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Here in my studio just got that new projector there but you want to know what I like a lot more than that projector the knowledge this used to operate the projector okay so here it is you got your little uh on/off switch yeah you got a little on and off switch you have the access technologies logo now when you turn it on you’ll have to wait about 10 seconds and then.

Best Projector For Photography

This screen will pop up so push the little down arrow right there so you can select your little pictures and then click the SD card you can also use a USB if you want to but I prefer the SD card because it stays within the unit and it clicks in there now on top of the SD card you also have an HDMI IN so you can literally plug in your laptop open .

Photoshop up in full screen and then start drawing light on anything you want to draw light onto has a USB port a TV tuner port a VGA port a headphone port a power port and an RCA port it also has a tripod port right there so you can hook it up to a tripod very convenient far as any other button you have one knob right there for the focus and .

then you have your arrows and the okay a back button the power button and whatever button could pick whatever you want I’m going to pick some sort of halftone pattern and click the thing and then it will project the following pattern onto whatever you want to project it on to so tips on using this projector because this is a DLP projector at .

the resolution it’s at there are a few little things to keep in mind number one you’re going to discover there’s this little thing called the screen door effect and what that is is the little black spaces between each individual pixel it only happens when the projector is very far away so as you can see it’s over there about 20 feet now you can reduce the .

screen door effect by bringing bridge they’re closer to the projection surface or like slightly defocusing the focus ring now there’s another thing you have to worry about with DLP projectors and that is the rainbow effect there’s a little spinning disk inside of the projector that switches colors around and it basically makes the projector act like a very .

fast strobe light in fact if you were to put this projector up to a flash slave your Flash I found that when I did that to flash fired rapidly in succession you can’t see it right now but this is actually not white being projected it’s red green and blue changing very very very quickly and you can’t notice the difference so if I go over to my camera and I switch. 

the shutter speed right now it’s on one sixtieth of a second however now it’s at one sixtieth of a second now it’s at one four hundredth of a second now what you’re observing right here is the rainbow effect this has creative applications but if you want the image to be projected as you would see it normally you’re most likely are going to want to use .

around one sixtieth of a second maybe 180th you’ll notice that even if you’re projecting a pitch-black pixel it’ll still be slightly illuminated and that’s why you see the slight illumination around the projection itself if you want to reduce this effect and make it so you can’t really notice it as much what you can do is turn on the ambient light and as long .

as the ambient light overpowers the black levels of the projector then you’ll be good to go also notice how you get some chromatic aberration here so there’s the little green fringe and there’s the little purple fringe you get that because the lens isn’t extremely high quality no big deal for me this is the best thing I’ve found so far as far as the .

price and the weight and the size and the fact that it is battery operated so you can do so many different things with the projector that it’s just kind of ridiculous number one if you just get a bunch of images and put them in on an SD card you can use all those images and use that as your light source and you can project anything you want onto .

anything you want it’s basically like the ultimate customized lighting source available ever you can use the projector to shine specific shapes through fog and that will create very interesting effects you can project what you’re photographing back onto itself so if you do this what you do is you take a DSLR you plug it into the projector and .

then you put your DSLR live view and then point your DSLR and the projector in the same direction and you will get a sort of reality tunnel if you will there’s also this little feature in the projector called keystoning keystoning allows you to automatically correct the perspective of the image being projected when you tilt the projector up or down .

Keystone it can also be used to create optical illusions so if you turn keystoning on project an image on to the cement or the ground and then trace that image over with paint or chalk and then take the projector away and then put your camera where the projector was and take a picture of it that drawing will look like the perspective is correct from the. 

cameras point of view another thing that you might be observing right now is the fluorescence so like I said earlier in the ultraviolet video if you shine blue light onto something depending on what the material is it might reflect back out as green or red or a different color of a lower frequency the AXA m4 and XM 5 are the best projectors that I know. 

of right now because they are battery operated there are other projectors available that are better than these two but they they cost more and you have to plug them into the wall and they’re larger and heavier alright tips on using a projector number one most people when they get a project what they do is they just put it in front of their camera and shine it on a person just like this just how just how you’re seeing right now they just do that now that could be .

cool but what you can do is actually put that projector at an angle like this and what that does is that makes the light stretch out and skim across the surface of whatever it is that you’re projecting it onto tip number two is to use two projectors instead of one the reason why is because if you’re photographing a three-dimensional object let’s say a .

sphere if you have two projectors you can have light being projected at every single point around that sphere basically if you have two so with two projectors you can do a lot and if you don’t have two projectors this is the third tip you can use one projector but instead of having a second projector is you can use a mirror in place of the second .

projector just like that see and you can get you’re going to might need to move the focus ring around a little bit in order to get it right the other tip I have is you can put this projector very very close to things and the focus is still very good that’s what I like doing because when you put the projector very close the screen door effect goes away and so .

does the chromatic aberration and the pixelation and everything it just looks better when it’s closer okay so a few features I think they should put in the next projector gapless video looping that would be nice there is a looping option in the projector already all you have to do is play the video push the up arrow and then scroll over to the .

repeat option and right now that would be repeat off that would be repeat this one video file and that one would be repeat all the video files you have in the folder so if I leave it at one and I’ll push the down out or get rid of that you’ll see it’s about at the end of the video right here there it went the video ended and now it’s starting over again but you .

saw that there was a big black space in between the video finishing and starting again and that should be fixed in my opinion now there are cool features over here you can slow the footage down speed it up and also zoom in and zoom out and you can zoom in and zoom out in images as well which is very very helpful another feature I wish the .

projector had was the option to play animated gifs can’t do that could be kind of improved is that when your scroll or when you’re trying to find an image and you’re scrolling through an image here you can do it through the menu or you can select the image and then push the right arrow and just scroll through the images that way but if I do this it .

for even from right here you see that it takes several seconds just to load the next image and you can only view your images one at a time and that’s very very slow you can rotate the image and you can wrote you can zoom it in and out it’s very useful okay so differences between the m4 and the m5 the m5 is a little bit smaller when you put them side-.

by-side you know that’s the difference other than that there is not too much of a difference this one is 100 lumens brighter according to the website and this one has a 70 minute battery life and I think this one has a 90 minute battery life and this one when you’re holding it your thumb is right there by the focus ring which is really nice with .

this one the focus ring is on the right and it’s smaller and a little bit more difficult to work with this one has an automatic keystoning option so if you were to aim that up it’ll automatically fix it just like you see there whereas with this one with keystoning in order to get keystoning at all it’s not that great I’ll show you what it looks like you have to. 

select the image and then when the image is there you then push the up or down arrow and that will get you your little keystoning option but when I when I push the button over and over and over again pretty fast you can only move it much that at this speed so that’s why I like using this one because it’s instant you do it and it’s just like that .

so now let me fix it back push push push push push push and finally we’re back to zero and that hardly was it that big of a difference at all other differences the menu system on the m4 is better here’s what it looks like on the m5 you go to the settings and there you get a few options and they are separated between each different page and those are your. 

options right there this is a little option called blending supposedly that makes the black levels better but when I turn that on it also looked like it kind of lowered the brightness of the overall image as well so I don’t really like that menu over here the menu is just better everything is on one page I don’t know what DLC means I look that up and kind of .

find any information about it if anyone knows what that is leave a comment this one has the TV tuner this one does not and this one has the RCA the three RCA plugs with this one it has an AV in and you get the little converter thing for it so the m5 also comes with a case you get a little remote and you get a little tripod that’s what the case is it’s a .

nice case this one doesn’t come with a case the fans in it if you’re shaking it around the fans kind of stop working so here’s what it sounds like see how that when you’re shaking around the fans kind of stop working with this one that’s not the case you shake it around the fans are really good no matter what so for whatever reason you’re spinning our .

projector around on something you would probably want to use this one as opposed to this one and if this one the that little button thing has been fixed so this casing is very hard when I push down on it nothing budges with this one if you push down right here this but the whatever button gets pushed and that is not the best thing it’s uneven it kind of is that which isn’t the best see in the corners there you get the little plastic edgings and they did that probably .

because on the m4 these little things you got the little smudgy soft material right there those are stickers though and those tend to fall off quite a bit see there right there that one fell off yeah this one is nice when it has all four of those stickers on it but because one of them fell off it does the same thing on this corner build some sort of plug that you could plug in there they’re not included with the projector though oh that one doesn’t have one so never mind .

scratch that idea you can’t do that here’s what the footage looks like when they are side by side the m5 is on the left the m4 is on the right there really isn’t that big of a difference all right so what happens when I try to go to this picture Oh on support’ file so I click it and I get nothing same with this one this one actually shows the thumbnail of it but it’s still when you click on it it says unsupported because you can only load up JPEGs that are saved with the .

baseline option selected when you’re in Photoshop you can’t save it as a progressive jpg same with P and G’s you have to save PNG s in a certain way as well so that should definitely be improved here this should be able to load any sort of JPEG or PNG file or gif or animated gif or what I the m4 has this plug right here that actually can be .

disconnected just like that it snaps off into that can be good because if you’re if you’re projected on a tripod and you trip over the cord well then just a little thing will come unplugged not the entire projector won’t come falling down with this one it’s just one little thing there so if you trip over the cord then the projector will probably go flying .

around with it also with the m4 power pack it comes with a USB charger right there so that’s pretty cool this one doesn’t have that so as I’m going in cases here’s what it looks like here’s the m4 in a case it fits in any standard case a Pelican case it fits fine in that then same with this one except this one’s smaller so it takes up less room here’s what .

the front of each looks like one thing they could do is make it round like this but also have filter threads on this so you could screw a filter in front of the light source and now what you’re seeing right here is the closest you can put the projector to something and then they’re they’re the screens basically side by side next to each other they do look I. 

think the m5 screen is a little bit bigger as well when it’s projected further away you can’t notice it because they’re so close to each other right now but I do think the m5 has a little bit bigger of a projection throw ratio if you will so our is the external casing if you wanted to project something downward through glass you can do that you can set it down at that angle and even it is it might be at a slight angle you can still project it downward and not have to really .

worry about it falling over if you wanted to project it something on the ceiling you can’t really do that because there is the TV tuner and the way and there’s at a slight angle right there and that doesn’t really work you can’t project anything on the ceiling if you wanted to project something in the vertical orientation you still can’t really do that I mean you can you just have to be extremely careful otherwise it’s going to tip and fall over just like that see this one .

has been improved in that regard the casing is completely flush on all four sides whoops the lens does protrude a little bit outward right there it’s not too big of a deal of it doesn’t stop you from projecting it downward and it doesn’t even make it uneven pushing at the top here and it’s not fiddling around so that’s pretty cool so I do really like how everything is flush and even right there the focus ring you can put it on its vertical and you can project something in .

the vertical orientation however this is not a perfect 90 degrees here it’s at a slight angle on all four sides and that is annoying because it’s at a slight angle so the thing that you project outward is going to be at a slight angle it’s not going to be straight up and down how it should be and that my friend is slightly disappointing alright that’s my video thank you for watching if you liked it click the link down below and read everything down below I have an image .

pack for sale that contains hundreds of images that you can load up in your projector and you can project all those images onto whatever you want I will see you in the next video.


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