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best projector for bedroom

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I’ve always dreamt of having a home media room where I could set up a huge screen and a proper home theater and now that I have a house of the basement I’ve luckily been able to do that now first I consider getting some kind of a huge TV but 80 inches is really about the biggest you can go without having to spend multiple thousands of dollars .

larger TVs costing what they do plus the space on the wall was really calling for something much bigger in order to fill the room properly given the dimensions in my plan viewing distances and they didn’t want the regret of wishing I got something bigger after I was all done so after figuring out what it would cost to get a decent home projector setup opted to go that route and in this video I’m gonna be reviewing the projector and screen combo that I went with and .

go over some of the pros and cons I discovered in the process and hopefully that will answer any questions you might have if you’re considering something similar for your own home setup now as it turns out you can get a pretty solid projector for less than a thousand bucks which is a great deal considering how big of an image you can get versus the .

size of like an equivalent price TV now a projector I decided to go with was this Ben qht 20 50 I chose this projector after doing some research but it’s not something I spent you know hundreds and hundreds of hours researching it’s a projector that’s recommended by the wire comm and some other sites online and has an excellent rating on Amazon of 4.6 stars with over 250 reviews so that’s pretty good and with those indicators and a price of less than $800 I was .

comfortable with that and I decided to go for it so what I want to do is I want to take this down and then take a little bit of closer to look at the projector itself so this is the Ben qht 20 50 it’s a 1080p 3d capable DLP projector the projector is rated at 2,200 lumens with a 15,000 won contrast ratio I don’t get too caught up in specs like that usually I’ll just try to find out what the consensus pick is for a particular item based on a specific price point and then go with that and this is the one I found I do want to go over the inputs on the back here it’s pretty straightforward as two .

HDMI inputs which most people probably only need once and still be plugging in off a receiver it has a 12-volt trigger port which I actually had to look up what that does as for when you turn the projector on it can send a trigger signal to something like an automatic drop-down projector screen or some motorized blinds but I don’t have anything that fancy there’s also a regular and mini B type 1.5 amp USB ports for if you want to power something like a Chrome asked or firestick are their powered USB device that has an old vga style video connector if you want to hook up an .

old laptop or computer and this other rs-232 port which is like old serial port I don’t know what you would even really use that for it also has the flexibility to input component or composite video signals in case you have some older type video components and finally it has RCA audio inputs and an eighth inch audio input and output for if you .

want to maybe plug in some headphones there are also some controls on the top of the unit where you can get into the menu settings power the unit off and on change your input source control the volume and adjust what’s called Keystone Keystone correction is a way to adjust for mounting the projector at different heights and what does is it .

tilts the picture geometrically kind of just depending on the projection angle you have so that helps ensure you’re projecting the image flat onto the screen you can see on screen here this is the adjustment that it makes so long with the Keystone correction you get a good amount of other adjustments as well just to make sure your image projects to the right size for whatever screen you’re using now as BenQ can project an image of small 60 inches diagonally all .

the way up to 180 inches and you can set it as close as 5 feet from the screen all the way back to a little over 19 feet I personally have mine set back about 13 feet from this from 120 inch screen and I’ll talk a little bit more about the screen I chose later in the video as you can see from this chart there’s a decent amount of range where you can place .

a projector for any given screen size and that gives you some flexibility in the install process now behind this little door you can take a look at some of the other controls to help you get the image dialed in you have a vertical lens shift that lets you shift the image up or down about 10 degrees and this helps also compensate for different high ceilings or surface levels you’re gonna place the projector on there’s also a zoom dial here to make the image bigger or smaller and then a nice smooth firm focus ring so that you can get the projected image as sharp as possible let me .

quickly demo of the adjustments for you just so you get a feel for them so the first thing is the vertical tilt shift that moves it down 5 to 10 degrees you can see it just kind of shifts the lens down so projects the image further down the other thing is you have the zoom so let’s say we zoomed all the way out like that you can see I know it’s a little blurry .

but then use the focus ring to focus it in you can see that cuts the picture way down I mean that would probably 100 or 90 inch screen something like that and then if you want to zoom all the way in you can instantly make the picture once you focus it in there that’d be like 140 inch screen or so and so you can see there’s a lot of justments doesn’t really matter exactly where you mount this projector I guess is really my whole point with that so everything I want .

to show you here if I just back that up you’ll see at the top where I have it mounted now this mount there’s a lot of different bolts allen wrench bolts you tighten down so you can do a lot of different things with the picture where you’re limited with the lens adjustments like you can tilt this rocket left and right you can see you can move it along the horizontal plane a bunch and even vertically shift it up and down as much as you need so there’s the lens cover .

on the front the unit as well which always just leave off and you want to make sure you never look into the lens directly because the bulb is really bright as hell it uses an almost 300 watt bulb which is ready to last anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 hours so just depending on your daily usage it should last you a minimum of a couple years with a replacement costing around 250 bucks there’s also a usage meter in the menu you can see so you can check how .

many hours you have on the current bulb now if we take a look at the sides of the projector all around there’s three total cooling fans and the bulb that’s because the bulb gets really hot and if you’re gonna use this in a smaller room or plan on sitting right next to it just know that it turns into a mild space heater what the amount of hot air it blows off .

there are two intake fans on the right and an exhaust fan on the left and mounting directly above my head I was worried the fan noise was gonna be too loud and while you can definitely hear it blowing when there’s no audio playing in the room it’s not bothersome and it’s low enough that you don’t hear it at all when you’re actually watching movies on the screen for those of you that are familiar with audio levels the fan noise is rated at 27 decibels they’re .

also mounting feet here on the bottom of the projector and a small adjustment towards the front as well so if you’re slaying it on flat surface you can kind of have those extra adjustments now unfortunately I don’t have a surround sound system set up with my projector so for the time being I just use the built-in speaker here on the back of the projector so if you weren’t planning on hooking up any speakers yourself with this unit or we’re holding off like me .

you can still get some audio output which is great now I don’t know if it’s because it’s mounted above my head or what but it gets plenty loud too and it sounds better than most built-in TV speakers I’ve heard it anyway ultimately though I’ll do a video on the audio portion of the setup once I guess surround .

sound system all hooked up also the HDMI port is CC compatible so that you can control the projector from other CC capable devices to be able to power on and off the projector with their remote I have an Apple TV hooked up to the device and I’m able to control the volume on the projector by using my Apple TV remote the speaking of remotes the projector comes with its own backlit remote which gives you the ability to control everything from power on and off to picture quality volume brightness colors and access to everything else in the menus the only thing you can’t control are the manual lens control things like the focus zoom and tilt once I got everything set up though I never .

really had need for the remote but it’s definitely nice to have and you can program any good universal remote to do the same functions alright so definitely we got the first stage finished here which is just to get the projector working and showing something on screen I just had to get it mounted up at the ceiling so instead of talking over through the next couple minutes I’m just gonna kind of let a couple minutes a video play just to show you the process I went through to hook it up just put a board going across the top somehow I’m gonna mount it in there and then .

we’ll cover it some kind of way with the tile so that’s it really for the projector itself I’ll go over some of the basic menu adjustments but I want to just first take a minute talk a little bit about the screen so initially I was just projecting the image on the wall which is really I just had an off-white painted drywall surface here and of course there’s nowhere near close to ideal because the surface isn’t really smooth on drywall on it softens image almost to a .

point where you feel like you’re watching an image through a screen door I definitely wouldn’t recommend it they do make a projector paint that you can get it’s pretty cheap by the gallon but I wanted an actual screen because I just think it makes it look a lot more official and I went back and forth on screen size trying to decide between 110 inches 120 inches a new hundred 20 inches was the max I wanted to go because the width here I wanted to just be able to .

leave room on both sides of the screen to be able to get some floor-standing home theater speakers down the line so I wanted to make sure I had some space plus I knew from past experience that should always just get the larger size because if you end up getting some smaller you usually end up regretting it so once I settled on the screen size I did a little research to see what a decent screen would cost as you can imagine there’s a huge price range when it comes to .

screens and all kinds of different options you can go with the but I knew I wanted one that I could just mount on the wall flat so there would be no chance of and moving around or not being taught or worrying about the subwoofer vibrating and stuff like that I was actually very surprised at the cost of screen I went with 120 inch screen and it only .

cost 250 bucks this is the one I got it’s made by silver ticket it has a 4.7 star rating with nearly 1400 reviews and it’s hard to find any product that’s rated that high so I thought was pretty safe with choosing this one also one of the other reasons why I chose this one is that almost all screens require assembly and people were saying this was a .

relatively easy one to put together so once I got delivered it took me and my dad probably about half a day or actually a little bit more to get it assembled and up on the wall you want to take your time to make sure all the corners are square and we measured a bunch of different times just to make sure we were getting it all perfectly centered leveled .

and framed in on the wall the screen itself comes rolled up it’s basically just a white roll of vinyl obviously especially made to for projector screen but you can opt for a gray screen as well that supposed to give you deeper black levels but the trade-off is brightness levels and I thought the white was the way to go for me now the most difficult part of the whole process was stretch in the vinyl screen out over all the different mounting points because you have to .

stretch it very very slowly and it feels like you might rip it at any point and you can see here even after we stretch it out as far as we thought go as tight as we could pull it we were still almost three inches short on the end so you just have to take your time and just keep pulling it and stretching it as best you can little by little and just eventually close the gap and this is what lets you end up with a really tight flat screen with no ripples in it we did finally get it all .

worked out though and then it was ready to mount it up the entire screen itself isn’t very heavy at all and believe it or not it only takes for drywall mounting screws which are included there’s a vertical support in the back those tricky to get in but you just kind of have to pull on the top and bottom of this frame to slide it into place once it’s up on the .

wall you do have some leeway to slide it back and forth a little horizontally just to make sure it’s centered and like I said earlier it takes a little planning and some time to assemble but was really exciting to finally get it done no more watching the image on the wall we finally had a proper screen so with the install part of the process done I think it .

came out looking pretty awesome and finally we were ready to go into the projector menu and do some tweaking so here just want to show you some of the basic menu settings that you can get into with the projector you have your picture settings which allows you to do default picture modes similar to most TVs you’re gonna cinema mode a movie .

mode game mode user want a couple you know user specific preferences bright I just used vivid cuz I found that gives me the best picture and color quality overall and you can individually set brightness and contrast levels and this is gonna kind of depend just on your particular room set up your ambient light and what you looks good to your eyes .

you can set sharpness in here your lamp power this is gonna allow you to set on eco or normal mode and the Eco mode is gonna make your bulb be just a lot dimmer cuz it the point of is it tries to let your bulb last for longer so I just keep it on normal because I want the best picture quality then there’s some Advanced Settings photos you’d like .

to really tinker with things you can set gamma and advanced color management and color settings fine-tune all that kind of stuff I don’t really mess with that personally too much myself but those options are in there and you know they give you a pretty good number of picture of settings to mess with you have your audio setup here this is mainly .

for the onboard speaker if you’re gonna happen to use that one thing to note is there is a manual EQ and I set these all down because the even on a one level speaker it’s too loud sometimes you want to turn it down and then the next step down is off so I turn these down so I’m able to modulate the volume a little bit better so this is something to note .

the other thing is you have the display stuff here and this is where you can activate or turn on the 3d menu not the menu but the 3d mode you know if you’re gonna have watch some 3d movies you can set at the top bottom or side by side kinda 3d depending on your source I don’t like 3d movies like I said I just prefer a regular house and just regular .

film but you know it’s nice to be able to have the 3d and most projectors in this price range are 3d capable so that’s nothing really that special and then here is just some of your basic system settings one thing to note here is the auto power off you want to set that to the lowest possible that’s because when it’s not getting a signal from the source it .

will automatically turn your projector off save you some of that bulb life and you know there’s a lot of other thing so you’re not gonna bore you with all those you can rename your sources stuff like that and then finally I just want to show you the HDMI port settings here’s where you can turn CEC on and off which is gonna let you control the power .

for the projector from your device rather than having to turn it on you know from the projector itself so that’s kind conveniens I showed you earlier with the Apple TV you can turn off things like the LED indicator the power on/off light on the projector and things like that so all kinds of little different settings which is really nice and gives you a lot .

of options now here’s a shot of just a still shot here because I don’t want to show a movie get a copyright strike but you can see the colors on here they’re excellent in a perfectly dark room now this is during the day so I have some .

light coming through the shades in the back but they’re they’re drawn and there is some daylight a little bit of daylight that comes through but I don’t have any lights on here and you can see the screens it’s sharp it’s perfectly clear now if I turn on the lights in here you can see instantly it gets pretty washed washed out relatively but it’s still it’s still watchable you just like I have eight lights going across the ceiling and if I turn the front four off then it .

becomes a little bit you know better because you don’t have lights in front between you and the screen so that improves the the lighting situation in here but if I’d you know you can turn these down the more you turn them down the better the picture is gonna get obviously until you turn it off then it’s gonna be the best and here’s just another .

example with all the lights off but with the shades up you can see I mean it’s more washed out it’s definitely still watchable it’s just not gonna look like an LED TV or anything like that now here’s just one more example where I have just the accent lights on when I turn the light on you’re gonna see big change in picture color and quality so you .

can see does guys watch that what it does get washed out so I guess my point is you wanted in a room where you can control the lighting can you don’t want a lot of ambient light or daylight coming in if it is if it does it’s still watchable .

but like I say it’s not ideal so that’s about it as far as the video and the setup and everything else goes what do you guys think I think it came out really really awesome I’m impressed with it myself of course you know but I I really like I think it’s freaking awesome deal me a hundred twenty inch screen projector the only thing I don’t have is .

though is the audio system yet but you know that’s gonna come down the line but even as it is just using the speaker on the projector being able to watch off you know all kinds of movies watch video games watch my recorded video games sports or watch f1 NBA I mean all that kind of stuff is just amazing on 120 inch screen the big dime on the .