings and video conferences, zoom is the best option. So the best laptops for zoom video conferencing are here.

When you think about buying the best Laptop for Zoom conferencing, there are some main features like a speaker, microphone, and webcam, which you will surely expect in a laptop. It would be better to consider some of the additional features, such as the built-in storage, RAM, and processors.

After checking all these features in a laptop, you need to compare the price and buy the most cost-effective one based on your budget. We have done the heavy lifting for you! 

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best Laptop for Zoom conferencing

After extensive research, we compiled this list of the best laptops to use Zoom. These laptops will give you the best video calling experience for a zoomed meeting with a good screen and long battery life.

Microsoft surface pro 6

If you are looking for a high-quality laptop for effective video conferencing, your choice should always be the Microsoft Surface Pro. This laptop offers all the amazing features needed for video conferencing. This laptop has been very popular due to its amazing features and processor.


The screen is amazing. Microsoft surface pro 6 provides a 12.3-inch LED display that helps you view your work in the most professional way possible. It makes it easy for you to take notes and make edits when you need to.

This device holds a speaker, microphone, inbuilt storage, RAM, processors, large screen,8 GB DDR4 RAM, great,768 x 1366 HD resolution, LED backlight, good display, long-lasting battery, and a great webcam.

It is composed of a multi-touch screen. It provides a resolution of 2736 x 1824. It comes with a 5 MP front camera and an 8 MP rear camera. The battery life is up to 13.5 hours, which is what makes this laptop really special. You can work long hours without problems. The battery runs for up to 10 hours at full brightness.


The processor makes it easy for you to work long hours. It provides a 256GB memory that makes it easy for you to store your work without any hassle. The 8GB RAM is more than enough to help you get your work done, video conferencing, and playing videos or games.

LG Gram

This LG laptop is a perfect choice for video calling with 18 hours of battery backup. You can have a long zoom video meeting without carrying your laptop. 


620 UHD graphics, 13.3 ″ screen, and 1920 x 1080 pixels will provide an excellent video quality experience. With 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM, this device is what you need for a video conference.

This device carries Windows 10 Operating System, sometimes 500 GB or this Intel Core i3 will show you great features with 720p Webcam, stereo speakers and external mic, Ethernet, HDMI,  sometimes with 3840 x 2160 pixels, well-built processor, IPS display, screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels so you find the same results as Core i7 processor has or it’s enough storage capacity is a good avail for better results. 

With great portability, this cheap laptop has good configuration, no blurry vision, good zoom streaming, video streaming, has a good place in the market & also carried Realtek Audio, Zoom, or Skype convenience or even a good option for distance learning.

With extremely thin appearance it’s a good option for workers or students, younger students, high school or college-age students, or adults with HP webcam, additional software, macOS, distinct set of apps, popular software, Microsoft Office even with good Screen Size, media feasibility, smaller in appearance, high Screen Resolution or especially good for sharp text, photos, and videos so overall it’s a great edge for business-oriented people.

This device is lightweight, and that is why you can easily take it anywhere and set it up for video conferencing. This device has sufficient storage capacity, which will help you efficiently store any recorded video conference. Considering its performance and high-quality price, this is an excellent laptop for any video conference.


In reality, this device is highly recommended for in-person meetings with freedom, so now you have not to sacrifice basic requirements.

Huawei MateBook X Pro 

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is a premium-class laptop that looks like the MacBook Pro. For video calls, this device offers a high-quality camera and microphone.


Here’s something interesting, the camera of this device is hidden in the form of a key between the F6 and F7 keys. And it is the most unique concept, if you are not using your camera you can hide it which provides a good layer of security.

This device has 256GB SSD, enough storage capacity, recorded video conference, high-quality performance, Windows 10, 32GB DDR4, SDRAM with long battery life, 2880 x 1800 pixels, 3.7 GHz, with 4.46 pounds, very portable.

Also, this device comes with the latest model of the Intel Core i5 8250U processor. In addition, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD provide high performance.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro offers a very slim design and a lightweight body. The metallic unibody design makes it more reliable. This laptop is very portable and easy to carry.

Inside the quad-speaker and microphone, the setup provides excellent sound quality and accurate sound pickup.

As we said earlier, the webcam is hidden under the keyboard button, which is a cool concept. But on the other hand, some may find it strange when making a call.

When we talk about the screen, that is the highlight of this product. This laptop comes with a 13.9-inch full-view touchscreen, offering an ultra-high 3000×2000 resolution and a 91% screen-to-body ratio. The slim-bezel high-resolution IPS panel provides very sharp and vivid color production. Also, the IPS provides a better viewing angle.

Here’s another good thing, to improve security, which is the built-in fingerprint sensor, which is located on the power button. This sensor allows you to log in securely with a single touch.

Finally, the MateBook Pro offers a good unibody metal design with a lightweight body. Also, the quality of the screen is quite amazing.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro offers 12 hours of battery backup, which is very good for a high-performance laptop.


If you are looking for a video calling laptop that looks good on your desk and is capable of handling heavy workloads in addition to video calling, the MateBook X is a great option for you. You will get a MacBook Pro at half the price below.

Apple 13″ MacBook Air

The Apple MacBook Air is the best video conferencing laptop among Mac products. Because it is very lightweight, it offers great battery life along with the richest video calling experience.


If you are thinking about OSX, don’t worry, besides FaceTime, there are many applications compatible with Mac OSX, for example, Skype, Google Duo, Amazon Alexa, WhatsApp. And if you have Apple device environments, you don’t need to explain FaceTime clarity.

MacBook Air is a very compact and powerful machine, running on the Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of high-speed SSD. This can handle many complicated processes without any problem.

The MacBook Air comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, which can reach a clock frequency of 2.9 GHz. And 128 GB of SSD drive offer high performance, it will not take more than 3 seconds to show your desktop. For multitasking 8 GB of RAM with a frequency of 1600 MHz is sufficient, you will not feel any lag in operation.

You can run many multiple programs like Mail, PowerPoint, Excel, Words, any video calling software without any problem. In other words, this load is a piece of cake for this machine. In terms of performance, you will surely not be disappointed.

This device holds Conferencing App with good purchasing, Zoom App or you may find some excellent features- Intel UHD Graphics, Auto Update, System drive, HD Webcams, Clearer-Looking Video Calls, built-in HD webcam, super HDR technology or you can keep recorded Zoom meetings and Webinar. 

You can compare its price with others or you’ll see a big difference that it has more features within a cost-effective option.

This device also includes an HD Camera, Purified Voice, crystal clear voice quality, excellent audible sound with stereo speakers, fingerprint reader, safe and quick login, zoom account, very slim in design, or very lightweight for easy to carry.

The storage capacity may be low for some users, but you can buy an external hard drive for that.

The MacBook 13 Air is the best laptop for video conferencing, offering 12 hours of excellent battery life and decent performance.

With 256GB SSD, 2TB HDD, Dual-Core Processor, Intel HD Graphics, turbo boost up, Dual-Core Processor,2.4GHz,1920 x 1080 Pixels, good-quality speakers, 4K video editing, Apple developed operating system, vibrant app ecosystem, Apple tech with single charge, high brightness settings, however, its modern Apple laptop for professional use.


Honestly, Apple devices are expensive, but if you can afford to have the MacBook Air within your budget, you probably won’t regret it.

Acer Aspire 5 Slim

This wonderful Acer laptop is the best for online teaching. As the last HP laptop that was good for students, this laptop is the best for teachers to continue their zoom classes.


It comes with an AMD Ryzen 3 3200 Dual-Core processor that powers up to 3.5 GHz. It comes with a 15.6-inch wide Full HD IPS screen.

It comes with Microsoft Windows 10 Home in S mode. Enjoy some great built-in Windows apps and features.

With 512 GB SSD, very sleek bezel design with battery back-up, Windows 10, DDR4, SDRAM, wireless connectivity or you can keep it for hours at a single charge, convertible design, or you’ll find no Poor built-in system, User Account Control (UAC), a good microphone and audio system, full HD, amazing processor, built-in high-speed SSD drive or you can launch different applications within no time or you can slow down any time when needed or overall it’s an ideal choice for zoom conferencing.

It’s a good purchase or budget-friendly device with excellent options, with above-average performance or generally, it carried lucrative features for better results. 

This Acer laptop has 4GB of DDR4 RAM with 128GB of SSD storage. These good things make it powerful enough to run meetings and run programs at the same time.

It has two built-in stereo speakers and two built-in microphones. It also has an HD webcam that records sharp and smooth video.


Acer Aspire has a Long-lasting battery that lasts 7.5 hours on average. These cool features made it into the list of best laptops for zoom video conferencing.

Dell Inspiration 15.6” Laptop 

The Dell Inspiration 15.6 ”is the best budget laptop for video conferencing. It has a compact and cool design. 


It comes with a 15.6-inch screen offering 1366×768 resolutions with LED backlighting and an HD panel. This way you will enjoy clear, sharp, and bright image quality.

It is powered by the AMD A6-9200 processor, which is a dual-core processor and operates with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz. It has Intel HD 4000 graphics. The operating system is Windows 10, so in general, All these functions give you amazing performance and you can get your job done easily. Unlike Chromebooks, you’ll get tons of free customization and app software support.

This device holds unique & great features like high-quality processor, touchscreen display, h Windows 10, good WiFi connection, online and offline option, with flip,360 degrees rotation, multitouch or with real touch, Android apps, play store option or its easily accessible to almost everyone.

You can play video games with great clarity or you can play even your favorite games, a good video calling experience with quality and cost-effective prices. 

With good bog down features, it’ll show you extraordinary features so you can edit documents or also has recommendations for business or work or highly suitable to online world, meeting or chatting or you’ll see it’s a best or convenient choice for professional or personal use.

This carries 4GB RAM, LPDDR3,1TB SSD,USB Type C,USB 3.0,USB 2.0 with Hefty Price, 2560 x 1600 Retina Display or actually a Sierra for zoom conferencing.

This thunderbolt device has a good place in laptops for zoom conferencing because of 16 GB or 3,2 GB GDDR5, SDRAM, USB 3.1, Backlit Keyboard, Built-in S Pen, Display Quality, HD Webcam or amazingly with 2.84 pounds.


This budget-friendly laptop falls in super quality gadgets or you can save money by buying this laptop.


In many cases, your video conference sessions can take place while the participants are traveling. For this reason, you need a laptop that is not uncomfortable to use on the go. In this regard, the HP Specter X2 12-a008nr would be a perfect choice. Plus, it works as a laptop or tablet. 

If you’re concerned with your gadgets then it is a perfect option with excellent features or exceptionally high features like excellent graphic quality, great display, good performance or excellent Zoom Video Communications, 8GB, Windows 10, 5 Gbps even with power-off charging this 7th Generation has good cache, 3.8 GHz, 3840 x 2160 pixels, 512GB PCIe or Solid State Drive.

With Stereo Speakers, 4 GB DDR3L, 32 GB flash memory, solid-state, USB, SD Card Reader or you’ll see video quality experience, Long Battery Life, 2880 x 1800 pixels, 3.7 GHz, latest Intel Core i5, or you can also download apps, make notes with this amazing device.

It has god charging option as per everybody required or it is recommended for online meetings by experts because of its important features- good mic quality, great webcam, good quality video, and audio, can do multi-task or has several programs for better results.


The HD camera, with a resolution of 1080p, should be very effective in video conferencing. More impressive still, it weighs 2.7 pounds, so it’s not too heavy to take on your travels. If you need to make presentations during your video conference, you can do so thanks to the laptop’s crisp 12-inch screen. That screen is also more than adequate for software demos. Add to that the laptop’s 120GB SSD, which is pretty impressive for machines in this price range.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14” 

It’s a top-notch laptop and a great option for your video conferencing. 


It has a 14-inch Full HD FHD (1920 × 1080) display with an IPS touchscreen and a narrow bezel. You’ll enjoy crisp, clear image quality and lag-free streaming. It has fantastic 3600 hinges, so you can convert this 2-in-1 laptop from laptop to tablet. This function will help you in several ways.

This is the best laptop for video editing with true color capture and sharp image/ best image quality, work better and faster than others, great sound quality or it is good to office support, good quality microphones, stylish and sleek design, and attractive exterior/interior.

It provides the perfect combo, GBU, external SD drive so you can store your data with maximum brightness level, 2.75 lbs or you’ll feel its powerful performance after using it.

It has an UltraSharp Retina screen or can work for long hours or you can play videos or games with a multi-touch screen, 2736 x 1824 resolutions, 5 MP front cameras, or 8 MP rear cameras or this battery-operated device is pretty good for professionals.

With 4K resolution, it can handle power-hungry apps or also carries with Gigabytes so you can run apps smoothly even without any hindrance.  

It is made up of the 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor. It has Intel UHD graphics, which gives it great graphics quality. This will support different software for your work and give you fast performance. Its 2 x 2 W speakers offer excellent audio performance. In the storage section, it has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage.

There is a physical shutter on the webcam and a fingerprint reader for privacy and security. In the connectivity section, it has 2 × 2 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) and the Bluetooth 4.2 ports include 2 USB-A, 1 USB-C, HDMI, a 4-in-1 card reader, and an audio connector. It has excellent battery performance and fast charging (80% in 1 hour). Lastly, it’s ultra-thin, lightweight, and ultra-stylish.


However, there is still no doubt that the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14 ”deserves a high place in the list of best laptops for video conferencing.

HP Premium 15 Inches Laptop

This is the best HP laptop for video conferencing and zoom meetings. It comes with a 15-inch HD screen.


The latest Intel Dual Core i3 processor is used in this laptop. It is strong enough to multitask smoothly.

It has a 4GB DDR4 SDRAM and 1TB SATA hard drive. This is the first hard drive laptop on our lists because almost every new laptop uses SSD storage because it is powerful, fast, and reliable.

This heavy lifting device is a good option for Zoom video conferencing or it has good support for your personal use or it is also good for storing data or it has fantastic Video calling experience, fantastic audio, Intel 620 graphics, 256 GB SSD with recorded video conference or overall with high-quality performance. 

This lightweight laptop is a great device with excellent features at a good price so you can pay for this good laptop without wasting a time.

It’s a good option with fantastic video quality, simultaneously it is running multiple programs or highly effective for long office meetings or generally, it is an outstanding laptop for professional use.

This device holds extremely thin appearance, HP webcam, additional software, macOS, distinct set of apps, popular software, Microsoft Office with good Screen Size, media, HD Screen resolution, sharp text, 4K, power-hungry apps, Gigabytes, run apps smoothly even without any resistance. 

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit is used again on this laptop as the operating system.

HP true vision HD webcam, stereo speakers, and headphone/microphone jack available.


The long-lasting battery with a powerful 41 Wh charge makes the user’s day. This makes it the best HP laptop for video conferencing and meetings.


Other best laptops are available for a good zoom video conferencing experience, but the price is exceptionally high. Considering the features required for the Zoom video conference and the Laptop cost, these nine Laptops will be the best option for you.

All these laptops have excellent graphic quality, high resolution, great display, good performance, and enough storage facility, which you will indeed look for while purchasing the best laptop for using Zoom.

Thank you!