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best projector for sports barLooking for the Best Projector For Sports Bar? You’ve come to the right place

Guys how you doing out there my name is Casper Don the creator of Crystal age technology projection screens using smart technology gain and a new fusion silver fusion black and the invisible 4k tech crystal vision projection screens I want to talk about Super Bowl which is coming up pretty fast mind you the promotion for our Super Bowl big 180 package will be ending on January start to wear the first.

Best Projector For Sports Bar

So you have plenty of time to get in there and get your package now I just want to add real quick on how amazing these screens are we do our screens and fully lit environments you won’t see any ambient light controlled environments and settings we don’t use the pitch-black settings because here’s the thing if you’re watching a movie .

it’s all good and loved to have all your lights out but if you’re watching the Super Bowl you don’t want your family your friends your guests you guys ought to be sitting in the dark trying to figure out exactly how to view the screen because the future on the lights the screen is on a fade out or basically the performance level is going to drop on the .

screen with our screens we use something called smart technology gain which allows our screens to be able to produce a beautiful picture even in a toilet room and the angle gain is flawless on these screens all right so I’m come over here and show you what we have against the screen right now we have the supernova mr. soprano right here .

once Infinity ones blade over here we have the Dark Star 9 those of you have dark sphere 9 not to put you down or anything but your screen has a viewing angle of 180 degrees and it has a gain of 1.9 all right so we’ll put that right there I had to take the corners a little bit more because I wanna make sure the screen is sitting flat against the screen. 

over here this is another sheet of the supernova this right here would be the ones Infinity ones and blade I know that but like I say you can see I has a size chased down to make sure it lays perfectly flat against the screen because you’ll have some people that will sit there and complain and say hey look the screen ends are up and so that’s causing the .

screen to go dark around the edges and cherem it should make a difference at the ends are up or if whatever angle you’re feeling the screen on it should look absolutely fantastic alright so like I said we’re going to be doing this in a fully lit environment I may turn the lights on also too but we’re going to do this and they fully the environment we’re. 

going to do this in several angle game to show you how magnificent the screen looks and like I said for insult for injury just to make the challenge a little bit harder I take five and a lot bar light in the center of the crystal H dark Silver Spring alright so let’s picture start it right now now mine just want to add really quick you know this screen .

takes in more light than your average of projection screen you will see on youtube I see why because my screen is seven feet high and 12 feet across – this screen is collecting all this light that’s in this room so all the ambient light the center of the screen is being subjected to it and yet the screen looks absolutely fantastic now look at these angle game. 

if you own a supernova now to put the company down if you own the dark start9 this is what your performance is we’re going to do is want to go pet frames come here at the dining room and show you what I will be singing on Super Bowl here’s my screen on an angle there is the supernova there is the dark star night and there is the other end. 

of the supernovae infinity and blade both screens now I just want to add really quick and have people saying hey why would anyone spend two hundred and sixty dollars for a quarter paint why would anyone spend three hundred and forty three dollars for two quarts of paint world consider the fact that a supernova as the screen size I had here .

literally at 108 inches Andre in spring 1610 would cost you sixteen thousand dollars if you wanted at a hundred inches would cost you three to four thousand dollars now you tell me you do the math where do you think you would come out better now mine now look at this I can move an angle I want and my screen looks fantastic this is the .

performance rate of our screen and I say this is easy if someone’s doing a hundred and strain 120 whatever you I mean you have to prove that your screen can take on a ton of light that’s why I do the bar lights that’s why I do the spotlight to show you guys how magnificent our screens look look at all the light in this room my extreme is seven .

feet high you know any angle I can come all the way back here to the back of the wall you tell me what you see now you own a supernova if you only dark star 9 this is your screen quality to see what you’re getting I’m proving backing it up right here you now truthfully truthfully I could either be so much green paint $4,000 a quart it’s beating a .

$4,000 supernova think about it but I don’t do that the reason I don’t do that because like I said when I started my company I wanted to bring out a high-performance green paint and projection screens there wouldn’t cost to consumers a ton of money $5,000 10016 thousand thousand dollars per projection screen is insanely as a saint in my. 

book it really original thing in the kitchen I am in the kitchen so I’m I figure it right there my fridge or aliens Dorito I’m in the kitchen so I could sit here in a preacher trying to figure it’s funny I can see here in the kitchen if I’m back here making food for my guests and they’re out there watching the game I can peek to watch the game from here now. 

if I had the supernova or if I had the Dark Star 9 this is what I would be seen go a little farther older go pass right here in the next room to guess yeah I’m in the next row so this is what you’re getting if you own one of these screens no money this is you in the kitchen games going on you owe it at supernova you own the darks turn on you paid .

money for these strings jump at em and something happened you go to turn to look at the screen that’s what you’re getting anybody owns a crystal a string this is what working also too with this kid the Super Bowl kit you will get a surface – circus is a 90 high and 12 feet across so say you can’t paint on your wall because you rent easy it comes with. 

a surface comes with an 8 way stretch –four acoustic weatherproof surface which will allow you to be able to build your own customized massive giant expanding Springs look on the back of my screen this is how my screen is designed very easy to put together mess with the cable actually swing Caminos with your wall button yeah very easy .

to put together got these strips of wood from Moshiach alone people they’ll cut it for you if you don’t have the equipment there’s the l-bracket ship I’m building a picture frame put it all together with your supports in the middle take the material stretch it over the side find it’ll fit all over because I extended my dream but take the mixture .

researchers how you staple it down and then you just coat it with our crystal ish technology string thing and voila you have a hundred and eighty-eight screens for the Super Bowl now mind you I noticed that there are some people making screens out of drywall let me explain something to you about drywall if anyone’s ever worked with drywall .

before I had drywall when he comes in a particular size it comes to the sides at four by eight now let’s say change your sizes but last I checked it was four by eight now four by eight sheet of drywall is pretty heavy now mine do undo a screen of this caliber you’re going to need about maybe four sheep might need a little more than eighty five four to .

five sheets now – when you put this drywall up you can’t have screws this small and I’ll tell you why you need something called a stud finder now stud finder you have to find all the individual studs in the wall because when you screw those screws in into the drywall they’re going to anchor into the studs if not the screen is going to come up in .

the wall and crush you is it’s going to crush you your kids are your pet but it’s going to come up on the wall that’s why you have to get a stud finder because I stud finder will find all the areas where the studs are at we can actually secure .

the drywall to that particular area it’s not this sucker is going to yank up on the wall and you’re going to get murdered with it so that’s what I’m trying to say you know not trying to put anybody down if you’re building the screen out of drywall but just be prepared that you’re going to have to find those particular studs in your wall to .

anchor that screen also choose it’s gonna be a lot of sanding to get a joint compound you’re going to have to put these metal brackets on the side of the UM the drywall because it’s not it’s going to become brittle and it’s going to break away there’s a whole lot of stuff you got to go into and you’re doing drywall screening also consider the fact that this .

is going to be very heavy it’s going to be a lot of work so it’s very easy to use our packages because our packages come with an eight-way stretchable surface now money just think where do you know that you can buy a surface where actually you’re getting it for free with us but get a certain that’s nine feet high twelve P – cause it’s acoustic it’s treated to be weatherproof and you’re going to get that for pretty much next to nothing we give you that for free so say you .

read campaign on your wall you can go to your screen you can have this like a film to once an appointment room let’s turn the lights out let’s see the difference and get right in the center you tell me what you see there screen looks absolutely gorgeous absolutely freakin gorgeous look at that any angle I want look at it boom look at this this is .

freakin incredible good look at the angle gain on that screen and you see that like this car not s I’d like to sum up the ball and Aparna it’s literally hitting the trains trains being hit with a 500 our light back in the kitchen again anyone’s the lights out let’s clean it more superior let me come Super Bowl like I say you can go out spend the money for why .

projection screen which is going to watch out when the lights hit you you’re going to get with any high-end expensive strings which we’re gonna end up looking like this or you can save your money save time get the crystal which technology screen things and have this performance okay guys I’m Kenneth Berger from Crystal edge technology .

projection screens using smart technology gain hope you enjoyed their video demonstration hey you like what you see hit the like button and please subscribe like to thank you all for watching.


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