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Hyperdrive at the time of uploading this video this is the newest MacBook Pro that you can get and I’ve SPECT it out to the highest degree everything except storage but like RAM memory all that kind of stuff is at the highest so I want to know if the hyper drive pro works and I bought the pro because it comes with Thunderbolt.

Best Projector For Macbook Pro

 I guess DisplayPort it’s this kind of display with this kind of connector there’s also an HDMI port so hopefully that all work but what I’m gonna be doing in this video is testing every single one of these ins and outs see if they work see if it connects and all that jazz there’s two different versions of the hyperdrive on Amazon the hyperdrive pro what’s special about it is this connection right here now there’s also the hyperdrive duo it has everything that my .

hyperdrive pro has except the Thunderbolt 2 connection this one’s a little bit cheaper I’ll have links to both the duo and the pro in the description below if you are curious about it once you plug it into the side so you guys can see it snaps right in there’s a little light that shines to make sure that it has power the first test I’m gonna do is see if I can connect my wireless mouse into my wired keyboard and then through the usb on this hyper drive and then see if it .

loads on my computer and is moving and let’s see if it works my mouse is connected and I don’t know if you can see that but my mouse is working keyboard is working USB seems to be working now let me plug in power to make sure power can transfer through there plug that in right there right there powers on cool so this is a normal SD card oh man it’s really sturdy put it down okay yeah so you’re just gonna put it in upside down according to how I have this .

set up right now that right there is my first SD card I have a micro sd card here will micro SD go in I’m assuming this is also gonna have to go in upside down it’s really tough to find that spot where they’re supposed to go in does this go right side up oh and that one actually plugs in so SD cards go upside down micro SD go right side up oh yeah it does show up so that was the micro SD I have an external hard drive that’s powered here and plug it in to right here you .

got a it’s turning on Seagate 3 well it works the next one to test is a hard drive that isn’t externally powered so if it can power it through the computers we have a just normal external hard drive here into the USB it is lighting up I’m assuming it’s gonna work and there it is you can see it let me try and put something into USB see so I have here a normal USB to USB see I’m just gonna plug in that same drive into the USB see while I take this and I’m gonna plug .

this back into my USB alright so I have all four working right here and also the SD cards are all working still this isn’t exactly a good representation but this is the monitor that I used to look at myself and it has an HDMI in we just want to see if this HDMI out from right here will work so you plug this HDMI in turn on HDMI coming out does work alright so now the moment of truth the whole reason I bought this hyper drive pro was so that I could use this old-.

school of Thunderbolt with my quote unquote old-school Thunderbolt Display so does it work let’s find out we have all these things plugged in and how this would normally work is you would take this that’s connected into the monitor and it automatically turns on let’s find out upside down it’s in I’m gonna take that as a big fat no no it does not work here I have the lossy Drive obviously it’s not powered try and plug it in plugged in we got nothing normally .

you’d see a light right there wait there’s nothing there now I do think that this Drive actually does work on this computer if you use the old schools so I’m gonna plug this one in too it does have a USB alternate and the lights turning on therefore I assume it’s going to work as you can see there it is so you can still use these lesea drives but you’re gonna have to use that USB input instead of using the Thunderbolt 2.0 is maybe what they call it just to show .

you guys that this monitor does work I’m going to now plug this guy in which is the normal firewire and plug it into the other side of my monitor take this connection that would I wish would work right here but it doesn’t plug it in and voila there you go you’re gonna have to buy this little Thunderbolt the old-school Thunderbolt dongle in order to use the old-school Thunderbolt Display what I do like about that dongle though is that can still use all of the connections on the back of the Mac display with this dongle what I thought when I first bought this and I don’t know. 

where I heard this is that you can only use the Mac display as the Mac display I thought like you wouldn’t be able to use the connections in the back but that’s not true and I’ll prove it here I’m gonna unplug my keyboard here plug it into my Mac display so right here I have the Internet and it’s working what’s even cooler though is if I were to turn off my Wi-Fi I have an Ethernet cable going into the back of my display and I should still be able to go to the Internet. 

don’t know where I heard that internet still works on my computer all the other connections to work on the back of my mac display when I do use the old-school Thunderbolt connection so I think the hyper drive pro is kind of an upsell that you don’t even need because it’s not working with my monitor if you have one of these displays and that’s. 

what your normal workflow is maybe just by the dongle and then you can just have the normal workflow as you normally would me I like the hot option of having all these ins and outs of the hyper drive it’s just that it doesn’t work for the firewire maybe the firewire has to be powered but I mean this is powered it just doesn’t work with your .

monitor and if somebody says it does doesn’t work on mine so maybe I have a fluke hyper drive but I don’t think so just to answer the questions of the people that probably do the same exact thing that I do is go to Amazon and then see what negative reviews you get on a piece of gear so let me just look up the one-star reviews here and see if I can .

address some of that so this very first one says that the basic issues are that on the right side of the Mac Pro one issue the stereo track is right here so if you have to use this on the right side once you plug it in it covers up the stereo track you no longer have access to it so if you probably need access to the stereo jack you’re going to be using it on this side because you’re not coming up the stereo jack but that leads to the issue that your SD cards when you plug them in .

instead of being right side up they’ll be upside down which is whatever I mean deal with it some people are saying that the item doesn’t like seems pretty flimsy when you plug it in but I kind of disagree I think it’s really stable like once you plug it in you really have to tug at it in order to get it out of there so I would say that they probably fixed that by the time some of these reviews have been made I think they also addressed this in the Amazon post so yeah .

they put in parenthesis due to Apple receiving numerous feedback about loose us be connections in earlier 2017 2016 MacBook Pro models Apple decided to increase the tightness of the USBC ports in 2017 so this is a 2019 so I think it’s pretty tight in there it’s not going anywhere now going up and down like just don’t like kick it or something like that I feel like if you were in an airplane you just have to watch out to make sure that you’re not gonna break break it. 

I mean it is a pretty durable piece of gear but I mean it’s just hanging on by the USB ports there like that’s how much I had to pull in order to get it off the MacBook Pro so I don’t think you should be worried about that I haven’t had it long enough to know whether or not the drive will flake out in like six months or something but it seems to be doing pretty good right now is the hyper drive pro for you I mean I love it it does all these things except connect to my .

monitor which that was the main reason I got it in my personal opinion if you do have the Mac display get one of these guys so you can utilize all the i/o on the back of your Mac display and then also get one of these guys because you have like access to SD cards and all those other things on the run just don’t buy the pro if I would have bought this before I just wouldn’t have bought the pro version and I just would have bought the normal version and saved .

myself like I think like 50 bucks or something like that or like 20 I don’t know what the difference is in price I’ll put both the hyper drive Pro and the hyper drive like normal in the description below but I would not waste your money on the hyper drive pro I would just go with the normal hyper drive if it acts like this one here because this one’s doing pretty good I mean look I can have all these things plugged in and it all works nice and dandy if there’s other dongles. 

out there that are way better than this one please let me know but as of right now I think this is the one that like kind of pops up at the top of Amazon as like the highly the highest reviewed and best dongle in the space I think maybe if you’re watching this super later there’s probably something else but for right now it’s the hyper drive like I said I kind of like it I like the the color matches the Mac it’s just the fact that I’d spent a little bit more than what I needed to getting the pro version and just I would say don’t get the pro version because it’s not worth it just get the normal .

version honestly I was kind of bummed that there was only USB C or USB 3 or whatever it is on the Mac Pro and a headphone jack but actually after thinking about it it would be cool if everybody got on the same page and only used one input type that would be really awesome like imagine if like SD cards only went into USB C and all of your hard .

drives went into USB C or it wouldn’t even be USB C or whatever it is if everybody agreed on one input structure I think technology would go a lot faster in improving because you would only have to worry about one type of input which I guess it kind of was USB to begin with but then you had kind of like smaller versions and all that other stuff .

regardless this video is already way too long if you made it this far my name is Xavier Mercedes and I like to do video tech tutorials on this channel as well as talk to people and what they’re passionate about so if you’re into like self-development and creators and all that kind of stuff and video stuff you’re in the right place till next episode live a life .of abundance I’ll see you guys next time Oh.


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