Best Projector For Artists

Best Projector For Artists

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guidelines but I personally just like huge screens just keep in mind that the bigger the screen is the darker the picture is gonna be so if you’re gonna put the projector in a really bright room with a lot of windows or bright lights that .

Best Projector For Artists

can’t easily be controlled you might want to go with their smaller screen size now a really bright projector with a high lumen output will help with this as well as certain types of screen material but you should .
always consider that ambient light is going to be your projectors worst enemy so once you’re done measuring your .

space and you figured out what screen size you want then you need to determine whether or not you need a short .
throw projector so for example the Epson 50 40 UB needs to be about 12 feet away from the screen in order to project 120 inch image so if your room is only 10 feet deep then this will obviously not work so you need to have to .

make the screen smaller or go with the short throw projector so projector has a projection calculator that uses the projectors throw ratio to calculate how far projecting is to be from the screen so if you already have a projector in mind you can see if it’s in their database see how far it needs to be from the screen for the size image you want all right so your next measurement is going to be for your HDMI cable so for this you’ll need to measure across .

your ceiling and down your wall leaving a few extra feet of slack just in case you need to move anything now if you plan on buying a 4k projector and you need a cable that’s longer than 10 or 15 feet then I recommend either an active HDMI cable or fiber HDMI cable and this is because 4k content especially 4k HD are requires a lot of bandwidth so .

regular HDMI cables have trouble transmitting the signal over long distances so active hdmi cables boosted equalize the signal which allows for you to use a longer cable and fiber hdmi cables actually use fiber optics which allows you to transmit a high bandwidth signal over even longer distances now both of these cables do cost a bit more than .

regular HDMI cables with fiber cables being the really expensive option but if you’re going with a 4k projector I would definitely recommend one of them so the last step of planning is to determine how you’re going to run power to your projector now I personally recommend that you hire an electrician to add a socket in the ceiling and run the .

HDMI cable while they’re at it but alternatively you could just buy a Raceway to hide the cables going up and across your wall so now that you’ve got your room planning out of the way the next thing to do is to buy a projector if you haven’t already now like anything else the biggest deciding factor when buying a projector is going to be your budget now it is important to understand that technology is changing really fast nowadays so just like a TV your projector .

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might be obsolete in a year or maybe even less so it’s best not to try to spend a bunch of money for the latest and greatest thinking that it’s going to last a long time so this brings me to my next topic which is 1080p vs. 4k so now the 4k projectors are starting to come down in price I’ll say that I do recommend them over 1080p but you definitely .

shouldn’t count out a 1080p projector considering there are some really great options out there if you’re on a tight budget now unfortunately there aren’t a lot of 4k short throw projector on the market if you need a short throw projector but there are some really awesome 1080p short throw projector like the optima GT 1080 or the Ben qht .

2150 ST now short throw projector zhh do cost a little bit more than the non short throw version and they are a bit harder to find but they work really well in places like an apartment or a small room now you do need to consider that some budget short throw projector do suffer from a little bit of lens distortion so the image may not look as good as .

the non short throw version but it’s usually not enough for most people to notice the difference now as far as projector features go most projectors do come with features that are going to help you with installation so this is going to include things like Keystone correction lens shift and zoom which are all gonna allow you to install the .

projector in a position that’s not optimal so Keystone correction is going to allow you to adjust the geometry of the picture so that you can place the projector off-center or slightly higher or lower than the recommended position lens shift is gonna allow you to shift the image without the need to adjust Keystone and the zoom is gonna allow you to .

make the picture larger or smaller without moving the projector now it is important to keep in mind that some of the more inexpensive projectors might not have all of these options so you do need to consider that you might have issues during installation if you can’t put the projector in the perfect place okay so now on to buying a screen now the very first thing that I always tell people is to wait to buy a screen until you buy a projector first and there’s two .

reasons for this and the first reason is because having the projector first allows you to project onto a wall to see what it would look like in almost every time someone sees their projector for the first time they change their mind about .

the size screen they planned on doing and the other reason is that if you’re projecting onto a white wall it’s going to help you decide if you want to go with the white screen or not so if you’re not a big fan of the contrast or black levels of your projector or the ambient light in the room is washing out the image this is going to help you determine if you .

should go with a gray screen or screen that has ambient light rejection now if image quality is your biggest concern that I would recommend a fixed frame screen now you can get a fixed frame screen with a black border or borderless now borderless grains are awesome but if you do want to go with a borderless screen then you definitely want to .

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make sure that your projector is positioned perfectly because otherwise the image is not going to fill the entire screen from edge to edge or some of the image is going to spill off the side of the screen now pulldown screen is going to allow you to do some really cool stuff like have the screen come down in front of an existing TV or if you just want to .

roll the screen up and use the wall for something else if you want and another alternative is to paint a wall so if you have a nice flat and smooth surface you can just buy some white or gray paint tape off for whatever size screen you want and just the wall now if you have any imperfections in the wall you might have to sand those down but this does .

work pretty well and you can also build your own fixed frame screen if you’re handy there are a lot of YouTube videos out there for that and you can save yourself a few bucks so now that you have all your measurements you’re ready to mount your projector now there are a bunch of different types of projector mounts out there but they all need to be .

secured to something solid so if you’re mounting your projector on the ceiling and you have a drywall ceiling then you’re gonna need to use a stud finder to find where your ceiling joists are and if you have a drop ceiling then you need to go above the drop ceiling and secure the mount to something solid like a floor joist just keep in mind that .

you’ll likely need to get a mount that has a long extension pole that goes with it and then you can simply cut a hole in .

the ceiling tile and mount the projector below the drop ceiling now as far as determining the height of your projector you’ll need to know the vertical offset of the projector so if a projector has a vertical offset of a hundred percent and the projector is ceiling mounted then the top of the screen is going to start at the center of the projectors lens and if .

the vertical offset is higher than a hundred percent then the projector needs to be mounted higher than the screen now you can overcome this by either mounting the projector closer to the ceiling moving the screen down closer to the floor or by tilting the projector and adjusting the Keystone settings now I don’t recommend using Keystone .

correction unless you absolutely have to as it is gonna affect your image quality now if your projector has vertical lens shift then you may not have to worry about any of this because you can adjust the entire image up or down without degrading the image quality or using Keystone so once you have the image displayed to your liking you can go ahead .

and connect your HDMI cable if you haven’t already adjust your picture settings and you’re all set now as far as audio goes I do recommend that you use a home theater receiver with floor speakers since you want to make the soundstage as wide as your screen and if.

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