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What I’m planning to do for a variety of these little tutorials I’m doing is you’ll notice I’m not just standing in our room I’m in some really fancy place or a really interesting background behind me what I decided to do was to do these tutorials inside one of my projection effects videos or several of them.

Best Projector For Halloween

So you get a chance to see some of the effects behind me as I’m doing this tutorial making a little bit more interesting but at the same time letting you get a sampling of some of our many different effects the video projector is the single most important purchase you’re going to make when it comes to doing video projection effects at your attraction your attraction can be your home it can be your business it can be a haunted house a Christmas theme park anything along those lines but you cannot project the video without a projector so numerous times during the last 10 to 15 .

years I get emails and phone calls with people asking me to give the best advice I can on picking out a projector as you can imagine there are many projectors to choose from I can’t possibly recommend a whole bunch of specific models and that’s for two reasons versus because there are many models to choose from and second the model numbers change over the years so you’ve got one projector that’s made in a certain year two years later it might be replaced by something so what I want to try to do is to give you some specific guidelines as opposed to specific projectors so you’re gonna see a couple that I recommend certain types that you’ll see over and over as I found in .

different forms over and over and it’s just a general good idea on what to get price is often the most important consideration and for a lot of people it may be the only consideration I’ve had people say I’ve spent $200 on a video projector I got a really expensive one well no you didn’t $200 is not a lot of money to spend so you have to kind of gauge for yourself what’s important where one person might say 200 dollars is a lot to spend on a projection for .

Christmas or Halloween another person might say $200 is not much to spend for my theme park or my haunted house that runs for weeks on end so it really all depends on you the same sort of thing deals with buying a car or a house or just about anything else in the projected reality video series I had several chapters dedicated to video projectors I pulled a couple different ones out I use some of them in examples some of the different setups and how a small projector or a really bright projector could be used or should be used in certain situations and there is some .

good information on here I will be including portions of these chapters at the end of this video because there is some good information and like to give it to you I will try my best not to repeat myself here but pardon me if I do also because this video is being recorded in 2012 and the projected reality series was done in 2010 and 2011 please note that my hair and clothes have changed choosing video projectors is a very important topic and it opens up the biggest. 

series of questions you may have I’ve touched on this topic to some degree in the projected reality series volume 1 & 2 but I’d like to dig a little deeper and hopefully provide you with some idea of what to buy and where to buy it if you are like most people you want to save money let me be really honest I want to help you find inexpensive video projectors and I also hope you just love doing projection illusions and will return to buy more of my DVDs well at least I’m honest so what projector do you buy there are too many models out there an account but I do have some .

general suggestions first eBay eBay is an incredible place to buy used video projectors and it’s presently one of my main sources of projectors the big advantages you have on eBay is that you have the opportunity to buy a good used projector that’s working for 250 dollars that originally cost 4000 or more I know this well because I’ve done it 10 times already this is a very unique projector called ultra projector I like it a lot because it has a very unique feature an. 

internal video repeater unit meaning this device does not require the use of a DVD player the video is loaded onto its internal flash memory from your PC the effect continues to play automatically the ultra projector has a couple of other nice features it runs very cool its bulb is a super bright LED for a very very long life well beyond that of normal video projectors the image is very sharp for projector of this size and that it works excellent in darkened locations its. 

resolution is 320 by 240 at the cost of roughly 200 to 250 dollars it’s outstanding value for the money here’s another inexpensive projector this one is made by the Discovery Channel it’s called the wonder wall projector it’s another lightweight projector which in itself has very useful features this projector is designed to set down on its back to project images right up to the ceiling this is fantastic because I make videos that are designed to be projected on the ceiling all you’ve got to do is set it down and you have magic floating objects on your ceiling this projector like many .

uses a DVD to playback the image it also has a very useful feature a brightness control and a color level control right on the side of the projector this is an unheard-of feature that I have never before seen on any projector usually you have to get into the menu in order to access these features but with this one if you’ve got to make any change to the brightness of the color all you have to do is flip these switches conveniently located on the side of the projector I’ve seen this projector available in a number of places Sears Best Buy and Kohl’s to name a few but you can contact their. 

website to find out where to buy it also in 2011 I discovered the digital galaxy’s 747 projector it’s in the $300 price range at the time this is being recorded it’s a hot lamp type bulb so that’s the same kind of gas discharge bulb that’s in your typical projector so it’s very very much like the features of a top-of-the-line professional projector but squeezed down into a smaller box and it’s certainly lightweight it’s almost seems a little cheap in construction I mean. 

for 300 dollars it can’t be what a $3,000 projector is but its functionality is incredible for a cheap projector in this price range of as I said approximately $300 I’ve seen it for a little bit less a little bit more including shipping the illumination it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of two thousand lumens and the specifications say 2500 that’s not exactly correct as I measured against a name-brand projector like iki err Hitachi but I’d say 2000 lumens for sure and the other thing that’s amazing about it is it its picture is incredibly sharp I went crazy the first time I used it I .

projected it extremely wide on my living room wall a test that was truly not a fair test for a projector that was so small the image went about 18 feet wide and it was an incredibly sharp and bright I just absolutely couldn’t believe it so it’s definitely one new projector that I could recommend buying if you are under a limited budget a lot of people don’t like the idea of buying used and I can understand that if you’ve had a bad experience with something used then .

you don’t want to do that so if you want to buy new the digital galaxy 747 is a great projector for that purpose there’s there’s obviously no way I can guarantee when Javits how long is it really gonna last if it’s $300 and it’s got the same basic function as a projector that cost four thousand then clearly it can’t last as long but again if you wanna if you’re looking you’re looking for ideas this is definitely one to consider the better sharper and brighter a video projector is .

the larger and sharper you can make the projected effect on my own home the majority of the effects I do are done with projectors between 2000 and 4000 lumens what you are doing if you were trying for the highest quality and projection effects is to make it appear as if the special effect is actually really there I call it green screen for the real-life world therefore the higher the quality of the projector the better the result is going to be this image of our 2010 .

Scrooge DVD is seen with a 2200 lumen projector and professional rear screen note that the image is so sharp you would think that the scrooge actor was really inside the window I promise you he’s not this is a projection note also the 1000 watts of movie lights aimed at the house and all the snow reflecting onto the house and onto the rear screen. 

yet the image is still very good in contrast this is what you get with professional equipment like wise Dracula looks very good in the same window this is done at a different time but it’s the same screen and projector so you clearly get the idea the better the equipment the better the effect here’s the same effect of the ghost of history at night with the image working fine with the 2200 lumen projector here’s an application of video effects which shows the advantage .

of a high brightness projection this is a 4500 lumen HD projection by an Optima projector which is made in the USA by Hewlett Packard corporation it’s an image that’s going onto a parking lot you can see it’s a fairly big image even at forty five hundred lumens that’s not enough to counter completely the parking lot lights you can still see the lines of the painting for the parking stalls through the projected spider but it is one heck of an image so imagine a perfectly dark environment this shows you the advantages of a bigger projection and a brighter projection one application of a. 

smaller lumen projector is putting a ghost onto a gravestone in this example here it’s a thousand lumen projector going out to a cement dust coated styrofoam gravestone that’s about four feet tall in darker conditions of 500 lumen or smaller projector would work in such a situation because the image is is pretty small in size three to four feet high you will be okay if there’s no external lights keep in mind when you are buying a projector that many are mislabeled as high-definition or High Definition compatible understand that this does not mean you’re buying an HD projector because if you look at the native resolution of most projectors that are called HD compatible the actual resolution is .

600 by 800 what is true HD resolution 1080 by 1920 when it says HD compatible that simply means it will accept your high-definition signal from a game console or a blu-ray player and then downgrade that signal to standard definition you gain nothing at the time of this recording most true HD video projectors are over ten thousand dollars now in the end you will probably buy the projector you can afford but hopefully this section of my DVD has helped .

you decide what to buy and what to buy next so what is a good video projector to buy there’s a lot of different situations a lot of parameters you might wonder new versus used hot bulb versus LED which runs quite a bit cooler high-definition versus standard well of course there’s also the issue of price people do not understand that video projectors come in an extremely wide range of price so for a couple examples you’ve got on the low commercial end .

you’ve got $500 projectors below that you have toy projectors that can be $200 or under you have projectors that are as high as $200,000 that’s what we that’s what would be projecting a movie in a movie theater they have gone from a film to digital projection which really is you can think of it as a is a video projection of a sort let’s talk about some .

projectors the first question I would ask is what is the use what is the application what are you planning to do with the projector and how big is that image going to get even the two hundred thousand dollar projectors have a limit to how big that image can be so the movie screens were are often the really big ones are a hundred feet wide so we know that not much larger than that is the limit so are you doing a large-scale projection on the ground or on the side of a .

very large building or are you doing an effect in a window that’s three feet wide by five feet high or a bay window you know five feet wide by 4 feet tall are you doing it on a wall a very small wall or a large wall are you doing it inside a little fortune-tellers globe so really what you plan to do it’s in my professional opinion is the first important thing to .

look at besides the cost if you only have 200 dollars to spend then there’s no point watching my president that’s what you’re going to do but in saying that do keep in mind that you can get a great use projector for $200 wait till you see some of what I’ve picked up between 150 and 300 dollars you will be amazed here’s when I got off eBay it’s a hewlett-packard brand Optima model projector 3000 lumens I paid $350 for it knew it was around 2000 $350 it’s used it .

came in pretty good condition the bulbs that was in there’s the original so it’s used it’s not gonna last as long as it would for normal but I’m finding that the bulb ratings are in the 3 to 5000 hours that’s quite a few hours I’ve had this for eight years it’s still working I’ve never even had to change the Lamb I have found a number of Hitachi projectors this one was probably my most expensive used one it was around four hundred and fifty dollars but the brightness is it’s more than two thousand lumens and it has a double Keystone control which is really great for .

different situations where you want to adjust the pictures tilt it’s called the Keystone it does both horizontal and vertical which gives you a lot of flexibility you can put it in a corner of a room down low and still get the images to line up right even though the projector is not centered with your wall or rear projection screen so that works really well there’s another one that I got I have three of these one is a viewsonic brand the others hit tachi but you can see they’re identically the same projector these were used on eBay for $200 there are two thousand lumens they’re very .

well-built lots of inputs very bright very just absolutely excellent projectors $200 used again some of these are 15 years old and still have the original ball never been replaced still working some people are resistant to buying something used and others say well you get ripped off on eBay eBay is 10 million different people solving stuff so you’ve got good sellers and you’ve got people that might be bad sellers I’ve never had a problem and I’ve bought a lot. 

of projectors and in my consulting business I actually will buy projectors for clients when I’m doing an install and so I’ll find a good one buy it test it out if it’s good it goes in their theme park I want you to keep in mind that your typical typical car somebody buys new is in the $20,000 price range this projector here is $18,000 can you believe it $18,000 when it was new I bought this on eBay happened to be right in the Minneapolis area where I live so I was .

able to pick it up in person remember I said $18,000 two hundred and seventy-five dollars is what I paid for it this baby is a dandy the resolution is so high it’s not I def it was made before High Definition but the image is superior to anything but my high definition projector absolutely incredible extremely bright we’ve used it in theaters to project films for Halloween it’s outstanding you can see it in use here on this graveyard effect we did and this is you’re not .

actually looking at a faked image this is the real image on the ground in the graveyard absolutely incredible so those are examples of the kinds of deals you can find here’s another great one this is also an Optima this was a hundred and seventy five dollars on eBay including shipping its 2000 lumens that weighs maybe eight pounds and used just like many of the ones I bought I this particular one I use a lot because it’s so light in weight I move it around a lot but .

2000 lumens you can’t beat that for that price $175 so the the difference in my opinion between a what I call a toy projector and you’ve seen them I’m sure you’ve seen him Discovery Wonderwall is one that I refer to as a toy projector the prices it was around $100 thereabouts sometimes less on sales the difference between those and these commercial units even though they’re used they are going to last and last and last the commercial units what I call a .

toy projector I don’t personally use them I buy some test them result but I don’t actually use them for my own display because I think this sort of thing deserves this kind of visual effect deserves a real projector because the thing is you want to be happy with it you can always make a brighter projector dimmer if you need to but you can’t make a dimmer projector brighter it’s kind of like a joke I heard at an airport somebody was trying to put they wanted coffee and they were wanting a small coffee in a large cup you can always put a small coffee in a large cup but you can’t get a. 

large coffee in a small cup so by the same token if you’ve got a very dim projector you cannot get a lot of light out of it and so if you’ve got no money to spend and you’re like well I just want to try this out then you will make yourself but if you’re doing a serious production whether it’s at home for a contest at a theme park at a store window display you want to have something that’s a real projector I have not I should say I have projectors that date back 15 years they’re used every holiday season Christmas and Halloween and many other times in between I have a couple of spare lamps. 

that I almost want to say it was dumb enough to buy I haven’t opened the boxes yet and some of these projectors are 15 years old so there is a enormous difference in quality long life and all that when you buy a commercial unit so I I would definitely recommend that some other things too beyond this I should babble just a little bit about the some of what we’re working on in the future 2012 we made quite a few videos this year some are still to be made since this is .

being recorded in the spring but in in future years we do have some ideas of doing some things where we combine a number of effects on to an actual single image so the single image can be projected in a couple of different locations so in a sense that’s like combining different effects onto one piece of film one section of digital video and so for that sort of thing a larger projection of a brighter projector for a larger projection would be required you just can’t get it from a small one couple other comments one other item that can help with making a projected image brighter is in .

fact professional rear screen cheap materials just don’t work we do sell one such cheap material we’ve worked with a manufacturer that did industrial plastics to come up with a polyvinyl which you can project on when we went searching we’re having a hard time finding something we ended up working with somebody to get the mix of white colorant I guess you’d call it correct so that it didn’t it looks kind of like a garbage bag it’s been compared to that but it’s cheap you know forty dollars is roughly what we saw a piece for but if you look at professional rear screen here’s a. 

couple images of some professional rear screen the price goes is all over the map and it’s anywhere from a hundred dollars for like a three by five piece up to five thousand for the same size so the advantage of the professional rear screen is it will darken the incoming light and increase the outgoing light through lenses that are built into the screen and they do work here is a picture this is not I promise you this is not faked the rear so you are looking at a piece of .

professional rear screen in a window now it is a 2,000 lumen projector but it is also daytime out at the time this pictures taken you can tell what’s daytime yet look at how bright the image is and look at how dark gray the actual screen area in the window is so that’s another thing where you can make some difference but I guess if if I had to be candid straightforward if you’re gonna spend $200 for a piece of rear screen to make $100 projector brighter why not just get a very expensive projector that’s used and pay $200 for it and you’re gonna be a lot better in a lot of .situations.


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