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best projector for apartment

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What’s up guys next to here back with another video and today I have some great news my new special projector screen is finally here it looks awesome and it makes a huge difference in a picture quality with a screen the visual experience in a daylight on my xiaomi 4k laser projector is on a whole new level and now it can easily replace my TV .

Best Projector For Apartment

stay tuned alright before we start I just want to quickly say some more information to the people who are not familiar with this type of projectors this is not ordinary projector with a bulb or LED light source which throw a light image across the room this is a laser projector and it has ultra short row which means you can place it very close to the wall. 

and it will shoot light upwards and project image up to 150 inches that’s why you cannot just use any traditional projector screen with this type of projector as the light angle is a very different and you will not have a good results so. 

if you would like to replace your TV with a huge project image and still be able to watch it during a daytime or in a well illuminated room you will need to get specific type of the screen like ambient light reflecting screen also known as a ceiling light reflecting screen specifically designed for the ultra short roll is a projector like this one these special. 

projector screen have a fabric with a micron lines pattern on the surface similar to the soft they are designed to block daylight and environment light that comes from upper direction of the screen while they will pass the light that comes from the bottom of the screen at the certain angle as I turn this screen sample up and down you can see how it blocks the light and how the light of the fabric shifts from the light gray to the black that’s why the picture quality on. 

this special fabric in a daylight and in a room light are great picture is a bright sharp and crystal clear black levels and contrast are great colors are nice and vivid this screen has also wide viewing angle and I did not notice any degradation in the brightness or in a picture quality in fact I really like the screen and I think it’s fantastic but there is a downside and there is a cost these screens are hard to find hard to manufacture and they are very expensive so far .

there is just few components that sells this type of screens and the most popular one in the US and in Europe is called elite screens from which I ordered this sample from on the Amazon u.s. price for one hungar inch screen is one thousand two hundred and fifty US dollars and on Amazon UK is around one thousand and four hundred US dollars. 

with the shipping to the sweden which is a lot of money but still you will get two years warranty customer protection and support refund and etc but since i recently upgraded my 1080p xiaomi laser projector to the latest four came model i could not afford screen that cost that much so i had to find some cheaper screen and save some money after .

spending the whole evening online researching about the screens I found one company called XY screen located in a China which seems to be manufacture of these special screens which by the way looks very similar or even identical to the screen sample that I got from elite screens at least on photos so I contact the company and I asked the price for 100 inch screen the price that I got was 800 US dollars with the free shipping not bad I thought that price I can .

afford after banging my head for a while knowing that probably I will have no warranty customer support or refund if something goes wrong but on other hand is just the screen and I did not have six hundred US dollars more for that screen from Elite screens so I pulled the trigger I said alright let’s go for it and I paid the full price over PayPal to the. 

company that I never heard about and I hope for the best day after I received the tracking number and eight days later TNT delivery guy shows up to my door with a norm size package that was over two point four meters long and over 21 kilos heavy I said all right so far so good at least I got a package I bring the package in and it was so large that I had to clean my whole living room and move the carpet to be able to unbox an assembly screen of this size in terms. 

of screen package it was great everything was well packed protected and labeled especially the screen fabric which was inside of the stick and rock solid carton tube in the package there was also HDMI high-speed cable as a present .

and also I got all necessary parts frame wall brackets screws springs tools gloves and quick instructions how to assembly the screen and how to install the fabric at first I thought that assembly will be very complicated and hard but not really for the whole assembly it took me and my wife less than one hour and in fact it was very simple and easy process even the fabric installation that I was afraid the most was very easy and there was no need for the hard .

pulling and stretching as there is the springs that holds and stretches the screen fabric and keep it nice and flat to my surprise build quality of the frame and the screen fabric was excellent way better than I imagined it will be the screen frame is made of two separate aluminum frames with thick aluminum profiles the main frame is holding the fabric in. 

a place and the second frame covers the springs and side of the fabric creating all around screen bezel on which there is this fine black fabric which actually absorbs the light and prevent it from leaking out of the screen bezel and there is also the metal support bar in the middle of the frame which is nice after assembly I place the screen on a two .

tripods I turned the projector on an eye level it then I mark where the screen should be on a wall and I drill two test holes for the screen brackets and me and my wife installed the screen on the wall luckily it was the perfect fit screen was nice and level that 100 inch screen size was perfect for my living room and for the watching distance I also changed TV rec to this new one which lower the projector 27 centimeters down and now the projector image are not .

that close to the ceiling and it’s a much more relaxing to watch the screen looks awesome and it’s a massive and the new TV rack fits very nice as well even that I was really impressed with the design and build quality of the screen not everything was perfect after close inspection I have noticed one small imperfection on the fabric surface there was a one tiny mark on the fabric right here on the right bottom corner and it’s a visible when you look up close at first I .

thought that was some kind of dirt and are trying to clean it but turns out that spot was damaged to be sure that was not me who damaged it I took a closer picture with micro lens and I located on my laptop screen to me this seems like a tiny drop of hot black resin that melts with the fabric which probably happened during manufacturing process I sent this photo to the company that I ordered the screen from and they gave me two choices I could either get 50 .

US dollars refund or I could send only the fabric back to China and they would replace it with a new one and ship it back to me but I will need to pay the shipping so I’m still wondering what to choose refund or the new fabric as shipping that fabric to the China is a slow and expensive and I already installed a screen which I like it a lot so I .

might leave it like that and take that partly refund as the damaged spot is quite small and it’s on the corner so it will not inspect visual experience that much from a normal viewing distance other than that tiny mark I really don’t have any other complaints or anything bad to say about the screen I mean the screen is really amazing and it looks so good on a wall when I compare this massive screen with my 55 inch TV my TV looks so small now and whoever comes in a. 

visit thinks that this is a giant TV which is very cool when it comes to performance in a daylight they are drastically improved and now we do not need to close our window lids during a day and we can watch it just like a normal TV also position of my screen are directly next to the glass balcony door which is probably the worst place for projector and the screen but since I live in a Sweden we don’t have so much clear sunny days anyway even with a balcony door. 

open on a typical day in Sweden picture quality are still very good in terms of screen performance under the room lights they are very good as well on the ceiling in our living room we have a very bright 72 what 1.2 meter long 2 fluorescent tubes which are very close to the screen and we have two five watt LED lamps on the right side of the living room even with the leads open and with all lights turned on picture quality are still very good and it’s not that .

washout which is really impressive and honestly it’s much better than I imagined it will be when I compare picture quality with without the screen during a day time with no lights on it’s clear who easily wins and I’m glad that I invest into this special screen and not only that a picture quality in a day light and in a room light are drastically improved also picture clarity and sharpness are also improved as my wall was not perfectly smooth I have also .

noticed that the black level and contrast are now much better and deeper as the screen surface is a gray and my wall was white now when you watching a movie you really have experience that you are in a cinema this new screen really brings that visual experience and performance on my projector on the whole new level and I love it now I just need to. 

connect this projector with some Android 4k TV box and I have ordered two different models one is a Xiao Mei 4k TV box and other is am equal 4k TV box they are both great and they both have 4k Google certificate for the YouTube and Netflix stream so we will see which one is performing better on this projector when I receive and test them and .

expect that video in the next week or two alright guys I hope that you liked this video and found it useful if you own ultra short row laser projector you should definitely consider getting the screen for it for which screen brand you should go for it’s up to you it’s like pay more and be protected or pay less take some risk but still save some cash I will leave you guys to the side in a video description I place the link of projector screen and Android TV box so feel free to. 

check it and if you have any questions or you just want to say hi feel free to leave the comment thanks for watching and I see you next time bye bye.

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