Best Chromebooks Under $150 ( 9 Cheapest Laptops )

best Chromebook under 150

Are you looking for an affordable yet high-quality laptop for a hundred and fifty US dollars? You are at the right place. Every single Laptop that we have selected for this list offers enough value for 150 bucks that you will be satisfied with your investment.

We have listed some of the best Chromebooks under the 150 budget price. A Chromebook is a Google Chrome browser-based machine that allows you to do all your activities on the browser. Unlike traditional notebooks, you won’t be able to download and install third-party software and applications but you can download apps from the apps store for pretty much anything.

Best Chromebook Under 150

With that said, let’s look at the best Chromebooks available for 150 dollars.

Acer Flagship Chromebook

Easily, the Acer Flagship Chromebook is the best chromebook for less than 150 bucks, and the credit goes to the longest battery life that is something you see only in high-end laptops. The bigger 15.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution makes it the best Laptop for email and internet browsing.

The Acer Chromebook boasts a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3060 processor, 2GB RAM, and a 16GB hard drive.

Storage seems short, but it can be upgraded by adding an internal hard drive or an external hard drive.

Compared with professional Chromebooks, this one is neither thinnest nor the lightest, but at 4.3 pounds, it’s still considerably lightweight and can easily be carried in hand or your backpack.

What’s promising about this Chromebook is the battery backup of 7 hours on a single charge which is impressive for such a cheaper laptop. If you need a portable laptop for low cash, this can be your best companion.

The laptop construction material is entirely plastic but textured, and for this price range, this seems fair.

The best thing about this budget laptop is the bigger 15.6-inch screen with LED-backlight panel and HD/720p resolution, which is thoughtful in this price bracket.

Moving on, this Chromebook features a chiclet design keyboard and a super-responsive trackpad. The keys on this keyboard are nicely placed at a great distance giving you a comfortable typing experience with tactile feedback, and that makes this Laptop great for everyone’s needs.

Regarding connectivity, there are 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDIM port, charging port, SD card reader port, security lock slot, and a headphone/mic jack. All these ports are distributed on both sides of the chassis: left and right.

All in all, Acer Flagship Chromebook is our favorite Chromebook Under 150 dollars that is the best and most decent Chromebook in budget price and a good laptop for writers and daily users. According to our editors, this is the best Chromebook under 150 dollars.

Acer C720-2800

The next best budget Laptop Under 150 dollars on our list is Acer C720, the cheapest Laptop with considerably great specifications making it the best 11.6-inch Laptop Under 150.

This lightweight laptop is powerful enough to handle casual games, and for spending just more than 100 dollars, you can enjoy a touchscreen display with the 11.6-inch panel. This is another Chromebook under 150 dollars that runs on Chrome OS and if you need a Windows laptop, continue with the next product reviews.

The Laptop comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM which will be enough for multitasking needs. With a lightweight device and compact profile, this mobile device has high-storage RAM, making it great for low-budget.

Keep in mind that for 150 dollars, you aren’t going to get a high-end professional laptop with superior resolution, high-end graphics, or higher storage. Still, you can do wonders on cheaper laptops like this one as it brings a 15GB SSD storage that is a flash memory allowing you to store a handful of casual games, office presentations and files, a couple of motion pictures, and a large number of eBooks.

The Laptop comes with an Intel Celeron 1.4GHz processor that will be enough for the requirements mentioned above of applications without any glitch. You won’t experience any glitch in the performance of this Laptop while streaming videos or playing the latest games.

The Acer C270 is a highly portable laptop with only 2.76 pounds of weight; this is the lightest Chromebook on our list that can be carried while commuting, going to college, or traveling, making it the best Laptop for students under 150.

The Acer C270 comes with an 11.6-inch screen capable of showing 720-pixel resolution that can be used for watching your favorite movies with great color reproduction and without any interruptions. This entry-level Chromebook for teems under $150 promises increased enjoyment and excellent quality without a large investment.

The Laptop features a modern look and has plenty of connectivity ports like USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and a headphone jack for audio output.

In a nutshell, this is the best cheap Laptop for games under 150, or you can say best productivity Laptop Under 150 that allows you to do your desired activities without any restrictions.


HP Chromebook

The next option we have is HP Chromebook, the best Laptop for teens under $150. This is the best 15-inch Laptop Under 150 that features a 14.5″ FHD anti-glare screen, higher storage, RAM, and a range of connectivity ports for connecting external peripherals.

The HP Chromebook is the next Chrome-powered notebook with an AMD A4 processor that provides enough power to play the latest games and run the chrome browser with unlimited tabs without any lag in performance. This processor provides en0ugh computational power to meet your daily needs easily.

The HP Chromebook comes with 4GB RAM, and having this much RAM runs the Chrome OS with another handful of applications smoothly. But, the Chrome browser can eat a lot of RAM while doing your research or working on any project; you will experience a lag in performance as long as you keep opening more and more tabs.

This Laptop weighs only 3 pounds which is impressive for such a cheap and good laptop, under 150. The lightweight construction of this Laptop enables you to carry it with you while going to your school, college, or university of your office.

Furthermore, the HP Chromebook offers a battery backup of 7 hours which is impressive again for a cheaper budget price Laptop Under 150 bucks. With this much battery backup, you will be able to carry the Laptop to your office or school without worrying about the power cord, plugging, unplugging, or recharging.

The construction of this Laptop is plastic, but its sleek and beautiful design makes you think again about this budget device. The firm chassis feels sturdy and durable, making the Laptop secure from everyday bumps, shocks, and vibrations.

The Laptop features a 14-inch FHD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is surprisingly good for a cheaper laptop. Furthermore, the brightness and contraction ratio is awesome that can help watch movies or stream on YouTube or Twitch. The device can lag for demanding games, but that’s negotiable for the price.

If you plan to play low to medium games, then the AMD Radeon R3 chip will welcome you. Forget about playing bigger games like shooting, racing, or any other games that require a ton of GPU power. 

Finally, the Chromebook features a spacious keyboard with a responsive trackpad that helps you with smooth finger movement. The keys are well-placed at a great distance, and key presses are also smooth. The ergonomic construction helps you type without getting wrist strain or fatigue.

All in all, this is the best Laptop for a workaholic or a gamer looking for an affordable laptop at a reasonable price of $150. This is not your cheap Laptop with heavy storage or the fastest RAM, but it still helps in all other regards without breaking your bank or putting a dent in your wallet. This is a fantastic budget-friendly Chromebook for under 150 dollars in our research.


Lenovo 130S

The Lenovo 130S is a high-quality Windows Laptop Under 150 dollars that come with the best quality of features giving you an excellent experience for all type of applications. The Lenovo 130S is an extremely lightweight, budget-friendly, and student-friendly laptop with exceptional battery life and modern design.

This is a sturdy gadget that you can use for daily life computing needs if not a high-performance gadget. Although this is not a heavy-duty machine for 150 bucks, it is still a handsome machine that looks like a professional business notebook. It is priced slightly under 150 at 142 bucks and is Windows supported machine.

The Laptop comes with 64GB EMMS memory that is more than enough to install a handful of software applications( Not talking about Photoshop, Premier Pro, or Architectural software) and a handful of heady apps like typing software or media players. This ultra-negligible memory system can seamlessly run PDA applications without lag in performance. You will be able to load up files quickly open multiple files simultaneously for multitasking, fastest boo-up times, and top-quality video playback.

As mentioned earlier, this Laptop supports Windows 10 OS and comes with one installed, allowing you basic communitarian experiences. Windows 10 is a user-friendly operating system, and this Laptop allows you to work and do fun on this Laptop without thinking about the limitations of the Laptop.

Moving on, this is a highly portable and lightweight laptop at only 2.74lbs, and the profile of the Laptop is only 0.7 inch that, is too compact and such form factor make sit the thinnest notebook under 150 dollars. This Laptop is ultra-flimsy and ultra-light, making it the greatest Laptop Under the 150 budget range.

This Laptop comes in a grey color, and the modern and sleek design makes it a current device that is technologically progressive without spending a dime.

Moving on, the 1366 x 768 laptop has a display of 11.6-inch, and the energy-efficient LED backlight makes the Laptop superior for games, movies, and other application requirements. This Laptop has a 2GB Graphics card that makes it a capable laptop from a gaming standpoint.

Other than that, this Laptop has a 180-degree hinge that allows you to rotate the screen according to your position level. You will be able to view content while sitting in different positions. Regarding connectivity, the Laptop comes with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.

Finally, this is a great laptop with marvelously embedded features, and if you have the fastest internet connection, you can experience superior streaming with this Laptop. This Laptop also offers a great communication experience, and it confirms all commitments. It delivers essential functionality for students looking to access a range of information. This Laptop can create and collaborate with other students of the same machine.

Samsung Chromebook 3

The next best Laptop under $150 on our list is Samsung Chromebook 3, a laptop that delivers overall excellent performance for anything you do on it.

This is the best Laptop for daily working; thanks to the powerful Intel Celeron N3050 processor with 2GHz clock speed, it can also help you operate heavy software, gaming, and Graphics designing needs. This Laptop is not powerful enough to handle video editing, but it can do basic browsing, internet streaming, and document work. It can help with MS office work and handle all computations without any glitch.

Samsung is a well-known laptops manufacturer, and this Chromebook is their wonderful production in the budget price range. This Laptop comes with 4GB RAM that is enough for multitasking, documentation, office work, watching movies, using Google Docs, sheets, and slides. 

This much RAM is helpful for daily operations but not massive operations like running Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. But, you can do efficiently work on MS Office files like Excel, Powerpoint, and Word Document. Other than that, you will be able to do school assignments and other handfuls of everyday activities for your daily routines.

Regarding storage, the Laptop comes with 16GB ROM, or read-only memory is the permanent storage type compared with temporary RAM. This is the storage where you store your games, music files, documents, and other important data that you want to access later. This Laptop has only 16GB of storage space which can be limited for some people, but if you feel less on storage, there is a slot to insert extra hard drives.

This Chromebook is specially designed for school students as it weighs only 2.5 pounds and is only 17.9 thick, making it one of the thinnest and lightest notebooks on our list for students’ laptops under 150 dollars.

What’s more promising about this Chromebook is the longest-battery life of 11 hours which is impossible for any laptop in this price bracket. All the laptops discussed above had average battery life, but this one surpasses the battery life competition proving that this is the worthy Laptop for 150 dollars.

This Laptop features an outstanding display at a short budget price regarding display. You can experience the premium and classy looks of this Laptop, and the 11.6-inch display with only 720p resolution seems a great deal for this price tag. You can expect the best quality from this HD display. This is an excellent natural display, and with Image enhancement technology, it becomes bloomy.  

The IPS panel gives mesmerizing colors and wider viewing angles with higher response time and refresh rate. It becomes the ideal display for games. The 256-nit brightness makes it a Macbook like display but at a lower price. This is not a typical gaming laptop, but it supports amazing graphic capabilities, thanks to the Intel HD Graphics 400 integrated graphics card that makes web-based games possible.

This is an FHD anti-reflective display that is unique and natural. It is a liquid crystal display with bright and vibrant colors giving you outstanding and brilliant visual clarity with crispy pixels good enough for killing your time. All in all, this is an amazing display that shows natural and better quality visuals for your work and entertainment. It is perfect to use indoors as well as outdoors in daylight.

All in all, this Laptop offers fast and snappy performance for your daily life activities on the computer. It offers good performance for the price you spend. This is a powerful enough Laptop for work and basic use. If you are a writer, a coder, or a web developer, get your hands on this Laptop without emptying your pockets.

Samsung Exyons

Next, we have Samsung Exyons, a laptop powerful enough to perform your daily duties without any lag in performance. This Laptop is perfect for heavy-duty tasks ranging from complex tasks to usual basic tasks. It comes with powerful specifications making it the best budget Laptop Under 150 dollars.

This high-performance gadget features a 1.7GHz Intel Celeron processor, a bass well-based processor, and a fast processor with minimal lag. This high-speed processor is quite powerful and faster. The performance of this processor makes you believe that this Laptop is tailored to provide smooth speed and processing accuracy. 

The processor is powerful enough to expect optimum performance from the entire system because the underlying brain is powerful and capable. In our research, this CPU is a hindrance clearer and leggings smoother that doesn’t overheat on complex computing activities.

As this is a Chromebook, all the applications will be available to access the cloud; make sure you have the fastest internet connectivity in your home or office.

With this Laptop, entertainment is extraordinary, and you will be able to open internet applications with fast speed, depending on the speed of the internet connection. 

The Laptop weighs 2.43 pounds, and a compact form factor makes it one of the lightest and slimmest Laptops Under 150 dollars. This Laptop can easily fit in a backpack without putting extra weight on your shoulders. You would be able to carry this Laptop easily with other data in the bag as well.

The Laptop features an 11.6-inch LED display with HD resolution, and if you were expecting a bigger screen, then this Laptop has disappointed you. However, you can still enjoy your screen with little to no physical discomfort of hurting your eyes. With this screen, you can experience unimaginable and seamless HD resolution, great color reproduction, and optimum saturation with a great contrast ratio. It offers bright and clear images and a short and smooth presentation of data. It has great viewing angles, and native resolution provides a natural environment for writing, listening to songs, or playing games.

This Laptop feels charismatic, thanks to the rugged and durable plastic build of this Laptop, along with the plethora of connectivity ports allowing you to connect a range of external devices with the Laptop to increase your workflow and manage it smoothly.

All in all, this Laptop is great for creating and submitting your assignments. With this Laptop, you will watch your favorite shows and movies with ease. Thanks to the great display, it allows you to enjoy multimedia at another level.


Acer C810

The next best Laptop for approximately 150 dollars is Acer C810, a decent laptop for 150 bucks that offers great processing power, a nice display, and a lasting battery that proves that worth your money.

This is the only laptop with a dedicated graphics card to deliver astonishing power for graphics related to photo editing and gaming. This Laptop comes with an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor that packs goodness inside and lets you enjoy the latest generation graphics of games. This GPU offers impressive switchable graphics for all types of games. 

You will be able to enjoy surprisingly good graphics with enhanced image quality. All the graphics are more natural and transparent and allow for playing small games. With this GPU, you can play heavy games and experience true graphics without lag in performance. 

Although this is a cheaper laptop, the GPU it comes can offer exceptional HD graphics suited for video streamers and gamers. If not all AAA games, you will be able to play a few demanding high-end games on this GPU that makes it a Chromebook suited for gaming under 150 dollars. This Laptop with this GPU can also handle basic video editing with excellent feedback.

This Laptop’s processor is powerful and has a great cooling mechanism to prevent overheating. It is capable of the heaviest working and can work very well if the internet connection is fast enough. This Laptop’s cooling system keeps the CPU cooler and prevents annoying fan noises. This processor can help you accomplish wonderful tasks.

Regarding the RAM, the system offers 4GB RAM, which is more than enough for the fastest internet browsing and basic tasks performance. This much RAM won’t give you blazing-fast editing performance, but you will still get a multi-tabbed internet surfing experience without extended load timings during application running.

The Laptop offers 16GB of Read-Only memory for storing a reasonable amount of data. You can purchase another portable hard drive to store additional data files if you face low data storage issues. From there, you can transfer a certain amount of data to an internal drive as well. But 16GB will be more than enough for robust data for your casual files. The ROM keeps your data safe while the system is offline or online. But, you can purchase cloud space to store your data on the internet and access it from anywhere and any device.

Many people prefer real-time storage in a portable storage drive. But, with this storage, you will be able to have a ton of gifts, memes, presentations, motion pictures, and a few heavy applications. You can also keep a pen drive or a memory card for data storage. Many people prefer embedded multimedia cards with flash-based storage, and the massive flash memory allows you to download and store as many games as you want.

The Laptop comes in a great design and classy look. The sleek and stylish texture of the Laptop makes it a budget-friendly and unique Laptop with smart features and great accessories. 

The Laptop offers a 13.3-inch FHD screen with bright and clear images experience. The anti-glare coating prevents reflections, and the 222 nits brightness makes it an efficient laptop to use broad daylight. This laptop features and stunning display with the clearest image quality allowing you to work on your graphical requirements to support the creative artist inside you.

The Laptop also features a great keyboard, a unique quality trackpad with four-finger zoom, and two-finger scroll gestures. It lacks a fingerprint sensor for security, but you will be able to protect the Laptop with a password to prevent unauthorized access.

All in all, this is a great Laptop Under the 150 price range that has a great keyboard that is also water-resistant and is ergonomic, giving you a good feeling while typing. These keyboard keys have enough room for smooth finger movement. It also features an energy-efficient LED backlight that is helpful for night owls to work in dark environments efficiently. This typing experience is super comfortable with this Laptop, and you will think for sure that you have invested the money in the right Laptop.

ASUS Chromebook

The next best Laptop for nearly 150 dollars on our list is ASUS Chromebook, the best-selling Chromebook at the lowest price and comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from a great laptop for a short budget range.

The ASUS Chromebook has military-grade durability, and also the strong construction makes it future proof of all kinds of bumps, drops, and shocks. That makes it a portable and highly durable device for the outdoors, thanks to the excellent build quality. Plus, the attractive design with the distinctive appearance or exquisite appearance doesn’t make it sensitive in appearance or touching. 

This Chromebook will be the perfect option to use while working on assignments, watching movies, or playing the game; thanks to the bigger screen, this Laptop is a great option for budget users.

Moving on, the ASUS Chromebook allows you to connect an additional screen with the display to get a bigger view of your work. Plus, the device features an HD webcam, powerful speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI port, USB ports, and a charging rope. There is an option for a 3-in-1 media card to increase the device’s storage.

The overall weight of the machine is 3.45 pounds, which is not the lightest but not the heaviest. With a slightly higher weight than the Chromebook mentioned earlier, this can easily fit in your backpack or bag while traveling or commuting. 

The 11.6-inch display is smaller, but as mentioned earlier, you can connect it with an external display to either enjoy a dual display or just one with more screen real-estate for working on bigger projects.

This Laptop has a unique contemporary personality. It is a stylish and premium-looking laptop with a charismatic body with delicate charging sides and a protective shield lid to prevent damages.

The spacious and greatly ergonomic keyboard makes this the best option for content writers, business professionals, and web developer students looking for a suitable laptop for their professional careers. This Laptop is a perfect gift for your kid to start his student life. That’s why we think this Laptop is designed for school students and we highly recommend it to school students. Whether you are the best student of the year or an average student, you can benefit from this machine in different ways.

The Laptop offers great connectivity thanks to the 802.22 a/c wireless interface, and there is Bluetooth 4.0 technology for connecting it with peripherals without any wired connection. 

This Laptop comes with 16GB ROM memory, but you would require additional storage on Google Drive, Mega, or Dropbox to store your important files.

The 16GB memory will be great for accessing a limited amount of data, whether online or offline. But, for increasing the data storage, you can either invest in a separate drive or purchase data online. 

As mentioned earlier, this is Chrome OS-based device, and with this Laptop, browsing and documentation will be easier and faster. It not only makes internet surfing faster and quicker but allows you to use a handful of cloud-based software and apps easily. You will also be able to access Google Play Store for downloading further required applications. Other than that, you will get 100GB of free Google Drive storage. Overall, the Chrome OS is easy to use, thanks to the user-friendly interface, but the functionality will be entirely based on the browser.


HP Stream Laptop

The next best Laptop for about 150 dollars is the HP Stream laptop which is an amazing laptop in the budget price range. 

The HP Stream is a powerful laptop that comes with high storage RAM, an amazing visual screen, and massive storage to help you deal with daily computational needs without spending a huge chunk of money.  

This is an impressive laptop that comes with 32GB eMMC storage that is the type of storage like SSD, and this is also the fastest data storage type and helps with quick bootup. This storage speeds up the bootup time, streamlines the data, and makes the load up quicker. With this storage, you will enjoy top-quality video playback, a booting speed of seconds, and the fastest data transfer rate. With this storage drive, you will work with fast speed on this Laptop. 

Furthermore, the laptop features a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N2060 processor that is powerful enough to handle your basic to medium levels processing demands like using a browser with multiple tabs, streaming, or gaming. Overall, the processor will be helpful for all types of multitasking needs and operations, giving you smooth performance for anything you do on your Laptop.

The HP stream laptop is the lightest Laptop on this list as we have reviews mostly lightweight laptops. This one also goes to that category with only 2.5 pounds weight; you will be able to tuck it in your backpack without worrying about the extra weight on your shoulders. 

The HP Stream Book offers long battery timing with 8-9 hours of backup. The HP Stream Book offers outstanding or, you can say, great battery life. With such day-long battery life, you will easily pass the entire day on a single charge. That’s why we have selected this long hour battery timing laptop. A laptop with exceptional battery life can help on various days. 

Keep in mind that the battery is quite bigger gives you the pleasure of gaming for long hours without any reservations, but it can make the Laptop heavier. It can go with the Laptop for the long term, and you can keep watching your favorite programs on a single charge without worrying about charging or plugging it somewhere.

The Laptop comes with a range of connectivity ports allowing data sharing across different devices. It also makes the transfer of text and data files, photos, and movies to other devices easily or from other devices to your Laptop. These options can also help you connect with other devices with smooth connectivity.

Moving on, the Laptop features a smaller 11.6-inch screen that is smaller than the counterparts discussed above as this is our second last Laptop but meets that budget requirement. This smaller screen with middling resolution won’t suit creative or color-critical work like creating images,  graphics, or even basic painting. But, this is enough for kids using the Laptop for daily learning activities or seniors using it to spend some quality time watching news or movies. That’s why we decided to select this Laptop for you.

The Intel HD Graphics 400 GPU is also a great inclusion in this Laptop as it allows you to do your creative work at sharper frame rates. You can watch motion movies or launch your windows programs at full speed with little to no lag with excellent frame rates.

Finally, the Laptop comes with 32GB of storage space that can be enough for storing basic stuff like doc files, excel files, or a handful of entertainment stuff like movie clips, footage, wallpaper images, etc. Using windows will take a lot of space, so you will need extra storage that you can get from buying a separate hard drive for your system.

All in all, this is a remarkably portable laptop that is lightest and easy to carry while traveling or going to work in your office. This device can go anywhere you desire, thanks to the compact form factor as it is the smartest machine, its designed speaker for portability. You will be able to quickly grab it and take it with you by either carrying it or putting it in your backpack. This device is great to carry on public transport or going to college or school. Thanks to the extremely compact design of this machine, you will enjoy this machine wherever you go.

Finally, the sound system with this machine is amazing. It produces great audio with rich bass and crispy vocals allowing you to listen to your favorite songs or watch movies with a great audio experience.

The HD Webcam shows great picture quality and records videos in HD format. It also allows you to do office meetings on Zoom or Skype calls to your relatives for video chatting.

Dell Chromebook 11

The next best pick on our list is Dell Chromebook 11, an impressive laptop for the money. This Laptop is slightly low on resources like RAM and has a limited number of ports, but it has the most powerful processor among all the options that we have selected in our list of best laptops under 150. Plus, it offers the longest battery life for productivity and exceptional screen resolution for creative work and other needs.

The Dell Chromebook 11 is an impressive laptop for 150 dollars that features an Intel Celeron N2480 processor to handle basic to medium-level computational needs. The processor is capable of loading quick files and applications simultaneously. The Laptop allows you to do work online or online without experiencing any lag in the performance of the Laptop. This is a hexa-core pascal architecture-based processor, and clock speed is impressive. This is the only processor that can be overclocked with turbo speed.

The laptop features 2GB DDR3 RAM that, as mentioned earlier, is not great, and you might want to replace it to get the best out of the Laptop. Plus, the 16GB storage memory is also something that you will feel is less because the OS will take some of the storage, leaving you with little to no storage. For that, you can use online data storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox and get 100GB of online data storage space for as low as $5 per month. Which to me sounds fair and square.

Furthermore, the Laptop is a perfect machine for students. It features a non-backlit keyboard that means you won’t be able to use it under low-light conditions as a backlit keyboard helps with productivity. Plus, the back MP webcam is also great for attending online classes while sitting in your home.

The Laptop weighs 2.74 pounds, ‘s impressive for such a cheaper laptop, and the Laptop’s form factor is also slimmest, which means portability and higher productivity. The Laptop’s battery life is 10 hours, which is higher than any other laptop on this list of top laptops under 150. With this much battery life, the Laptop can stay awake on a single charge allowing you to be productive without your work to prevent frequent attempts of charging and plugging.

Plus, the higher battery life gives you the freedom to carry the Laptop to your school or college to do your desired work and do presentations without thinking about the battery life. Keep in mind that entertainment activities like games or movies can drain the battery quickly, and you might want to recharge the Laptop to continue your day. Other than that, the Laptop is impressive for as low as 150 bucks.

Other than that, the Laptop features an 11.6-inch LCD with 720p resolution to satisfy your display needs. But, honestly, this much real estate won’t be enough to meet your workflow needs. Therefore, you might be lurking around to see the stuff on a bigger and wider screen like an ultrawide display or a curved screen.

Other than that, the Laptop is a great pick for budget students looking to invest as low as 100 or a little more. We have listed some of the greatest options under 100 dollars and 200 bucks. We are allowing you to pick according to your pocket money.

Laptops are expensive and most parents cannot afford to spend 100 or even 500 dollars to get a decent laptop for their children. We made this possible for parents to buy a decent laptop for their kids, sons, and daughters to cherish them with a modern device as well as help them get moving in their student life.

You don’t have to be richer for investing as low as 150 bucks. All you need is some information about buying an affordable laptop at a reasonable price of $150.

We have prepared some other guides for those looking for a laptop for graphic design, games, and video editing. These laptops won’t be able to do these activities as the budget restriction makes them less capable.

But, there re some incredible options available for you in this budget to own a giant laptop with high performance.

Acer Flagship

This is our top laptop for parents that offers remarkable performance and mind-blowing specifications for such a low price that we thought to put it at the top of our list. 

This laptop is a beast that not only helps you with daily browsing or other duties but helps you with the fastest web browsing experience for checking emails or downloading other stuff from the internet.

The bigger screen with FHD resolution gives you a crystal clear viewing experience. For a low price, you can enjoy this bloomy display for every little detailed work.

This is a handsome machine with amazing specifications giving you a shiny display with brighter details.

Furthermore, you will face data storing issues due to short storage but getting a portable drive can sort this problem for you.

Overall, this may not be an eye-catching laptop for 150 but offers incredibly long battery life, a decent webcam for online chit-chat, and a security lock to protect the chassis from unauthorized persons to even open the laptop lid.

Samsung Chromebook 3

This one is our next great Chromebook that is the best-selling unit with thousands of positive ratings by real customers using the machine themselves.

This laptop is an extraordinary machine for low-budget people that can help with fast email access and speedy internet browsing including other tiny daily duties. With this machine, you will experience the fastest internet browsing that’s for sure along with watching movies or doing work.

This laptop is a true example of portability, thanks to the 2.4 pounds weight of the laptop. 

Get the best multimedia experience with the rotatable screen with the sharpest and purest pixels.

All in all, this is an impeccable machine with outstanding specifications and a spill-resistant keyboard is something 150 dollars investment will make you cherish.

HP 14-inch

The next option on our list is the HP-brandable laptop that is a fantastic laptop regarding the display and helps you with the most complex to basic chores.

The powerful processor and Chrome OS combination allows you to do your stuff quicker and faster and portability is something that is visible from every inch of the laptop.

The dedicated graphics card enables the laptop to process graphics naturally making them transparent for you so that you can play small to medium level games and that’s enough for a cheap Laptop Under 150.

This laptop has also an astonishing battery backup of more than 7 hours allowing you to take the laptop to a cafe and work for as long as you want without worrying about re-plugging or charging.

There is a handful of ports for communication, data sharing, connecting external devices, and so on. The webcam support allows you to perform video calls to your friends and family. 

This is a stellar system with a marvelously designed keyboard and has rich sound quality speakers making it a wonderful budget machine for 150.

Acer C720

The next best pick for this budget laptops list is Acer C720. A rugged and most reliable laptop for a low price tag.

This is another Chromebook that runs on Chrome OS and allows you to do basic tasks like browsing and playing casual games without any glitches. The laptop can be used for online/offline cloud computing wherever your desire.

This is a user-friendly machine as well as a budget-friendly machine with a sleek appearance that distinguishes it from the competitors. On our list, this one is the thinnest and lightest machine making it highly portable.

If budget is a concern for you, then this machine will be helpful for you. This machine has remarkable features from the longest battery life to the sharpest visual display, it is a lot for 150 dollars.

Students and gamers can get the most out of this machine thanks to the longer battery life and powerful design and accessories.

Samsung Chromebook

On our list, the Samsung Chromebook is a masterpiece for 150 dollars, thanks to its distinctive appearance and enhanced portability.

This machine is ideal for the 150 budget because of its stellar performance and eye-catching design. 

This is a stylish machine with a cinematic display, excellent frame rates, and the longest battery life.

This machine offers you an exceptional glimpse of portability and sleekness. If you are struggling to get a decent laptop for 150, then Samsung Chromebook is what you need. This is a little powerhouse packed in a compact unit.

ASUS Chromebook

This one is another best-selling machine and the cheapest unit with extraordinarily amazing specifications making it a dream come true.

From our side, this is the recommended Chromebook for 150 bucks because of the exceptional performance, fastest internet browsing, that can make an ordinary student the most successful lad of the class or group.

This is a decent machine for heavy-duty tasks and the high-definition display with a native resolution of 720 pixels makes it a great item for writing, playing, and working on your code.

Dell Chromebook

Dell Chromebook is the cheapest student computer for 150 dollars that has a powerful processor embedded in its heart and a dedicated GPU for playing AAA games like call of duty, PUBG, and Fortnite. This is an ever-ready machine that has an HD display that can handle the sharpest and clearest pixels of games.

This Chromebook is a suitable laptop for 150 dollars that you can spend without thinking too much.

RCA Viking Pro

The next best option on our list is RCA Viking Pro which is the best 2-in-1 Laptop Under 150 bucks. This is a detachable laptop that you can reconfigure into a tablet as well as a laptop. The detachable screen can be used with either a stylus or you can interact with your fingers as a touch display.

This can be used for professional activities as well as for entertainment. 

This 2-in-1 laptop for a cheap budget price is the greatest option for those looking for the best tablet or Laptop Under 150 dollars. 

The touch display of this laptop is highly responsive and interactive which means the smallest gesture will be amazon on this touchscreen display. You will experience true satisfaction with a crystal clear view and top-notch frame rates.

This machine is the cheapest with long battery life and higher performance accessories that make it the best budget convertible Laptop Under 150.

Buying Guide For Laptops Under $150

A laptop at a budget price won’t be able to give you a 4k display, a powerful latest-generation processor, and a great graphics card for games. But, we made sure that you could enjoy the best with a machine for your everyday use in this affordable price tag.

Few of the selected laptops on our list can play the newest games and most demanding software programs to help you with your daily work routine and help you with your professional needs for just under 150 bucks. 

All of these laptops are designed to help you with your day-to-day activities. Many of these laptops are lightweight machines, and other is heavier, but all of them are capable of helping you with your work without investing a lot of money.

This buying guide is solely created to help you purchase a Laptop Under 150 dollars that can deliver superior performance and gorgeous display without getting short on battery life. All these perks are possible for this money bracket. All you need to do is just read these reviews to find your worthy Laptop for 150 dollars.

There are a few important aspects that you should look for when buying a laptop for $150 bucks. Let’s see each of them one by one to see if you can ideally pick the best laptop under $150.


The market is flooded with lightweight Laptops, and for spending as much as 150, you can also afford to get a laptop that is neither bulky nor ugly. You can enjoy the premium aesthetics for just 150 dollars.

There is a range of categories of laptops like having a plastic body, metallic body, or aluminum chassis. Still, for 150, you will surely get a plastic body laptop because the counterparts are expensive and out of range.

You will be sacrificing one thing or another to get a decent laptop for 150 dollars for this budget. But, you can get a reputable brand laptop for sure that is our guarantee.


If a laptop features a single-core, dual-core, or octa-core processor with a clock speed of at least 1.6GHz, that will be enough for you to meet your daily computing requirements, and for this budget, you will be able to get a laptop easily. But, we made sure to shortlist some great laptops for the $150 range that can pack enough power to run some heavy-duty programs.


The portability factor is important for a laptop because it ensures the Laptop is slimmer, sleeker, and lighter with minimum thickness and minimum weight. This is something that everyone looks forward to when buying a laptop for a low price. When you are investing as low as 150, you can also expect the Laptop to be portable to carry it along while going to college or school.

Battery life

The laptop’s battery life is another crucial part, and people think that laptops for $150 will be with notoriously short battery life. That’s not true because tons of cheaper laptops with energy-efficient hardware consume less battery. We have listed around the seven best laptops with the longest battery life so that you can enjoy portability at the next level without spending a lot of money. That is an indication that you will be able to buy a laptop with longer battery life in 150 bucks.


It doesn’t have to be a useless machine if a laptop is cheaper. That is why we made sure every single Laptop that we picked for this list must have a spacious keyboard with perfect design and ergonomic support. Every Laptop on our list has a decent key journey, doesn’t slip when stoked, and is also responsive. So, you can expect a low-priced laptop to have a decent keyboard.

A great keyboard with an RGB backlight, spacious keys, actuation, tactile feedback, and NumPad is what can make the keyboard greatest. But, the budget restrictions can limit the features for a laptop for being a high-end super ergonomic laptop.

You can expect budget laptops to have nice keyboards with ergonomic support to prevent wrist pain or fatigue. We made sure all laptops for this budget were equipped with great keyboards to help you type on the right keys, and each key press should give you tactile feedback.

Display Quality

The display is the major component for any laptop, and when buying a budget laptop for 150, you should get a laptop with the greatest display. 

One thing is clear that for 150, you will not get a laptop with 2k (WQHD), or even 1080p (FHD) resolution, 240Hz, 120Hz, or even 75Hz refresh rate, and has a higher response time.

Getting a budget laptop for gaming would bring lower specifications of display resolution, refresh rate, and response time. You can experience latency, distortion, and lag in display performance for games with higher FPS.

Similarly, panel type is also important when buying a laptop with a great display. Getting an IPS ( In-Plane Switching) panel is harder for budget laptops. You can either get a laptop with VA ( Vertical Alignment) panel or TN ( Twisted Nematic ) panel. Thanks to the higher sRGB and NTSC color gamut values, the IPS panel gives you better color reproduction. Also, the IPS gives you wider viewing angles that help you share the screen with others. 

For a budget of as much as 150, you can expect a laptop to have 720 pixels resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, TN or VA panel, 4 ms response time, and anti-glare coating can be an extra option for you.

If a display has a blue light filter, that will be awesome because a blue light filter protects your eyes from harmful rays coming from the display and prevents eye strain and fatigue.


There are two types of memory: RAM and ROM. RAM is the volatile or temporary memory type that holds data for as long as the system has power and is responsible for the quick loading of applications and software. The more applications you open, the harder it will work to keep all the applications opened, which can lead to the slow speed of the system. Therefore, you should go with a laptop with a higher RAM that will bring you fast processing of the system.

ROM or Read-only memory is the permanent storage type where you put all your physical files like movies, games, and documents to access later when you want. There are two types of ROM: SSD and HDD.

SSD or solid-state drive uses flash technology to store data and has no moving parts. SSD makes the data access super fast, and thats’ why every Laptop comes with an SSD as their default storage type. SSD also makes the Laptop faster because the accessibility gets faster with the SSD.

On the other side, HDDs have mechanical parts. They make them less durable because the moving disc can crash the drive anytime, leading to the loss of data. But, HDDs are available in higher and bigger capacities than SSDs and are cheaper. 

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