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Hi I’m they wanna talk about actually getting your image onto your canvas or your panel masonite on people whatever you want to paint on there’s been a few things said to me over the last couple of weeks about you know being a proper art is being able to sketch and then draw it open you know and paint it and go through process.

Best Projector For Tracing

I’ve got a couple of people that they’re in my group that they can’t draw for love nor money with them as far as they thinking skills are concerned absolutely believe there can be no need some bounds the problem they’ve got is to actually get the image from a photograph or reference material on the canvas there’s a couple of different methods the first one I want to touch on is project that I know there’s a lot of people who that’s cheating it’s not cheating let.

Me tell you now if the Masters were about the day and they are access to the computers and iPads and printers and projectors they would use them it’s been taught two ways about it they did copy anyway and they used tracings and managed to keep cartoons.

I say they took images and paintings to keep rid of the paintings and they changed things about so they use the technology they hide the hand and I truly believe if they were you at the day they would do exactly what everybody else can do with computers and printers and projectors and that type of thing in my opinion it’s not actually cheating to outline an image from a projector and then paint it.

If you’ve got problems with proportions and stuff like this then use a tools to hand this is not the drawer if you’re not doing a drawing you’re doing a painting and to be able to paint from an outline is a torii picking concept to do a pencil drawing or possible so I want to show you how to use the projector this is how I use it like you use it on .\

occasions I’m not going to lie to you it all depends on what I’m actually doing and how I’m speedy I need to be so I put all the tools to hand and I use them you know whatever mix like easy for me as I’ve told you in the past so we start with an image now you can excuse me just put it away get away computer setup if you want to stand in the field.

and draw a landscape take the notes that’s fine you know if you want to stand there with a camera and take a photograph and then come on and process it and print it out and then put it onto tracing paper or scan it through your scanner or projected with a projector whatever works for you as long as at the end the day our painting is done .

and it looks nice you know at the end the day they said to you it’s all about ease of use I’m using tools to hunt okay so we’re taught through the internet we find some paintings or some drawings or something we’d like to draw and then then we get an idea of actually how we’re going to get that onto canvas or canvas panel or maisonette of if paper slightly different because we don’t need you to have you having with it but because the principle is it music so we .

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start with printing off the image so once you’ve loaded your image into something like Adobe Photoshop or something like that unless it’s really bad you don’t need to tweak it too much but I mean if you want to darken it up or lightening that for adjust the mid-tones then you just go into your level settings and then just until you’re happy .

with the image itself you can then sharpen that up and then what I suggest you do is print it out onto an a4 sheet so I’m going new and then with a set this hours an a4 sheet I know you can’t see what I’m doing but this is not about computers this is about art and then just drag and drop that formula sheet and you could scale out and I suggested .

you especially report us out this cutie finger on none it’s just transform scale keep your finger on the shift button as you drag it and the proportion will stay true to form so that’s our first a for print that’s in full color what I also need to do now change the page settings make sure it’s going to come out correctly send an image check make sure we’ve .

got away pull the paper in and this is a glossy photo paper I wouldn’t print on on actual table that’s out there you will get the true form on the color scraggly and then this print that out okay we need a print preview just to make sure everything’s okay check if cassadee the landscape that’s what we need good page setup b4 is correct and go to print .

with the properties let’s make sure we’re going to click this best photo and it’s going to be printed out on premium glossy paper we press ok and we wait for that event now as we waiting for out the print this is an image I’ve used a lot of specially in lessons etc so we’ll then go into adjustments we then go into mode and greyscale don’t flatten so that’s. 

going to give us our our grayscale image we’re not too happy with the levels themselves we just need to tweak up that’s going to give all your shadows highlights mid-tones and then we print that off in exactly the same way come I’ll show you what you need to do then to actually get this to be projected these two imprinted purposes to give you an .

idea of the colors and the black and white stones and I take two things so this is not actually the image we’re going to use for projection at the moment I always do a color and I always do a black and white if I’m going to work from a photograph so we borrow a color image but I’ll do exactly the same thing now with my black and white I know my .

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price print only wait for that one to come up so what I’m going to be using the projector image onto the canvas board is the autograph trace of projector it’s got a lens it’s going to light inside and it picks up the image from the base and projects it through the lens and then you can move your camera’s back and forth now I’ve worked out that the ideal .

size photograph for that is about five inches by five inches so what I’ve done is I put those I got two images on where you can do that but I’m going to do another small one i scale that down to five inches and I’m going to print that out though and I’ll show you what the next change is going to be then for now okay so I got my my images prepared I got. 

little five inch by five inch image oh I got some features in the bowl and make the opera’s by type of business with them I’ve also got a color print when I got to grayscale print and decided which one I’m gonna go buy yet but one slightly lighter than the other as you can see but them that’s just to establish my mid-tones or my lights and my darks. 

and then I can envelope her there for my reference as far as color is concerned so this is they say this is an image and I painted it many times before so um if I can find the video on YouTube or YouTube which are going my archive somewhere it mean actually paint in this I love I’ll see if I can nurse to go on YouTube for you but in the meantime all. 

I’m interested in is just scared of this onto a canvas I selected a 16 by 12 canvas board you can do this on anything on Mesa net cardboard canvas I just prefer to use canvas forwards at this present moment in time because I saw a lot of my artwork on these so what I mean I personally I prefer using hard board but anybody any day grass so the next .

thing I need to do and I will show you how to get that image onto you by using the the projector ok setting to chase it up on my little bench all I’ve done as they place the five by five image underneath the projector and then I position my easel with the canvas board on there so this is allows me to pull it back and for under get it into adjustment to .

adjust you just twist this in or out turn it around and I’ll get here and just went to your focus for you or once it’s nice and sharp okay well I suggest you do is tune as many lights off as possible and work in as darker area as it’s safe you .

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do want to go dripping all the carpets another thing and then we can move this back and forth we can also play around with the adjustment on the on the viewfinder there so to get it into focus and then as soon as we’ve got the imagination sharp on our canvas board then we can go ahead and start racing around the image oh okay so I’m going. 

to switch the light off and then switch on the projector and then we need to adjust stock so if we take these will backwards you will see that the projection gets bigger and the closer we get to the ejector the image gets smaller so we just need to adjust that until we are happy with it and then turn in the focus on the projector we get other sharp .

as we possibly can well then what we do then we proceed to draw around the image I’m using a HB pencil you use whatever pencil you want I suggest you don’t use anything that’s too soft and again you can make this as detailed as you want put as much detail into this as you as you want to are you going to proceed with chasing that out and then .

we’ll show you as it is when it’s finished so looking at our image that we printed out on the on the printer from the computer that’s a five inch by five inch photograph and then we use the projector we scaled it up to the size of our canvas as you can see is quite a crude pencil outline but from that we’ve got images then that we printed out on a .

larger scale and we can actually work to one in color and one in black and white so that’s quite an easy way to actually get your image onto your painting surface so I would I really recommend you and welcomed by a tracing projector a particular one in the UK is about seventy four pounds you can get them on eBay I think I paid thirty .

pounds for that month so if your drawing skills aren’t too good then by all means get yourself a little tracing device then you can use any size image as long as it fits underneath the area where the bird is projected from then you shouldn’t have a problem with it but I said I’ve got I’ve got no problems with anybody using these devices but as you .

can see that’s only a crude outline now to not into a painting that’s where the skill is so there is other ways we can get an image onto a painting surface without projector on the next video I’ll show you how to do that you.

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