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best projector for teachersLooking for the Best Projector For Teachers? You’ve come to the right place

If you have an interactive whiteboard or a projector and are not sure what to do next this video is for you welcome to another flipped classroom tutorials now in this video I’m going to share an absolutely amazing tool in the cloud that you can easily use in any classroom with a projector or an interactive whiteboard now the tool can be found on the websites classroom screen.

Best Projector For Teachers

So let’s go to classroom screen dot-com the classroom screen comm is one of those tools that was developed by a teacher for a teacher with teachers in mind now as you can see classroom screen is now loading and it is now loaded now this is fully operational in the cloud that means you do not have to install anything there’s no downloading you .

simply open it up and it’s ready for you to use in the classroom now what are these buttons you might be wondering well the first one I’m going to show you is in the bottom right corner now that’s maximizing your screen now this is basically the same as pressing f11 on your Windows device which is going to get rid of every distraction now the .

second one you see just right here is going to remove the bottom bar but this means that you can have any image on the background during your class time now we’ll have a look at this icon later on now when I bring back the menu you will see the first option is the language now go ahead and open up language and select your own native language. 

or the language used in your classroom so I’m going to go ahead and select English and then I’m going to go to the second option which is background now in background it’s worth noting that you can either have a plain color you can have one of these beautiful images on the background of your whiteboard or you can have one of these gif images. 

now I love using these gifts they are great for the children because they are just adding a little bit of motion to your interactive whiteboard without distracting your students so as this gif is loading I am going to show you exactly what I use the most now I’m not going to go to the next icon yet before that I’m going to start on the right hand side and .

show you the clock now this is sort of the standard view of my whiteboard in my classroom when the day gets started so we have a clock a beautiful background and usually some relaxing music in the background as well then you can select the 12 hour or 24 hour format you can also open up the calendar to see what the date is today now this is .

already very useful in class but if you need a timer at any point during the day for activities or games simply click on the next one and you will open up a timer then you see that there is a +1 icon that means you can have multiple timers so as you can see I have one timer here I have another timer there and I’m going to get rid of that second .

timer and you can set the timer to anything you want you can have minutes and seconds that for the sake of this demonstration I am going to set it to 10 seconds and I’m going to go ahead and play this now you can see the hourglass is emptying we have two one and you will hear there we go all the children though it is time to tidy up their. 

work or finish that game let’s get rid of this timer and let’s have a look at the traffic lights now traffic lights if you are a teacher if you are in class you know these you can use these for anything you use these for behavior games for anything you can think of so it’s a simple traffic light and as you can see there’s a plus one there you can have .

multiple traffic lights let’s close the traffic lights now another one I use a lot with my students and ok my students are a bit younger but these work symbols work really well and fast so let’s go ahead and select work symbols and you can see there is a silence symbol there is a whisper ask your neighbor or work together symbol and just having these up .

really helps those students that sort of wander off and are bit dreamy they see the icon they see the symbol and they’re reminded of oh I’m supposed to be collaborating and working together ok let’s just ask my neighbor so again very powerful tool in class now the rest is very self-explanatory so we have text where you can type texts we have .

drawing where you can draw we’re going to close the drawing that we also have a large drawing that when I click on this my whiteboard is now a big drawing field so I can now really use my interactive whiteboard I can draw anything I want on here great for equations and maths lessons so let’s go ahead and close this and then QR this is a favorite for. 

those teachers that have mobile devices love sending their children to all these educational web sites or web sites for research but typing in the web address takes forever no longer pull up the QR option pop the web sites that you want your students to visit in the top and a QR code is generated all they have to do is scan that QR code and voila they are. 

on the correct web sites very very user friendly sound level is one of those really fun and quirky little tools where you simply click on start you give your microphone your permission and it starts monitoring the noise level in a classroom so you can set the sensitivity to the various levels and you can see as the students get louder then it jumps into the red so again you might want to use this you might not want to use this you can also tweak these cut-off level .

when I close this and then the final tool that you have in classroom screen is a random picker so I can simply type in three names let’s go with Jan Tom and Tony and let’s choose a random name there we go we have a random name so this is again good for group work in addition to this you can also have dice that you can have one two or three dice .

and when you select roll you will get a random dice roll great for games and math lessons and that is the classroom screen now in my opinion this is the best free tool you can use on your interactive whiteboard and projector in your classroom now an added bonus I did say I was going to come back to this symbol this is an exit poll so let’s say that .

your students are ready to go out it’s break time play time they’re going out you simply open up your exit poll after a lesson it opens up an extra tab and you leave it up on the whiteboard now as your students are leaving the room they can simply say what did you think of today’s lesson and they can click on either of these icons now once they’re all .

gone you get a nice little result page and hopefully you will use this to inform your teaching now classroom screen comm great websites and don’t forget when you go to the menu you can find out all about the actual teacher who has created this so his is Lawrence coupons and he’s the developer of this website and you can find out more about him .

right here I hope you found this video helpful if you did don’t forget to subscribe to the channel give it a thumbs up and share it with other teachers now I will see you in the next video thank you for watching.


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