Best Monitor for Day Trading

Best Monitor for Day Trading

If you’re into stock trading, then you must know the importance of studying financial reports and tracking markets. For a serious trader being updated with stock, the news is extremely important and you constantly need to look at multiple charts and graphs to make extremely important wealth decisions. Now, what’s most important while you’re keeping your eyes on MACD, RSI, and OBV is a high-quality monitor.

Being a professional trader you should always opt for a high-end monitor to step up your trading game and either sometimes you can get the job done with one single ultrawide or bigger monitor, or sometimes you need multiple monitors for trading like six to eight different display screens to performing a handful of activities.

The stock market is a game of seconds where the money comes and goes in a matter of seconds and demands prolonged viewing sessions as a day trader making you hectic. Therefore, you should get such a monitor that can offer clean and sharp-looking graphics and amazing visual quality.

The best monitor for day trading should not only be capable of showing rich graphics, charts, and sharp detailed data, but also should be ergonomic and equipped with necessary features like adjustment and eye protection features to protect your eyes.

The most important element you should consider when buying a monitor for day trading is the availability of eye protection features like a low blue light filter. Every single monitor is equipped with blue light which is extremely harmful for eyes when consumed for a prolonged time.

In fact, the emission of blue light is dangerous for those sitting all day or night in from of the monitors. As the traders are always forced to get deeper insights into pricing fluctuations and market data and gathering this critical information results in sitting for hours and exposure to blue light results in stress on your eyes or sometimes severe cases like disturbed sleep cycles caused by disturbed sleep hormones.

Moving forward, you should get a dedicated budget monitor for trading and mixed usage because high-end monitors are expensive, and getting cheaper monitors is easier but you should also consider important features as well like top-quality display. The majority of traders use ultrawide monitors for a trading process which makes viewing multiple charts, read graphics, titles, sideboards easier but it’s expensive. We did some research to find extraordinary monitors in budget price to help you purchase the right monitor for day trading so that you can make optimal financial decisions with a deeper understanding of events. With a great quality display, you can decide what to buy and what to sell and it can make tracking a handful of charts pretty easier.

So, if you want to improve your trading experience while engaging your peripheral vision, this is the article that can help you pick the ideal monitor for day trading. This list contains decent monitors for day trading to help you pick the favorite monitor for day trading to track the number of charts.

Best Monitor For Day Trading

1LG 43UN700-B Monitor●43-inches display
● IPS panel
● Dynamic Action Sync technology
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2Samsung SJ55W Monitor● WQHD image quality
● AMD’s FreeSync technology
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3BenQ GW2780 Monitor● Brightness Intelligence Technology
● ENERGY STAR certified
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4HP VH240a Monitor● FRC technology
● 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio
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5SAMSUNG C27F398 Monitor● IPS Panel
● internal audio system
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6SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Monitor● 1000R curvature, 99% sRGB
● generous connectivity options
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1.) LG 43UN700-B MonitorLG 43UN700-B Monitor

The 43-inch giant LG monitor comes with the most impressive and luxury features for users who require a machine for multi-tasking or doing professional work to achieve high-quality performance complemented with the finest body touch. This monitor promises high-quality performance and extremely vibrant visuals because of the advanced technology integrated into the system. It also has blue-light feature that makes it easier for your eyes to use the monitor for reading for a longer time.

With several visual effects and advanced settings, you can easily turn this monitor into the comfort zone you want while working for long hours on end. The 4K monitor with superior color reproduction is all you need to upgrade your current setup to avail yourself the best experience of a professional. The multi-purpose product from the renowned brand of LG is all set to offer you tons of impressive features listed below:

Display And Aesthetics:

The screen size of this LG model is 43 inches which is a perfect fit for those who like to work on gigantic screens for either multi-tasking or gaming or watching movies with cinematic effects. Its unique Picture in Picture quality allows the monitor screen to split into four smaller windows, providing enough room for the user to work on all four windows at the same time. 

The monitor also comes with remote control and an Onscreen control feature. Similarly, with the integrated panel that offers features such as Anti-glare, this LCD monitor gives fantastic visuals while keeping our eyes protected from the harmful emissions of the display screen. The user can also enjoy the wide viewing angles of the monitor as it is built at a viewing angle of 178 degrees to which a viewer can easily adjust himself. 

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Image Quality:

Because of its panel profile technology, it is given that the image quality delivered by the LG monitor will give you excellent display results. The IPS technology for panels gives the smoothest image and video results, especially where gaming or any professional skill is concerned. You will hardly experience any stuttering, screen tearing or input while using the system on a regular basis. Large screen size together with the IPS technology and HDR10 make the best combo for producing high-quality image results during real-time games or just editing projects. 


In terms of performance, this monitor is specifically designed to give the best performance results while working on things on the massive screen. The refresh rate of the LG monitor is 60 hertz and a whopping resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is more than enough to run fast-paced games on. With the help of Dynamic Action Sync, the user can experience less input lag while playing real-time games. For four screens to work at the same time, the monitor is manufactured using a powerful processor and an impressive refresh rate. 

Connectivity And Other Features:

The connectivity options of the LG monitor include a USB Type-C for safe and fast data transfer from the monitor to different devices. Similarly, other connectivity options include four HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and one DisplayPort 1.4 for generating high-quality output video on the monitor screen. With these multiple options, the LG monitor promises protected compatibility and transfer/display of data on the widescreen monitor.

Unique Technologies like Dynamic Action Sync and Black Stabilizer embedded in the system improve performance and provide the user with an excellent experience during gameplay in real-time. Similarly, the monitor also offers different professional platforms or tools like Video Editing, Graphic Design, and Audio Producing where you can exhibit your talent and enjoy creating professional content on the big screen.

2.) Samsung SJ55W MonitorSamsung SJ55W Monitor

The latest Samsung monitor is stocked with advanced technologies and features for users who wish to get their hands on professional monitors and invest their time to produce something extraordinary. This monitor is the best choice because Its rich resolution and fast performance help the user to get their work done in time, that too with perfect accuracy. 

Display And Aesthetics:

The display of the Samsung monitor has a screen size of 34-inch which is perfectly suitable for either office workspace or gaming purposes. Similarly, when it comes to monitor aesthetics, it surpasses all as the body of the monitor is made up of a Metallic bezel with an impressive screen ratio of 21:9 which gives a striking look to the whole setup. The Bezel material is extremely popular for adding an elegant look to the monitor with a touch of style. 

With the PBP (Picture by Picture) option, you can open multiple windows at a time and work on them without causing any interference. You can also avail the different tilt options offered by the monitor to adjust your own viewing angle. These tilt angles are ranged from -1.5°, +1.0°, -1.0°, ~15°, +2.0°, and -2.0°. With the VESA compatible mount, the precision is easily positioned for the users. The stylish screen of the monitor is mounted on a Y-shaped stand which adds to the appearance of the monitor and makes it look unique and profound. 

Image Quality:

The Samsung monitor offers a high-quality image display on the big screen, making your experience ten times better than by using any ordinary computer. With the WQHD Image quality, the monitor delivers high pixel image results which are razor-sharp and extremely clear. This image quality is best suited for high-quality real-time games where visuals are very important. The density of the resolution is 2.4 times more than the density of SJ55W. A large number of pixels allow the image to gain strength and become sharp and extremely vibrant for the viewers. Whether it is websites, any cinematic movie, or just usual gameplay, this monitor has the capacity to turn everything into a masterpiece. 


The ULTRAWIDE Samsung monitor comes with an impressive refresh rate of 75 hertz and a response time of 4ms. It also comes with the AMD FreeSync technology which helps in reducing the input lag in real-time games by eliminating screen tearing or stuttering during fast-paced games. Where once users had to suffer because of delay between the joystick, mouse, or keyboard, now don’t have to worry about any of it because the AMD FreeSync makes sure to take care of it. 

With a rich resolution of 3440 x 1440, the VA panel together with the AMD FreeSync makes the gameplay smoother, faster and ten times more exciting. Whether it is gameplay or just a part of web development, the Samsung monitor helps get the task done in less time, high speed and best quality.

Connectivity And Other Features:

The connectivity ports are located at the backside of the monitor. These ports include two HDMI ports for a high-quality display on the monitor screen from various devices, DisplayPort for the display of video on the monitor screen, an audio input jack which you can use for headphones or earphones, and a 9 V DC port. Similarly, the slim design of the monitor and a widescreen together with the VA panel give the best visual as well as performance results. 

The monitor is also integrated with Eye Saver mode, which protects the eyes during long hours of work by filtering out harmful radiations and switching to a protective mode.

3.) BenQ GW2780 MonitorBenQ GW2780 Monitor

The widescreen BenQ GW2780 monitor is an ENERGY STAR certified product with all the specifications required by a work-based or just a home-based user. Its performance and image quality make it the best choice for either professional use or daily use. Being manufactured by one of the industry’s leading brands, this monitor is integrated with all the latest technologies and features which not only save your time but also reduce any negative influence on the human body.

Display And Aesthetics:

The screen size of BenQ GW2780 is 27 inches. Its exceptional resolution of 1920 x 1080 allows the viewer to enjoy the visuals on the widescreen. The wide viewing angle i.e., 178° of the screen makes the user comfortable with the monitor display at every angle. Its sleek body consists of Bezel material which provides a smooth and slim look to the monitor and a sculpted base which eliminates extraneous edges. The elegant bezel and texture add to the profile of the monitor and make the appearance very aesthetic and less prone to scratches. With an edge-to-edge panel and slim bezels, the monitor takes the form of an elegant design that is perfectly suitable for your office workspace. At the backside of the monitor, an invisible cable management system is located where all the wires are hidden, hence making the appearance more refined and compact.

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Image Quality:

The stunning HD display together with the IPS technology gives an excellent experience for the viewer to cherish. With 250 nits of brightness, the Native Contrast of 1000:1, 72% NTSC color gamut and high contrast levels, the BenQ monitor delivers high image quality. Its deeper blacks, sharp details and authentic colors add to the vibrant visuals delivered by the monitor. Besides, Brightness Intelligence Technology uses its optimization feature to adjust the display quality depending on the kind of task you perform on your monitor. 


With a refresh rate of 60 hertz, Response time GtG of 5, and exceptional resolution of 1920 x 1080, the monitor delivers high-end performance whether it is a game or any work-related task. With the Flicker-Free technology, the monitor does not suffer because of delay or image stuttering, instead works ten times faster. Its certification from ENER STAR promises efficiency and high-speed performance.

Connectivity And Other Features:

The connectivity options include an HDMI V1.4 port, a DisplayPort 1.2 and a VGA port for fast data transfer. Similarly, for audio purpose, there is a Headphone Jack and Audio Line in which you can use to connect external devices. 

The integrated technologies in the BenQ monitor include the Brightness Intelligence Tech (BITech) for optimizing the light of the monitor and adjusting brightness and contrast levels according to the ambiance of your room/environment, the Low Blue Light which filters the blue rays to protect your eyes from damage or strain/eye fatigue/irritation during long screen time, Flicker-free technology for smooth display by eliminating the harmful radiation of the LCDs, Color Weakness Mode to help people with color deficiency/Protanomaly/Deuteranomaly, and Eye Care Technology to provide a comfortable viewing experience.

4.) HP VH240a MonitorHP VH240a Monitor

The HP VH240a LED monitor is the perfect machine to lighten up your busy day. Its excellent features and advanced technologies guarantee you a lifetime of an unforgettable experience if maintained properly. Its size is perfect for your office workspace and home setup. The borderless monitor with an ultra-slim design has a lot in store for you. Let us take a look at its specifications in detail:

Display And Aesthetics:

The HP monitor has a LED screen with a display size of 23.8 inches or 60.5 cm in diagonal. This screen size is perfect for small workspaces. With the IPS panel profile, the HP monitor gives out the best display results that are vibrant and smooth. The user can enjoy the display screen from any angle as its 178-degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angles enable the screen to be more adjustable for the viewers. 

Apart from these, the HP monitor tilt ranging from -5 degrees to +30 degrees also adds to the aesthetic appearance of the monitor. With the help of a pivot mounted on the stylish stand, the monitor could easily rotate and provide you with extra workspace. Its ergonomic design and bezel-less display design make the entire package very appealing to the viewer while working. You can either use brackets using VESA mounting (100m) or either mount them on walls. 

Image Quality:

The image quality delivered by this model of HP is excellent and razor-sharp in terms of contrast and brightness levels. The 250 nits of brightness offered by the monitor are responsible for a vibrant and rich display. Similarly, additional color features that are responsible for such image quality results include the color gamut of 72% sRGB, color support up to 16.7 million different colors given the FRC technology, a Pixel pitch of 92.55 PPI, Static contrast ratio up to 1000:1, and Dynamic Contrast ratio up to 10,000,000:1. 


Where performance is concerned, this monitor with exceptional performance measures has got you covered. Its 5 ms GtG response time will provide you with a smoother gameplay experience with no trailing or stuttering. With the possible input lag of 11 ms, your monitor performance will not suffer much as it will easily be overcome by the 60 Hz refresh rate. 5 ms of response is not enough with respect to the real-time games but for other visual tasks and projects, it will definitely give you a solid performance. The display screen offers a high-resolution of 1920 x 1080 which together with the wide viewing angles and performance measures give an enriching viewing experience to the user.

Connectivity And Other Features:

The connectivity options offered by the HP monitor include one VGA port and one HDMI port which ensure high-quality video output on the monitor screen. 

The monitor is also integrated with an internal audio system for the finest audio results. The dual speakers are installed on either side of the monitor running on a power of 2 watts/sec. With the IPS technology as the panel, the monitor delivers smooth visuals by eliminating any screen tearing or stuttering.

5.) SAMSUNG C27F398 Monitor 

Whether you’re a gamer, graphic designer, or a SAMSUNG C27F398 Monitorhome-working person who spends a long time on the display screen, the Samsung C27F398 is a perfect choice for you. Elegant to the eye, the Samsung display is a multipurpose monitor with a variety of numerous features to provide you with an amazing visual experience. Without any further ado, let us take a look at its specifications and features;

Display And Aesthetics:

The monitor has a 27-inch curved display to enhance your view and provide you a true-to-life experience with an impressive curvature of 1800R. The curved display not only provides a wide-angle picture but also helps in reducing the stress on your eyes by minimizing the reflections for an immersive experience. The stylish slim design along with a shiny black hunched stand engulfs the user in a sensational visual experience. Talking about its ergonomics, unlike other monitors, the Samsung display can only be tilted which limits your options to adjustments. However, you can mount it on a wall by choosing its standard VESA mounting of 75 x 75 mm.

Image Quality:

When it comes to quality images, there are only a few better than the Samsung C27F398. The monitor comes integrated with a VA panel that has an amazing FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Equipped with Active Crystal Color Tech, the monitor shows up to 17 million colors that are crisp, lively, and vibrant. Furthermore, the high contrast ratio of 3000 to 1, 250 nits’ brightness, and 97% sRGB color gamut shows precise deep colors, lush display with massive improvements overall, especially in grayscale.


The impressive curve radius of 1800R, refreshing rate of 60Hz, and swift response time of 4 milliseconds make it one of the best for an immersive gaming or movie experience. The Samsung C27F398 features an option of gaming mode to provide the user with realistic gameplay and fluid motion by optimizing the level of colors and contrast. That being said, the key feature for gaming is the highly-rated AMD FreeSync technology that synchronizes the refreshing rate of your monitor with the frame rate of your graphics card to provide you with a smooth gaming experience. AMD FreeSync eliminates all the stuttering, lag, and screen tearing from the gameplay. Combined overall with the FreeSync tech, 4ms response time, and 60hz refresh rate, the monitor is outstanding for gaming use.

Connectivity And Other Features:

The only downside we believe is the limited connectivity ports. The monitor offers input ports for only HDMI, DisplayPort, and an Audio jack of 3.5mm. 

The other amazing feature we like about this monitor is Eco saving plus and eye saver mode. The Eco saving mode automatically reduces the consumption of power by decreasing the brightness. On the other hand, the eye saver mode would reduce the emission of blue light and flickering of the screen in order to provide comfortability and relaxation to users who tend to sit and work in front of the screen for hours.

6.) SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 MonitorSAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Monitor

The Samsung G5 Odyssey is a reasonable variant of the Samsung G7 series that is specifically designed for excessive gaming.  The monitor provides all the specifications and features that are required for impeccable gaming in an affordable range. Moreover, its curved screen display proves to be efficient in providing a comprehensive view for a spectacular experience. Let’s take a look at the Samsung G5 qualities and specifications that make it one of the most reasonable gaming monitors.

Display And Aesthetics:

The 27-inch curved monitor is sophisticated in design with relatively slim borders and a dense lower bezel. The V-shaped stand is robust in nature and the material used for its shell is carbon fiber that provides a shiny black texture, which is attractive to the eye. Overall, the monitor is made from firm plastic that provides negligible wobbling. The monitor can be mounted on the wall having a standard VESA hole pattern of 75 x 75mm. However, there are certain limitations in the Odyssey G5 in terms of ergonomics as it can only be tilted to a range from -17.5 to 2.5 degrees.

Image Quality:

When it comes to the image quality of the Samsung Odyssey G5, it is pretty impressive. The QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440p on the 27-inches curved screen is a perfect match to provide you with crisp images along with excellent sharpness. Further specifications include a brightness level of 250 nits and a 2500:1 contrast ratio that improves the visibility of your display. Enjoy an immersive experience of precise colors and staggering pixel density with an impressive 99% sRGB value and an average Delta-E value of 2.89.


Gaming couldn’t get any better with the Samsung Odyssey G5 curved monitor. A swift refresh rate of 144Hz and a speedy response time of 1ms is heaven for gamers that gives them the edge over others especially when it comes to competitive gaming.  The VA monitor is compatible with both FreeSync and NVIDIA G-sync hence you can expect gameplay that is smooth, efficient, and immersive. Furthermore, the synchronization with FreeSync or G-sync would reduce the input lag, screen tearing, and stuttering to enhance the level of gaming. 

Another exceptional feature for gaming is the HDR10 feature that will make the graphics oriented and detailed with vibrant colors. You can enjoy long-lasting gaming on the G5 monitor, as the curved display of 1000R is relaxing to the eye preventing headaches. All these outstanding features with advanced sync technology ensure an optimum level of performance for high-class gaming.

Connectivity And Other Features:

On the bottom of the bezel is a single joystick from which you can control the features directly. For connectivity, the G5 monitor has an HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, and a USB 2.0 port. There is also an audio jack of 3.5mm present in case you want to use headphones. 

Other features include an impressive WQHD stunning resolution that packs a pixel density of 1.7 more than your normal HD to provide you with comprehensive colors and display.

Buying Guide:

The market out there has tons of monitors from gaming to business and a lot more. Finding the right monitor that fits perfectly with your requirements can be a daunting task. Since it is a hefty investment, we suggest you do optimum research and be very careful so that you get your hands on the best item for yourself.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have a detailed monitor buying guide that guides you well through the important features and factors to look for while purchasing a monitor so, let’s get straight to it.

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Displays and types:

A good display plays a vital role in providing the best experience and with a reasonable variety of displays in the market, you can pick one depending on the nature of your use. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers have developed monitors with specified roles and uses. Below we have explained the different types of monitors and suggest you understand their sole purposes before making a final decision.

1. LCD Display:

LCD is the short abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display and as defined by the name, it is made out of liquid crystals. This display was initially designed for laptops but was later adopted in monitor manufacturing as well. LCD displays are the most widely used monitor displays in the world because of several reasons including, consumes less electricity, space-saving as these are thin, produce a minimal amount of heat, are extremely light in weight, economic, etc.

Due to the less electricity consumption, LCD monitors are capable of producing high-quality images and offer ideal brightness.

2. LED Display:

LED or Light Emitting Diode display is of the latest yet finest innovation of technology that is packed with incredible features and hence competes well with LCD and Plasma displays. The main feature of these display monitors is that their backlighting is powered by a light-emitting diode rather than the typical cold-cathode fluorescent. Therefore, brighter images in 4K resolution are delivered that are crystal clear in bright surroundings as well. LED displays operate with even lesser energy than LCD monitors and have the capability of producing deeper contrasts and highly saturated colors.

3. OLED Display:

The full form of OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode and as suggested by the name, organic materials, for example, wood, plastic, carbon and polymers are used for the conversion of an electric current into light. This is another latest technology which is also used in TV, smartphones, computer and gaming consoles. OLED displays are capable of producing accurate color without a need for any backlight which results in saving a lot of power. OLED displays are considered the best technology till now because of their properties like brilliant image quality, ideal contrasts and brightness, wide viewing angles, super-fast response and zero ghosting.

4. Plasma Display:

Monitors that are integrated with plasma technology are known as Plasma displays. The display of these plasma monitors is made out of cells that contain electrically charged ionized gas. These cells are known as Plasma. Very tiny colored fluorescent lights (red, green and blue) are illuminated on the displays that produce pixels and create an image of premium quality and perfect contrast.

5. CRT Display:

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube and the CRT display monitors ages back to previous decades when neither of the aforementioned displays was invented. There is rarely any organization or individual that still uses CRT displays because electronic companies have stopped manufacturing CRT display monitors a long time ago. CRT display monitors or TVs are relatively heavy in weight, therefore, are not easily transportable. Furthermore, they are bulky hence require large space on your desk and also eat up a great amount of power.

Response Time:

The response time of a monitor is usually overlooked by several buyers but, know that this is one of the most essential features to consider while purchasing a monitor. Response time basically is the time taken by a monitor to switch from one color to another. For example, the pace of animations you see on your monitor solely depends on response time. However, response time can be measured for black to white and vice versa shift or gray to gray shift in milliseconds (ms). Remember, not all monitors have a GtG response time feature.

The average standard response time for black to white and back again to black is 10 ms however, LCD screens exhibit response time less than 10 ms and hence are able to produce better animations because the lesser the response time, the faster and better the motion.

Black to White and Vice-Versa:

Commonly, most of the monitors indicate response time in black to white to black. The measurements are made when a white is fully active to the black completely inactive to back active again. These black to white and vice-versa shifts are slower and hence always higher. These responses are ideal for people who look for an ergonomic monitor for everyday use.

Gray to Gray (GtG):

Gray pixels do not go inactive entirely and hence work on a middle gradation. If we talk about LC GtGs, they are nearly 256 gray gradations. Moreover, GtG response time is measured by noting various time sequences to get an average value. The average value is measured in milliseconds that are apparently taken for gray to gray shift. The GtG response time is relatively faster and best for professional gamers and videographers.

Refresh rates:

Another important factor to consider is the refresh rate of a monitor. Before buying a monitor, you must know well what a refresh rate is and why it matters. To begin with, a refresh rate is simply the capability of a monitor to display a picture particular times in a second. For example, a standard monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz which means that the monitor can display or “refresh” an image 60 times in a second.

You might see a solid image on your monitor screen but the technology behind it keeps on refreshing or redrawing the image for better quality and enhanced accuracy. A lot of people have a misconception that a monitor that has the highest refresh rate will be the best for them. But, this is not the truth as different refresh rates are ideal for different types of uses. Refresh rates surely produce smoother visuals of premium quality but make sure you go for the right refresh rate.

There are four different types of refresh rates that are specified for different purposes, let’s learn about them.

60 Hz:

As mentioned above, this is the standard refresh rate for monitors and refreshes one image 60 times in a second. In monitors that have a refresh rate of 60 Hz, an image is produced on the screen every 16th millisecond. You can buy a 60 Hz monitor for gaming purposes if you are low on a budget since these monitors are currently with the lowest price tag in the entire market. Mostly, users that require a monitor for their everyday tasks go for 60 Hz monitors.

120 Hz:

The monitors with 120 Hz refresh rates redraws images faster than the 60 Hz monitors. An image in the 120 Hz monitor is displayed every 8th millisecond and hence the results are better than the 60 Hz monitor. But, it would be better if you don’t invest in this monitor because you can go only 24 Hz up and buy a 144 Hz monitor with a lot better results that too in a minimal price difference. However, if you are low on budget, then 120 Hz is not a bad choice as you do get better performance than the 60 Hz monitor.

144 Hz:

As suggested by the name, a monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate displays 144 new pictures in a single second because a new image is produced every 7th millisecond thus, there is a significant difference between the picture quality of 60 Hz monitors. But, the difference between the performance of 120 Hz and 144 Hz is not highly notable.

With the impressively fast rate, the 144 Hz monitors have become a go-to monitor, especially for professional gamers as it has the capability of providing the fastest gameplay experience. Moreover, a lot of gaming companies have started to manufacture monitors with 144 Hz displays for their users.

240 Hz:

This is the highest refresh rate that has yet been developed and the invention of 240 Hz display monitors have been one of the best technological advancements. A monitor with a 240 Hz refresh rate displays an image 140 times in a single second. These monitors are mostly demanded by competitive gamers. We would recommend the 240 Hz display monitors only if you have high-end computers that can go perfectly well with this top-notch display so that you can enjoy superior performance.

Eye Care Technologies:

Spending hours in front of the screen can be health-damaging especially to the eyes hence it is important to have monitors that care about your eyes. Following are some of the features in a monitor that reduces the stress on your eyes;

Flicker-Free Technology:

Generally, an LCD flickers up to 250 times in a second that obviously cannot be seen by a naked eye. However, this constant flickering of the screen can damage your eyes and cause headaches. To overcome this problem, BenQ has designed certified monitors that feature flicker-free technology to minimize the stress on your eyes.

Blue Light Technology:

Blue light, being one of the brightest can also damage your eyes. For people who are very much into movies or do long-lasting gaming, the powerful emission of blue light can damage your sleep. Keeping this in mind, BenQ has introduced Low Blue Light Technology and Low Blue Light Plus Technology to minimize the emission of the damaging blue light.

B.I+ Technology:

The glare on the screen due to reflection makes it difficult for our eyes to look properly at the display. To overcome this problem the B.I+ tech is used that automatically adjusts your screen’s brightness as per your surroundings to ensure a comfortable experience.

Height Adjustability:

BenQ provides the option to pivot, tilt, swivel, or adjust the height of their monitor according to your comfort level. The height-adjustable stand can rise to a total of 110m.

Color Weakness Mode:

For people who have difficulty in vibrant colors such as red and green, the BenQ color weakness mode is present to offer them an impressive easy on the eye display by altering the color filters and color tunes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is Day Trading?

Back in the day, people working for renowned institutions used to trade or invest in the stock market. With the advancement of technology and online websites, day trading has become very popular and easy for people having no experience at all. Day Trading in simple terms is the act of purchasing and selling a product on the same trading day to avoid any large price gaps and risks. 

Generally, day traders capitalize on small price movements on liquid stocks by using short-term strategies. On the other hand, some of the day traders prefer scalping or range trading to earn a profit.

2. What Type Of Monitor Is Ideal For Day Trading?

The numbers of options in monitors are numerous for day trading however we believe that the following features are necessary in order to have a monitor that is suitable for day trading

Ergonomics and Flexibility:

It is important to have monitors that can be adjusted according to your comfort. The ability to tilt, pivot, and swivel give you the option to calibrate the display according to your sitting arrangement. Neck strains are one of the most common causes for looking at screens in a hunching manner.

Elevated resolution:

The resolution of a monitor is a key aspect when it comes to day trading. The higher resolution your monitor, the better you will be able to see. For trading, it is significant to keep a track of titles, graphs, sidebars, and the on-going price on any stock. Ideally, a resolution of 1080 pixels or higher will work efficiently.

VESA Mounting:

VESA is the standard followed for mounting Televisions and Monitors to provide flexibility as well as comfort to the user. VESA compatible monitors not only save up your desk space but also give you the option to attach numerous monitors on a separate mount.

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Eye Care Filters:

Looking at a screen for hours can be exhausting. In day trading, staring at minute details such as graphs or sidebars can result in headaches and eyestrain. Hence it is essential to look for a monitor that offers flickering free technology and a blue light filter to minimize the stress on your eyes.

3. Will Extra Monitors Make You A Better Trader?

Having extra monitors at your desk certainly gives you an option to better understand the price and history of the stocks you are interested in or targeting. However, the choice is totally up to you as every trader has their own choice of selecting extra monitors. Some traders prefer a dual setup while others can go to more than 10 monitors. 

4. How Many Monitors Do I Need For Trading?

There is no specific number that can answer this question. It completely depends on the user. Mostly, people who concentrate on few stocks prefer to have a dual monitor setup in order to get proper knowledge of the stock’s history, its price, and graphs. On the other hand, some people have a setup of more than 20 monitors to monitor charts and prices of various products. One basic rule is to understand how many graphs or charts you want to keep a track of. A single monitor can fit a total of 3 to 4 charts hence you can buy the number of monitors as per your requirements.

5. Is An Ultra-Wide Monitor Good For Trading?

A lot of people have different opinions regarding the use of Ultra-wide monitors. Some believe that the feature of the monitor does not matter in day trading. However, we believe that owning a good monitor is vital for day trading because of the two following reasons;

  • Screen Space: The main advantage of using Ultra-wide monitors is the amount of screen space they provide. With an ultra-wide monitor, you can look up to 4 charts easily due to its extra screen space
  • Field of view: The ultra-wide monitor provides an immersive experience along with a large field of view by making full use of your peripheral vision. Hence it is definitely a good choice for trading.

6. What To Look For In A Trading Monitor?

There are certain features that one must know before buying a trading monitor. As mentioned above, the main features to look at in a trading monitor include the size of the monitor, its flexibility, resolution, ergonomics, VESA mounting, and eye care filters. The size of the monitor is an essential feature in order to have everything under a single screen. Generally, we prefer a screen size ranging from 24 inches to 28 inches. 

When it comes to resolution, a 1920 x 1080p is a minimum requirement as day trading can result in headaches from consistently looking at the graphs and charts. Moreover, it is important to have flexibility in your monitor so you can adjust according to your posture or sitting area. 

If you want to mount the monitor on a wall, then definitely look for monitors that are VESA compatible. Lastly, health is above everything so look for monitors that have blue light filters and flickering free technology is very essential.

7. How To Set Up A Trading Monitor?

Setting up a trading monitor can be a difficult task but don’t worry we got you covered. When setting up a trading monitor, there are varieties of options present depending upon the number of your monitors. While some prefer mounting the monitors to make use of the desk space, others would prefer using a standard three-screen setup. 

One of the things that traders often do is setting up a labeled value in stocks so whenever prices go above that alarm is triggered or a reminder notification is shown to ensure they don’t miss anything. That being said, it is important to set up your monitors in a way that suits your style and brings the best out of you.

8. How To Set Up Multiple Monitors For Trading?

For multiple monitors setup, it is vital to have enough space to accommodate your multiple monitors along with the key accessories that you require i.e. Mouse, Keyboard, and Laptop, etc. Moreover, look for dual monitor stands or racks that help you organize your monitor neatly and efficiently to make things easy for you. 

All in all, you should make sure that all screens are easily visible and readable to you from your chair. Speaking of chairs, buying an ergonomic and comfortable chair is also a key aspect, as day trading will require your full concentration of sitting in front of the screen for hours hence make sure to have an overall ergonomic setup.

1. LG Electronics LED-lit Monitor

LG Monitor offers excellent Ultra HD display quality, which is designed with the popular panel of IPS technology. With the help of IPS and a display panel of 43’’ class 4K, this monitor makes the viewing experience worthwhile for the users with an impressive viewing angle of 178/178. It offers wide viewing angles and HD resolution.

Its compatibility with HDCP 2.2 copy protection allows you to stream a variety of services in 4K resolution and other gaming consoles. The monitor is also compatible with the Blu-ray disc players so that no one has to worry about unprotected compatibility while playing their games.

Another feature of this monitor is the multi-functional single cable that helps the user to establish a connection between any device and the monitor for data sharing in high quality. This cable is used for Type-c USB port, which can either be used to charge mobile phones or other devices or display videos on the monitor in 4K.

In addition to the connectivity, the monitor also consists of 4 HDMI ports which you can use to plug in various devices all at once. Two ports are positioned at either side of the monitor, enhancing the convenience of the monitor for the user. Unlike many other monitors, the LG monitor comes with built-in rich bass speakers with a frequency of up to 85Hz.

Day Trading:

Its widescreen size with the exceptional resolution of 3840 x 2160, along with the IPS technology, makes it a unique and most luxurious choice for multitasking and screen controlling.

2. Samsung SJ55W Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

This model of Samsung monitor offers a classy outlook to your desktop setup because of its sleek, thin profile and frameless bezel. For the support of this 34-inch widescreen monitor, a Y-stand is attached to the display screen, adding to its perfect elegant look. With 178 wide viewing angle, IPS technology, and frameless design, this stylish monitor offers the finest color reproduction and accuracy results. 

The AMD FreeSync technology, together with the 178 wide viewing angles, allows the user to have an excellent immersive experience while viewing, watching, or playing. Similarly, the Samsung monitor also offers a variety of options like Picture-by-picture or Picture-in-Picture to add convenience for the users.

These connectivity options include a DP port and HDMI port to transfer data across different devices or display content in ultra-HD quality. The cables also enable devices like smartphones/mobile phones to charge through these ports. With unique settings, you can control and adjust the screen applications. For that, you can choose a preset from the available presets and multi-task while working on your document, games or even movies in WQHD quality. 

All in all, with the frameless edge-to-edge design of the monitor, a high-resolution of 3440×1440 and adjustable tilt features, you can get your hands on the complete electronic package.

Day Trading:

For Day Trading, its best features are the frameless stylish design 34-inch screen with 178 viewing angle, AMD FreeSync technology for best display results in gameplay and a range of connectivity options for quality data transfer/display across different devices.

3. HP VH240a IPS LED Monitor

Manufactured by one of the biggest selling brands, this energy star certified monitor is a LED monitor with extensive features and even better design. Its high resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p is just the beginning of what this monitor has to offer. With an extraordinary 178-degree wide-angle and 72 percent sRGB coverage leading to vibrant colors, it is guaranteed that you will get stunning HD results from every viewpoint.

In addition to the exceptional visuals, the IPS panel covers the pixels up to 2 million and 16.7 million colors to give the best vibrant display results across the widescreen of the monitor. One feature of interest is its elegant and extremely stylish look achieved with its three-sided slim bezels. 

Because of its sleek body and compact base, you can save a lot of space while working on your computer. Another unique feature is the adjustable screen, which you can move and even tilt for better viewing angles or mount on the wall with the standard 100m VESA mounting. 

This incredible monitor has a response time of 5ms along with a 60Hz refreshing rate. For an amazing audio experience, the monitor also has built-in speakers installed with dual speakers having a power of 2 watts. Its long list of connectivity options includes HDMI 1.4, VGA, HDCP and AC power.

Day Trading:

The adjustable sleek EPEAT certified HP LED monitor offers the finest resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080, IPS panel profile, and a pixel density of about 92 pixels per inch, along with extensive connectivity features that make it the best choice for Day Trading. 

4. BenQ GW2780 IPS Monitor

The BenQ GW2780 stylish monitor, built with a special sculpted base, frameless monitor, ultra-thin bezels, and IPS panel technology, gives the finest color performance and color results. Its high-resolution of 1920 x 1080 along with 10-bit panel provides Rec. 709 color gamut and 100 percent coverage of the sRGB. 

The ergonomic display screen of the monitor is non-reflective, having a 16:9 aspect ratio, WQHD resolution, and shows the best color results because of 350 cd/m2 brightness and even better pixels.

The excellent color reproduction feature comes from the IPS Wide Viewing Angle Technology. With this incredible technology, the monitor displays the best color-proof results for the viewers. Another impressive technology used in this monitor is the Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I.Tech.) that has the ability to detect any ambient light in the surroundings and adjust the brightness of your monitor screen accordingly so that you don’t have to pause your activity and adjust the brightness yourself.

Another feature is its Flicker-free setting which adds comfort to the experience of a viewer for a long time. Moreover, this BenQ monitor is also integrated with a cable management system that prevents your table from cluttered wires and keeps all the wired connections organized at the back of the monitor stand.

Day Trading:

The outstanding features of the BenQ monitor include its IPS technology, picture-perfect content optimization, low blue light technology, 10-bit color depth, and whopping resolution of 1920 x 1080 that makes it unique for Day Trading.

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