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What’s up guys this chris majestic and it’s time to talk about the best home theater projectors of 2019 alright so today we’re gonna talk about the best home theater projectors of 2019 so I’ve broken this list down into categories first I’ll have categories for each price bracket starting from the most expensive down to the least expensive then I’ll talk .

Best Projector For Basement

about gaming projectors in ultra short throw projector and if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel go ahead and make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bell notification so you get notified whenever I post a new video all right so let’s go ahead and jump right into it first up we have the best projector under $5000 and this is going to the Sony VW 295 yes which is priced at $49.90 it’s the sharpest one on the list since it doesn’t use pixel shifting but it .

also has great color accuracy and HDR performance so if you have a dedicated home theater and your budget allows you won’t be disappointed with the sony 295 yes alright next up we have the best projector under 4000 and this award goes to an ultra short throw projector and that’s the optima p1 which is currently priced at $3,800 so the p1 is .

a 4k ultra short throw laser projector that can produce a bright hundred and twenty inch image from 15 inches away from the wall this means you can sit it on top of a TV stand and with 3000 lumens of brightness you get a beautiful picture with the lights on or off and all without having to run cables in your ceiling not only that but it also has a nice pair of 40 watt speakers built in and also works with the Google assistant in Amazon Alexa alright next is the best .

projector under 3000 and this is going to go to the Epson 50/50 UB so the 50/50 UB is a 4k 3 LCD projector that produces 2600 lumens of true color brightness so this projector not only has bright and color accurate images but it also has unmatched black levels this is especially visible with HDR content and since it’s 3 LCD instead of DLP it won’t affect people who are sensitive to the rainbow effect it’s also one of the easiest projectors to install since it has .

both horizontal and vertical land should be place where it could be better is 4k resolution since the pixel shifting is a little less sharp than some DLP 4k projector but trust me when I tell you the overall picture quality more than makes up for this okay so the next category is best projector under 2004 these next two categories will have first second and third place winners since there’s so many options at the lower price points okay so first place for best projector under .

2000 goes to the Ben qht 3550 which is currently priced at $1,700 so the 3550 is a 4k pixel shifting projector that has fantastic color accuracy and HDR performance it has 2000 lumens of brightness so it works better in dark rooms but the HDR from this thing looks amazing and even though it’s not a short throw projector it still works in smaller rooms as it can produce 100 inch spray from just over 8 feet away top all of that off with the three year warranty .

from BenQ and you have one of the best projectors for the money and our second-place winner for best under 2000 is the optima UHD 60 which is usually priced around $1,600 so even after a few years the UHD 60 is still hard to beat not only is it considerably sharper than every projector on this list only barely falling short to the Sony but it’s .

super bright producing 3000 lumens while still maintaining the color accuracy and even though it doesn’t have the black levels of the Epson or the Sony it still sits near the top overall if sharpness and brightness are the most important factors to you than the UHD 60 is what you’re looking for in third place goes to the Epson 40 10 which is priced around $1,800 so like the Epson 50-50 you’d be the 40 10 is a 3 LCD projector which makes it a great option for people who suffer from the rainbow effect and also allows it to produce great color brightness and with 24 .

hundred lumens it’s gonna be hard to beat now it doesn’t have the best black levels or sharpness but the color accuracy brightness and installation features make it a great option under $2,000 alright so the next category is best projectors under $1000 now I was going to do a separate category for gaming projectors but the two first best projectors under a thousand happen to also be the best gaming projectors so priced at eight hundred dollars our first .

winner for best under a thousand and best for gaming goes to the Optima GT 1080 HD are so the GT 1080 HDR is a 3,800 lumen 1080p DLP projector and not only does this projector have crazy brightness and low input lag for gamers but unlike most 1080p projectors that can accept a 4k HDR signal and downs to 1080p and with an amazing input lag of just over 8 milliseconds as well as a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate this thing is perfect for .

gamers and in second place we have the Ben qht 2050 a so this is another 1080p DLP projector that’s been around for a couple years and priced at seven hundred and fifty dollars this is still a fantastic projector for the money now at twenty two hundred lumens is not nearly as bright as the Optima but it produces more color accurate images so it works great in a home theater and with less than seventeen milliseconds of input lag it’s still a great option for .

gamers who might be more picky about accurate colors in third place where best under a thousand goes to the Optima UHD fifty so even though this UHD 50 is currently priced just over a thousand dollars it recently went on sale for $9.99 I’m making it a great option for someone looking for an inexpensive 4k projector the UHD 50 produces a great-looking 2,400 lumen 4k image and even supports 3d with the recent firmware update and with just .

under 50 milliseconds of input lag it’s a great way to game in 4k and since 2019 was the year of the 4k ultra short throw projector this is going to be our final category and the Award for Best Overall ultra short throw projector goes to the LG hu 85 la now at six thousand dollars is the most expensive projector on the entire list but it does get the award for best ultra short throw so what do the rich people get for six thousand dollars well they get a twenty seven .

hundred lumen 4k laser projector that can display a hundred and twenty inch image from just over seven inches away from the wall and unlike the other ultra short throw 4k projectors the LG has a larger 4k DLP chip which gives it better pixel shifting performance and a sharper image it also has a nice pair of built-in speakers even though they aren’t as good as the others but what makes the LG stand out from the rest is that it has LG’s webOS built in as well .

as LG’s magic remote so it provides the best user experience compared to every projector on this list top that off with compatibility with the Google assistant and you basically have 128 LG Smart TV in your living room and second place where ultra short throw projector goes to the Optima p1 which is priced at $3,800 so the Optima p1 does lack the interface larger 4k chip input lag optics and throw ratio of the LG but it nearly half the price it might be the better .

option for most people looking for an ultra short throw I also like that the body is black instead white and it has better speakers so I had the chance to sit down and look at this at CES 2019 and I have to say it looked good now I am still waiting to get my hands on a floor for review on the channel so definitely look out for that video but if you .

want an ultra short throw projector and don’t want to spend $6,000 on the LG then I do recommend the Optima p1 and right on the heels of the Optima p1 in third place is the Vava 4k ultra short throw laser projector so the Baba is $2,800 which is about $1,000 less than the p1 but it performs fairly well for the money the colors and brightness do .

look better on the Optima but the Vava costs much less and has a slightly better throw ratio and unlike the Altima and the LG which max out at 120 inches the Vava can produce a screen up to 150 inches so if you need an ultra short throw but you don’t have more than 3000 dollars then the baba is a good option alright guys that’s gonna do it for .

the best projectors of 2019 now make sure you subscribe to the channel and getting notifications because I have upcoming reviews for the bank utk 850 the Epson 50/50 UB and the Optima p1 so you don’t want to miss out on those thanks for watching guys and I will see you in the next video.

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