Best On Cloud Shoes For Nurses

Nurses, frontline medical suppliers, and other health professionals are the ones who would do anything for our safety & protection but what about their feet’ health who have to stand still, take long walks, and even run just to save our precious lives?

No more worries because On Cloud brings forth one of the best On Cloud shoes for nurses and other medical health experts for the well-being of their poor feet who strive all day long just for the sake of others’ welfare.

The initial demands of one medical practitioner’s feet are those shoes that can furnish their feet with safety, supreme comfort, high support, and top-notch durability during their prolonged and hectic working hours.

The good news is that you can find all of the prior mentioned features in some of the best pair of shoes that are manufactured by a very famous brand commonly known as “On Cloud”.

This brand was founded in 2010 by former Swiss Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard in collaboration with David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti.

Best On Cloud Shoes For Nurses

While talking about the hardships Bernhard commented, “If things get tough, then you prove if you’re made out of steel or a little plastic piece,” he says. “I loved to compete in [difficult] conditions. Even in 2010, we knew that it was going to be super tough. But we looked at each other as athletes. We said, ‘We want to found the company right now, and if we can survive this, we can take any storm that hits our boat.'”

Anyways, one of the most unique and unparalleled features of On Cloud shoes is their CloudTech technology which works fabulously for those who have to run or stand still during their long and tiresome working shifts.

This footwear works as a game-changer for nurses and other health experts because it is not just impressive in providing comfort but available in a different amazing and stylish design that is presented with ingeniously blending cutting-edge technology.

Top Pick

Overall, after immense research work and study, we have found one of the finest among all best On Cloud shoes for nurses.

Our top priority will go with On Cloud 5 Women’s Sneakers as they are inserted with amazing CloudTech cushioning and highly slip-resistance outsoles which works great for nurses.

Let’s have a further exploration of all of the best On Cloud shoes for nurses so that those nurses who strive for our lives can have comfort and peace while standing on their precious feet:

Best On Cloud Shoes For Nurses

Product Name



On Cloud 5 Women’s Sneakers

  • CloudTec Cushioning
  • Great Ventilation
  • Highly resistant to slip
  • Quick lacing system
  • Lightweight design

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On Cloud X 3 Women’s Sneakers

  • CloudTec Outsoles
  • Lightweight for healthy movement
  • Dual-density sockliner
  • Highly breathable
  • Perforated panels

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On Cloud Swift Women’s Sneakers

  • Helion Super Foam Technology
  • Awesome Breathability
  • Grippy Outsoles for Firm Stability
  • Structured Arch Support

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On Low Top Sneakers

  • Lightweight & Breathable Design
  • Speed Lacing System with Elasticity
  • Upgraded Speedboard
  • Round Toe

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On Cloud Flow Sneakers

  • Highly Durable & Breathable
  • Comfy Fit Style
  • True-To-Size
  • High-Quality Mesh
  • Very Lightweight

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Detailed Guidelines Regarding Great Features of The Best On Cloud Shoes For Nurses

Frontlines medical health experts especially nurses have to experience a lot of chaos and unique challenges on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, they have to be on their feet for so many hours navigating the slippery grounds of their hospitals or other medical settings.

For the safety and protection of nurses’ feet, let’s examine all the innovative attributes of the aforementioned On Cloud shoes that ensure higher levels of excellent performance along with the extreme relief and firm stability that our hero nurses deserve.

On Cloud 5 Women’s Sneakers

If you are a nurse or any other medical expert who wants a perfect combination of additional comfort, Schick style, and supreme support in your footwear then you should blindly opt for a pair of On Cloyd 5 women’s sneakers. Wonder why?

Simply because these shoes are crafted with an exceptional blend of high durability, comfort, and support for the feet of healthcare professionals who want highly reliable sneakers for long duty hours.

The On CloudTech technology of these shoes will help in not just lessening the stress over your feet’ joints but also reducing the impact and shock from the ground as well as ensuring a soft walk on every step right after you tuck your feet in them.

Another amazing feature of these kicks is that they have a breathable mesh upper that provides great ventilation which holds out greatly against the build-up of stinky sweaty smell in the shoes.

Furthermore, this fantastic ventilation process helps in keeping your feet dry, fresh, and cool all day long during shifts.

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As we all know that hospital floors are highly slippery due to the extra cleanliness and increases the chances of slippage on such floors.

So for safety purposes, this footwear is inserted with a grippy & slip-resistant outsole that provides amazing traction and safeguards you from encountering any potential injury that can be caused by tripping and falling on slippery surfaces like a hospital floor.

Plus, the speed-lacing system of these kicks will give your feet a secured, quick, and protected fit.

By all means, this footwear is one the most wonderful options for nurses and healthcare experts as they are not only available in attractive styles but also provides outstanding performance without any doubt.


  • Very lightweight for all day long
  • Cushioned collar for a soft ride
  • Perforated tongue
  • Available in so many color options
  • Removable insoles for conformity
  • Quick fit adjustments


  • Some consumers found them a bit constricted on the top of their feet
  • Not very suitable for high arches (check best On Cloud shoes for High Arches)
  • Color fading has been noticed after a while

On Cloud X 3 Women’s Sneakers

If you want top-notch & high-quality footwear that also remains friendly on the pockets then you can invest in On Cloud X 3 women’s sneakers that would not compromise on the quality for our valuable community of healthcare experts.

This footwear undoubtedly offers exceptional value to those who want lightweight, comfy, and supportive sneakers that would not break the banks.

These shoes are a perfect choice for those nurses who have to move quickly and easily during their duty hours as they are manufactured especially for agile movements.

The hidden secret behind this feature is a highly responsive CloudTec cushioning along with pliable and engineered mesh outsoles.

Moreover, On Cloud X 3 sneakers are crafted with an ultra-lightweight design and inserted with Zero-Gravity foam together with dual-density soft liners.

The prior mentioned combo works wonders in furnishing your valuable feet with a soft & supportive ride along with additional comfort and protection, respectively,

The highly durable non-marking rubber outsoles are the promise of excellence for most hospital settings as they provide amazing grip and traction against watery grounds, oil, grease, or other slippery floors.

This footwear is not just fantastic for nurses but also works remarkably for the needs of multi-functional athletes as well as movement-based workouts.

Last but not least, this footwear is engineered with an antimicrobial odor prevention system that not only withstands stinky smells caused by sweaty feet but also keeps your feet dry, cool, and fresh during long shifts of duty in hospital settings.

Plus, this system also keeps your feet protected from oozing & itchy blisters as well as other fungal and bacterial infections that can be caused by sweat inside the shoes.

So, if you are on a tighter budget these days and want extreme comfort for your feet at the same time then you can trust these wallet-friendly On Cloud X 3 that come with some sleek designs and comfort.


  • Cushioned collar for softer walks
  • Super soft insoles
  • Very lightweight construction
  • Signature speed-lacing system
  • Antimicrobial odor prevention system


  • Not suitable for feet that have Bunions and Plantar Fasciitis (check for the best On Cloud shoes for Plantar Fasciitis)
  • Color discrepancy
  • A bit constricted for some feet

On Cloud Swift Women’s Sneakers

The third best footwear on the ranking for our valuable nurse community is On Cloud Swift Women’s Sneakers which furnish your feet with greater safety, protection, and comfiest ride all day long as they are highly durable and reliable.

One of the super awesome features of this footwear is that they are inserted with a super Helion foam with side panels that provide supreme support to your poor feet that have to run, walk, and stand still at some points for long hours throughout the whole hectic and full of fatigue work routine.

If interested, check for the best ON Cloud shoes for walking all day long.

Another impressive thing about this Helion foam is that it can hold the temperature wonderfully as well as it works wonders in returning a greater amount of energy back to your feet by folding and releasing the foam.

This footwear often comes in true-to-size along with a hug-like warm and secure fitting and an easy break-in period for those who have to run for medium to short distances.

Furthermore, these features are perfect for achieving extreme comfort and higher levels of support to your feet during long & tiresome duty hours.

If we talk about the outsoles of this masterpiece then they are engineered with two amazing technologies including CloudTec rubber Technology and Swiss-Engineered Technology.

Both of these Techs work excellently in furnishing your feet with a squishy ride as well as with great traction, firm stability, and solid grip on slippery floors of hospitals that further save you from tripping and falling.

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Plus, the outsoles are so delicate and airy that they help fantastically in safeguarding your feet joints from high impact & shocks from the ground.

Last but not least, the amazing team of On Cloud shoe makers have crafted Swift sneakers with extreme Rocker soles which make them a bit thicker than usual soles along with rounded heels that furnish your feet with a smooth vibe and a cozy ride.

By all means, if you want footwear that can equally provide you with a healthy and comfy walk without any pressure, stress & strain on joints while walking then you can invest in a pair of On Cloud Swift sneakers.


  • Engineered for all-day wear
  • CloudTec sole with extra cushion for a softer ride
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Signature speed-lacing system
  • Available in plenty of color options


  • Some consumers found them a bit constricted on their feet
  • Hard to get on for wide feet (Always check size guide)

On Women Low Top Sneakers

A few of the initial requirements of a medical health professional’s feet are ultralightweight and highly breathable shoes along with a secure & protected fit, an updated speed board, and a rounded toe box for additional support and comfort.

The good news is you can find all of the prior mentioned extraordinary features all in one pair of On Women Low Top sneakers. Isn’t it amazing?

The story does not end here as this footwear is inserted with zero-gravity foam that works wonders in delighting your feet with extreme protection and supreme comfort along with a highly supportive ride without tiring your feet.

Furthermore, a speed board in these Low Top sneakers plays an essential role in increasing the wearer’s speed of walking without any threat of slipping or falling.

Plus, this speed board also protects you from engaging in any potential injury as their rubber soles also work impressively in providing traction and firm grip against slippery hospital floors and other oil or greasy surfaces.

The speed-lacing system of this footwear provides additional security and protection to your feet as the elasticity in its laces adds an adequate amount of flexibility to every step you take.

The round-toe design of these shoes adds an amount of extra comfort, especially for those who have a bit wider than usual feet.

Overall, you can trust a pair of On Women Low Top sneakers if you love walking on extra cushy soles.


  • Very lightweight
  • Highly breathable
  • Speed lacing system with exceptional elasticity
  • Rubbery soles for great and firm stability
  • 100% synthetic


  • Outsole is not very durable

On Running Womens Cloudflow Mesh Rock Rose Trainers

These shoes are very famous among healthcare experts such as nurses, general physicians, frontline medical officers, etc because this footwear can hold out against extreme pressure and daily stress for about 12 hours long work shifts.

As the name suggests, this footwear is incredibly lightweight just like clouds as they will provide you with a walk-on-cloud-like ride.

These shoes are true-to-size in most cases which creates an easy break-in for the majority of consumers. Whereas, the Cloudflow technology of this footwear allows you to have a comfortable, natural, and balanced gait.

The awesome team of On Cloud manufacturers have crafted this footwear with 70% of recycled polyester and 20% of recycled content which makes this footwear so sustainable as well as eco-friendly.

The insertion of Helion CloudTec super foam in these awesome kicks will give you a responsive ride with extreme protection and security.

Furthermore, the speed board of this footwear adds a springy vibe to your walk by speeding up the ride without any danger of tripping and falling on the slippery surfaces of the hospital setting.

Overall, if you want to have an elite experience while walking then On Running Womens Cloudflow sneakers can help you in this regard as they are able to an extreme amount of comfort on every step you take.


  • High-quality Mesh
  • Highly durable material
  • Very breathable
  • Designed with a comfy & secure fit
  • Rubber soles for great grip and firm stability


  • Some buyers found them a bit heavier on the pockets
  • Fine for walking, not good for running

Things To Remember For Nurses Before Investing in Footwear Prolonged Hours of Work Shifts

It is time to move forward to the buying guide as you now know the list of the best shoes for nurses. However, by all means, you need to take some important points before investing your hard-earned money in any footwear you want to buy for a medical setting.

There is no doubt in mentioning that On Cloud shoes are manufactured for the safety purposes of those feet that have to work by walking all day long or stand still at their jobs like in a hospital setting.

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Therefore, it would be good to know how to select the best shoes with superb qualities for your hectic and full-of-fatigue work routine:

Slip and Oil Resistance Outsoles

Slip and oil resistance is an essential feature of shoes especially when you have to buy footwear for your medical setting or hospital environment because the hospital floors are usually very slippery which always heightens the risks of slipping and falling down on the ground.

For this purpose, all you have to do is check and examine keenly if your shoes have good traction and firm grip that can provide stability and protect you from any potential injury through slippage.

High Durability

Healthcare settings and hospital floors need a pair of shoes that can impressively hold out against extreme wear and tear.

Therefore, always opt for those sneakers that are constructed with highly durable material and amazing craftsmanship.

Safeguard Your Toes

Just like oil & slip resistance, safety toes are another important attribute because there are always greater risks of stumbling where your feet can suffer a loss.

So, always look for those shoes that are crafted with metatarsal guards as they can protect your feet in such stumbling situations.

Shock Absorbing Cushioning

Another life-savior feature is shock-absorbing cushioning that should be presented in those shoes that are specifically designed for nurses and medical health officers because a balanced amount of cushioning will furnish your feet with extreme resistance against impacts and shocks for the all-day hectic and tiresome day.

Highly Breathable Soles

When you have to wear shoes for long hours of work shifts then there are always risks of oozing blisters and stinky odor building up inside the shoes due to the sweat.

For this purpose, you need to look for a shoe that has a great ventilation system along with moisture-wicking linings that can hold out against sweat build-up in the shoes and keep your feet dry, fresh, and cool for a better ride.

Plus, this feature will save your feet from fungal and bacterial infections that can be caused as a result of stinky sweat build-up inside the shoe.

So, if you are a nurse and want comfortable footwear that can manage the stress and pressure on your feet & joints then always look for the prior mentioned features in your shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Makes On-Cloud Shoes Suitable For Nurses?

Shoes that are manufactured by On Cloud have a lot of features that make them suitable for nurses such as a cushioned midsole with CloudTec technology that provides exceptional shock absorption and helps reduce the stress & stain on the feet as well as on joints during prolonged duty hours.

These kicks also offer a responsive outsole for exceptional stability and supreme comfort. Whereas, the ultra-lightweight construction and breathable materials make them comfortable for extended wear.

Are On Cloud Shoes Durable Enough For Daily Use By Nurses?

In general, On Cloud shoes are considered to be highly durable and well-constructed that can hold out against daily wear and tear as they are crafted with high-quality & top-notch materials.

However, some nurses may find that their On Cloud shoes last for a long time without significant wear, while others may experience wear and tear more quickly, depending on factors like foot strike pattern and frequency of use.

The Crux of The Whole Wide Guide

The bottom line suggests that On Cloud shoes are proven to be the best choice for those nurses who have to run or stand still in their long duty hours in the service of others and strive for saving so many lives.

Among the 5 best On Cloud shoes for nurses, the top pick is On Cloud 5 Women’s Sneakers as they are presented with all the essential features that are required for the well-being of a nurse’s feet.

By all means, it is highly recommended to look for the features like slip and oil resistance outsoles, safety toes, shock-absorbing cushioning, high durability, and highly breathable soles to protect your feet from any future hazardous outcomes.

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