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Hi everybody this is Phil Stewart from hybrid me doing a short video today talking you through the latest design of my home dog simulator the purpose of the video is to just give you food for thought on what you might want to consider when building your own simulator or.

Best Projector For Golf Simulator

If you’re just researching the topic and want to know what might be involved this is a design that I’ve taken which is intended to be simple very easy to source very easy to build there’s a few bits that you might want to finesse and work on and there’s many many different approaches that you can take for building the simulation I’m going to talk you through why I’ve done what I’ve done as well as giving you food for thought for where you may want to put .

additional thought into now anyone that’s looked at my previous videos so you probably know me then I did a video about a year ago which was a walk through of my previous design now that previous design was using the building itself for mounting the screen the netting those components so I had lots of hooks on the wall and you’ll see that I’ve taken back some of the wall protection the various things as marks on the wall that’s nothing to do with this current .

design that’s and all to do with the previous one now what I’ve done now is moved to a enclosure kind of frame type approach the reason being is entirely freestanding two reasons for that one is that it means that you could actually copy this approach within your own design and just build a free-standing simulator in your basement garage your house your garden even if you have access to all of the other areas power and Internet and those kind of things and .

essentially it’s also a design that myself and Shane Warren and shanky golf a pga teaching professional in Ipswich will be taking on the road in the new year making ourselves and the simulator experience available for hire for corporate hospitality and private functions and if anybody is interested in that again please get in touch there’ll be more details to follow in the next month or two now hybrid meet our reseller and a go simulation specialist so my job is to provide consultancy to help you with designing a simulator according to your budget there’s lots of different .

options premium options budget options and certainly I’m keen to make sure that you can get something up and running as quickly easily in the low-cost as possible to be able to get into the go simulation experience and now if you’re interesting any of these components Hubbard me a reseller for mats hitting mats this is t 35 I think it’s the best all-around of mat for being able to use for java simulation I recommend you stand on a harder surface so it’s a .

firmer firmer stance mat in the new year there’ll be an integrated stance mapped with T 35 hitting a strip and that’s something I’m working on now we also reseller for sky truck so sky truck is the most affordable entry into golf simulation that gives you accurate data so we’re not talking about some of the kind of lower budget ones where you don’t even have to hit a golf ball we’re talking about something that he’s gonna monitor the golf ball look at the spin .

look at the launch the launch angles and the ball speed and be able to give you accurate data now I actually use the GC to I’ve been called a hypocrite by the few people I’d say I’m not a GC to is probably double the cost of a skytrak if you’re looking for use 2 GC 2 that is and the GC 2 is effectively the next step up from skytrak it just gives you a more reliable consistent experience in terms of reading data and the sky truck is good enough for many many people but a. 

lot of people do think after a year or so if you’re kind of addicted to the same experience like I am you may want to step up to a use gt2 I can help you with sorting those if you are interested and just be careful of any scams there’s a lot of people trying to scam you around trying to sell GC 2 s on the ebay so just be careful if you do decide to do that then you can also add on hm th MT looks at the club data rather than pull data and it really gives you you know a lot .

of information before you have to go up and spend a lot of additional money on the radar based systems like Trackman which again a great solution and but for indoor golf and certainly I think the GC 2 probably the the best and you’d also need some kind of gaming PC if you’re going to be running the comprehensive simulation software jack nicklaus perfect golf I think is fantastic it’s available for GC to truck man flight scope and also available for Sky .

track at the moment is available for used sky tracks that already have existing Jack Nicklaus perfect off subscriptions I can help you with trying to source those if you are interested you can no longer and get Jack Nicklaus perfect golf through sky golf and themselves at the checkout because a truck man acquired the software so but it does work with GC 2 again please get in touch and I can help guide you through that there are other options available things like tgc .

fsx for sports c 6w GT and others but I do think Jack Nicklaus perfect golf is the best if you are able to and get it for your launch monitor your gaming PC is gonna need to be relatively high end and the graphics cards are the most important component although of course you can’t have a bottleneck with the rest of it you still need a good process a decent amount of RAM and I can help source that PC and provide that for you I’ve got a specification has been tested. 

we are things like Jack Nicklaus perfect golf and works great and or I can help you and with specifying you own and helping you going source source your own if you go for a laptop it’s gonna be a lot more than the equivalent and desktop PC of course then you didn’t want some kind of screen I use a touchscreen monitor because it’s just nice .

within the goal seemed to be able to kind of fiddle around on the screen itself many people might just want a TV or monitor which will be lower cost and probably give you a better image at the end of the day and if you are looking for the touch screen monitor again I can help you source one device but other than that I use and has been very very good for me you’re then going to want to have some kind of projector now the oh sure the one bid I’m not doing .

freestanding is actually the projector the reason being I already had a projector that it’s mounted on my ceiling of my building it’s already got an HDMI cable power routed and for the sake of proving the point here it wasn’t worth me buying another projector and mounting it to the top up but that is well put the project over a little extension arm .

amount and I’d have a short throw projector mounted on that front top projecting onto the screen is to be far enough away you’re not going to hit it with any swinging if you go of clubs and high enough up depending on your enclosure design of course that there’s no way it’s gonna be kind of in the in the target zone for any kind of wedges or anything like that so that would be where I would put it and whether it will be in the mobile enclosure that’s gonna be taken on. 

the road so at this point I’m gonna get onto the enclosure itself this is probably what most people are interested in so apologies if it’s taken a bit too long I’m gonna put the light on pop up a bun my family are out today so that’s why I’m doing the video on my own I haven’t got any assistance with that with the video so the reason put the light on this I can kind of show you the fixings and what I’m using so the first thing I do is I use a one-inch steel tubing or pipe and. 

effectively 1 inch diameter that is essentially you’re gonna need the bars going upstairs one there is one in the back corner one in that corner and there’s one there at the front this is just a DIY extension for me mounting my projector screen it just baked quick and easy too if anyone that does want to do something similar and you’re then gonna need the long bar so these are roughly 2.8 meters in my design her.she they are and you’re gonna need the horizontal bar .

going along the top horizontal bar at the back a hop is on to bar the bottom at the back and you don’t need one at the front obviously that would get in the way with the mat or anything else you doing you trip over it so that’s not needed you’re then gonna need the kind of scaffolding joints or tube clamps and you can get them all from the same metal supplier again I use some can help you with that and this is an elbow joint it’s just got one bar coming on there and .

one up this is a 3-way joint because it’s got the three pipes going into it you’ve got another three-way joint to the back you’ve got another 3-way joint there if you’ve got a very wide design like this is five meters wide and you’re worried about the rigidity of your frame then you might want to do what I’ve done and actually have you may be able to pick it out hopefully you can I actually have two tubes I’ve got one there and one at the back one’s just about what that be .

about and I’ve four inches in front of the other one and I’ve got a couple of tea plants which just mean I’ve got a bit of extra rigidity because there’s two those vertical bars going up there again you can add as many bars as you want to make it as solid as you want but generally you’ll be fine with just a basic frame now I don’t have my screen mounted to the frame if you do you can use bungee cords Clips I mean you can source a premium screen that’s got eyelets into it and then reinforced edges and you can use those to be able to tension the screen I am trying to come up with a .

design that’s just so simple you don’t even need to do that you can just buy the wall material and use tarpaulin clips cheaply off Amazon these little clips allow you to just pull some material and hang it from there at the top so we sell three different screens at the moment to premium screens are two netting so the archery netting is a mesh design it’s very heavy very durable it’s low-budget it does come with the eyelets and reinforced edges and for many people it’s kind of the entry into your simulation it delivers a good enough image now I’ve got another video where I compare .

the archery material to this one and that’s something that may be of interest now this screen is actually a little bit different from the previous video because it’s been turned around and it actually does deliver better image quality now or very good image quality I would say so I do need to redo that video but this is a premium material so isn’t a mesh you can actually identify the individual pixels on the material and this will probably be about double the cost of the archery screen and it would be a select as war material so it doesn’t come with any eyelets that we enforce two .

edges so you would need a way and the way that I mount it is using steel loop so you can see there’s a bit of light there and a bit of out there that’s one bit of rope that goes along gets hooked around the corner hooked around that top left bar goes all the way along around the other side and then you use a tensioning tool which is something used for kind of steel ballast rod for being able to get it nice and taut again I’ve got one I could rent out people if you wanted to use it rather than buy one but it’s quite heavy you can probably understand from the DIY things from and .

I am hanging my Archer netting which is the first screen that many people are using simply using little steel shackles available cheaply again I can let you know what they are and I haven’t got to find the bottom one that doesn’t mean there’s a bit of a gap between that screen and the top and I’ve actually chosen that for my second screen this it allows me to violent use one or other or both I use they’re less clips again cheaply bought off Amazon you can buy them from anywhere and tarpaulin clips that just grip the top of the material and I need to put a few extra ones in here but .

I just have two or three going across the screen or maybe five six in total and then a bit of material I just goes along over the top and gets actually fixed it’s just fixed against he just sits there covering up the gap giving a very quick easy way of mounting asking now the issue the weakness of this design is you could potentially lose golf balls over the top like that not down just because then we’ve got netting on the sides that go all the way up over and down and a fixed .

using ball bungee these at various points I also have a bit of netting at the back that packet enclosure which is the same size five metres along three metres and high that is fixed so there’s no way any golf ball can escape the enclosure that’s the most important thing and I actually recommend you slightly oversize one of these netting bits so they overlap a bit at the back and that means or probably the back one actually are oversized and it means you can .

kind of fold it over and there’s no join we’ve got to have like cable ties joining it together it’s just a very simple quick and easy way with a few little and cable ties of being able to give yourself and enclosure but no golf ball can escape from so when I do lose a golf ball over the top I’ve always got loads of golf balls in circulation I simply pick it up back in the game again so quick easy no concerns with having to get them back and if you may feel hitting position .

forward close enough to the screen I’m hitting from about two and a bit meters and my wedges will only hit the top with the impact screen anyhow so unless I hit some kind of outrageous flop shot I’m not gonna lose any golf balls over the top anyhow and if you look back at my videos you kind of get a feel for how the simulator works there’s lots of videos showing me and using it so how about tension a screen at the side as well oh you wouldn’t really have .

anything tension because the bar I’m using for the fly team or the two bars in this case a further back I needed some things tension it from so I just use another bit of rope which you can see there maybe I’m just moving it about and again I have that bit of rope that goes up under again it’s not the best video here but it goes down wraps under the top and again gets tensioned and nicely and taut and that link was me to just follow up my screen material behind that little bit of light and again used tarpaulin clips one two three four in this case to just pull it nice and taut and .

ensure that you get a nice nice screen for hitting fun same thing on the right hand side the votes very cheap the tension in live alone fixing tools aren’t don’t cost much at all it’s only really this touching tool itself that’s about 130 pounds but you need to borrow higher or just suck up the cost of it if you want to go this approach and you end up with a simulator that is very functional works great please go back and view any of your videos of me playing and .

you’ll see and how it works and yeah I hope that’s useful hope it’s giving you a bit of an idea for how you can do this again please get in touch if you’d like any costings for these components and/or if I can do any other videos that will be of more value but thank you for watching and so please get in touch with us at WWE breed me co uk if i can be of .assistance thank you very much just like.


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